State of the Bunion

Once a year, the “Commander In Chief” of the USA gives a “State of Union” speech, in front of the entire Congress of the USA (that’s the 500+ members of the House of Representatives plus the 100 Senators).

It is an enormous, deliberate propaganda show. It’s quite a bit like Disneyland. Selected guests and stars are in the audience. It’s set-up, Hollywood style: many are there to play a role, as if in a movie. They are actually in a movie, but it’s for real: as the President speaks, the cameras focus on the character in the “public” who he just mentioned. The character exhibits the emotion he, or she, is supposed to exhibit: a tear here, quiet satisfaction there, beaming, triumphant smile, here. The cameras pan expertly. If somedody fidgets, the camera is switched to another one, right away. Ms. Obama leaving for a second her plastic smile? The camera is switched again, until she has recovered her magazine cover plastified, happy, beaming look. Overall, everybody is supposed to exhibit astronomical pride and satisfaction in “America”.

On cue, every time the president finishes a paragraph in his discourse (known in advance and exhibited on TV screens), the audience rises, and applauds frantically. One feels as if one were in North Korea. Except, there, the “Commander In Chief” does not read his discourse off a teleprompter.

If one reads a text, one has still to understand it, enough to memorize it for the few seconds one needs to say it. No such a thing with a teleprompter. Understanding not required. If one substituted a discourse about bananas, Obama would probably go on that way for quite a while, and the audience would raise and applaud on cue, with rapt attention.

Only once in the whole show did Obama got off script, when Republicans applauded him, predictably, when he said he would not “run” again. He smirked, big time. There, for a few seconds, the President did not play the game of self-satisfied, deceptive, scripted lying. He showed his true inner self: this is all theater, and he showed more teeth than when he beamed smiles, but those teeth were in a snarl. Happily for his wealthy sponsors, he recovered his Presidential Persona, and plodded on…

Obama made the discourse he should have made 6 years ago, on wealthy individuals and corporations having to pay for the infrastructure of the USA, with more taxes. Then it was not safe to say it: We The People could have asked for more. Instead, then, under order advice from the plutocrats and their servants, Obama reduced taxes on the wealthiest, and even inverted the whole financing structure: the richest got trillions of help, as they had been stolen by their peers.

The people went back to work, as they had no choice.

Now it’s safe to propose to tax the rich, so Obama is doing so. There is not a snow ball in hell chance that the Republicans who own Congress will dare infuriate their financiers. Everybody in the know knows this, but the show is for those whose exercise routine consist into watching American football every week, on a wide screen TV.

Just yesterday, the Swiss “National”, announced that the collective presidency of Switzerland will have to be enlarged. Right now the collective presidency has seven members, with one more prominent for a year, giving a face to the Swiss presidency (as far as the rest of world is concerned). The Swiss have decided to become even more democratic.

Of course, the USA could not afford such a democratic system as a collective presidency. Who would personally order drone strikes against civilians? If seven persons were involved, one of them would be bound to disagree with collective, public assassination, and one, or actually many, would explain who was all for assassinating innocent civilians, etc.

Indeed the Swiss presidents have to explain themselves: they don’t have around them the security bubbles of French or American president. When the French president arrives somewhere, once all the security is in place, sometimes for hours, he is immediately preceded by a neatly dressed officer in magnificent uniform, with a red ribbon, carrying the case with the nuclear codes.

What’s astounding by European standards, during the State of the Union, is the ambiance, as America, the Myth, is been created for TV. Obama, the Drone in Chief, announced that “drones were constrained”. The audience rose and applauded. So far, only the USA has used drones for assassinations, and thousands of innocent civilians have been killed. That mostly happened under Obama. The naïve ones will believe that was a blunder, as the invasion of Iraq was a blunder. But neither of these two policies was a blunder, as they profited the USA Commanding Class immensely.

Invading Iraq enabled the USA to become, once again, the world number one producer of fossil fuels: fracking was profitable, only if Iraq was removed from the equation.

