Misinterpreting the history of what happened centuries, or even millennia ago, can have drastic consequences today. A ready made idea as simple as calling Western civilization “Christian” is an example. It is easy to argue that the “Christian” influence was not the most important influence on civilization: Greco-Romans, with law and democracy, and the Franks, with tolerance, universal education and outlawing slavery… were clearly more important than a fascist cult imposed by emperors.

As the European Union is still under construction, it is important that the enormous lies of the past get exposed, for the lies they were… Especially when they are still viewed as the truth

Example? It is important to expose the all-powerful Christianism of the Middle-Ages, and especially of the Late Roman Empire for the civilization devouring monster it was, Having reminded us of this historical set of facts, the Catholic Inquisition and all that… we can then turn to it scion, its heir, all-powerful fundamentalist Islam, and condemn it, just as vigorously, for the exact same reason, instead of licking its toes, respectfully, as Obama did. Reading history, and its biggest lies, correctly, enables to address the present.

All too many contemporary prominent US historians  still claim that it is “nonsense” that Christianism caused proximally the fall of Rome… When that idea, found explicitly in the works of philosopher-emperor Julian is 17 centuries old… And obviously correct as the Frigidus River battle, in 394 CE, annihilated the Occidental Roman army at the hands of Goths and fanatical Christians united.


Greece owes around 65 billion Euros to Germany, from the Greek “rescue” plan, a neat trick to have the Greek People pay for (mostly foreign) banks. Syriza, the new government in Greece (in coalition with a nationalist party) is asking for more than 160 billion Euros in reparations for the assault, invasion of Greece by Germany in 1941… Which may have brought the death of more than 800,000 Greeks.

Do Those Who Hate The Versailles Treaty Also Believe the Nazis’ "Work Makes Free"?

Do Those Who Hate The Versailles Treaty Also Believe the Nazis’ “Work Makes Free”?

[As we have seen before, and will see again below, the tradition in American circles, is to accuse the French to have invented Nazism… And that’s exactly what the Nazis said. It’s also a giant lie. A racist, holocaust force lie.]

The Nazis’ exactions in Greece were so extensive, that it is difficult to know how many died; a typical assassination by the Nazis was not an orderly extermination in an extermination camp involving processing by IBM computer (!), but shooting of an entire family in some thicket, as the Nazis wanted to leave no trace of their activities.

Paul Krugman is getting bolder Weimar on the Aegean:”Try to talk about the policies we need in a depressed world economy, and someone is sure to counter with the specter of Weimar Germany, supposedly an object lesson in the dangers of budget deficits and monetary expansion. But the history of Germany after World War I is almost always cited in a curiously selective way. We hear endlessly about the hyperinflation of 1923, when people carted around wheelbarrows full of cash, but we never hear about the much more relevant deflation of the early 1930s, as the government of Chancellor Brüning — having learned the wrong lessons — tried to defend Germany’s peg to gold with tight money and harsh austerity.

And what about what happened before the hyperinflation, when the victorious Allies tried to force Germany to pay huge reparations? That’s also a tale with a lot of modern relevance, because it has a direct bearing on the crisis now brewing over Greece.”

Krugman argues that the policy imposed on Greece now is what sank the so-called Weimar republic. Nice on the surface, false when one looks at the details. (Weimar was NOT a republic, to star with.)

But here I am going to set Krugman right about history:



In 1953, the victorious Allies decided Germany ought nothing for Nazism (this is what Syriza is nowcontesting).

The history of Germany in the period 1912-1953 is relevant to the present Greek tragedy.

On December 11, 1912, it was a Sunday, the Kaiser brought his six top military men in a conference. It was decided that the ascent of the ever more prosperous French Republic and her vast empire, combined with the democratization of Russia, left the German plutocracy behind, and that only attacking them militarily would solve the problems.

The two admirals objected that they would never be ready to fight a world war within 18 months. The Kaiser insisted that they had to work more on the press to get the German population ready for war.

On June 1, 1914, Colonel House, the right hand man of USA president Wilson, secretly proposed to the Kaiser an alliance, with Britain, against France, if the Kaiser would stop his naval force built-up.

Germany attacked in August, and nearly lost its entire army in a French counter-attack next to Paris, in September (in the First Battle of the Marne).

However, corporations of the USA, for years, fed the otherwise landlocked Kaiser kingdom with war supplies, for years, through the Netherlands.

France and Britain complained to Washington, but they were not going to declare war to the USA.

After Wilson re-election in 1917, the USA declared war to Germany, just as the Soviets made peace with Germany, conceding a gigantic territory Russia occupied in Eastern Europe.

