Leveraged Morality Needed

New Morality, Greece, Final Solution, Poisonous Apple, Mayhem, etc.

We live in a highly leveraged world. Not only do we have H bombs, but smart phones, for years, have been smarter at chess than any human player, by a very long shot.

Maybe we should exert our minds with higher pursuits than chess. Morality comes to mind.

In highly leveraged world, morality, too, has to be highly leveraged.

One cannot just condemn guilty acts, one has to condemn the ideas and moods which led to these guilty acts, when they can be discerned.

Thus the more advanced morality we need requires more discernment, more… discrimination.

A French Jihadist, Mohammed Merah, ambushed French paratroopers, one by one. He ordered one of them to kneel. The paratrooper refused. He was shot to death, standing up. He was also a Muslim (and his mother, who is deeply republican, wears a scarf).

How do we know this? Merah was wearing video equipment. That means he was sure to be acting in the name of righteousness (who is more righteous than Allah?)

Merah went to shoot children at a Jewish elementary school (that was also the plan in the latest Paris attacks, but the terrorist had to switch to a Jewish supermarket).

One of the little girls fled. Merah pursued the seven year old, grabbed her by the hair, and shot her to death. This is all on video. Such videos should be shown.

They should be shown, because horror motivates to ask the question: what is it in the systems of thought and moods the likes of Merah believe in, that led them to behave exactly as the very worst SS? (Those who read this site religiously know the answer.)

An ex-French justice minister, main proponent of the outlawing of the death penalty in France, Badinter was relating this, and reflecting that, after 70 years of commemorations of the Holocaust, one came back to the same anti-Jewish hatred as when the Nazis reigned.

Badinter said that he believed there was a Dark Side to man. He stopped there.

Indeed, there is a Dark Side, and I know exactly where it comes from.

It’s an evolutionary advantageous trait.

One plays with it, at one’s own risk.

The world grab of plutocrats is exactly the sort of things hatred is supposed to address (Hitler was already riling against “plutocrats”… However, Obama-like, he was financed and propped by them!)

What Badinter ought to ask, is why people such as Merah have so much hatred?

Syriza, the Greek left, has the same program as the French Socialists had in 2012. So Syriza is standard socialism.

The French Socialists did not deliver. Not just that, but the Dear French Socialists, headed by an investment banker, Macron, are trying to pass a law preventing blasphemy… about high finance. The interesting question is why this is happening. Is it just greed, or realizing that the world, headed by Obama’s sponsors, is too mighty to be changed, and thus collaboration is best, as under Vichy?

Meanwhile, people get jailed in Egypt for atheism. New York Time’s Egypt’s War on Atheism

“It took one session on Jan. 10 for a court in the Nile Delta … to sentence Karim al-Banna, a 21-year-old student, to three years in prison for saying … that he was an atheist… Mr. Banna was originally arrested, in November, when he went to the police to complain that his neighbors were harassing him… his name had appeared in a local newspaper on a list of known atheists. Instead of protecting him, the police accused him of insulting Islam.”

Whining about Insulting Islam is the gift that keeps on giving… Secularism is about living in one’s age. This is what the word “secularism” means. It is actually a neutral concept.

Those who impose a particular god are obviously not living in our age. Indeed, in this age, thanks to the Internet, all those who know how to read know of many gods. Hinduism proposes already a million gods. Which one to choose? Why to choose one? Most of these gods are more than twice older than Muslim god, or his “messenger”.

So choosing a particular god of the past is to choose a particular view point from the past. Imposing this shrunk, obsolete version of the world, makes for very small cultures and the small minds they spawned.

This creates countries that do not compete very well economically and culturally. Such countries are poor and engaged in a vicious spiral down the drain of history.

Thus imposing theocracy while so many other countries are (mostly) secularist is a great disservice to Egypt. Laicity, the opposite of the choosing of particular god(s) is not just superior philosophically, and culturally, it’s the easiest way to higher economic performance.

