Free Will, Consequence of Meta Will

Systems of thought arise from individual wills to create what Jean-Jacques Rousseau introduced, and named the “General Will”. In the last 150 years or so, it has become increasingly clear that the notion of “Free Will” was in turn highly dependent upon other notions, including “General Will”.

I prefer the expression “Meta Will” (which is even more general).

A philosophical site managed by professional academic philosophers ran an essay entitled Free Will Skepticism and its Implications an Argument for Optimism (part-1). My comment below was repeatedly censored, supposedly for making “grating” anti-German, or anti-Nazi declarations. (I think the truth is even more sinister: professional philosophers fear me; I will reproduce the exchange in the comments.)

Free Will Ought To Give Way To Meta Will

Whenever an action is taken, it turns out to be dependent of some context, often cultural, or some preparation, often neurological, or some ulterior motives, often self-aggrandizing. In other words, free will is never free of contingence.

So what? This just show that the expression “Free Will” depicts the wrong semantics. After all, we are not free to stop breathing. In theory, yes. In practice, it is impossible, except if we carefully prepare a mechanism that will take over (a lot of sleeping pills, or a noose).

The problem of suffocation suggests that, if we want to be more free (for example free to stop breathing), we have to make the environment take over. Thus Free Will has to operate not just on “us”, but on the environment which controls us.

This is why philosophers’ Free Will have led them to the desert, since times immemorial. In the desert, they are more free to think.

Quantum Physics helps here. It is non-local. Actually some physicists are in the process to make really sure of that, by running entanglement experiments with haphazard impulses coming from the opposite sides of the universe.

Intriguingly, if the experiment turns out as expected, this variant of the famed Einstein-Podolski-Rosen Thought Experiment will show that local Free Will cannot exist. But, once again, so what? Free Will is obsolete, Meta Will is what one can help to free, by controlling more the contexts we think in.

The soul is most probably some sort of large scale Quantum effect. How do Quantum processes work? They extract solutions from geometry, or, more generally, form. Non-local geometry, and non-local form.

Thus, if we want to achieve soul control, we need to achieve geometrical and topological control on our environment. And this starts by being conscious that those control our outcomes.

Thus, instead of just talking about our morality, we have to start talking about the environment in which it is supposed to blossom, as the later will control the former. Thus individual responsibility shifts more to social contexts.

And therefore, the systems of thoughts which support social structures are the agents most responsible. This is where much of Free Will is hiding.

Let me give an example: Germans behaved deplorably for generations, more than people of other nations (that is more than the Italians, French, British, American, etc.). This nasty robotic aspect of German mentality allowed dictators to make the German armies behave in atrocious ways for generations (differently from the armies of the nations quoted above, which did not engage in systematic war crimes).

That unfortunate character of the German soul killed 22 million in extermination camps alone, due to the fascist, robotic nature of the dictatorships (the Second Reich, and then the Third Reich) in Germany, and the education it provided with (as Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Einstein pointed out, deplored and condemned stridently, among others).

German genetics did not change that much. Yet, present day German souls are completely different. They have become French souls, so to speak. They are sister souls for Republican France against old German fascism.

German Free Will has become gentle. This shows that Free Will depends crucially of the universe it evolves in.

Patrice Ayme’

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9 Responses to “Free Will, Consequence of Meta Will”

  1. johsh Says:

    free will is free’er than meta will.

    free will is you, and meta will is the family you are born into. If you screw up, who do you blame ? you ? the family ? or god forbid, genetics ?

    Yep, certainly a human born into “a better free will” family is bound to accrue potentially better free-will. Like wealth, or genetics, you are often born with something, but that doesn’t mean it defines you or your will.

    Free will is one’s own. You own it. Cant blame mommy/daddy.

    give the Germans a break, will ya. 🙂


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Meta Will programs Free Will. In very subtle ways. This is what science is increasingly demonstrating.

      Today’s Germans are fine with me. I watch German TV much more than American media. Hitler’s Germans, and their pathetic notion of Free Will are not fine with me, nor with today’s Germans. Those I never break enough. In small, little, edible pieces…

      Some systems of thought that could support a resurgence of some forms of Nazism are unlawful in France, Germany, etc. A good decision.


      • johsh Says:

        I agree. Things dont happen on their own. Meta will defines the context, the vocabulary, the language, the narrative.

        As they say, we are product of the society, culture.

        This is nothing new, nature/evolution already gave an effective answer (well, it was effective for old times) – religion, indoctrination.

        No other system was as effective as religion, in reaching the masses of the mass. In defining their “free will” (ha.ha).

        people who blindly blame religion for all the modern ills have a huge blind spot.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Agreed, Josh. Islam was even a progress, for the Arabs, for a… very short while (treating women better, and respect for learning two important features).

          And, more importantly, the Republic, in full, is a religion. The religion that tolerates superstitions.
          The religion that tolerates benign superstitions, as long as they recognize its supremacy

          (Most forms of) Islam (are) is more like a very ancient ill, than a new one.


  2. Massimo Pigliucci Says:

    “Germans behaved like fascist robots for generations … nasty robotic character of the German soul,” seriously?


  3. dominique deux Says:

    I usually refrain from commenting on your more philosophically inclined posts, because I’m a complete layman, by choice (warning, I’ll defend my position if challenged). Like a mole gaping from afar at a cathedral under construction, I can merely marvel at the number of earthworms that could be stored inside such a humongous molehill.

    Yet I’ll take the liberty to say that – from that decidedly uninformed point of view – I feel (not think) that the Quantum fills much the same role as past and present deities did, that of an Explanation of Last Resort.

    A bit like the engraving on Louis XIV’s cannon:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: Socrates was saying he was a complete layman, by choice, and besides made his greatest discovery when he found out he knew nothing, so was most surprised when the Oracle at Delphi named him the wisest.
      So you are in good standing, and ought not to hesitate to do like Socrates, a self advocated “fly”. A mole is no doubt much smarter.

      Now the objection you made, although not quite put usually in this interestingly brazen way, is implicit in many professional philosophers I have met: they obviously view The Quantum as an appeal to Shamanism.

      So it remains to explain the Quantum better. Differently, although we are made of It, It is not made in our image.

      There are many things the Quantum does well, and that unexpectedly feed the intuition of the soul:

      1) Small becomes big (so the problem of ultimate smallness does not arise).
      2) Free Will and Determinism become anchored in luck, serendipity, haphazardness.
      3) Non-Locality entangles the world, thus breaking the Field Theory model

      The Quantum is so unexpected (“weird properties of the Quantum”) that it is changing not just science into science-fiction, but our entire view of mind, from insect to soul.

      Maybe I should scramble an essay on that, expanding that comment a bit…

      Anyway, Dominique, you definitively ought to comment on the more philosophical essays. I much prefer the freshness your comments to those of the professional philosophers (happening on other sites). Especially in philosophy, professional courtesans (to plutocracy) have very restricted minds. They prefer me totally censored.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Europe’s, or China’s, rise, was directly related to the supremacy of the secular state over the superstitious state. This is nearly a tautology.


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