Deluded Leaders: Eurogroup, Saudis, Netanyahu. Obama?

Obama is asking Muslim leaders to “do more to discredit the notion that our nations are determined to suppress Islam, that there is an inherent clash in civilizations.”

Sure, there is no clash of civilization. Civilization is one. Islam is just a religion. One of a great many. Islam itself is many variants, at war with themselves. To define a civilization from the religion(s) it harbors is not just abhorrent, it is silly.

There is no civilization but civilization, and reason is its messenger.

Verily, reason is not everything, experience is both its prophet, and its ground.

Some countries are led by savages. They can call themselves judges, kings, whatever. Savages them all. A savage judge, or a savage king, and a savage intellectual or doctor of the faith, are all, still, savages.

Can we share our small Earth with savages, in the age of nukes? Likely not a sustainable proposition.

Charlemagne Was Most Ferocious, But Magnus, Indeed

Charlemagne Was Most Ferocious, But Magnus, Indeed

[Charles the Great, with his nephew, Roland, on the Parvis de Notre Dame.]

Saudi Arabia is owned by some of the world’s most savage Plutos. Raif Badawi was condemned to 10 years in jail, to be struck a thousand times with the whip, and a huge fine. His lawyer, for daring to defend him, got 15 years.

What is Raif’s crime? He wrote: “Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists are all equal”. Raif protested the religious authorities who wanted to condemn astronomers in general: in Islam, the Moon is not a physical body, but a signal from god (the savages got that from the Pagan religion in Mecca, before Islam; it was centered on the Moon, accompanied by 360 deities… hence the “Satanic” verses).

The Saudi authorities said that astronomers relativize everything (a charge made by the Christianofascists to burn, alive, after piercing his mouth, astronomer Giordano Bruno four centuries ago). Relativizing everything makes Sharia impossible to apply, whined the Islamofascists in Arabia..

So Raif got 50 lashes of the whip. He has only 950 lashes to go. That’s lenient, if the authorities had decided he was an apostate, he would have got death.

Is somebody in Saudi Arabia culprit of adultery? The punishment is stoning to death. Don’t fear for Jihadists: they can grab and rape whoever they want. They just call their prey a “battlefield bride”.

Hey, Muhammad, the “Messenger of dog god”, showed the way: he took many “battlefield brides”. Including the seventeen year old Safiyaah, and the twenty-year-old, Juwayriya, both Jewish girls.

Islam is not a civilization. It’s just a superstition.

So what is Obama talking about? A clash of civilization with a superstition has happened before: twice Christianity had to be crushed into submission. The first time by the Franks, over a period of four centuries, which culminated when the Pope “surprised” Carolus Magnus (Charlemagne) on Christmas 800, by crowning the imperator of the Franks, Roman Augustus (“Roman emperor”) in Rome.

(As Constantinople did not have an Augustus at the time, Charlemagne was technically single emperor of the entire Roman Empire, a feat that infuriated leaders in the Greek speaking part, the Pars Orientalis.)

Juncker, the organized criminal who heads the EC, has received the letter from the democratically elected Greek government. Juncker transferred, over the years, trillions of euros of tax evasion from We the Peoples of Europe, to plutocrats and their private jumbo jets, islands, foundations, palace, etc.

“If we break our mutual trust, we break Europe,” croaked German finance minister Schauble. He added, trying to sound perfidious: “I have compassion for the Greeks as they have an irresponsible government.” Me, I have compassion for Schauble, and want to push his wheelchair around the Grand Canyon’s rim, as I discuss the error of his ways.

Inside the Eurogroup. Varoufakis screamed to the Dutch finance minister that he was a liar. Ministers of the Eurogroup feared that the two were going to come to blows.

Is the Dutch finance minister a liar? Certainly so. The Dutch finance minister probably wants a cushy job offered by Wall Street, as all his peers and predecessors did, so he would say whatever it takes to please Goldman Sachs, a plutocratic USA government entity which got 60 billion dollars from the government of the USA in 2008 (which it later reimbursed with more money given under the table by another agency of the government).

The European leadership is crawling with High Finance employees, past and future. It should be as high a priority to put them in jail as Jihadist. Indeed, they caused the later. Hey, even president Obama said this!