In 1918, Germany lost the war it had started deliberately, surprising everybody.

A last, all-out attack by the German army on Paris, the second Battle of the Marne, was decimated by a deluge of French artillery fire, and was finished with a pincer counterattack by 50 Allied divisions (including 2 American and 45 French).

The retreating German army, under orders, scorched north-eastern France, flooding the mines, dynamiting all production centers, and even Middle-Ages castles, burning all telephone poles.



The Kaiser fled. However, the Prussian-German plutocracy he left behind still controlled most of the press, and the legend took hold in Germany that the German army had not been defeated.

Instead, Germans were indoctrinated: their army had not been defeated, it had been stabbed in the back. Germans were told that traitors inside Germany made the revolution that caused the defeat (the other way around from the real reality).

Those traitors were the Communists, and the Jews, they had to be killed. A civil war started, and units of the German army were employed to do just that.

As Germany was not occupied by the Allies, the Allies basically did not prevent those satanic ideas to take hold of Germany.

The Allies had not cut-off the head of the snake (as would be done after May 1945). Clemenceau predicted in 1919 that Germany, would attack 20 years later, again (as it did).

Except, next time, Germany was out to kill all the Communists and Jews.

The Paris peace conference of 1919 forced Germany to give independence to the countries it had long occupied, such as Czechoslovakia, and Poland.

It is shocking to see Paul Krugman repeat what would become one the mantra of the Nazis. Krugman: “First, Germany’s economy had already been devastated by the war.” It’s France, Belgium and Eastern Europe who had been devastated. Not one square meter of Germany had been occupied and thus “devastated”.

“Second, says Krugman, the true burden on that shrunken economy would — as John Maynard Keynes explained in his angry, powerful book “The Economic Consequences of the Peace” — be far greater than the direct payments to the vengeful Allies.”

Yes Keynes may have said this, but this was not his most important message. Lord Keynes explains in his book that amputating the German empire from all the nations it occupied (“the economic consequence of the peace”) would indeed devastate the German empire.

And that it sure would, because the entire idea of many nations in 1919, including the French, was to dismantle the plutocratic empire Germany had set for itself in the middle of Europe. Lord Keynes showed his true intent, when he wrote in his racist book, that the Poles were an inferior race, and that they cannot manage an economy.

Such things are never said, so nobody knows them.

Thus our friend Krugman intones what became the German credo: “In the end, and inevitably, the actual sums collected from Germany fell far short of Allied demands. But the attempt to levy tribute on a ruined nation — incredibly, France actually invaded and occupied the Ruhr, Germany’s industrial heartland, in an effort to extract payment — crippled German democracy and poisoned relations with its neighbors.”

What is truly incredible is how ignorant of true history Krugman is.

My opinion, shared by Belgium and France in 1923, is quite the opposite. Even Paris itself had been bombed by the attacking Germans, and under long range artillery fire. That’s devastation. Germany was intact, differently from devastated Belgium and France.

The legend that Germany was devastated was most profitable to the Nazis and their plutocratic collaborators, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Repeating The Biggest Lies of the Nazis Is Still Common Wisdom

Repeating The Biggest Lies of the Nazis Is Still Common Wisdom

“The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.” Joseph Goebbels (Nazi propaganda minister).

The biggest Nazi lie of all was that the Versailles Treaty devastated Germany. And this is what many an American university parrot has said ever since (as it allowed to punish France, that was USA profitable!). For more on the Big Lie Technique, see: “Mediating Pluto“.



Germany was intact, but Germany did not want to pay. That would have been to recognize what happened in 1914, namely that Germany attacked France and Russia deliberately, knowing full well it would cause a world war (that its racist plutocracy hoped to win, with the a little help from the USA).

Why was history not learned in 1919? Some of the worst men who had caused World War One were in power in Germany, after the war.

An example is Dr. Schacht, a protégé of JP Morgan (yes, the American banker). Schacht was such a crook, his commanding Prussian general fired him for exploiting occupied Belgium. However, in 1923, he commanded the German Central Bank. To foil the French, Dr. Schacht decided to make German money worthless, by hyper inflating the money supply.

Paul Krugman wrote in his blog: “We know that part of the reason large postwar reparations were such an unreasonable and irresponsible demand was the dire, shrunken state of the German economy after World War I.”

Large, unreasonable, irresponsible postwar reparations” were a German Nazi legend.

Why did the Germans think of this legend? Because they had tried that trick, just prior.

Indeed, Chancellor Bismarck, after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, imposed on the French Republic exactly that sort of “large, unreasonable, irresponsible postwar reparations”.

