Judaism’s Promised land


Auschwitz, the Jewish Problem, and a Better Final Solution:

I want to make sure I am not Politically Correct, every day, so I chose my words carefully… Political Correctness has established its empire on the ruins of Philosophical Correctness. But politics ought just to be practical philosophy, it cannot afford to contradict it.

I turned Deutsche Welle (German TV) on, and fell on a Jew talking at Auschwitz, inside what had to be the world’s most gigantic tent, draped with sumptuous blue lights. Zehr gut. Germans’ fate is now forever tied to Auschwitz, as the German president said. Studying Auschwitz ought to bring the final solution to much German ideology, including Kant, Herder, etc.

I switched to the French TV, and the same elder gentleman was here again, making the same discourse, and it was the same camera. I love it when Germans and French agree, about what is important, and it’s rarely not the case these days.

The speaker, an Auschwitz survivor, said words were important. To qualify those assassinated by the Nazis, one should speak of assassination, not “loss”. It’s not that we forgot about them, and we don’t know where they are. They were assassinated. I could not agree more. I have made that point in writing for years.

The French, German and Ukrainian president were in the audience. The day prior, a rocket attack on the large city of Mariopol had killed tens of civilians. The Organization of Stability and Security in Europe, and others, determined that the rockets came from the terrorist-Russian side. Asked about it the half demented Russian dictator, declared that a NATO “Foreign Legion” was causing mayhem in Ukraine. NATO replied that the only foreign legion in Ukraine was Russian. Putin confirmed that “patriotic volunteers” had crossed into Ukraine. He condemned “Russophobia”.

Putin did not go to the Auschwitz commemoration, pretexting he was not invited (nobody was; the event had been organized 9 years ago by the UN…)

Putin’s slow motion terror is a sight to behold. As I have explained, it was enabled by the last moment failure of a surgical strike against Bashar El Assad, personally and directly. Saudi (!) and French aircraft were on the runways, ready to take-off, but, at the last moment Obama lost his balls, and assassinated respect for the West’s military… With the failure to execute mass criminal Assad.

Assassination science is a complicated subject. Failure to assassinate here, will lead to assassination there.

The top German generals had decided to assassinate Hitler… They just needed British and American verbal support. Would the UK and the USA announce that they will stand publicly with France against Hitler? … Instead of siding with Hitler, as they had done so far? Then the generals, headed by chief of staff Beck, could make a coup, kill the top Nazis and argue to the Volk that it was a question of saving Germany from criminal madness.

Instead, the UK and USA governments betrayed humanity. They told Hitler that his generals, all his top generals, were plotting against him. That was in 1938. Beck was forced to resign, and to commit suicide in 1944 (after Beck headed the “Von Stauffenberg” coup).

The head of the World Jewish Congress talked. He accused “anti-Semitism”.

Word precision, please. Concept precision, please. Arabs are Semites. Many Arabs, if not most, detest Jews. So are Arabs detesting themselves? Of course not. So asking Arabs to fight “anti-Semitism” is like asking Americans to fight “anti-Americanism”. Silly, thus, ineffectual.

On January 21, 2015, French philosopher and plutocrat Bernard-Henri Levy told the 193-nation assembly that the world must confront “the renewed advance of this radical inhumanity, this total baseness that is anti-Semitism.”

This is complete madness, on the face of it. BHL wants us to become mad. Hamas has in its charter, Hadith 41;6985, which orders to kill all the Jews. Hamas rules Gaza, a city more than 2,000 years old… And Gaza is full of Semites. Bombed by would-be Semites, the Jews of Israel. When BH Levy tells the inhabitants of Gaza to renounce “anti-Semitism”, they can only feel that he is mad. Or that he views them as subhumans (as BHL recognizes only Jews as Semites, thus Gaza denizens as non-Semites, thus as having no identity, since BHL amputates them from their very existence!)

I said “would-be Semites” because, ironically, as Christians could convert to Judaism for centuries under the very long lived Franco-Roman empire, many European Jews were actually, first, of European descent. (Several top Nazis were themselves more or less of European Jewish descent; Hitler himself was a dubious case; he made thousands of German Jews, “honorary Aryans”.)

The World Jewish Congress head accused “most nations of Europe” to be culprit of Auschwitz. Not one word about the USA. Yet, the USA was more culprit of the massacre of the Jews than any other nation, barred Germany itself. We are in 2015. How much longer do we have to wait for this basic truth? The fact is both instructive, and a warning.

Not only did the USA refuse to accept Jewish refugees (so millions, blocked from immigration, were killed in Europe; France, by contrast, had open borders). But American managers, such as Prescott Bush, managed the slave labor from the Auschwitz archipelago. That was obliterated by the official version of history, as was the employ, at the highest levels (the Dulles heads of CIA, State), of many Nazis and Nazi collaborators, all powerful in the USA, not just in the 1930s, but also in the 1950s…

By not mentioning any of this, the head of the World Jewish Congress makes himself an accomplice of the most important enabling factor of the Shoah.

