A conspiracy occurs when a number of individuals together (“con”) breathe (“spirare”).

Conspiracy doesn’t imply necessarily plotting, although, in the case of the Great Bitter Lake Conspiracy, a conspiracy launched by president Franklin Roosevelt, the famous “Democrat”, this is exactly what happened. Three quarters of a century later, we are still in the thick of it.   

History is made mostly of… conspiracies. Those who don’t want to learn about conspiracies, don’t want to learn about history. A friend, Paul Handover of Learning From Dogs, attracted my attention to the British movie, “Bitter Lake”.

“Bitter Lake” is about the conspiracy between American plutocracy and Saudi plutocracy. Plutocrat Roosevelt was freshly flown from Yalta, to the Great Bitter Lake, on the Suez Canal. The idea was to steal the Maghreb, and the Middle East from the French and the British, by making a theocratic alliance, with Abdulaziz Ibn Saud.

Abdulaziz Ibn Saud had proclaimed himself king of Arabia in 1932, after conquering most of it, with British military help. The Saud family ascent rested on an alliance with Wahhabi Islam, an extremely intolerant version of Islam, which interprets the sacred texts of Islam literally (Wahhab followed an earlier fanatic, who had been condemned to death, for Islamist Fundamentalism in… 1200 CE, more than eight centuries ago).

Abdulaziz Ibn Saud had established an authentic “Islamist State“. It made a natural partner to US oilmen, and US financiers. This partnership extends to this day: look at Obama preventing pursuits against the Saudis for 9/11, their financial support of the Islamist State, and the friends the Clintons keep.

At Yalta, Roosevelt had warmed up, by giving half of Europe to his Comrade Stalin. (Plutocrats of the world naturally unite!) That should break the back of Europe, if Hitler had not done enough already (correctly thought the US Deep State).

Never mind that Poland had fought the Nazis courageously the Nazis, at a time when the USA was militarily and diplomatically collaborating… with the Nazis (or maybe, precisely, the Poles had to be punished!) Roosevelt had to be strict: the French had successfully escaped from the military occupation (AMGOT) he had set-up for them.

Having warmed up at Yalta with its continent-sized gift to Stalin, US president Roosevelt was ready to make a diabolical pact with Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. After all, the Brits had shown the way, decades earlier, and it had been a bloodbath. This would organize the world economy for the “American Century”.

The USA agreed to protect Saudi Arabia, as the UK had done earlier. In exchange for oil, and the recycling of the profit in the worldwide dollar system, controlled by the USA. this became even more pronounced under Obama…

The movie “Bitter Lake” exposes (some) of the American plutocracy led conspiracies which led to the devastation, among other things, of Afghanistan, and other constituencies, thanks to the Wahhabist Islam it unleashed on the world.

Readers of this site will be familiar with the general ambiance.

One caveat: all what is in the documentary and makes American plutocrats (Roosevelt) and their servants (Reagan) look bad, is correct. However the real situation, the real badness is way worse. (For example the secret, official USA intervention in Afghanistan was under Carter, on July 3, 1979. However the real even more secret intervention, through the Pakistani ISI was even earlier and even more vicious.

So is history all conspiracies, and nothing but conspiracies?

Not quite. (Although in nearly all cases, whatever the spark is, the new situation is handled with new conspiracies: breathing together is intrinsic to the human experience!)

Sometimes civilizations are brought down by occasional natural cataclysms: a volcano exploding, accompanied by earthquakes, and a tsunami helped to bring Cretan civilization down. Earlier, a great flood had brought the Sumerian cities down, drowning them all (that flood is probably alluded to in the Bible). It did not look man-made, but it was (from human impact up rivers from abusive land usage). The Sumerian cities brought many invention central to Western civilization (the bicameral representation, the alphabet). Up the Euphrates and Tigris basins, agriculture and herding ravaged the soils and made them unable to store water. At the same time salination ruined the delta.

The Maya, after millennia of establishing a great and dense civilization resting on intense agriculture and a sophisticated, gigantic hydraulic system, with huge canals and dams, stumbled into a century long, drastic drought, just when they were losing control of their ecology (they over-harvested their key construction tree, to the point they had none, and were forced to switch to inferior species, for example).