Killing innocent civilians at random instilled respect in the USA in goons, and plutocrats, worldwide. It also enticed the Goon In Chief in Russia to do the same, inflicting conflict in Europe, thus dividing to conquer).

The USA is an imperial power running a tight plutocratic ship. It has a tight national government doing exactly what the “deep government”, or “real government” of the USA wants (the government of plutocrats, military, and all sorts of secret agencies and the .01% conspiracy (that’s 30,000 people), and their obsequious servants want it to do. It’s all pretty much united by a spirit of greed and competition (sport scores!), a materialism, some will say, united by formalities.

This is not a grown up system: it just plays one on TV. But it works. Meanwhile, Europe, thanks to its disunion and lack of a deep government, is unable to even comprehend that it is cooperating in its own demise.

The USA maybe just a bunion for civilization. But bunions can kill, when they turn so handicapping that the predator, hobbling along, becomes prey. It’s in the best of the real interest of the USA to not destroy the civilization it came from. The Union has to be considered at a larger scale, and with a deeper vision. There was some of that in Obama’s speech.

So State of the Union, or State of the Bunion?

In any case, it’s not in the Democrats’ hands. After they gave birth to Obamacare, the ultimate smoke and mirrors of gift to the rich, presented as charity to the ditch, they lost all elections, while gaining all confusion. All Obama can do now, is to be the best president the Republicans had, since Ike. But, of course, it will not happen.

In the Republican “response”, a robotic woman read-off the teleprompter mechanically, showing even less emotion than the talking heads on North Korean TV. This “Senator” is described as a rising star of USA politics. She made George W Bush look warm and cuddly. One does not stop progress.

Patrice Ayme’

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4 Responses to “State of the Bunion”

  1. kevishaw Says:

    Bravo, PA. Even with a little tongue-in-cheekiness, I would say you can’t make this kind of stuff up, and it seems too true to believe. But the facts of the farce is right in our faces, and you are doing such a good job to help spell it out for anyone to see. Your insights are more direct and truthful than what passes today as modern journalism, and it’s a pity you can’t have a blog on NY Times (why not, if the likes of G.Will or D.Brooks can be worthy). As I watched the speech, I was thinking the same: such a made-for-TV show, such expert editing, but for the presidential smirk that got through for a minute, and the quick comeback against the fellow millionaires. Thanks for doing the tedious, sometimes fun work of showing the Emperor has No Clothes.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Kevishaw! I much appreciate. The New York Times is playing a game with me, and against me. I had a famous editor and writer of theirs on the phone in 2001 (he called). Ever since, the game has proceeded. We had heated exchanges in 2003 (then they got Thom Friedman, who had been stridently for war, off for 6 months). They censor a huge amount of my comments (although I never sent anything that was not serious and full of probity!).

      They also do even weirder things.

      Recently, after I quoted repeatedly Qur’an Surah 2, verse 191, they censored all of those comments, but then, after days of this, they brought verse 191 in an editorial of the board… quoting the only sentence there, out of five, that is completely innocuous. They omitted the rest of the verse. It was like a personal message: OK, we are biased, we do it deliberately, know what we are up to, we are no fools, we can read the Qur’an as well as you, we have a higher game!

      I would love to have a blog on the NYT, but it will not happen. First they would have to remove me from the official censor list! 😉

      Anyway, there I go, per the grace of god, a dog pulling a sled, hoping for the best.
      Thanks again!


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Dowd, NYT, Jan 24.]

    Obama had the right ideas, to start with. But in private. The pontiffs of the Democratic Party (the Clinton clique, the Rubin, Summers, the Harvard clique, etc.) are not any different than the right wingers of the Republican Party. Actually they may be worse: they talk the talk, but do the opposite. Thus they are impossible to contradict.

    So, when Obama proposed to do “Medicare For All”, nobody supported him, either in the Democratic Party, or in his cabinet. No wonder he feels lonely and superior.

    The failure of Obama is not so much about him, than about the extremely wealthy people who make the spine of the Democratic Party.


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