So, if theocracy is such a terrible thing, why does it arise? Because theocracy is oppressive, and, thus, justifies oppression. All the way to the bottom of souls.

Theocracy is the best friend of those who take themselves for gods… And that is why theocracy is generally imposed by generals (Constantine and Theodosius were the Roman emperors who imposed Christianism; Muhammad and the early Caliphs were all war chiefs).

So do not ask how to stop the hatred. Asked, instead how it got started.

In Europe, clearly, making everybody poorer in job prospects, education and wealth, played a role. And this is not a problem localized in Europe, with European solutions. Quite the opposite. By refusing to reduce its emissions of carbons in the last 30 years, the USA and its Chinese pet, gained a huge economic advantage.

Apple just made PROFITS (profits, not just revenue) of 18 billion dollars. In three months. Yes eighteen billion. Selling 74 million smart phones, a lot of them in China. I guess the little plot is going strong. This is the largest profits by a corporation, ever (including the oil giants in their rimes).

Apple ferries hundreds of billions of profit through the tiny, tax-free British Virgin Island. 

A world like that will lead to ever more Jihadism, and bigger and better weapons can be had, thus forcing us into ever more of a police state.

Humiliating people leads to revolt, and revolt, rebellion, lead to progress, by throwing down hateful moods and ideas. So it always has been, so it always will be.

Patrice Ayme’

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21 Responses to “Leveraged Morality Needed”

  1. johsh Says:

    the way to mass convert billions of sheeple is through a trick muhamed found and leveraged very well …the concept of cult/brotherhood. It was so powerful, his followers literally ran-over anything/everything on their path.

    So, in a way muhamed’s god slaughtered hindu god (and quite few other , rich, cultures eg: persian, iraq, etc.etc).

    Indoctrination is the only way we could “High Leverage” morality. And religion is one of the evolutionarily successful forms of indoctrination. Either use religion, gods, etc, Or Hope quantum physics/science soon finds us a telepathic force that allows us to nudge “cosmic inertia” (society/cultural/global inertia), a little bit in the right direction.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Islam, differently from much superior Zoroastrianism, or Vishnu, Krishna and company, is a WAR religion. Having a million Mullahs and Islamophiles lying about it does not change it. Reading any raw Islamic text shows this clearly within an hour.

      Islamophiles know this, so they practice select quotes, and the Big Lie Technique (“Islam is about Peace and Respect”). They remove the war stuff, quote some of the best of the rest. It’s a question of the density of badness; the Bible new Testament has criminal orders… But maybe with a density maybe 1/100 of the Qur’an.

      This is so true that Hitler lamented that Germany was Christian, instead of Muslim (Hitler was great friend with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who provided him with dedicated killers… Something appreciable, especially towards the end, when Hitler ran out of criminals…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      To foster highly leverage morality, we need to become more sensitive to thought crimes, especially as they lead to lethal moods. See:


      • johsh Says:

        “god” tool has been very effective for that.

        Another “tool”is the one tried by buddha….define morality as the path for one’s salvation…not some “unverifiable god”.

        morality is a self-benefit thing, more valuable than school/education/life, ,.this has to become apparent.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          By leveraged mentality I mean stricter, more critical morality (like GMax said). BTW, in some variants of Sufi Islam, the “Messenger” Muhammad is not central… And Allah maybe just an allegory… Morality is as old as social life.

          Morality existed before the Permian-Trias mass extinction: it’s very resistant. Morality did not come from celebrities, but from social necessity.


          • johsh Says:

            thats the problem. Morality doesn’t have to come from social necessity alone, it is logically part of one’s spiritual/material salvation too. The fact that one’s self is tied to everything out, and everything to one’s self. This was the new thing.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Morality is part of human ethology. It is absolute: it’s how the species is, what it does. Yet, it’s a bell curve where the extremes, the Dark Sides, are… stabilizing.
            That, this latter point, MY point, and it’s explicitly different. (The Dark Side is implicit in the Judeo-Christo-Islamist Dog on the sky, where he barks a lot.)


          • johsh Says:

            You mean the middle way?