Bismarck’s hope was that France would not be able to pay, and so war could be started again. In any case, his plan was to hinder the French economy indefinitely.(He got disappointed, as France paid, unexpectedly, in five years!)

So Germany was expert at the idea of mutilating reparations: after all, it invented the idea. (That’s why it should pay Greece now!)

The German economy shrunk by 25% in GDP, most of it during 1914, the year Germany attacked the world. Pushing a two million man army through Belgium will make your economy shrink.

What are those “large postwar reparations”? Intact Germany disingenuously argued that it could not pay, except in worthless paper.

The French Republic insisted that Germany had enormous forests, and could easily replace the tens of thousands of French telephone poles it had just destroyed. Was replacing the telephone poles the German army had deliberately destroyed in 1918 throughout a large part of France “large, unreasonable, and irresponsible?”

It was the refusal by Germany to replace these telephone poles that precipitated the crisis of 1923.

The French Republic, reasonably enough, decided that the German refusal to replace the telephone poles it just destroyed was indicative of a total lack of cooperation. So France, accompanied by Belgium, invaded the Ruhr.

What went really wrong is that it did not stay until reason had prevailed in Germany. Suppose that the French army had occupied Germany, until the Germans calm down, and wiser heads told the Germans what had really happened in World War One? How bad would have that been?

No Auschwitz?



In 1945, the French military fought inside Germany, and would stay there for the next 54 years, until the creation of the Franco-German brigade in 1999.

Properly digesting history is what enables civilization to survive and progress. History cannot turn into civilization unless it has been thoroughly examined.

Krugman is a Jew. He had said so himself, while recognizing he was very much cut off his roots. For Jews (!) to repeat like deranged parrots the very legends that gave rise to Nazism is beyond the pale, it’s falling into the abyss.


Because sometimes in the future, people in the West will ask: ‘Why was Israel created, if what the Nazis said was true?’ If it is true, as the Nazis claimed, that the French were the ones who launched Nazism with their exploitation of Germany, treacherously using the German Jews to stab the glorious German military from behind, did not the Jews deserve to be punish?

Well, the answer is the Nazis lied, and having Jews like Paul Krugman telling us that they did not, cannot change the reality of what happened.

Human minds cannot distort reality all they want. Nature, even human nature, is out there to correct outrageous errors. The hard way.

Patrice Ayme’

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16 Responses to “WRONG HISTORY, WRONG PHILOSOPHY: Nazi Lies Still Ruling In 2015”

  1. gmax Says:

    Will they ever love you? I doubt it. The more you tell them they are full of dung, the more they will dislike you, like Planck said.

    After the war, the US used thousands of hard core Nazi dudes, after cutting deals with them. As you said, they also used lots of Nazi ideas, like in God We Trust


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Krugman.]

    By the way, on Paul’s main message, debt service is killing Greece, and creditors have to make said service bearable, I fully agree.

    I have gone further: default (which has already partly happened) is the way out:

    Germany defaulted four times in the XX century. Differently from Greece, the German drama was completely German-made. It’s not the fault of the Greeks that German and French (and UK, etc.) banks lent to the wrong plutocrats and their projects in Greece!


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Krugman.]

    “Carthaginian peace” was imposed on fascist Germany in 1945. Sorry for the delay.
    Another 70 million dead later…
    The case of Greece is entirely different. The culprits (the bankers) have left the ship long ago…
    I don’t see why Greece defaulting forces Greece out of its own currency (the Euro). Please explain.
    In any case that’s clearly a pressure tactic. Posturing.


  4. Chris Says:

    Dear Patrice,

    sorry – but this is really a bit to much anger against Germany, and much to positive on France. Especially, as you state that the text is about ‘Wrong History..’ implying your text would describe Right History.

    You state yourself also only opinions & assumptions … so how can you be so sure of your opinions?

    Your view on Bismarck is totally opposite to what I believe is ‘Right’ History: he was after Unification of the German Empire interested in balancing the European Powers; and not to weaken one.

    And to think, assume and build a story that “Large, unreasonable, irresponsible postwar reparations” were a German invention is just … anti-german and might be even racist.

    Do you really believe that “Bismarck, after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, imposed on the French Republic exactly that sort of “large, unreasonable, irresponsible postwar reparations”?

    You write yourself that the amount was paid in five years and you really think that Bismarck calculated wrong? I learned he actually knew that it were ridiculous low postwar reparations (4 billion Mark, paid in 2.5 years btw. – compared to 132 billion mark asked for by England,Belgien, France, Italy after WWI), because he was interested in the balance of power in Europe, and not to weaken France.

    I really think your anti german position does not allow you to have an objective standpoint on european positions/discussions; especially not when your text pretends to be ‘Right’ History.