Obama said that poverty alone doesn’t cause terrorism, but “resentments fester” and extremism grows when millions of people are impoverished.

“We do have to address the grievances that terrorists exploit including economic grievances,” Obama said.

And who has caused the global economic crisis? Foremost, High Finance. Fundamentally, it’s the same mood that brought us slavery, and the worst imperialisms and colonialisms, let alone holocausts.

Obama also revealed one of my favorite themes: no single religion was responsible for violence and terrorism. By this he means that, in the fullness of causality exposed, the violence of Islamism is just an amplification of the one that made the fortune of Christianism.

Obama wants to lift up the voice of tolerance in the United States and beyond, he said. Well, there is a name for that: Laicity.



Israel PM, Netanyahu wants all Jews to come to Israel. Apparently his model for the future of Judaism, is something in between the Warsaw ghetto and Auschwitz. Maybe one should present to Netanyahu another part Jew (suggested the governor-general of Poland, Hans Frank).

Netannyahu does not know history enough.

There were Jews in Gaul, three centuries before the first Christians showed up. Later, for something like seven centuries, in the empire of the Franks, and the “Renovated Roman empire” that followed it, people were free to convert from Catholicism, to Judaism. As Catholicism was rather ferocious, entire European villages converted.

Thus Judaism is more of a European religion than Christianism itself.

After the mad return of Christian fascism around 1095, with the First Crusade, which started with massacring Jews in Germanic lands, many Jews converted to Catholicism (whether voluntarily, or not). Thus many Europeans have Jewish ancestors.

To say that “the majority of Europeans were complicit in the attempted annihilation of the Jews,” as Roger Cohen did in the New York Times, is a heavy accusation. My own family saved more than 100 Jews, at enormous risk, barely escaping a hunt by the Gestapo, and I just don’t believe that, at least not in Western Europe (for complicated reasons, Eastern Europe, with the exception of Poland, was different).

Most French Jews survived: of the 75,000 Jews deported and killed in France, most were central European refugees, that the USA had refused to admit.

Now as far as the Great Leader’s ardent invitation to all Jews, the following problems arise:

1) Where to put them? In the rest of the occupied Left Bank of the Jordan river?

2) The inhabited part of Israel, so far, is very small. Half a dozen H bombs would annihilate all the population there. Thus, if the Great Leader assembles there all the World’s Jews, he potentially creates the ultimate ghetto, the ultimate extermination place for Judaism.

Supporters of Chelsea football club (7 to 8 blacks, owner, a Jew) ejected from a Paris subway carriage a French citizen, Mr. Souleymane, because he is black. They started to sing: We are racist and we like it. Other black passengers left the carriage, including a woman.

Souleymane brought a formal complaint, Scottland Yard and the French police are inquiring. Meanwhile a group of teenagers were arrested.

Meanwhile Obama said: “We have to confront the warped ideology, [the “extremists”] attempt to use Islam.” He added: “it’s not a clash of civilization. That the West is in war against Islam is an ugly lie.”

Indeed, there is no clash of civilization. Please, don’t tire me by calling the Greco-Romano-Frankish civilization “Christian”. It’s ignorance to do so. The Imperium Francorum had no state religion. Nor did the Renovated Roman Empire, starting in 800 CE (nor does the USA, by the way).

The Franks picked up what they wanted, or invented, in Christianism. Two centuries, but a universe, separate emperor Constantine, and Consul Clovis.

Christianism was never the state religion of the West. OK, not quite: the deluded plutocrat Louis XIV (War Be Upon Him! WBUH!) established a state religion in France, Crapolicism Catholicism, while destroying the country, and his name ought to be dragged in the mud, and burned through the sun of Enlightenment,  five times a day, by Western civilization patriots. (Instead of gawking around some monuments the maniac erected, with gaping mouths.)

Even Saint Louis, who ejected the Jews, had to admit he could not kill the unbelievers as he wished, because that was against the law. Even Louis XI, two centuries later, who cracked down on the heliocentric theory of Buridan (1320 CE), protected the Protestants, using his soldiers and force (yes, that was before Luther’s birth).

