Imprinting Through Sports, USA Style

USA Violent Sport Metaphysics Imprints Youth:

Many countries are exploding here and there, or in danger of doing so, or in the grip of frantically repressing states (Russia, China, Arabia).

The European Central Bank (ECB) inaugurated its shining new skyscraper, worth a billion (Euro/Dollar). It’s the same ECB that is destroying the European economy and watching the poor die, from lack of care and, or, food.

In Europe, only plutocrats and their servants the bankers, are supposed to have money, and actually the ECB started a program to send them some more (copying the USA in a delayed way… Or maybe Washington told them they should do it, and the USA did not need the sky high Euro anymore…).

Pee, Strike, Bat, Strike, Armor, Watch, Admire... & Good American Snipers Will Be

Pee, Strike, Bat, Strike, Armor, Watch, Admire… & Good American Snipers Will Be

Protesters took to Frankfurt’s streets, attacking police stations, burning police cars, and the like. It looked like a war scene. Inside, the perfectly plutocratic head of the ECB made a discourse in perfect American, using perfect American concepts, such as “fairness“, which he had plenty of time to hone, as he prepared to become vice-chair of Goldman Sachs.

“Fairness” is big in the USA: see Rawls’ “Justice As Fairness“. For the head of the ECB to feel that the European Central Bank is not treated “fair”, is wonderfully American. T Rex not treated fair: the critters are protesting. Goldman Sachs man knows best. “Europe”, Also Known As demented plutocracy, rules.

Why is Europe, even Germany, full of protests against plutocracy, while the USA is so quiet? OK, Europe is more on the receiving end than the USA. But it’s not just about that.

Between 1980 and 2015. In 1940, the USA was 132 million, in 1980 it was 226. Then it exploded. At the start of 2015, the USA’s population was more than 320 million. It augments by 4 Americans, every minute. 35 million USA citizens have at least one parent who is an immigrant.

How is the empire of the USA so successful to churn several new millions into decerebrated obedience every year? Does it have to do with bashing on the head? Yes, in part, as we will see.



Here I was, partly part of a birthday party, parting from the crowd with the keen eye of a Kodiak bear watching agitated salmons.

I was in a park, complete with magnificent trees (enjoy while they resist the greatest drought in more than a millennium).

First I contemplated a game of baseball. Baseball has always irked me. It’s not just that I do not understands how it works, nor could possibly imagine trying to care enough to understand it. Has one ever seen a game that looks less fun? But here I was, and a few hundred Americans, much of them colored or Spanish speaking, were all excited what they saw. Not that there was much action. Baseball is mostly a “sport” where one guy moves part of his body violently, and thousands, or even millions, watch that spastic action.

Was does this mean, philosophically?

All the players, young boys, were males. The genus Homo Baseballus is apparently monosexual. I view anything with a male imbalance suspiciously, because I am a party pooper, not keen to scream hysterically as some women in the audience.

During the games players do mostly two spectacular moves: one consists into lifting the leg in an exaggerated way, as if a boy was to mimic a large bipedal dog peeing all over.

What is the subliminal message? That, if one wants to be the center of all attention, listen to women scream on shrill delight, one has to practice marking one’s territory?

Then the one who has symbolically marked the territory throws a nasty, hard ball as violently as possible.

Apparently, that ball is the next best thing to a rock, because it is launched towards three guys in full body and face armor.

What is the subliminal message? That wearing armor is good? It’s fun? That trying to kill guys wearing armor, who try hard to get killed by being in the way of nasty projectiles, is all American? Why all the whining about so many wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, then? Baseball players too, get maimed by projectiles, and they call it a game. Learn the fun of hurting, and getting hurt.

Why not to use real bullets, as they are at it? Ah, then, one would miss on the peeing move…

Next, one of the candidates to pummeling by ball, tries to hit the ball using a bat. Imagine that. Or, rather, try to imagine anything more symbolically violent, and deeply stupid.

Hitting fast ball with bat gives the occasion to make another violent gesture. Grabbing a bat with two hands, and using all of one’s body to throw momentum into the move. That is the exact same gesture that one would use to break the back of one’s opponent with a bat. Is that a coincidence, or is this a symbol?