    Best regards,


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Chris: First, Germany (and FRANCE hiding hypocritically behind Germany) are wrong about Greece and Syriza. I have a short essay in that coming within an hour. Germany has been mean, so I am mean. Moreover, all I said about WWI and WWII, and the Jews, etc, in reference to Germany is politically incorrect, but completely true. The Versailles Treaty as a good thing. Hating the Jews was already a problem 40 years earlier, please read Nietzsche’s Nietzsche Contra Wagner

      Second, I am a philosopher, I write essays. I write too much and about too many things to put links and references about all the facts I use.

      To call me “anti-German” is as inappropriate as calling me “anti-American” (which I have been called), etc. As it turns out I have Germans in my distant family (related to Von Molkte who launched WWI; I had an aunt by marriage who was Molkte’s daughter, so I got inner info early on).

      Question to you: do you speak German?

      Third, take Bismarck. I know a gigantic Prussian (he was born in Konigsberg). He has a picture of Bismarck in his office. He engaged a conversation on Bismarck.

      Bismarck was great in many ways: he launched universal health care. He spoke perfectly five languages, and was very much pro-1789 Revolution: ha sang the Marseillaise very well: not one French out of a hundred sings it so well.

      However, he was also a fascist. Not that fascism is always a bad thing. But, in Germany, he went way too far. He viewed Germany and France as re-united, I guess under himself, or somebody like him.

      What happened instead is that the young new Kaiser, the crippled grandson of Queen Victoria, fired him, for not being fascist, and plutophile enough


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Chris: I have read, in German, what Bismarck said about the 18070-1871 reparations. He said they were made to insure that France could be attacked again. True, I don’t have the reference at the ready, but I know it’s true.
      Yes, Bismarck computed wrong, and was very worried about that afterwards. He realized that he had miscomputed about the importance of colonies, too.

      I am pro-German, and thus anti-Nazi. Bismarck launched a boat which became Nazism later, and that’s why Hitler named his super-battleship the Bismarck. I am pro-German, and although I will not go as far as Nietzsche, who decided he could not possibly be German, but had to be a Pole, or a European, that is why I am pro-Poland, etc.

      Those who support Keynes on the Versailles Treaty approves of Keynes’ racism (against Poles and the French), and support, morally speaking, Auschwitz. So Krugman supports the holocaust by repeating like a brain washed parrot, the Nazis’ most outrageous lies.

      My friend the giant Prussian is very old. He lost all his family during the exodus of the Prussians to the West (millions of civilians died, including women and children). On Bismarck, his position is just like mine: a lot of important good, the start of something terrible, who led the lost of his family and his homeland.
      BTW, I am for pushing Russia out of Prussia.


    • dominique deux Says:

      Soory Chris, a cursory Internet search (in addition to previous knowledge) puts Patrice in the right and yourself in the wrong about the 1870 indemnities of war (Frankfurt Treaty).

      First, they were unanimously described, by contemporaries as well as by today’s historians, as “huge”.

      Granted, they did not reach the all-time ratio of reparation amount vs national GDP; this record is still held, unchallenged, by France (1815). France paid up all of it, without any Schacht-like shenanigans.

      Second, the argument that it was not enough, since France managed to reimburse, would have delighted Bismarck. But it was covered from the deep pockets of French private savings: exactly 5 billion from a State bond emission which was oversubscribed by a factor of two. To which I’d add the record oversubscription of the international bond issue launched at the same time: it brought 14 times its nominal amount, for a total 44 billion.

      So you might say France had some experience in being mugged, and forking out the dough.


      (French-speaking; we know about the bias among Anglo academics, don’t we, thank you Patrice).

      btw I hugely respect Bismarck as a statesman. His rallying of the German principalities into a single Empire was a masterpiece. I keep saying the UE needs a Bismarck at its helm (which Merkel is not). With a Bismarck leading (not squeezing dry) the UE, Britain would be a well-behaved member by now.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Thanks Dominique! As Chris focused on a few sentences in 2,200 words essay, I feel he was rather about finding a reason to call me “anti-German”. Today’s Germans are a variety of French, as they were originally designed to be by their creators (the Franks), and official German TV (Deutsche Welle) is very clear about the crimes of World War One (WWI) committed by the German army and those who gave it its orders.
        Ironically, today’s Germans would be the best allies of the French Republic against the Nazis…
        It remains to deal with the unexplored, unexamined American side, in this whole affair… 😉


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Nice and instructive links, by the way, thanks (I don’t read only so-called Germanic languages)…


