Putin’s Mad Revenge

100,000 persons marched in Moscow in honor of Boris Nemtsov. Nemtsov was once seen as Yeltsin’s heir apparent (when Putin was still an obscure KGB officer).

Now the top opposition to Putin is either assassinated, or in prison (see Navaltny). What did Putin think when he learned that his main opponent on the invasion of Ukraine had been shot below his windows, in full view of high definition video surveillance, in a Red Square area crammed with security and secret service?

(The excellent videos kept secret means that Putin knows who did it; only a very bad quality tape was revealed, with action blocked by a lonely truck, another insolence of the tyrant?)

Michel Eltchaninoff, a French philosopher specialist of the Russian Soul, just wrote a book about Putin (after one on Dostoyevsky). “Dans la tête de Vladimir Poutine“. Eltchaninoff believes that the fundamental problem is indeed all about the Russian Soul (just as I exposed in the preceding essay, and that philsophers, including of the pernicious type, are leading the dance, just as I said).

Fanatically nationalist Russian ideologues, not even translated in the West, guide Putin.

Some Of Nemtsov Memorial Banners: We Are Not Afraid! Heroes Never Die! We’ll Not Forget, We’ll Never Forgive!

Some Of Nemtsov Memorial Banners: We Are Not Afraid! Heroes Never Die! We’ll Not Forget, We’ll Never Forgive!

Eltchaninoff believes that Putin was immensely pleased to be rid of Boris Nemtsov, the chief of the opposition with the greatest freedom of speech. The opponent called Putin a liar. He was getting ready to reveal documentation showing that it was the Russian army who invaded Ukraine, and how Putin hid it. Nemtsov had revealed corruption of Putin and his inner circle. Revealed them to be plutocrats second to none.

In 2012, running for his third presidency of Russia, Putin, in an interview with young people, answering questions, called those who opposed him TRAITORS… They want the destruction of Russia. It is a national betrayal.

Eltchaninoff: “The aim of the assassination of Nemtsov is to terrorize the opposition. Opponents, and their families will now have to think twice, as one can die from opposing Putin. This political assassination means that the war in Ukraine has been transported inside Russia. “

Boris Nemtsov, on Radio Echo of Moscow, 27/02/2015, a few hours before his death:Putin is the specialist of lying. I am telling you the truth, I can only tell you the truth. The crisis we are confronting is caused by this aggressive, insane, murderous war that Putin is leading in Ukraine. When power is controlled by just one person, as it is now in Russia, it leads only to catastrophe.”

Eltchaninoff: “Nemtsov was publishing documents revealing corruption, that was extremely dangerous for Putin. The aim of the assassination is to prove that someone who has free speech can be eliminated.”

Eltchaninoff: “Putin is not an intellectual, he prefers sports. However, his advisers tell him to quote a lot of Russian hyper nationalist philosophers. Ivan Illin, invented the concept of “democratic dictatorship”. Constantin Leontief is even worse.

They are now very well known in Russia. Putin call them conservative, however I call them ARCHEO-CONSERVATIVES, as the brand of conservatism they advocate is very hard. It is obsessed by homosexuality, and is obsessed by hating the Occident. It is on the margin of a Russian fascism. The Leader is then perpetually re-elected, according to Benito Mussolini’s model.”

[Nota Bene: 1) Mussolini, an ex-socialist, got to power a decade before Hitler; the “fascismo” which he created under the guidance of dedicated fascist philosophers then inspired the Nazis in detail. Hitler himself insisted that Mussolini was the embodiment of fascism as the Nazis practiced it.

2) Putin is financing archeo-conservatives throughout Europe, including the French Front National, to the tone of dozens of million of Euros, just in the FN case!]

Eltchaninoff: “For Putin, philosophers such as Leontieff represent the future of Europe.

