Did Civil Rights Hide Plutocratization?

A train which passes by, may hid another one, charging the other way. Did obsessing about the Civil Right Movement hid the on-going Plutocratization which is flattening humanity, worldwide?

Did celebrating Obama’s brownish (fauve!) color as a great victory, prevent a proper analysis of the dramatic situation? To this day many a “liberal” (say, Krugman) celebrate obsessively Obama’s minuscule advances, which the Republican Congress will revert in five minutes, within a few weeks.

Even American “liberal” politics is to the right of the French Front National. It was not always so.

(The FN accepts the French welfare state, including single payer national health care, whereas most “liberals” from the USA do not, as the charade six years ago with Obamacare, demonstrated: when Obama proposed “Medicare For All”, democrats blocked him.)

A commenter (Aravis, an observant Jew) in Scientia Salon said that the USA was a good place, see how bad a place France is (France has a “fascist” National Front, many Americans like to pretend). This is fairly typical for what passes for reasonable opinion, in the USA. Bad mouthing France is a most honorable occupation, in the USA. Decades of Rand ranting, and the like, is the reason why.

Ayn Rand is a famous anti-philosopher, read by tens of millions of Americans. (Why so many? Excellent propaganda pushed her onto the masses.)

“Rand” was an outright racist, who extolled frantically the oligarchic principle (a few “Atlases” hold civilization up; whenever they shrug, civilization collapses). Rand was not her true name. Not American born, she came from Eastern Europe, the land of racism unchained, and discharged her venom all over America. She thought Indians deserved no rights, so I don’t see why Jews like her complain when the Nazis gave them no rights. Here is Rand ranting about the Natives:

“[The Native Americans] didn’t have any rights to the land and there was no reason for anyone to grant them rights which they had not conceived and were not using…. What was it they were fighting for, if they opposed white men on this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existence, their “right” to keep part of the earth untouched, unused and not even as property, just keep everybody out so that you will live practically like an animal, or maybe a few caves above it. Any white person who brought the element of civilization had the right to take over this continent.”

France is the other republic, the one whose Constitution is from the same year (1789), as that of the USA. Yet, that French Republic functioned without killing (nearly) all the natives, without stealing (nearly all) their land, and without slavery (the Merovingian Imperium Francorum outlawed slavery in Europe by 650 CE, about a millennium before the Americans re-established it in the Americas).

The fascization of American politics started thanks to Nixon and McCarthy, in the early 1950s. Intellectuals were suspected to be “commies”, trade unions were broken thoroughly in invisible ways. Jesus helped with fascization: “In God We Trust” was passed by Congress in 1954. (Closely related to the SS “Gott Mit Uns”.)

Simultaneously, the Civil Right Movement was highly successful to give people of color the rights they had in the United Nation Charter (after all, the USA had ratified it!)

The United Nation Charter was an evolution from the principles of the French Revolution of 1789. Not so much from the Constitution of the USA (or some British Constitution, which still does not exist, to this day!).

Thus an explanation of the anger of so many American intellectuals against France. All too many of them are still closet racist, or something similar (to spare the Public, and my ears, I will not roll out statistics; however, some ethnic, and, or, religious groups, are still massively over-represented in universities of the USA, and still massively discriminating, to preserve their monopoly).

On the face of it, the “Civil Right Movement” ought to have been nothing important: Great empires, founders of the present civilization, the Greco-Roman, and its successor, the Imperium Francorum, were not racist. So how come the USA was? How come one is presenting as progress what the Romans found already natural, 2,000 years ago? (1)

Official racism in the USA was extravagant, an outlier, a sort of rage only inferior societies doomed to annihilation have engaged in (2). Killing about 3% of the population of the USA (the “Civil” War, actually the most uncivil civil war known, this side of Rwanda), fixed the problem. In part.

Deluded aggrandizement of the “Civil Right Movement” was a distraction. What was as necessary as flushing a dirty toilet, giving people their rights, was made into a glorious obsession, and constant over-celebration. Obsessing about Civil Rights that the USA had already signed on, and enacted, is why the stripping of the Banking Act of 1933 (so-called “Glass-Seagal”) could be done under Clinton, without anybody noticing.