  5. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, about Greece i have nothing new to say except to repeat the updated version of my prediction i published before the previous election almost 3 years ago.
    The extreme left-right government, with no will to make any real decisions, except of its plan to receive from Europe annually enough Euros to cover the current account deficit plus agreement on postponing the interest and principal repayment on its debts to undefined period. If Europe doesn’t agree, it will default on its debts anyway and stay in the Euro Zone, but without Euros to pay government employed, the pensioners, etc. To overcome this problem, the new left-right government will issue government bonds with 4 year maturity, called Eurodrach, with securing delayed Euro payments of interest and principle for four years (the life expectancy of the left+right government). The Euros, will slowly disappear from the markets and be replaced by the Eurodrachs, its rate after wild fluctuations will stabilize on 1 Euro to 2 Eurodrachs. Slowly Greece economy will return to be functioning. Finally after the new elections at 2019, a new central liberal-conservative-socialistic-plutocratic coalition government will be created, and will try to re-negotiate its return to Eurozone, that it never officially left. After long negotiation on new terms for restructuring its sovereign debt, that officially never defaulted on, and a very – very long weekend, the representatives of Greece, IMF and ECB and comity of Euro Zone finance ministers will agree to write of the Greece debts to sustainable level of 120% of its GDP, subject to its voluntary withdrawal from the Euro zone. By then the Greek GDP will be 150 milliard Euro and its new dept accordingly will be 180 milliard Euro.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: I have to run right now, and publish another essay addressing precisely this. I spent some time answering Chris’ charge that I am somehow anti-German because I am anti-Nazi, and some Jews have aided, and are still aiding (Krugman) the Nazi thought system.

      That anti-Nazis were anti-German was one the mood that died only decades after Hitler croaked (or supposedly did). Apparently not completely.


  6. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, European history is too complicated, full of historical events, cruelty, victories and defeats, peaks and downfalls to find one cause and one reason to the catastrophes Europe brought on the world and itself, in the first half of the 20 century. The first peak of Europe was at Roman times, but Rom was not an European civilization as the Europeans like to claim, but rather a Mediterranean civilization. Its center was in Rome and not in Berlin, Brussels or Strasbourg and not even Paris or London. Since the collapse of Roman Empire, Europe was marginalized, manly in defensive position until the sixteen century. Lets not forget that the Ottomans occupied in the mid sixteens century most of Hungary and threatened to go farther west.
    The European world domination started in seventeens century and reached its peak at the beginning of twenties. Since then, after WWI it lost its hegemony until the colonial system was dismantled entirely (except in Russia). This unexpected and swift rise of dominance of European civilization upon rest of the world, caused Europe-centrism and Europe -racism that lay under the arrogance and cruelty of the two devastating European political inventions, the Racist-Fascism and Communism. To my opinion all the Europeans were infected by the Europe- centralism, and even the social parties of France did not feel, that something is wrong with the European colonialism, until the defeat in Dien Bien Phu. As to the Jews, unfortunately Hitler solved the so called Jewish problem. There are no authentic European Jewish communities in Europe. Even in France, with the most populous Jewish community, most of the Jews originate from North Africa. The latest murders and enmity of the Muslims against the Jews is not just a Jewish problem but mainly a whole European problem. The European despotism always started at first with book burning (or newspaper), it was followed by hatred toward Jews and immediately after came the repression and devastation of all the rest.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hmmm… Eugen, the Devil in history is the details. What you say is itself full of simplifications. For example, it sounds good to say Roman was Mediterranean, not European. Europe denotes continental Greece. Then the Franks in the eight Century used the word to qualify their empire. Said empire was a continuation of Rome.

      In 356 CE, Julian(us) was in Paris as “Caesar”. His Parisian troops soon elected him “Augustus” especially after a tremendous victory at Strasburg.
      So was Roma Parisian (the change from “Lutetia” to “Paris” was around that time; Lutetia was the Roman name, the Parisii were an old Celtic tribe of the area.

      So what do I do? I give more precise perspectives that torpedo the old certainties. For example the Versailles Treaty was certainly a good thing, and it would certainly have been a good thing if the French, in 1918 and 1919, or 1923 had been allowed to be as tough against German plutocracy as they wanted: the Jews in particular would have survived.

      Question Jews, French Jews are all over France: they are a lot of today’s French. Just look at the names…


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    […] I must admit that Paul Krugman has made efforts to exhibit how knowing better the history of the Twentieth Century enlightens the present fatal systems of thoughts ruling economics. […]


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    […] Keynes, the Neo-Liberal hero, a linchpin of the Anglo-Saxon elite, to this day, a lynch-pin, had written an anti-Versailles Treaty, anti-French pamphlet, prior to the creation of the Nazi Party, by several years, explaining that the racial inferiority […]


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