Who learned nothing?

The Arabs, accused to be “anti-Semites”? Or those who play dumb, 80 years later? And still can’t make the connection between the fact Obama was in Saudi Arabia, making oil plots, and not joining with 30 heads of states in Auschwitz (not anymore than he was in France two weeks earlier to demonstrate for Freedom of Expression).

The head of the World Jewish Congress should call a cat a cat, instead of calling cats “anti-cats”. What he should have bemoaned is “anti-JUDAISM”.

He then bemoaned Jews could go around Paris with a Kippah. Sure. Let’s have everybody walk around in big religious garb, hoping for the best. Time for a bit of sensitivity, perhaps? The latest activities by Israel in Gaza killed around 2,300 people (most of them civilians… even according to Israel!)… And wounded more than 10,000. That’s a lot of dead and wounded for a population of 1.8 million (more or less caged, thanks to Egypt and Israel).

Scaled up to the USA, that would be more than 400,000 dead… An astounding number.

More generally, Judaism gave us Christiano-Islamism. It’s supposed to be a great gift. However, Christianism took over the Roman empire by 400 CE (that’s when Roman emperor Theodosius had to be beg forgiveness on his knees to the archbishop of Milan, one of the so-called Church’s Founding Fathers).

The government by bishops, for bishops, did not just collapse the empire, it collapsed civilization, and even demography. The Franks took over a devastated Europe, created their own bishops, and their own saints, and their own interpretation of Christianism. Then they domesticated the Popes.

Something similar happened with Islam. After the Islamists took military control, they proved incapable to come to terms with secularism, which is the condition sine qua non for civilization.

Thus, centuries later, after most of the population converted and was submitted to Sharia instead of secular law, civilization became moribund, and has been thus ever since.

Not to be left behind, Christian madness made a comeback after the First Crusade (1099 CE), and brought crusades, pogroms, Inquisition, ethnic cleansing, Jewish and Muslim eradication, for centuries to come. This was no small stuff: the crusade against the Cathars killed millions (scaled to the populations, it’s worse than what the Nazis did; indeed the Cathars were killed to the last, and all their works, but one, or so)

Hence Judeo-Christo-Islamism stinks to high heavens most of the time. It keeps on being re-captured (surprise, surprise), by Elected People theoreticians… Come to think of it, that, and the respect for a crazed, bloodthirsty god, is the very basis of the doctrine…

Maybe Jews would be well advised to understand that their problems, just as those of Islam, originate greatly from their religion. It’s OK, to change religion: Gallia changed religion, getting ever more secular, no less than four times in 2,000 years (from the Celtic human sacrifice cult, to Roman cult, to Christianism, to now Secularism).

The Promised Land ideology allowed to give the inspiration and religious backing for the North American Euro colonists to eradicate the Natives, following what they read in the Bible. So the Bible is still very popular in the USA: it made Americans not just feeling good about themselves, but awesomely rich: by the Nineteenth Century, an American going west was a multimillionaire, thanks to the Bible propelled government’s generosity.

Apologists will say it’s not so much the Promised-Land greed, but the Ten Commandments which are the core of the Biblical doctrine. That was not very useful when the Germans got angry.

Indeed, as one of the Auschwitz survivors just said: One needs an Eleventh Commandment: Don’t Be Just a Spectator.

Even more important: have your own ideas. Parrots make poor thinkers. Poor thinking makes you dinner.

Patrice Ayme’

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12 Responses to “Judaism’s Promised land”

  1. gmax Says:

    To tell the Jews Judaism made its own bed, is not PC, at all. Same as telling Muslims Islam is the main source of their problem. So they will keep on applying the Final Solution to each others, to some spectators’ satisfaction…

    You are not going to make friends…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have had Israeli friends who were Israel born, and accused me to always find Israel right. If one reads the sacred texts of Judaism and Islam, and add nukes, one gets really no good…


      • gmax Says:

        If I understand you well, the fundaments of Judaic and Islamic ideologies are mass homicidal. For some reason that makes you scornfull