Clinton could just play the saxophone, as if he were some jazzman (implicitly “black”), and everybody applauded, while Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Lawrence Summers, were deconstructing social justice, and organizing the greatest heist in the history of humanity, and soon to spread it over the entire planet (except China, where banks are not the government, but, quite the opposite, under tight government control). (The saxophone was actually invented by a francophone from Belgium, but never mind.)

The Civil Right Movement unwittingly turned into being used as a cover-up for something much more dangerous: plutocratization.

Civilizations have flourished, because of capital large enough to muster great armies, which, in turn, defended cities (that’s where the “civis” comes from).

However armies function according to the Fascist Principle (one mind, one body), which gives them body, soul, and power. The army is no democracy, but the point of a lance.

Thus the army which makes the civilization possible is in danger of falling into a few hands (like in North Korea). Moreover, capital grows proportionally to itself, so those hands who control the most capital, especially if it is invisible, will become richer faster.

Hence all civilizations are at risk of becoming plutocracies. What’s a plutocracy? An oligarchy so vicious, it rules not just with money, but with demonic means. Historically, most societies were plutocracies. Human beings, though, are (evolutionary) made for democracy, instead of taking their order from “The Lord”.

The impressive reforms away from plutocracy by the Roosevelts and Eisenhower have been rolled back. Many people made a career to help with this roll-back. One ought to call them plutophiles. Randians are typical plutophiles: Alan Greenspan, a loud admirer of Rand, did his utmost to destroy the separation between banking and theft. Plutophiles spend their time seducing plutocrats, that’s their career.

Naturally in 2008, half the plutocrats got all the money the other half had stolen from banks, and the public was asked to replenish the stolen banks, hence the deprived thieves. So here we are. Plutocratic, also known as “financial derivative”, trading is 12 times world GDP.

This roughly means that the plutocrats have twelve times more money to play with than the rest of humanity. It makes even pretend democracy completely unsustainable. It also means that this cancer, plutocracy, born in the USA, has gone metastatic.

Patrice Ayme’

  1. Yes, Rome had French (Claudius born in Lugdunum), Spanish (Trajan, Theodosius), Balkan born (more than half a dozen, including Constantius, Domitian), African (Septimus Severus), or even Arab, emperors.
  2. Sparta is an example of a racist society which self-annihilated. Whereas Athens kept being influential for centuries: that’s where the future emperor and philosopher Julian went to study. Although Julian died from combat or homicide in 363 CE, the Gallo-Romans, and Franks, who had elected him, pursued in the Athenian spirit, and so does yours truly. By then, Sparta had imploded. Athens was the model of the “open society” (which Pericles celebrated). It is now a thriving megalopolis, and, as a city of the mind, her progeny is the United Nations. Sparta’s racism is buried everywhere, except in the likes of Arabia or Iran.

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4 Responses to “Did Civil Rights Hide Plutocratization?”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    Dear Patrice,

    I am sure you don’t really believe an efficient army can be run on democratic principles? Armies win through discipline, numbers, equipment, and through all following the best strategy (which may be fairly bad, but you only have to beat the lot opposite you). What you can’t have is a debate when the enemy are upon you.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I explained: Baboons make armies. So do people, for the same reason: power allowing access to vital resources (such as H2O). Armies work bcs the fascist principle: one body, one mind. So they are intrinsically fascist. However all and any civilization, including democracies need an army (see baboons), so democracy and fascism have always to co-exist!


  2. Aaron Greenbird Says:

    yes….excellent post Patrice, thank you. and your last post is spot on….i am not angry, much, but show me a picture of this smiling pope and i want to vomit….its like putting a happy face sticker on a casket, but this casket hides over 100 million bodies…and the paperwork which began this horrible genocide was done in the very rooms in which this man resides, surrounded by all this stolen gold. every brick in the vatican should be torn down…every pope is a criminal . people are slowly awakening to the truth of things…one day, the slaves will revolt……”rome never fell” P.K.Dick……..


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Aaron, I appreciate a lot when I am appreciated! ;-)! A bit hectic here, bcs vacations, etc. I do not think the present Pope is that bad, far from it, considering the alternatives…

      Rome certainly never fell, because the Roman army, by 400 CE, in Germania (inf & Sup) + Gallia was the army of the Franks, who established a giant empire afterwards (Britannia was reconquered by the Franks led by the Normandie Duke in 1066 CE) … And there is a strict continuity of regimes/states, and especially ideas, ways, and means, ever since…


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