Worse: is this a stealthy way to teach youngsters that one of the most important moves in life, is the one that breaks the opponent’s back?

Why would one otherwise want to hit a ball with a bat? A bat is obviously not the correct device to hit a ball, and bestowing colossal violence on the air to do so, not appropriate, either. PPP Lift Your Thigh, Strike Violently, Full Armor: Healthy

The metaphysical message?

It is a worthwhile pursuit to use extreme violence, again and again and again and again, if you hit nothing, as long as you show you are ready to disintegrate your shoulder, doing so.

Anyway that “game” is called baseball, and it unites the USA. It is interesting to see African-Americans and “Hispanics” being obsessed by it. This way, they demonstrate their will to belong.

Violence and machismo shall unite, little else does.

If you want your birthday party under no cloud, let no philosopher be invited.

Albert Londre, famous for revealing conspiracies between the wars, said that the job of journalist consisted in “porter la plume dnas la plaie” (“Plunge the pen into the wound”).



Speaking of Hispanics, have you ever met the Piñata? It is a strange activity from Mexico. You know, the country where a recent “civil” war killed 100,000 or so (who is counting? That, and corruption in Brazil, are in the domain of the incommensurable…)

The Piñata consists into hitting a human effigy with a crow bar or something. It is supposed to be one of the best, most educative games for American children to play, apparently (after this, you are ready to hit stuff with your baseball bat, beat up other hockey players, and suffer concussions charging head first into fellow “players”).

The message? Nothing as funny as dismembering a human being.

Metaphysics, as I said, is most practical, and can be taught through games.

Where does all this American violence come from?

From the exploitation mentality.

Why not as much in Europe?

Because in Europe, the exploitation mentality has been successful just one way: in reducing population from the otherwise unbearable heights it would have reached. A Pyrrhic victory on the grandest imaginable scale. Even then, tens of millions of Europeans had to emigrate for other continents

Moreover, the most successful confederation in Europe, the Franks were pretty much unique among the Germans by putting tolerance and integration first: by 600 CE, in the gigantic Imperium Francorum (soon to become much larger), everybody was a Frank (next door in Spain, the Goths kept a strict apartheid against Jews and the Catholic majority; this contributed to Spain’s fall to the Islamists a century later).

So basically, in Europe, violence did not work. Violence was mostly used by a power like France in the way the Roman Republic used it: in a defensive way.


An interlocutor was perplexed by my observations. What kind of games do children play in a country such as France? She asked. I came up with a whole list: musical chairs, hoquet, colin maillard, etc. Although involving moving the body, all these activities are more pacific than dancing.

Violence in USA sports is great that a major American football star, not yet at his peak, just announced his retirement, age 24. “He made his decision after consulting with family members, concussion researchers, friends and current and former teammates, as well as studying what is known about the relationship between football and neurodegenerative disease.

“I just honestly want to do what’s best for my health,” Borland told “Outside the Lines.” “From what I’ve researched and what I’ve experienced, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.””

The violence of society in the USA is carefully cultivated. Yes, it shows up in police action. That’s the whole idea. Incarcerating and jailing a large proportion, larger than in any other countries, is also part of the plot… Or let’s call it the system.

Can that be duplicated elsewhere? Not really: people come there with too much cultural baggage, and the attitude that they have a right to deploy it.

Meanwhile, it will work, as long as Americans had enough of the violence. Yet, as the example of Netanyahu winning the elections in Israel, by adding violent threat after violent threat, shows, violence can become a virtuous circle… As far as being elected.

Another trick, once one is done hitting youth on the head, or, even better, letting them hit each other’s heads, is extremely high costs for basic life, joined with extremely high salaries for those with the correct mentality. Plutocracy is its own ordering principle, because greed is called success, and without that success, the basics, including a university education, are not there.

But that’s another story. American violent sports metaphors are all over American semantics, especially in the business world. No wonder women cannot break through, and no wonder many USA CEOs started as American football stars: decerebration on the field is exactly what was needed to make them the best enforcers.

