FREE WILL Was Not Built Yesterday

Free Will Is No Free Lunch.

Wherein It is Shown That “Free Will” Is, At Best, a Quantum Architectural Process, Thus Something Long In The Making: If You Want Freedom, You Need To Work On Your Brain. 

In Mental Inertia, I argued that much of what humans do has to do with being dragged along with what one has become, and, or, the thing, or behavior that has already started. Many made the observation long before, but what is new is that the enormous architecture of the brain makes it amply clear why it is so. And that there are no derogation.

It remains to consider what this means for the problem of “Free Will”. And for the SOLUTION of “Free Will”.

Mental inertia is both problem and solution for “Free Will”.

The Franks Exhibited Their Colorful Variegated Wills

The Franks Exhibited Their Colorful Variegated Wills

“Free Will” causes a traditional problem for a train of thought in the West. This so-called “compatibility problem” comes from believing in an absolute, omnipotent god… Or from believing into what came to replace the omnipotent Judaic god: an absolute, omnipotent, completely deterministic Classical Mechanics.

There was a near-civil war among Catholics in France in the Seventeenth Century about the problem of “Free Will” (then called the problem of “Grace”). Blaise Pascal was on the side of the omnipotence of god (after he had a near fatal disease and became nuts). Louis XIV had to intervene, and shut down the “Jansenists“, the fundamentalists who believed in the ultra omnipotence of god.

If either omnipotent god, or omnipotent determinism, holds the universe in its grip, individuals are pre-determined. They have no freedom. There can no “Free Will”.

This is counterfactual: obviously, the Franks who founded the West, were extremely free. “Frank” means “Free”, or “Ferocious” (a distinction without a difference). And the Franks had lots of Will: a few tens of thousands of Frankish warriors came to rule over many million Gallo-Romans and Germans. The defeated all other armies in Galli and the Germanias.

How could the Franks be compatible with the old omnipotent God? Naturally, they were not: Clovis, King, Consul, and Imperator, knew this well. So Clovis re-invented God, in his own special way. All right, Constantine had done the same, two centuries earlier. Constantine, after fighting them, had allied himself to the Franks. Clovis threw away the old metaphysics of the Evangels.

As Clovis said, “if me and my Franks had been there, Jesus would never have been crucified!

It is not that Clovis did not understand the ancient passive message of submission to the child-sacrificing Abrahamic god. No. Clovis did NOT want to understand it. Where Abrahamism taught submission to the child-killing, omnipotent, freakish god, the great rabid dog in the sky, Clovis taught reason, and thus rebellion, and the dignity of common sense.

The Franks, the Free, the Ferocious, wiped clean the errors of the Greco-Roman civilization, and especially its Catholic degeneracy, and dysfunctional slavery. Frankish Will founded the civilization we have. And it was all because the Franks were so Free and Ferocious. It would have happen without.

The Franks made a caricature of old Catholicism, and threw it to the oubliettes de l’histoire.

the Franks had so much Will, that they could afford tolerance, and highly colored clothing. Tolerance was how the Franks ruled: all those unfortunates that rabid Catholicism had excluded, such as “Philosophers”, Pagans, Jews, and other traditional ideologies, were welcome back as full members of society. More than that: the Catholic TERROR was removed as a factor clamping down on the minds.

By 600 CE, everybody in the huge Imperium Francorum, was a Frank. (In another two centuries, they called themselves “Roman” again.)

Frankish Will was force. In the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, it turns out that the three attackers were viewed as terrorists (“fiché”) by the State. But the French, nowadays, have lost the Will which characterized the Franks (in the 1960s, such terrorists would have been preventively detained. This is how De Gaulle broke the OAS. Around 1,000 French are fichés.)


Nobody serious and well educated believes in God or Classical Mechanics anymore: the former was exposed as a trick of elites, the latter has been replaced by Quantum Physics.

Thus nothing stands again to block Free Will, on a matter of principle. If I were Nietzsche, I would add something he did not think of: the old omnipotent god destroyed by its very omnipotence the very possibility of Freedom. That was the whole idea of the Roman emperors of the Late Empire, starting with Diocletian (circa 300 CE).

On the face of it, the expression “Free Will” is revealing. “Free Will”? Is there Will that is not free? Is it well known, in the West, that Will can come in a non-free variant?

Can Will be chained, or, let’s say played with, amplified? This is the very idea which makes baboon armies so dangerous, and, thus efficient: when 200 male baboons act as one, that’s 400 four centimeters long canine facing the enemy. The King of Prussia Frederik the Great’s superior military rested a lot on discipline second to none. The more an army’s soldiers have the Will of the Chief, the more efficient it is.

Is Will getting leveraged, like anything else in this singularity-of-technology age? Well, yes, of course. Just look at Jihadists; their Will is getting leveraged… Through an amplification from institutionalized hatred, much of it from electrons circulating in the Internet.

Now they show on the Internet how they burn their enemies alive.