On day one of Islam, Muslims started to kill each other about what Islam exactly was. That’s when the divide between Shia and Sunni started.

Well, civilization has an answer: Islam can be all it can be. As long as it is compatible with civilization.

Patrice Ayme’

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16 Responses to “Deluded Leaders: Eurogroup, Saudis, Netanyahu. Obama?”

  1. Peltast Says:

    Julius Caesar was in the hands of jewish money lenders, one of the reasons why he destroyed Gallia (France) and sold their inhabitants to jewish slavers. If you read Cicero Pro Flacco you see that there was a jewish lobby already active in 50s BC Rome, even Cicero couldn’t confront them openly when the jews exported Gold from the Roman provinces to Jerusalem.

    There was “antisemitism” before Christianity and Islam, jews are a powerful merchant elite in Antiquity and recognised as such, the Abrahamic religions are a way to enslave the goyim but backfired on the jews, later came Marxism/Troskysm/Lenism and American Neoliberalism/Neoconservatism, all these ideologies will put jews as a the Ruling Class of the NWO.

    Nuland, the Kagan Family and the associated jewish neocons are the responsible for the Ukrainian coup and conflagration with Russia, they’re aware that their powerbase is the Anglosphere and any rival MUST be crushed, look for the Wolfwotiz Doctrine.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Peltast: Thank you for giving a deeper perspective on anti-Judaism, with a new crazy twist. Are you sure the Jews did not finance the Celts, also? Or exterminated Neanderthals?

      I have read Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum in the original Latin, more than once, and never noticed him mentioning Jewish bankers. Actually Jews in Israel were poor. Jews in Alexandria were rich, but they did not approve of the attitude of the crazies in Jerusalem.

      It’s true that the percentage of Jews in the Roman empire was very high (10%, some have claimed). One could call Rome the apogee of Judaism (things changed when Chriatianofascism came to power in the 310s…).
      But, as I have explained, and I am not the first one to say this (Peyrefite started it), most French, for example, can be viewed as having Jewish ancestry.

      Antisemitism is a funny concept: although Hebrew is a Semitic language, it’s far from clear where the original Jews from Israel came from. it’s dubious they came from Israel (read the Bible). Also the Samaritans were near annihilated.

      (Some) Jews became rich in the Middle-Ages, because of the antics of the Catholics. Hence the association to banking.

      This being said that some Jews have conspired in some countries is fairly clear, and that Netanyahu is making like an open conspiracy is undeniable. Hannah Arendt (a Nazi sleeping Jewish philosopher!) condemned, rightly, the conspiracies of the “Judenraten” (Jewish Councils) with the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s (they would have done better to stridently condemn the Nazis, and line up with France!)

      Last point: Caesar’s work in Gallia is near-impossible to evaluate, morally, and, so to speak, civilizationally. Caesar is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, character to evaluate in history. What is sure is that Gallia embraced Romanitas with a vengeance. The Franks later gave birth to Rome again, during the Fifth and Sixth centuries, with the full cooperation of the Celtic speaking population. So, within four centuries of Caesar’s conquest, Gallia became the new Roman Republic. And, if ups and downs (Louis XIV), France has pretty much kept on going that way, ever since, giving birth to Britain and the USA in the process…


      • EugenR Says:

        And i had an illusion for a moment, that the Race of Pelta extincted from the face of Earth.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Have no illusion. By coincidence, I have a delusion essay coming today which addresses why the madness of crowds. In depth. At least so I think.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Funny thing is that “peltast” were dismally light infantry. Hoplites (extremely expensively heavily armed and armored infantry) would go straight through them. If “Peltast” is from “Golden Dawn”, that’s worrisome: how can they break through the morass on the cheap? 😉


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      By the way, accusing the anti-fascist youths in Ukraine of being agents of the USA is not just insulting, it’s obviously erroneous. Putin is one of the greatest fascists around: he did in Chechnya what Bush dreamed megalomaniacally to do in Iraq, but he did not hesitate to kill more than 10% of the population to do so.