Patrice Ayme’

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26 Responses to “Imprinting Through Sports, USA Style”

  1. John Rogers Says:

    All true. But the truly depressing thing is that in most states, the highest paid public employee is a football or basketball coach.

    Americans are “exceptional”, just not in the way they think.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks John! I hesitate to publish this because it was a bit more personal, and I feared backlash by American patriots. But now, buttressed by your appreciation, I fear naught… 😉


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks, John.
      No better proof that “sports” is a public-private state conspiracy…

      Basketball got Michelle Obama’s brother in Princeton… Thus her, because she had a relative in…
      All over the USA collegiate athletics exploits the “students”, and then throw them away. I have befriended real cripples, crippled from too much athletics… Then the universities are making sometimes dozen of millions in profits… There is class action lawsuit by the exploited ones, just now.

      In California it was unlawful to prepare “foie gras“(because it’s French?), while massacring hundreds of California human youth a week in officially condoned “sports” was, and still is, OK. (After years of anti-French goose orgy, a judge threw the anti-French law out…)


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Well I thought you were on the road to hell by declaring that Mr. Christ was a hoax. But an American denouncing baseball!! Can’t even imagine the purgatory that awaits you! 😉

    Stick to cricket, I say!


    • Paul Handover Says:

      Patrice, I have just read your essay out to Jeannie and we were both musing that you do seem to ‘have it in’ for the USA. Yes, this country commits its fair share of insane and dangerous activities, but it is far from being alone in this regard.

      However, the USA is also, and frequently, a powerful force for good.

      We were just wondering as to your overall motivation in what appears an overly negative attitude towards my new home country?


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I am not anymore negative about the USA than Rabelais about France 5 centuries ago. I think, as I said, that games pre-schoolers (!) are invited to partake in (there were 50 children in that particular birthday; in a preceding piñata birthday, there were about 80!) beating the human form, it is pretty telling.

        “Overly negative”, “new home”, etc. We have just one home. It took at least a week to go from London to Rome 2 centuries ago, at the fastest. Now a human crewed machine can go from one side of the Earth to another in 40 minutes (and bombers with those capabilities are studied).
        Yesterday in a terrorists attack, people from all over the world got killed (including several Japanese).

        The problem with the USA is not just its ways, but the fact they propagate: look at Russia, and China (both plutocratic parrots).

        So my overall motivation is that philosophers always had, and I would venture to suggest that your questioning my patriotism is reminiscent of those which led to the trial of Socrates, or the grandly named Francois I to burn three philosophers, who were much better French than he was.

        A good patriot, especially in the USA, will be rather fiercely opposed about what is presently going on, right now. For you govern, please be reminded that George Washington, as president wrote: “The USA is not a Christian nation.” At the time Americans were not playing baseball. Neither it nor American football had been invented. My prognostic: American football, as it is played now, will some day be outlawed.


        • Paul Handover Says:

          A great reply. Apologies, I should have written a great, philosophical reply! To underscore the message about it not being just the USA, as you detail as well, do read George Monbiot’s latest article:


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Thanks Paul. See further reply to Melody… 😉
            I will comment Monbiot (who is generally interesting) in a separate comment.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Paul, thanks a lot for pointing at that article.

            Monbiot makes a litany, just for Britain, of what I have been saying for years. So that makes me very anti-British and anti-American! I may change today’s essay plan and add to what he said my own more general remarks.

            The first problem is that existing Britain and USA are the GERMS of Earth’s corruption, because they generated the world socio-economic model, and the very definition of what not-been-corrupt means.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      What is the difference between cricket and baseball (aside from the armor and helmets)?


  3. gmax Says:

    You really respect nothing whatsoever!
    Are you going to criticize apple pie for high sugar content next? If Americans had brains, don’t you see that they would suffer? It is much better that they bash themselves on the head, they suffer less… in their ‘pursuit of happiness’ (expression of your enemy Aristotle! )


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Some people are just going to read the first line of your comment and take it at face value! ;-)! Jokes can be misunderstood. That is why I joke less than I used to!