More scientifically, yet less profoundly, Konrad Lorentz and others showed that animals with brains can be “imprinted”. Their neurobiology, exposed at particular times, such as the first time, to some input, can stay that way forever.

For example, Lorentz made baby geese behave as if he were their mother. The experience has been reproduced a lot since. Come to think of it, it is central to enable animal husbandry, so it should not be exactly news


Free Will will, of course involve all of Quantum Physics. Roger Penrose, jumping on that bandwagon, believed the Quantum would show up as originating from pretty large scale objects (“micro-tubules”). That was very far-fetched.

All what is sure, and that’s enough, is that all molecular processes (including DNA) will see the evolution of their finer features Quantum controlled.

Quantum Biology will dominate biology, within a few decades. Meanwhile, physicists had to take into account the fact that we may have no Free Will whatsoever, and thus have been condemned, in a Quantum Sisyphusian way, to repeat the Quantum Non-Locality experiments after excluding carefully all and any human being.

Per the delocalized nature of Quantum Processes, we will get there a framework for consciousness corresponding the intuition we have of it.

Then the real question becomes: how Free is a Will that emanates from Quantum Processes? Quantum Processes are delocalized, and entangled, throughout. They make an architecture. Free Will, thus, is not a point-wise effect, in the instant. It is going to be an architecture.

Free Will was not built yesterday. And it was built from a world of inputs and entanglements. We are observers, experimenters, tinkerers and explorers of our own minds. We may be free in some ways, but not of the heavens, hells, and routines we have built onto ourselves, and been imprinted with.

We can will Will, but we are not free to will a Will we did not freely willed, for a very long time, and through much hard brain work. That is why people who live under Submission, will always be slaves, even if, in their impotent hysteria, they go around and about burning people alive, here and there.

Patrice Ayme’


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21 Responses to “FREE WILL Was Not Built Yesterday”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Wow, you have got the wind in your sails just recently! 🙂

    A month or so ago, the BBC broadcast a couple of programmes on Quantum Physics. I managed to obtain downloads of both programmes and have them as (large) MP4 files. Jean and I found the programmes incredible! The magic of the way the programmes were presented was that it was possible to both get an insight into the strangeness of Quantum Physics and yet know that it was impossible to fully understand. The presenter, a scientist, said that if anyone says they understand Quantum Physics then that shows that they do not!

    The files would fit on a single memory stick and I would be happy to mail them. If that is of interest, you know my email address ….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Paul! Thanks! Very happy to see you back!
      As far as Quantum Physics, I have long viewed myself as a researcher in the field. By “long” I mean decades. Things are coming my way.

      When I got started a problem of my own (sub-quantum) theory was the prediction of, well, Dark Matter. That was, however, discovered in the meantime! ;-).
      Basically High Energy Physics, the Theory Of Everything (TOE), much of what Hawking is doing, that was not the real physics we needed. Now this starts to be understood.

      I am going to put a blurb on the Quantum my way, in the next few days…


  2. gmax Says:

    Yes Paul, Patrice’s production is awesome. Enormous. Very deep. It is interesting that guys who commented a lot in past, like Nathan, Alexi, or the one who called me a porno queen, about empire, have totally fallen off the comments…

    That free will is about building a mind has totally escaped those who talk obsessively of the Libet experiment. When signals in the brain preceded conscious decision of action. Wisely Patrice ignored it.


  3. hazxan Says:

    It’s not just the omnipotent god that implies we have no free will. The scientific fact that all particles and chemical obey the laws of physics also implies that there is no such thing as free will. What particle can choose it’s path? What we percieve as thoughts are bio-chemical processes, nothing more. I’d be interested in your dismissal of the Libet experiment.

    To believe that any creature has free will, means that creature must have somewhere in it’s composition, a substance that does not obey that laws of physics. A substance that does not obey the internal laws of the system we inhabit. Something that sounds like a higher power.

    Seems to me then, that the only way anything can have “free will” is if some higher order exists, behind our routine perceptions. Either everything is deterministic, or there is some higher order outside of our system, than “leaks in” via this thing we call “free will”.

    So there’s either a higher order, or we have no free will. I wrote this automatically of course, just the product of some pre-determined bio chemical processes. As any replies will be, too.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Hazxan: If you re-read my essay, you will realize that I talk about the DETERMINISM of CLASSICAL mechanics. Like, at the beginning, and I assimilate it with the mood of the Jewish God (you know, the one in Mecca, nowadays…)

      It’s actually more than determinism. In theory, classical mechanics allows DETERMINATION of location and momentum and energy. Quantum PHYSICS DOES NOT. (I hope Eugen reads this!)

      The Quantum is that DEUS EX CLASSICAL MACHINA.


