Why God Is Evil

The Victorian philosopher and mathematician W. K. Clifford’s following admonition is at the core of the moral call of the “New Atheists”, a few mini philosophers who make the Anglo-American divine plutocratic order tremble: “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.”

An academic philosopher appropriately called “Ruse” concludes his article “Why God Is A Moral Issue” with: “[Clifford’s] universal claim may be too strong. But too often religious believers seem oblivious to Clifford’s admonition and accept things with way too little evidence. That I much suspect is what motivates the New Atheists and in fact expresses the deepest and most powerful moral objection to theism.”

Difference Between Us & Grizzlies? Not Much Greater Love, But Much Greater Smarts.

Difference Between Us & Grizzlies? Not Much Greater Love, But Much Greater Smarts.

[Smarts is what religions kill, and humanity with it, as I will pound below.]

Clifford was a great mathematician. He pushed further the idea of Riemann that force and curvature are roughly the same (this is the core intuition in the Theory of Gravitation commonly attributed to Einstein).

I agree with Clifford, sort of, but I am going to go much further.

Is it wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence?

Sure. However, it is unavoidable. And this is not really the problem with “isms” such as Christianism and Islamism.

The distinction between guessing and believing is, in general, not too clear, and insufficient evidence is more frequent that certainty (that’s called science).

But clearly believing something important with insufficient evidence can be a maximum moral wrong, when it is about life and death of entire populations.

What Superstition Based Religions Kill.

Some religions have actually orders, in their sacred texts, not just to tax, or punish, but even to kill various “unbelievers” if they are “culprit” of some behaviors. This is all over the Qur’an, as I generously documented in “Violence In The Holy Qur’an“. Yet the Qur’an was following the Old Testament by  11 centuries, and the new one (where Christ also recommends to kill unbelievers) by 6 centuries or so.

The nature and consequences of the evidence supporting a “belief” is of the utmost importance. If one believes that jumping from the fourth floor will have adverse consequences, it’s good, especially for passerby.

Yet, precisely, some religions have been organized so as to make one believe completely incredible feats (one son of god walked on water, came back from the dead, another “messenger” flew on the back of a winged horse from Mecca to Jerusalem, etc.).

These unbelievable details are not there by accident. They are there to dull the sense of critique people learn to exert in early childhood.

Learning to believe in unbelievable, absurd details is a preparation for the ultimate sin:

“It is the highest criminality always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything potentially capable of oppressing, exploiting, stealing, abusing, invading, threatening, torturing and killing millions for insufficient or flimsy reasons.”

Seven Jewish children just died in New York. It was Shabbat, a sort of Jewish sorcery day. The order then, from the god of the Jews, is that no work ought to be done. Including turning off the hot plate. So the hot plate, or god, whatever, set the house on fire. God is great! Alleluia!

(This sort, of we-shall-do-nothing, Inch Allah (god wills it), dieu-le-veut, led to millions killed, the latest major example in sight being the holocaust of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis: Jews did not resist as much as they could have, but, instead, the “Judenraten” collaborated with Hitler. The simplest way to stop Hitler was just to tell all Germans what the Nazis were truly doing, assassinating the Jews, and add that they were all responsible, and would be punished accordingly. That could have been done with little pieces of paper dropped from planes at the same time as the bombs.)

Both Islam and Christianity have in their sacred texts, “verses of the sword” where holly script recommend to “kill unbelievers”. (Yes, as already said many times, Christ too; one good enough reason for crucifixion!)

Once one has become so morally inferior as to be ready to do such terrible things to millions, for so little cause, one is ready for even much worse.

Religions based on knowing god, and giving their followers deadly recommendations on how to deal with “unbelievers” incite human beings to the ultimate inhumanity.

Not just because of the potential, theoretical, experimental, and historical mayhem they are prone to.

How could one do something worse than being willing to kill millions for little cause?

Not simply by transforming human beings into vicious human beings. But into even worse creatures.

How could that be?

It is as monstrous as it gets. What is the definition of the human species? Intelligence.

What does dulling human beings’ sense of critique to the point that one would kill for a drawing, or for looking at ancient art, or listening to music?

It is very simple: religions that extreme in light of the lethal consequences their beliefs may bring, makes human beings into stupid beasts.

In case you don’t believe me, look at Abraham tying up his son, so he can stab him.

See my “Follies That Bind.” Where you can see the great Judeo-Christiano-Muslim hero stabbing a child. (Hey, His boSS told him to! You know, you should always obey the boss, both the Qur’an, S 4, v 59, and its parrot, Hitler, said so.)

So Abraham stabs children, and Christians lick his toes. Precisely because he stabs children. Then Catholics and other mentality untalented sinkers, claim to be surprised that priests rape children and the like. Well, but, of course! Those good Judeo-Christo-Islamists are following Abraham, the most cruel, and thus adored beast in the known universe!

And that, willful beastly stupidity of the most criminal type, is the ultimate sin, because it is the ultimate denial of morality.