Thus, even natural disasters are not, quite often, not that natural: the hand of Homo has been all over, for a long time. The Mongols knew this. After Genghis Khan took control of Northern China, having exterminated the Buddhist Xia, and conquered the Han, his generals insisted that he should destroy not just the Chinese population, but also the Chinese ecology (by destroying the forests, and making the landscape suitable to Mongolian species such as goats, horses, etc.).

Genghis Khan wanted to save Chinese civilization: he refused.

Sometimes one great leader can do more than Jesus ever did. (Genghis as the Jesus Jesus never was: the inversion of all certainties. The Mongol leader was actually educated by Christians, Nestorian Christians.)

And then there is determinism, inertia.

Often plutocracy gets established through sheer inertia, because of the power of compounded interest. This is why many a civilization sent the wives to the funeral pyres, with the Great Leader.

I have a personal connection to Afghanistan. Although I never visited, my parents did, several times, in the 1970s. Geology opens many doors.

As it happened, my dad was among a European group of geologists working for the Afghan government, who discovered Afghanistan’s riches… In the 1970s. All hell broke loose shortly thereafter. I have narrated in the past why I think that this was not a coincidence: the USA wanted its cake, and did not feel the same about Afghans, Russians… and the French.

I write about these sorts of things, day in, day out. But most people prefer the opium of feel-good… Pet a dog, dream about (being) celebrities…

In the end, “Bitter Lake” accuses the growth of the financial system, and its connection with the military-industrial complex (Ike warned about), corruption.

Readers of this site knows that plutocracy, as a controlling mind of its own, had started before the inception of World War One.

Nowadays, plutocracy is an apex of glory and mind control. Giant American global corporations, the 200 largest ones, do 100 billion dollars of tax evasion through Luxembourg alone. Each year. Many are media companies. Wonder why stories make no sense?

Juncker directed that. Now he is head of the European Commission, and insist Greece shall pay every single penny of its debt. Pluto insists little ones shall pay.

Oh, by the way, the real name is “Great Bitter Lake“, not just “Bitter Lake”. It’s actually a bitter ocean we are all drowning in.

In any case, the movie “Bitter Lake” is good start. A bit of what is going on, through the Afghan microscope. Much is made of the sci-fi movie Solaris, where a planet changes the minds of those who mess with it. Well, sure. But it’s not Afghanistan. That planet is planet finance, planet Pluto, and it’s malevolent.

Bitter Lake” ends this way: “At the end of Soviet science fiction film, Solaris, the astronauts returns to Earth. Everything seems real enough but somehow he does not trust in anything any longer…

Our leaders seem to have lost faith in anything. And the simple stories they tell us don’t make sense any longer. The experience of Afghanistan  has make us begin to realize that there is something else out there, but we don’t have the apparatus to see it. What is needed is a new story, and one that we can believe in.”

Well, I have that story. And that “apparatus”. But, by definition, it’s out of the comfort zone. As usually defined.

Patrice Ayme’

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  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Just read your post out aloud to Jean. Appreciate very much the reference to my post. But so saddened that we are all living in such terrible times!


  2. gmax Says:

    You have mentionned the Great Bitter Lake plot of Roosevelt and Ibn Saud for many years. See, there is hope: that there was a plot is now reaching the Main Stream Media. BTW the link on Roosevelt’s hatred of the French is fascinating… The AMGOT


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Roosevelt hatred for the French showed his true Pluto colors… I am carefully considering my words. in 1939, the USA sent stuff to keep Hitler’s Air Force in the air… Similar to keeping the Kaiser afloat after 1914…


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  5. Corey Park scam Says:

    Corey Park scam

    Great Bitter Lake | Patrice Ayme’s Thoughts


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    […] And this is why American plutocracy reintroduced god massively to the USA in the 1930s (as even the New York Times recently explained), and why then it made a pact with Ibn Saud to push the ideology of Islamism in the Middle East, in 1945 (See the “Great Bitter Lake Conspiracy“). […]