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Another allusion to what I mean in today’s essay. About elephants…


          • johsh Says:

            BTW, its no bell curve. Is there such thing as doing/telling too much truth.


          • johsh Says:

            re: elephants. Morality doesn’t mean one cannot kill mosquitoes if they bother them…it just means they understand first (compassion/empathy -> wisdom), why/what/how, and take appropriate action. There is no good/evil…only perfecting (being fully in control of one’s self).


  2. gmax Says:

    Morality is ever more strict, and the faster the tech, the faster it has to become stricter, that’s all there is to it


  3. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, let me redistribute my ideas why the Muslim world is becoming more and more violent.
    The Arab, and most of the Muslim world, has difficulty to adopt modern ethical, social, and epistemological ideas, that are the basis and condition of progress to the modernity. Just to mention in headings some of these ideas,
    -ethnic, racist, gender, religious, cultural pluralism,
    -free and critical approach to ideas,
    -reduction of the role of political authority to social and economic responsibilities without right to interfere in issues of belief, ideas, ideologies, etc.
    -Adopting modern family structure, where woman have the right to education and productive life according to their choice. Where there is space for family planning.

    All these approaches if to be changed, would need a critical self reflection of the Muslim world. We know how painful it may be to expose to new ideas opposing your most basic beliefs.

    Even if the success of the countries adopting these modern, post WWII post Communism world are attractive to most of the Muslims, and they like the leisure-pleasure of this world, they still oppose the ideas behind it.
    viz full article; https://rodeneugen.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/jews-muslims-christians/
    2. I agree with you that the existing, economic trends are unsustainable.

    The existing economic system in its basis is based on accumulated Capital driven by need for ever growing yield, is causing many long term unsustainable trends. To mention some the most important ones;

    – The environmental impact of world wide increasing economic activity. Many will be surprised to hear that even in the years of crisis since 2008 the world economy did not contract, but rather grew.
    – The ever growing economic inequality in the statehoods, and even more among the different states, representing different cultures.
    – The existing economic system is emphasizing the demand as the only important factor in economy, and neglects the supply side of the equations and its limitations, (environmental problems are one of the inputs on the supply side of the economy). This economic ideology, implements tools to increase material consumption, and sides moral values of waste and denial of earths limited capacity to support continuously such a trend.
    3. And then there is the moral faculty of the Capitalistic economic system, that entirely opposes any kind of solidarity and mutual guaranty among the people. As result, we are encountered with the ugly phenomena of banksterizm and it allies, supporters and co-jointers, you call Plutocracy.


  4. Paul Handover Says:

    Just in case you or any of your readers have missed the documentary Bitter Lake by Adam Curtis released exclusively by the BBC, I have both the trailer and the full film in today’s post over at Learning from Dogs.

    Goes to the heart of what is so wrong with today’s world.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Paul, and very glad to see you re-surface like the mysterious Oregon Nessie! I will look at it.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        Patrice, for lots of reasons I have been up to my neck these last few months. Mainly, I guess, connected with editing the first draft of a book that I completed in November. I went through a period of wanting to limit the tough items coming into my ‘in-box’ and unsubscribed to your blog! Sorry!

        I am repairing that error now!

        On one condition! Can you please sort this planet out! 😉


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Well, Paul, in any case, thanks. I scrambled an essay in your honor, or thanks to you. Better than the “Free Will” one that was scheduled initially… 😉

          Now I have to run, don’t even have the time for a link to your site… Later


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to LfD]

    Giant American global corporations, the 200 largest ones, do 100 billion dollars of tax evasion through Luxembourg alone. Each year. Many are media companies. Wonder why stories make no sense?

    Juncker directed that. Now he is head of the European Commission, and insist Greece shall pay every single penny.

    As it happened, my dad was among a European group of geologists working for the Afghan government, who discovered Afghanistan’s riches… In the 1970s. All hell broke loose shortly thereafter.

    I write about these sorts of things, day in, day out. But most people prefer the opium of feel-good…


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