This is no coincidence: both Christianism and Islamism have been imposed by war chiefs (Constantine, Jovian, Theodosius and other emperors for Christianism; Muhammad and the four initial Caliphs). They had a vested interest to make the people they ruled over credulous, immoral, subdued, and not smart.

They were highly successful.

And this is why American plutocracy reintroduced god massively to the USA in the 1930s (as even the New York Times recently explained), and why then it made a pact with Ibn Saud to push the ideology of Islamism in the Middle East, in 1945 (See the “Great Bitter Lake Conspiracy“).

Not that this was an accident: the USA made deals with Egypt “Muslim Brotherhood” in the late 1940s, and Khomeini’s Shiites in Iran in 1953, to organize a coup against Parliamentary Democracy (and then proceeded to back stab both of them, of course). Same in Pakistan.

You reap what you sowed. Plutocracy sowed superstitious religion and stupidity, it is reaping the best plutocracy in a century. What could go wrong, when wrong has been defined as good, and, even, divine?

If it is good to kill your son, as Abraham and his robotic followers claim, how could things ever get worse? How dumber can one get?

Patrice Ayme’

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12 Responses to “Why God Is Evil”

  1. Faith in Christ is my freedom Says:

    Religions do not kill . People kill . A religion is simply a set of beliefs a person has about the nature of God. Are people robots ? Or do they have free will ? Would you kill just because someone incited you to ?
    Liberalism may be the most dangerous religion of our day, many of it’s followers kill their own children before they are born. Yes, they are children . To deny this is to ignore the “evidence” .
    Once one has become so morally inferior as to be ready to do such terrible things to millions, for so little cause, one is ready for even much worse.

    I make no apologies for religions. No one is more critical of religion than Jesus Christ.
    Do you hate religion ? Or do you hate the people who follow one ?
    It is one or the other, or both, isn’t it ?
    I will summarize the hypocritical tone of your article this way :
    “My set of beliefs are superior and more intelligent than yours.
    Your set of beliefs make you a stupid criminal , while mine make me
    smart, and humane.”
    The reality is that ALL of humanity is bad and in need of redemption (including myself). I wish it weren’t true, but the evidence is overwhelming.


  2. L Says:

    You know Abraham didn’t stab “the child”, and bible dosen’t use the wordings “kill the unbelivers”.
    Jesus actually warns that those who grab a sword(and fight) will die by a sword.
    You are right in some things; Old testament does include many wars, with a divine “order”, but the point is that if an allknowing being gives an order, then he has a reason. We can discuss problematics in war to no end, but think of it like this(fictional concept): a time traveller goes back in time to before world war 2, and warns about what Hitler is going to do. There are some moral dilemma included: what if Hitler is stopped before he commits his crimes? Is it unjust? There are many dilemmas when a God is involved. Our knowledge is limited. A Gods knowledge is not. The problem is how a religious people know they have an actual order from an all knowing entity.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Welcome “L”!
      Abraham just tied up the child, and was determined to stab the child. That would be enough to send him to an asylum for the criminally insane, or to the slammer for many years.
      Making such a dreadful creep the founder of a religion, let alone three, depicts well that Nazism was not the only criminally insane religion.

      Jesus threatened to kill “unbelievers”. Check, say, Luke 19; 27
      Or, worse, read:

      I am the first one to recommend war when appropriate. And I have.

      God may know lots, but not who created her. (Maybe it was me?)


      • Karl Says:

        If you acknowledge evil then you must acknowledge that morality comes from a higher source. Yes, God asked Abraham to “stab” his child, but Abraham also knew that God can also bring that Child back, is what you are forgetting. The fact is, is that the Child was not killed so the rest of your argument is invalid and irrelevant. God is the author of life and that means he can also take life weather you like it or not.


        • Karl Says:

          Also, Jesus does not threaten to kill anyone. It is clearly a parable. Do you look any further then the first few lines of scripture? When you look no further then the front of your own nose you will never understand.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Clearly a parable? Was Nazi talk a parable too?
            Fact is, in the name of Christ, dozens of millions were killed. 5 million Cathars, to start with…

            The Bible is a book of THREATS, and lethal ones at that:
            In the Bible’s Old Testament, there are many calls to murder. And so it is, more discreetly in the New Testament. Here is Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, indeed, a prophet of Islam, ordering to kill non believers. Luke 19:27: “But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.”


        • Karl Says:

          And if you don’t believe morality comes from a higher source then the events such as the Holocaust are perfectly acceptable, it’s just Evolution and Natural Selections way of weeding out the week!!


        • Karl Says:

          And lastly, God doesn’t exist in your mind, so how can you call an entity that doesn’t exist evil? Please define “evil” without a Creator God of the Universe!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Sorry I didn’t approve your comment right away, Karl, I was travelling. Future comments should be approve automatically, god willing…
          Your point addresses an important point in a general theory of morality. It’s so important, I will write an essay about it. Let me think about it. How does Abraham knows god id god and not an hallucination in his head? When one climbs high mountains, one can totally hallucinate. (Just an example.) That’s reversible, in that PARTICULAR case… Other nuts are perpetual nuts….


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