      • EugenR Says:

        I just read these comments, sorry for my late response. Free will contradict the omnipotent God, even if the Jewish tradition says “Everything is pre decided, yet the right of choice is given “. Of course this sentance has a logical contradiction, but it doesn’t seem to bother the ancient wise man, as the Talmudic and other rabinatic writers of fifth century are called.
        As to the scientific approach that tries to relate to the quantum phenomena attributes supporting the possibility of free will, I try hard to understand on what this claim is based, and all I understood until now is that, since we don’t really understand both these phenomenon, there is chance they are somehow connected.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Eugen: The connection between biology and the quantum is just nascent. As a philosopher, I view it as ineluctable… For many reasons, that I have explained in many essays (google with my name + biology + quantum! It works)…

          I advised senior investigators on a fundamental research project with $49 million gov seed money. So this is definitively getting very serious.

          Quantum computation, as I have explained zillions of times is GLOBAL. So it’s immensely powerful. So all molecules use it. I have explained my evolution, Lamarck-like theory. Quantum based.


  4. hazxan Says:

    If he Franks wiped clean the errors of the Greco-Roman civilisation, why do powerful civilisations keep making those same errors?

    It’s like saying that Nazism and Fascism were defeated in WW2. No, Germany and Italy were defeated in WW2. Nazism and Fascism never went away and are thriving right now. Wars do not destroy ideas, which is one of the mistakes “civilisations” keep making, that killing all your enemies will make them believe your ideas. Quite the opposite, in many cases.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      0) The Franks imposed Salic Law, including equality of inheritance and possibility for women to inherit in FULL. That clipped plutocracy appreciably.

      1) The Franks first re-established TOLERANCE. Freedom of cult. TOTAL: no tax to pay depending upon religion, etc.

      2) The Franks then OUTLAWED SLAVERY (big difference with the Greco-Romans, and Mahometan cultists). That forced the socio-economy to a higher tech, higher productivity trajectory.

      Then they did plenty of other things: nationalized the church, established mandatory primary education, and the university system…

      Nazism and Fascism maybe be best incarnated by the Islamic State at this point, but it’s a small fraction of the real thing. In the first month of their attack on Poland, the Nazis made more than 16,000 “Military executions”. That’s not execution by SS, Eisensatz Gruppen, or death in combat or through bombardments. It’s still something else, when the regular army just thought some civilians needed to be shot, and bothered to write it down.

      So please don’t talk of Nazism lightly.


  5. EugenR Says:

    Quantum phenomena hardly explains anything about the human mind and consciousness. Even R. Penrose doesn’t claim it does, all he said is that the quantum phenomenaon as non locality and entanglement are the best candidates to give explanation to consciousness and energy efficiency of brain processes, which are otherwise still mystery to the science. Long way still to go, and i am not sure if the way was found.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, dear Eugen, we characteristic lack of humility, let me reveal that I have known Penrose from a long time, and I always saw me as more advanced than him on this subject. I am much more revolutionary than him, and the teaching function in that area comes down from me (I will defer to Penrose in most areas of maths, such as twistors and non-periodic crystals… but not all. Moreover this is physics and math, and I have given conferences where, in the fullness of time, I was proven right. Say on Black Holes).

      So so much for pulling rank with Penrose, who, in this area, and Quantum Gravity I view as an uninspired parrot of mine. (Make no mistake, Penrose is great… But like Feynman, he can be opportunistic, although not as outrageously as Feynman, who tried to steal Bell’s work.)

      The question is not whether the way was found. A $ 49 million program I presented my ideas to on is on at some major university. It’s a question of creating a new field: QUANTUM BIOLOGY.

      I have given plenty of reasons why Quantum and Conscience are similar. In preceding essays. I will roll out another tidbit on Quantum soon.


      • EugenR Says:

        There is no free will without consciousness even if the existence of consciousness doesn’t prove existence of free will. Viz as example the idea of holographic universe. Luckily there is a lot of mystery left out there.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          My point was that Free Will ought to be measured in the fullness of time. Consciousness’ definition is fishy: see today’s essay on fishes… Thus Free Will can be built when dreaming, as Hadamard, a famed mathematician who wrote about how math was invented, said about mathematics.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I don’t know what the holographic universe is, and I believe those who floated the idea don’t know what they are talking about either. They just got overenthusiastic after holograms were invented.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Main point of essay is that FREE WILL, or CONSCIOUSNESS is an ARCHITECTURE…. A vast building. Not something of the instant. It’s not about the Libet style experiments GMax spoke about. Actually those prove my point precisely.


      • EugenR Says:

        I reread more carefully your essay;
        And I need to ask you some questions.
        a. If quantum phenomena is behind the life, I would understand that life is certain form of nano molecular arrangement. If so, why we don’t see other forms of life except the one based on DNA? I could easily think about some form of crystal that will have the main characteristics of life, self propagation,
        b. If basis for consciousness is quantum phenomena, why we don’t see same level of consciousness in all forms of life. Or you claim that worms and us, we have the same level of consciousness and it is just question of interpretation?
        c. Can it be that playing with quantum mechanics, when we create new molecules with predefined attributes, or manipulate DNA, we are playing God? Or even worse, can we make a fatal unrepairable mistakes?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Good questions all, Eugen, and I have answers for all of them. However, I may have to do that in an essay.
          Fatal unrepairable mistakes, we do all the time. Putin is not far from being one.


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