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  12. JH Says:

    why no mention of Jack Philb’s role in creating Saudi Arabia by his support of Ibn Saud using British Intelligence he had assess to against the wishes of his government to bring Ibn Saud to power after WW1. Then his influence to bring the Americans into the mix with exploration for oil. Extreme wealth through oil and dubious contacts and an extreme fundamentalist religion is Saudi. The root of it all and still US/UK are in bed with this regime and nothing will be solved. The media is part of the problem, there’s no journalism any more. Just sensationalism and trivialism.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed 100% JH, and welcome here! We need more people like you here, to tell the truth. I write essays, same general idea as with Montaigne. So each essay gives a piece, an aspect of reality, just an aspect, not a complete picture. Anyway, thanks for your extremely judicious remarks. I hope you come back for instructing us some more.

      Journalists are paid by, ultimately, plutocrats. Several of the Main Stream media systematically censor me, for example the New York Times and The Guardian, The reason is that I am hostile to plutocracy, and they are all owned by plutocrats. Thus we are really in presence of paid propagandists, more similar to those a PRAVDA (“Truth”) a little while back, in the USSR….

      This site tries to correct this, but it stays confidential, as even Word Press censors it (they removed ALL comments, or outright blocked, I made on their take on the Paris Attacks! So they ANTI-promote it)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      BTW, Montaigne was part of the plutocratic system… Fully. But not in heart, as his promotion of La Boétie showed (I wrote on this a bit recently).


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  18. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to WaPo blog, Eric Zuesse]

    By espousing the Saud family, and its fanatical version of Islam, Wahhabism, the Washington establishment, Wall Street and US oilmen were able to displace the British (and French) in the Middle East… at the cost of the soul of Western civilization:


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  22. ianmillerblog Says:

    What is fascinating is the whole point of going to war in 1939 was to free Poland, and in the end, Poland merely swapped dictators. And the fact that Americans can make that sort of agreement with Wahhabis shows they really don’t care about anything but money.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, right, Americans only care about money. At least those Americans in power. FDR’s family had a coat of arms. Deep US plutocracy. Relative to FDR’s Prescott Bush and Joe Kennedy were nouveaux rich (the power of whom he contributed to make, both directly, and indirctly…)

      In any case, we are still under that cloud. Or rather, the Wahhabi crescent (the Moon being the ancient symbol of Mecca, pre-Islam…)

      The whole point of going to war in 1939, from the Franco-UK-British Commonwealth point of view, was, indeed, to stop the destruction of Poland by the Nazi/Prussians-Soviet/Russians. However, the US was still, de facto allied with Hitler, and that stayed true in 1940. If the US had just barked in Spring 1940, the German generals would have made a coup against Hitler (as they already had politely asked the Anglo-Americans to cooperate in 1937, 1938… by just confirming they would side with France in their opposition to Nazism)

      WWII profited most the USA, and the USA knew this, even before, and while it happened, and that’s why it happened. Eastern Europe was the payment for Stalin (who had collaborated with US oil men for the Caucasus oil, as early as 1920). Advantage? Keeping the (EUROPEAN) competition down and out. The USSR became the guardian, keeper, watchdog of Europe… For Uncle Sam… Anyway, that’s what I believe, having mulled over this for decades…


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    […] falsely claiming that they know it is all about peace. (This disinformation campaign is part of a greater manipulation which originated in Washington and New York, as early as 1945, not be be adressed […]


  24. Trump: Deradicalize Islam. Good. | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] […]


  25. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Halseynews.]
    A conspiracy between Wall Street, US oilmen and some Brits was formalized between US president Roosevelt and Abdulaziz Ibn Saud in 1945: basically spread Wahhabist, Fundamentalist, Literal Islam, and put your oil money in Wall Street, to make us all stupid…


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    […] Salafist Islam is a problem, indeed. However, it was initially entirely made up by some more sinister, much more radical forces which let it fester, or even encouraged it, as they had with many other forms of fascism prior. Those forces have most of the money, hence […]


  28. Patrice Ayme Says:

    On conspiracies: some are facts.
    As the philosopher said, history is the history of conspiracies:


  29. Craig Stevenson Says:

    Patrice Ayme Keep in mind that one of the tricks of such a conspiracy is to create a false enemy that will distract attention away for the conspirators and their actions….