For Putin, the Occident is in decadence. The Occident forgot its Christian roots. Putin is all about vengeance. Putin has suffered enormously as the Soviet Union fell. Putin started as a servant of the USSR, in the KGB. All he knew until he was 40 years old. Putin has wished to re-unite White Russia and Red Russia.

Annexing Crimea is the symbol of this. It is the first act of the Russian revenge.

Putin wants to be unpredictable. However he is less and less hard to forecast, as he created an ideology of vengeance, anti-Western. He is becoming prisoner of it.

A democratic alternative to Putin exists but its nearly impossible. Opponents are either put in jail, or assassinated. Political parties are forbidden.

Corruption: Russia is 136 out of 175 from Transparency International.

Some day, the Russians will realize that the Imperial dream which Putin offers to them does not replace a decent way of life.”


But we could run out of time. When a gang of criminals such as those who confiscated power in Russia, is in command, it has no proximate interest to let go. The only way to get them put out of order peacefully is by making them an offer they cannot refuse, because otherwise they would get exterminated. Thus the cannibalistic (and human flesh gourmet) Idi Amin Dada was enticed to flee to Saudi Arabia, and then Syria. That method works well with the leaders of small powers (typically African).

In the case of super powers, such as the Third Reich or today’s Russia, the leaders do not believe that they face extermination.

And they observe that, the more war they bring, the more in power they are.

So watch Putin. He may try Estonia next. Yes, Estonia is in the European Union, and in NATO. Because of NATO Article V and an equivalent article hidden inside the European Union Constitution, that would mean war with the West.

But is the West ready?

Not that much.

So Putin may feel he can push a bit more, and then another bit, as he pursue his frantic armament program. Yes, the USA spends seven times more in defense. However, USA planes are obsolete. Moreover, we have seen this before: on paper, Hitler did not have a chance to win militarily against France, let alone France allied with Britain. Still, one thing led to another.

And then, for a week, or so, the French and British military piled up an impressive series of blunders, and Hitler got very lucky. The result? 70 million dead, about 3% of the world population.

Dictators in peril, like the cornered rats they are, will try anything, especially Lady Luck. Witness the explanations floated by the authorities to explain Nemtsov’s death: either a love story gone wrong (after all he died with a 25 year old Ukrainian model), or the opposition himself having killed Nemtsov, to relaunch protests against the Dear Leader.

So, don’t corner him, say the young and naïve, or old and cowardly. However, like all prime tyrants, Putin is self-cornering. Don’t pass below his fortress: he is ready to shoot.

Patrice Ayme’

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14 Responses to “Putin’s Mad Revenge”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    The argument that surveillance failed because a truck masked the shooting may well be true. Murphy strikes only too often.

    We still need more evidence. It is also a little rich for Nemtsov to allege corruption. He was responsible, under Yeltsin, for the complete disintegration of Soviet industry and hocking it off to a few oligarchs, and setting off some of the worst criminal gangs in history. He will have other enemies, and right now is a good time for them to strike, because everyone jumps to the conclusion it was Putin. It may have been Putin, but it may have been others. Evidence please!


    • gmax Says:

      Hi Ian. There is maximum security in the area where Nemstov was assassinated. They have HD tapes of the assassination, but only released a terrible one.

      They probably have shot detectors too. Six shots were fired. Still the killer could calmly get into a get-away car, and nobody reacted


      • ianmillerblog Says:

        Hi gmax I am happy enough that nobody reacted except in one sense – a description of the killer, the car and the number plate. If I were there, that is all I would have done. Anything else is far too risky, especially when you don’t know whether the shooter was official or not.


        • gmax Says:

          Shooter was obviously quasi official, one of these networks of “avengers” Putin has set up. That is why Kremlin did not release the information they have like what the killer looked like


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Yes, the French released “portrait robots” of the Charlie killers within hours. This helped to track them down, as they were recognized and the police alerted. The Ukrainian model who was next to Nemtsov saw the whole thing too, and she is giving interviews with cameras within a foot of her face…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I saw the tape. Total visibility except when this garbage truck imitation comes in, super slow, and masks Nemtsov. Now that’s from a terrible tape. It’s known there are high quality tapes that were made looking straight down the bridge.