      As I explained, moreover, it’s Putin who changed his mind. To believe Washington is behind the EU is to believe the Washingtonians/Wall Streetists made their dream come true. Nuland is indeed a fascist, a Neocon, major, and we will probably see more of her, yet she “f…” the EU.


    • gmax Says:

      @ Peltast: What do you think of Adolf Hitler? Great man? Just asking because you sound like an old fashion Nazi!

      What proof/hint do you have Jewish bankers financed Caesar?


  2. Peltast Says:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Interesting, Peltast! Correct spelling: prisoner. I left the following comment:

      It is unimaginable that the Jews were allowed by the Roman authorities to be home at home?
      More than a century later, fanatical Jewish extremists attacked treacherously a legion, launching the Judean war, but that’s another story.


      • EugenR Says:

        The Romans had great respect to ancient religions and cultures, like the Egyptian and also Jewish, even if it was less impresive at the time. Probably it wad because the had no ancient historyof their own, and had to invent it out of Greek mithology. Culturally the Romans adopted mainly the Greek and partly the Egyptian culture. Only later after the Jewish war the Jewish culture became influencial thru Christianity.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks to eclipses, stories and archeology, the founding of Rome by Romulus has been very precisely dated. I don’t remember the details, but they fit exactly the official Roman date of 753 BCE.

          Greek mythology was old by then. So it spread in the West. As I have explained, it had penetrated even Celtic lands.
          Romans did not tolerate human sacrifice religions. Both Christianism and Judaism, in my opinion, were playing around with the notion.
          Jewish mythology obviously came from the monotheist Pharaoh (Akhenaten) & queen Nefertiti.

          By 311 CE, the rule of too many fascist emperors made the empire ready of theocracy, and it got implemented, starting with the Balkan-British Constantine, in the next 70 years (Spanish Theodosius). No more tolerance then: only the Jews survived, even the Samaritans got near-exterminated.


          • EugenR Says:

            The Akhenaten theory is only one of the possibilities how Monotheism was created. The bible definitely has both sumerian and egyptian influences. The diety name Yahve most probably comes from norh Saudia, close to modern city of Akaba. If to believe to the story of Exodus as describing certain historical event, (check the story of hixos) this is the place to where the bible puts Moseses first accounter with God, and some of the modern scholars place to the same place the mount of Sinay.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            This part of history is poorly known. What is known is that it was incredibly messy. It started with the invasion of the “People of the Sea” (Egyptian semantics). Some have even suggested that the ancient Israelis were ONE of the Peoples of the Sea, barely defeated by the Egyptian army, and then enslaved.
            So some have suggested, for this and other reasons, that the Israelis came from present day Kurdistan (then powering up).
            As you show, cultural elements came from all over.

            In a more general way, let’s point out we all have Middle Eastern origins, to a great extent, as confirmed by recent (2014 genetic studies). Our Middle Earth origins are political, cultural, racial (so to speak), and economic…


          • EugenR Says:

            The people of the sea attacked Egypt and the Hettitian Empire which they destroyed. They were not people of the region and probably did not speak Semitic language, otherwise they would be recognised by the two leading empires, who left about them writings, and also in Ugarit they find tablets about them. They also attacked Creets, Greece and even Sicilia. The historians think their decendens were the Plishtinians or the Greeks. There are also theories that they were some kind of rebels of different nations. After they destroyed the Hettitans and weakened Egypt, new nations appeared in the region like, the Hebrews, Greeks, Phenicians and the Phlistines. The Hebrews occupied the montain regions of land of Israel and the Phlistines were mainly on the sea shores and in the valleys.
            By the way, the most probable theory about the origin of the Hebrews according to the new archaeological findings is, that they were the common Kennany people, who rebeled some city states like Hazor and newly setled in the mountain regions. There they addopted new monotheistic religion brought to them most probably by some priests from Egypt.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The People of the Sea destroyed more the Hittites (whose empire was gigantic and very old, covering present Anatolia and more). Interesting what you say about the Jews, and more likely. Got to run right now.


  3. Romans, Jews | EugenR Lowy עוגן רודן Says:

    […] Ayme Says: February 21, 2015 at 4:17 pm | ReplyThanks to eclipses, stories and archaeology, the founding of Rome by Romulus has been very […]


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