Of Jewish Europe & Mad Germany

Jews lived in Gaul before the invention of Christianity. So Judaism is the oldest European religion in existence. The problem of Judaism in Europe originated in the Middle East, so fleeing back there, as Netanyahu suggested, is counter-intuitive. That Jews should flee Europe would of course profit Israel. Americans tend to find everything worse in Europe than it really is. It makes them feel better. Moreover, the more intelligent immigrants to the USA, the stronger, richer the USA.

I was just telling a few truths to a site managed by Jewish Americans who installed themselves in contemporary Germany. Those truths are generally either unknown, or deliberately ignored. Revealing that, in various ways, including antiquity, Judaism is more European than Christianism itself, is sure to ruffle a few feathers! Yet, it is the truth. And it means, practically, that to be anti-Jewish is to be fundamentally anti-European. Many “European” ideas are actually Jewish, starting with, well, Christianism (mythically founded by a crucified rabbi).

So how come Nazism?

"Wir Sind Adolf." Mass Criminality, Germany.

“Wir Sind Adolf.” Mass Criminality, Germany.

Long story. As long as Christianism? Even longer. The Roman imperial state had problems with the Jews from Jerusalem, not fully of its own making. Shortly after Emperor Julian started to make up, he was killed (in present day Iraq). But let’s go back to 20C Germany.

I was listening to a show on the rise of the Nazi engineered holocaust. In passing contemporary professors were claiming that Germany was the most intellectually advanced, the most literary, the most civilized nations on Earth.

Heidegger was presented as the world’s most advanced philosopher of the Twentieth Century. He is nothing of the sort. At best, Heidegger was Nietzsche’s mentally retarded parrot. (Heidegger stole a lot from Friedrich… In the rare cases he has something valuable to say.)

Heidegger was proud to have kicked out all the Jewish students and professors from the university he led (Nazis are leaders… And all too many leaders suffer from the same sort of occupational hazard…)

In the SS and the like, top German intellectuals were recruited. Heydrich was an expert violonist; his father owned a music school. Goebbels was a German PhD (something long and hard to get at the time). In literature.

And here we see the problem: intellectuality, as defined in Germany, was an erroneous notion. The attack against the Jews, under the Third Reich, was mostly an enormous mass theft organized by the state. By stealing the Jews, riches and businesses were redistributed to Nazi supporters.

Roosevelt, trying to hide that he prevented Jews to come to the USA (except celebrities) decided to organize a conference. Nobody wanted to host it.

Finally, in Évian-les-Bains,, France, 32 countries, and many organizations came to a conference to accept the “refuges” from “Central Europe (namely, the Jews expelled by the Nazis, nobody wanted to name a car a cat).

Hitler agreed. The mustachioed inferior mental, and cultural retard pontificated that: “I can only hope and expect that the other world, which has such deep sympathy for these criminals [Jews], will at least be generous enough to convert this sympathy into practical aid. We, on our part, are ready to put all these criminals at the disposal of these countries, for all I care, even on luxury ships.”

Canada, the USA and the UK decided to do nothing. Some added refined cruelty: Australia declared officially that “we can’t accept Jews, because we don’t want to encourage anti-Semitism”.

Canada did better declaring: ”One Jew is too much.” (“Un. C’est trop”)

Switzerland did was tops, declaring that “no Jew was already too many Jews”.

The Confederatio Helvetica asked the German State to mark the passports of Jewish Germans with the letter “J”, for Jew; non-Jewish Germans were welcome to Switzerland, not the Jews! Although of course, their money was welcome.

In the end, nearly all countries closed their borders to the Jews. It was the time of the Great Depression, and Jews left Germany without a Mark: the Nazis took all their property, not just houses, but bank accounts. (The Nazi state allowed 60,000 Jews to migrate to Israel.)

After the Evian conference, Adolf Hitler spewed his contempt: “It was disgusting to see democracies oozing pity about the poor Jewish People, and then do nothing when it came to helping them.”

This is why Hitler could not believe it when the hereditary enemy, the French Republic, sent him an ultimatum on September 1, 1939 (Britain joined France, but Britain was not ready for a world war, having no significant army; France was, and was to take the brunt of the clash with the Nazis.)

Well France did a lot for the Jews, accepting hundreds of thousands. But France fell to the Nazi army in June 1940 (in part because Britain could not engage enough planes and tanks, in a timely manner).

If there was one cause in this whole tragedy, what is it? Intellectual self-satisfaction. Glorification of German culture then. All of this tragedy happened because Germany, then, was viewed (and still is!) as towering mental, cultural giant. In truth, it was a country so idiotic that it let itself be led by the lowest of the low.

What was glorified then was one of the worst culture, and meta-culture, ever.

Were there ever lower mental forms than the top Nazis? Well, of course, in Germany at the time, most Germans were unable to think.