      Of course we need evidence. But the pointers the authorities gave in Moscow all go away from the plutocratic hyper and nationalistic circles, which are the most obvious suspects/culprits. Compare with Charlie Hebdo where the Islamist origin was obvious in the first few minutes.

      Got to be Putin because of the location. Anywhere else, yes, I agree with you. But at this particular spot, in the saint des saints, it means it’s Putin. And if not him, he would have already shown the picture of the shooter (once again, they have the tape). Instead he wants us to know he does not care that we know that it’s him, he wanted instead us to know that he cared for us to know that he wanted us to know that we knew it was him. This is how terror works best.

      Now tremble, little lambs….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Nemtsov was maybe the earliest warner about the danger Putin posed, and no one paid attention.


  2. gmax Says:

    I guess we are below Putin’s fortress. As you said yesterday assassinating Nemtsov where he did is telling everybody, even Obama, that he can kill them, and be damned what folks may think.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, in two years, Obama will not be president anymore, and, although protected by the Secret Service (if no more budget cuts), what can he do against Polonium in his daughter’s tea?
      Nothing to worry about, but something to think about.


  3. John Rogers Says:

    Putin’s involvement? This may be stating the obvious, but this case seems to me to parallel the murder of Thomas Beckett in the reign of Henry II of England. It’s not necessary for the head man to order anything specific be done, only that he express his desire that somebody “take care of the problem”. Henry could never get around to arresting the four knights in Becket’s case who had solved his problem. What are the chances for Putin doing so?
    I believe you are entirely correct about what Putin is doing.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks John! I should have told this to Ian more explicitly earlier.
      It’s an old tactic. Hitler used it outrageously. During the Wannsee Conference to organize the assassination of all European Jews, one of the Reich’s minister told SS general Heydrich that Hitler had denied to his face that there was a policy to kill Jews. Heydrich replied: “Sure. Naturlich. And if you asked him again, now, he would say the same exactly.”
      Heydrich then smiled and said the real policy was as I said (some of the Nazis in the background were fuming, and talked about confronting Heydrich about his own possible Jewish roots… But, in the end they did not dare).

      So Putin has set-up a mood. That mood feeds thousands of killers who are out there to avenge the USSR, imperial Russia, Jesus, whatever… At this point Putin knows most certainly who did it, considering the three HD videos pointing from St Basil straight at the crime scene, and he is most satisfied. The fact he knows who did it gives him a handle on them (they were at least two), and so he can use them further… A perfect situation.

      It’s like murderous conspiracy 101: plausible deniability… It was used already in the murky circumstances of Phillip’s assassination. Philipp of Macedonia, that is.


      • ianmillerblog Says:

        Patrice, you may well be right, but it is also possible you are not. Assassinations (or attempts) of top political figures are not necessarily organised by the top guy. Think of American Presidents fired upon. There are political nutters out there, and Russia will have its share. And before everyone gets on my back, I am not asserting that Putin is innocent; I am merely saying we should wait until more evidence, or lack of evidence, shows up.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Dear Ian: Putin created a mood. Just as Hitler created a mood about the Jews. I doubt Putin said: “Kill him!” That would empower those getting the order, and would have enabled them to blackmail the Leader later (reference: Third Reich).

    But I would not be surprised if Putin had let it be known that the best thing to make the opposition shut-up about the war in Ukraine was if some of the noisiest critics were physically removed. Then he could have exhaled with sadness, and mumbled that this, of course, would be against the law…

    No more than that. Hundreds of thousands of Russian armed personnel know that Putin is lying about the Ukraine war, and they are part and parcel of the lie. They want to ingratiate themselves with the boss.

    Think burning the Reichstag.


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