  2. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, let me answer point by point;
    1. The term Antisemitism is a European term, naming the European anti Jewish sentiments and people. As you claimed the Arabs are semitic nation also. Sometimes i am surprised, how close are the features of some European Jews to those of Arabs, even after 2000 years of separation. So to claim that Arabs can’t be antisemitic is playing with semantics and not with the substance. The substance is that generally speaking the Arabs did adopt since the creation of Israel deep rooted anti Jewish racist ideology. The reason is theological as well psychological.
    a. The Arab Theological-Nationalistic reason is, their loss of national confidence, after hundred millions strong Arab nations couldn’t militarily overcome a small nation of less than one million at 1947.
    b. Other problem is, that Islam has no tools how to cope theologically with situation when certain Muslim land and nation,(Dar al Islam) losses its ground to a non Muslim nation and becomes a non Muslim land. According to their believe they are in continues state of war against such a country (Dar al Harb).
    c. The psychological problem of the Arab, and most of the Muslim world, is their difficulty to adopt modern ethical, social, and epistemological ideas, that are the basis and condition of progress to the modernity. Just to mention in headings some of these ideas,
    -ethnic, racist, gender, religious, cultural pluralism,
    -free and critical approach to ideas,
    -reduction of the role of political authority to social and economic responsibilities without right to interfere in issues of belief, ideas, ideologies, etc.
    -Adopting modern family structure, where woman have the right to education and productive life according to their choice. Where there is space for family planning.
    Even if the success of the countries adopting these modern, post WWII post Communism world are attractive to most of the Muslims, and they like the leisure-pleasure of this world, they still oppose the ideas behind it.
    2. You wrote; Judaism gave us Christiano-Islamism. It’s supposed to be a great gift……..
    Yes Judaism is the source of the Monotheistic faith in Christianity and Islam. More than that, Christianity started as a Jewish movement, believing the Messiah has has finally come. For Jews it is not a unique phenomena that someone or some followers of someone proclaim that the the Messiah has come. The most famous self proclaimed Jewish Messiah was Sabbatai Zevi.
    A more resent Messiah phenomena is Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who died at 1994. Since his death and also during his life time many of his followers claimed that he is the Messiah.
    I can understand your claim that the monotheistic religions in their essence are violent, war provoking, intolerant, initiating extremism etc. The history proves this is the case. Yet i would like to make one vary big differentiation between Judaism and the Christian-Islam political agenda. While the Christian-Islam faith has in its essence the need to implement their belief system on every human being all over the world, and therefore their political agenda is missionary and intolerant to other faiths, Judaism is self reflective and not widely opened to everybody. It doesn’t mean that Judaism is racist as some may claim out of ignorance. After all anybody can become a Jew, only the conditions to become a Jew are rather difficult. A new convert to Judaism has to prove to the Rabbis, that he means sincerely and seriously with Judaism, what means he must prove better knowledge about the Jewish belief system, than most of the ethnic secular Jews have.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Judaism was legal in Britannia, Gallia and Germania, for centuries, before Christianism showed up. Not just legal, but anybody could become a Jew. Thus some have said most of the French have a Jewish background.

      I was reading Bernard Lewis this morning. His biography. After he showed up, 21 years old, or so, in Egypt, he was shocked when the local top scholar saw his book burned by the Al Azar University, the biggest Muslim university. His crime? Finding slightly different versions of the early Qur’an, and publishing them. The Qur’an is directly divine (not like the Bible, translated by human beings, the Qur’an is supposed to be God’s word: there cannot be two).

      A lot of the problems of the Arabs come directly from there. If the Inquisition still ruled Europe, it would have to be destroyed right away, same as the Nazis (who actually descended straight from it, and even dressed like it)…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen:
      “Creation of Israel” is dangerous, weakening semantics. The justification, the unique justification for Israel in the Middle East (rather than Patagonia, say) is the RE-creation of Israel. We don’t want the REcreation of Israel just to turn into a recreation (as the Kingdom of Jerusalem which lasted just 2 centuries). So paradoxically, it is the Roman jurisdiction over the whole area which justifies present day Israel (the same reasoning was used by the French in Algeria… And it did not turn out as well as it could have, because of USA interference, let alone old fashion racism…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen:
      I do agree that Judaism never developed the military might and imperialism of Christo-Islamism. It’s too masochistic and self-destructive. I reside in an Alpine village a lot of the time (since I was mostly a little child in Africa). In recent years, Orthodox Jews have decided that was the new Jerusalem, and they show up (at high altitude!) in religious garb. Even going on a lake in cumbersome crow dress (my expression), at the risk of drowning.

      My Mom, who is a Just who contributed to save more than 100 Jews in WWII is aghast when she looks at that, these crowds of hundreds of black dressed, all covered up, tight robes ensconced, inappropriately dressed for the mountains: “Poor People, they do not see how much they hurt themselves!”

      Indeed, what’s the point of dressing funny, moving around as a secret society, Ku Klux Klan style? To make the Natives feel bad? At least the KKK was visible, sort of, mostly at night.

      In comparison, I talked yesterday with a Saudi lady, and I learned that only when she informed me, after I asked her where she was from… That’s the way I like it. Ostensible religiosity is always an aggression (except when it’s one’s job, like the Pope or Khamenei, or Mohammed VI, or the local bishop or cardinal… In Islam, there is a problem, as the Imam or Mullah position is by acclamation, so to speak).