      Aristotle is my frienemy. He did some good work, and exerted some terrible influence with his intimate Macedonian friends as I detailed in “Aristotle Destroyed Democracy” (Google)


  4. Melody Ermachild Says:

    I love your “thoughts”, that wash into my inbox like a river of words. I read as much as I have time for, Patrice. You are especially good when you combine your knowledge of science, European history and current events. But, in my opinion, sport is not your forte. You have left out Futbol (AKA soccer; Fussball, etc.) This is the world’s most popular by far, and most political sport and until recently, took place with no real notice or participation from the U.S. Sadly, Futbol has become more about money and more violent. Plus, as for pinatas, visit the Mayan ruins and see a ball court — a game from the same part of the world which ended in executions! I, too, detect an anti-American slant to today’s thoughts from you — something I’m prone to myself.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Oh, well, Melody, thanks.

      In recent months I have been accused of anti-German, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-French, anti-American, anti-Russian, anti-Putin, anti-Christian, even anti-science, slant. In distant past, I was even accused of anti-Chinese slant (now I have been apparently blocked in the PRC, so communist party employees don’t have to send me six pages emails anymore). I am sure I miss many of these compliments.

      In the past I have held back some of my own critiques. For example I have had an essay ready trashing some of Abe’s nationalist propaganda. In the end, I did not publish it, although the ideas are perfectly correct. Now I don’t know where I put it.

      But, say, if I trash Abe about his exaggerated nationalist and demented view of history, that does not mean I approve of flimsy autocrat Xi building fortresses in the middle of the so-called South China sea, to impose Beijing rule in the middle of what ought to be a Pilipino controlled zone.

      When making an essay, even a 2,000 words essays, it’s all about the truth provided by perspectives. Marcus Aurelius somewhat idiotically suggested that “there is not truth, just perspectives” (gave him the excuse to make his son Caesar by the age of 13 or so…).

      Truth? That truth depends upon perspectives, does not mean there is no truth in perspectives.

      I expected to be lapidated as “anti-American” by going at baseball with a bat. But that’s what philosophers do (Nietzsche himself said).

      True football has become more violent, and brings concussions increasingly. I am not advocating it.

      But my essay did not go after hockey. Part of my family was sort of destroyed when a nephew got into frantic hockey as part of his exclusive, hyper expensive “Colorado Academy” schooling. Frankly waking up children at 5 am for hockey practice everyday, and flying them around the country just to get concussions is not my cup of tea. Nor should it be that of civilization.

      First thing it did, as I said, was to disintegrate the family (although nobody dared to draw that conclusion but for me and my spouse).

      Nothing wrong with anti-X slant, as long as X is wrong. There are lots of wrong things in the USA today, say all, but Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Koch Brothers, the entire CEO class, and their ilk…

      Even Warren Buffet sounded like me in some ways very recently, trashing High Finance. That did not make him anti-American, just the opposite. Paulson, head of Goldman Sachs and then Bush Treasury Sec. was an ex-American football star…

      So did the Piñata come from the Mayas???
      Europeans in the Middle Ages had similar distractions… With real victims. There were several variants, with the screaming victim in stocks, or just chained by one leg, for more fun, etc…

      Next we will bring back autodafe, and call it All-American, like apple pie…


    • Paul Handover Says:

      Must ask, are you Melody Ermachild the author? Yes, or No, loved your reply and, in turn, Patrice’s response.

      Interesting times!


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Paul: Once guitarist-author-composer Keith Richards was asked: ‘Who is a Rolling Stone?’ (Something some have wrecked their minds about.) He replied: ‘Anybody I play with, is a Rolling Stone, as far as I am concerned.’ The point being that, thanks to the Internet, many have become authors.
        Actually UK’s richest person, is an author. Of course that does not mean it’s the best writing…
        Thanks for approving our efforts, and thanks to Melody again.


  5. Duviel Says:

    You are an interesting fellow Patrice.

    Sport has traditionally been a representation of male dominated societies I agree. Sport was in the past also linked to martial abilities. Look at all the oldest olympic sports.

    But, in its current nature sport is just a kids game played (at the highest level) buy a bunch of superbly physically gifted young adults.

    I grew up playing every sport there was. Whatever they were playing at the park. American Football ended up being what I played best, until my first year in college when I tore my ACL, MCL, and quad muscle all in one play.