  30. Craig Stevenson Says:

    Lots of truth mixed with non-truths is dangerous. Let’s start with the case that the USA doesn’t even have a real “left” or socialist party.

    So who are the Marxist Progressives, what is their plan, when was this long-held plan created, and what evidence is there of (a) the plan, (b) the steps of the plan taken to date and by whom, and (c) the remaining steps in this plan? “Marxist Progressives silently implemented their long-held plan to create the largest shift in economic and political power America had ever seen”

    To be clear: I do not disagree that political and economic factions work together to execute plans — often in smoke filled rooms or otherwise out of view. But, this article makes specific claim about specific people who have a specific plan with specific outcome goals; that the plan was known, that it was started in the past, that it has been systemically implemented, and (presumably) has addition remaining steps since the end-goals of the plan are not yet fully achieved.


  31. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to III]

    In the Roman Republic, power was carefully corralled (Consuls served just a year, shared power, and then couldn’t run again for 10 years)… Democracy nearly direct: no “representatives” (direct votes were overviewed by Tribunes). Also Roman family wealth was absolutely limited (to less than 50 millions, or maybe just 30, I computed…)

    To a great extent the seduction of the intellectual class by the Stalinists in the 1920s until… today… was caused by being completely unaware of the fact that Lenin was a plant of the German plutocratic tyranny. Never mind that Lenin admitted so and that the Brest-Litovsk Treaty is evidence enough…

    Similarly, the Global US Deep State was able to bury its connection with Nazism… Nazism, which the US Deep State basically created and employed… as it did with Lenin and Stalin, in an extension of its early policy in World War One… When US plutocrats sent the Kaiser what it needed to keep on fighting…

    The same happened, basically, with Saudi Arabia and other Middle East critters:


  32. Wayne S Says:

    The reasoning behind us backing the extremist Saudi Wahhabi Sunnis over moderate (at least at one time — no longer thanks to us) Iranian Shiites is multi-tiered and very convoluted.

    The primary driver today would seem to be commercial/hegemonic competition between the two politico-religious factions over oil pipe lines. I find that rather ironic given the fact that we’re trying to move away from fossil fuels. (Damn Manifest Destiny doctrine and all its political bastards.)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My essay on the subject of the deal with the Saudis made clear what happened: the US transferred know-how and capital to the Saudis (same as it did with Hitler, on a larger scale). ARAMCO was created thus the oil flowed towards the USA. Profits made by the Saudis were recycled on Wall Street. Wahhabist ideology held the whole thing together… same as racist ideology held the Nazi deal together.

      Leaders of the Democratic party (Harrimans, FDR, etc.) or the Republican (Dulles Bros) were principals on these deals. The Iranian situation involved the CIA exciting Khomeiny and company against Mossadegh… So Shiite leadership was baited and switched. To a great extent similar methods were used for and against the Kaiser, the USSR, or Banana Republics.

      Relative to all this the distinction between left versus right loses any meaning. For example the (secret) war against Afghanistan was launched by Carter on July 3, 1979.


  33. Wayne Straight Says:

    The reasoning behind us backing the extremist Saudi Wahhabi Sunnis over moderate (at least at one time — no longer thanks to us) Iranian Shiites is multi-tiered and very convoluted. The primary driver today would seem to be commercial/hegemonic competition between the two politico-religious factions over oil pipe lines. I find that rather ironic given the fact that we’re trying to move away from fossil fuels. (Damn Manifest Destiny doctrine and all its political bastards.)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Middle East oil policy of the UK and then the USA is more than a century old. It is extremely complex, thoroughly conspiratorial, involves Wall Street/investment banking, the oil majors, and its aims have gone from extraction to, recently, suppression (at least in some places such as Iran and Iraq… Also Venezuela…)
      In any case, no good.
      Now Biden has already bombed Syria… One of his many U turns… Plus saying MBS killed the journalist, but, well, he is the chief…


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