      The problem of Judaism is a combination of KKK like provocation… Not backed up by enough military muscle. The Crusaders were sort of the opposite: lots of muscle, little blatant religiosity (nobody can accuse the Crusaders to be too Christian, paradoxically, as they happily engaged in activities such as cannibalism, which are not explicitly ordered by the Bible…).

      The Franks were all muscle, and they weaponized Christianism: Christianism became one more weapon.


      • EugenR Says:

        I agree. This odd wardrobe of orthodox Jews is all about separation from others. By the way most of this carneval style dresses come from 18 century Poland. Nothing to do with Judaism, except the yarmulka, and the hairdressing.
        Even in Israel among other Jews these people live in self imposed gethos.
        I do agree that a Jewish homeland could be established only in Middle East and not in “Patagonia”, that some Zionist leaders, including Herzel suggested. But now the great success of the Zionist movement, that stands alone to some other Jewsh political grouping , like creation of german social party in 19 century and bond movement in Russia that became the organisational sceleton to the Russian revolution, it has to cope with its success. And believe me, it is not an easy task to run a country in the very centre of the Middle East.


  3. Jews, Muslims, Christians | EugenR Lowy עוגן רודן Says:

    […] https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/judaisms-promised-land/ […]


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent To NYT Kristof, Jan 31, 2015.]

    One of the Auschwitz Jewish survivors who talked at the Auschwitz commemoration last week said one should add an Eleventh Commandment: Don’t just be a spectator. Details and context in the link below.
    Even that is too optimistic. Most people avert their eyes.

    The USA did not do anything much against Hitler until well after Hitler had declared war to the USA, December 11, 1941. These are years that ought to live in infamy.

    The Japanese and the Germans acted abominably in World War Two. Yet the latter were clearly empowered by American plutocracy, with the conniving complicity of the double dealing government of the USA. Unsavory history is not the exclusive province of the time honored bad guys.

    Without Henry Ford, the Nazis would have probably never come to power. Just one example. I could drop another 50 American names, including JP Morgan, and Prescott Bush.


  5. Mike 71 Says:


    The one value, so little discussed above, is that of tolerance, allowing each individual to believe in any faith of their choice, or none at all. No person should be compelled, at the point of the sword, by inquisition, or any other compulsory means, to adopt any belief system contrary to their personal values. In the Libertarian ethic and tradition, becoming more widespread in the U.S., as well as abroad, the concept is that one should be able to do what they may, to the extent that it does not interfere with the rights of others.

    The worst abusers of personal autonomy, are not only those Muslims, who insist on conversions to their faith at the point of the sword, but also some Christians, who pressure “non-believers” to convert and particularly the Kim dynasty of the D.P.R.K. (North Korea), which insists on worship of the Kim family as deities.

    In support of personal autonomy in the areas of religion, politics and other matters of personal belief, I cite Justice Jackson from the U.S. Supreme Court majority opinion in West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnett, 319 U.S. 624 (1943), barring government compelled “flag salutes” for members of the Jehovah’s Witness faith, which is condemned as idol worship.

    “[I]f there is any fixed star in our Constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, religion, nationalism, or other matters of opinion, or force citizens to confess by word or deed, their faith therein.”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Welcome Mike71! And thanks for attracting attention to Justice Jackson, 1943, which I had never heard of before. I agree that this is an important point.

      Yes, of course, everybody worships “tolerance”, and “respect”. Actually that’s one of the preferred lines of Islamist fanatics, who always insist that Islam is all about “respect” and “tolerance” (they can find quotes to support that, in the Sacred texts). But you see, “tolerance” is not a system of thoughts. It is a mood.

      “Systems of Thought”, such as Christianism, Islamism, Stalinism, Maoism, erroneously named so-called “Liberalism”, “Capitalism” (whatever that means), Representative Democracy, etc. can be criticized specifically.

      Nobody, really is against “tolerance”. Nobody is against “democracy”, either. The Nazis used to joke they had “total democracy”.

      In the real world, there is force. Israel knows well that some of its enemies will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against Israel. Half a dozen thermonuclear warheads well targeted (one on Haifa, three on the greater Tel Aviv, one on Jerusalem) would annihilate Israel, killing more Jews than the Nazis did.

      And you know what? The Israelis know this. In light of such realities, the realities of force, “tolerance” is deeply irrelevant. (This is how Putin has always reasoned, force, and it has worked for him, as far as he is concerned. Similarly Obama used the force of deception to get where he is, and, just like Putin, he is happy like a clam.)

      A mood such as tolerance is little in comparison to the moods the survivalist instinct leads to.


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