    I love sports because its competitive, its hard, its physical and it allows me to funnel all of my aggresive energy into something thats socially acceptable without really hurting anyone.

    I hate being angry at someone or vice versa. I have no enemies. I have never purposely hurt anyone yet there are few things I enjoyed more in life than hurling my body at another person so violently that coaches refused to allow me to participate in live practices. there is something liberating about sport its a test of physical abilities man to man yet in the end we all go home. No one dies, no one gets crippled. Its all fun and games. At least until you realize the long-term effects of the game.

    This ideas of yours about oppresion at the hands of plutocrats its wrong. No governing or economic system in history has been this successful.

    We have to fix many things in our system that are allowing the richer to get richer and money to control government and buy elections, etc. But we just need fixes not revolution. Americans and other “westerners” are now living much better lives than any society in history.

    even the poorest American (unless they are severrely mentally ill or drug addicted, and no one helps them) today has every basic need met. Food, relative safety, shelter, medical care, clothing.

    You could be dumb and lazy and not work a day in your life and live on welfare better than most humans did just a few hundred years ago.

    We have a large prosperous society we just have to improve some things to make it even better.


    • gmax Says:

      Several American youth get killed, each week partaking in your male fantasy, as Patrice said.

      You pretty much admit it is all part of male domination, a scheme that is falling apart, just like your body did, going physical with the boys, an awoved danger to society.

      Plus, sorry to say, but the middle class does not live as well as it used to.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Duviel: you say: “No governing or economic system in history has been this successful.”
      However, that was said a billion times before, in the last 10,000 years. And was told to Socrates.

      “improve some things”? Nobody said otherwise. Yes, we can start with sea level rise (up to 4 centimeters a years for a few years in New England, recently). Meanwhile one can keep on sending taxes to Elon Musk, Larry Page and Chelsae Clinton… And if plutocrats rape hundreds of children, as happened in England a generation ago, let’s just ignore it, because plutocrats don’t exist?


      • Duviel Rodriguez Says:

        What happened in England 500 years ago has no bearing today. We should continue to work hard at raising the concerns about sea level/global warming, like we have been and have come for in less than 20 years. I think you just sound too radical. We have to work within the system to improve it. Your conspiracy theories are more destructive than helpful.

        Do you really want a revolution? You don’t think we would end up looking like Syria or Lybia or Russia in the 1990’s.

        Most drastic revolutions end up leaving the people in a much worse place than they started, throughout history.

        How about you join me in fighting “Citizens United Act” to remove some of big moneys political powers in the USA. Give me your e-mail I’ll forward you a petition you can sign. That would be much more constructive then trying to make people think we are under the foot of oppresive plutocrats.

        Be careful what you wish for Patrice!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The human side of history is the history of conspiracies. Historians make theories about these conspiracies.

          My theories are meant to be destructive of the established order, which is both intolerable, and unsustainable.

          The USA was founded on a Revolution. And then a Civil War. France invaded Britain in 1066. Britain and France have gone through many revolutions which invented civilization. I am not an ignorant hypocrite like one side of John Lennon (RIP, and whom I otherwise revere).

          “Big money political powers” is a big part of the Plutocratic Principle. I am all for a petition as you say, please post the link.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Radicality is not my aim, my aim is thinking, telling it as it is. I am an intellectual, not a practical. A hard concept for those who believe that what happened 500 years ago has no bearing. That was when the last of the Plantagenet kings was killed/assassinated. He is going to be solemnly buried. Europe has a sense of where meaning comes from.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          So, if one criticizes the established order of increasing corruption, one threatens to turn the USA into Syria, Libya, or Russia? This is having a very low opinion of the USA!


          • Duviel Rodriguez Says:

            The USA is like any other country. If certain people manage to convince large portions of the population that they are oppressed and need to fight it will lead to Civil war or overthrow of the system and establishment of the new “revolutionary” system.

            I dont want a revolution and a new society. I like the current society. It just needs some work to keep it on the right track and correct some inbalances.

            We must work hard to perfect our society not bring it down.

            All these inflamatory conspiracy theories can spread like wild fire. especially among the masses.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Replied to in a different thread


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