Mass book burning started in May 1933. This was a demand from German students TO Goebbels (as he visited some universities). Goebbels was stunned, charmed and persuaded. Goebbels was a fanatic anti-Semite: a beautiful Jewish girl whom he had courted, had rejected him (instead he found himself married to his wife, a crazed out assassin of children).

How come Germany had got so idiotic and base? Reading Nietzsche shows that the problem had exploded sixty years earlier, under Bismarck. Nietzsche dissected the German mind, vomiting it thoroughly when he realized what he had swallowed all too long.

Nietzsche observed that the clash between Jews and Anti-Semites had become so fierce, that the only solution was to force out the Anti-Semites, so that the superior race, the Jews could grace Germany in peace. But that seemed unlikely as his own sister married the top Anti-Semite.

Nietzsche observed, again that Germans had become “Herd Animals” (“Herdentieren”)

Herdentieren, Herd Animals, are not smart. And they charge, all going one way. So the problem of Germany in the 1930s was not that it was on top, mentally and culturally, but instead was hugging the bottom, as a vast herd of stupid animals. Yes, 1930s Germany was a stupid herd.

It is high time to understand this. Be it only because the lesson is timely.

Patrice Ayme’

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27 Responses to “Of Jewish Europe & Mad Germany”

  1. gmax Says:

    I read the heated comments of god crazy guy about the Islamophobia post. It has this in common with the story above: the inability to understand what’s clearly said by crazed ideologies.

    The Nazis clearly wanted to kill Jews. Even clearer Koran is saying to kill “kafirs” (as Partha said, and Patrice gave pages of quotes of that. It’s just awesome folks don’t get it yet.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, as I put it in answer to Partha:

      The point that nearly nobody understands, apparently: religions that order to kill the innocent for no good reason, should be killed.

      God crazy guy seems to be getting a bit of significant push-back… 😉

      There is actually a 1935 discourse of Hitler, extremely public, in front of the Reichstag, where he said that if the Jewish problem could be solved, the Nazis would have to use the “Final Solution”. “Endlosung”. I watched the tape today.


      • pshakkottai Says:

        Dear patrice:
        “Herdentieren, Herd Animals, are not smart. And they charge, all going one way. So the problem of Germany in the 1930s was not that it was on top, mentally and culturally, but instead was hugging the bottom, as a vast herd of stupid animals. Yes, 1930s Germany was a stupid herd.” Luckily short lived.
        Also applies to jihad, the herd instinct that demolished Europe and India for 1400 years by continuous jihad.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Going to write a small essay on these contributions of you, Partha and Eugen (and also the god crazed maniac! ;-))


    • EugenR Says:

      There is still a question, what to do with people belonging and identifying themselves with ideologies of totalitarian non tolerance towards others and other opinions and believes? Do we have to tolerate them? Do we have to be tolerant towards their ideology and believes? Maybe the only way to diminish them is to declare Jihad of our own on them under the flag of humanitarian liberal values we believe in? Yes i agree with Patrice, sometimes you have to kill to prevent bigger evil.
      Would you kill Hitler if you could and would know what it means to let him continue to live?
      There is a threshold between decency and criminality every criminal has to cross. There is an other threshold every murderer has to cross to become a murderer. To many of the Muslim youth are crossing this threshold, and there is no social, political or economic excuse for this. There are many societies who are much worse in these aspects than the Muslims and still they are not murderous as a group. It has to be connected to their basic concept of philosophy of life that brings them to these acts. And i can’t help it has to do with their cultural believes. Culture that creates out of it believe system, groups of people, that are ready to make all these horrendous acts to other people, we see on the web, without any obvious reason, have to be i-legitimized. Nazism had to be diminished as a culture and ideology to stop their acts. Even if many Nazis continued to live and thrive on personal level, the legitimacy of their ideology ceased to exist. The same has to be done with Radical Islam. It has to be outlawed, discriminated, and fought with. All who preaches its ideology, create groups under its flags and symbols, teaches its beliefs have to be eliminated, arrested made illegitimate.


    • EugenR Says:

      This is what you can read in wikopedia about official magazine of Isis.
      Dabiq (Arabic: دابق‎) is the title of the online magazine used by the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant for propaganda and recruitment.

      The magazine was first published in July 2014 in a number of different languages including English. Issue number 1 carried the date “Ramadan 1435” in Islamic Hijri calendar.[1] According to the magazine, its name was taken from the town of Dabiq in northern Syria, which is mentioned in a hadithabout Armageddon.[2] According to this tradition, Dabiq is the place where the Muslim and Christian armies will eventually face each other.[1][3]

      Harleen K. Gambhir of the Institute for the Study of War considered that while al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s magazine Inspire focuses on encouraging its readers to carry out lone-wolf attacks on the West, Dabiq is more concerned with establishing the religious legitimacy of ISIL and its self-proclaimed caliphate, and encouraging Muslims to emigrate there.[4]

      On its October 2014 issue, a photoshopped picture on the front story cover titled “The Failed Crusade”, depicted IS’s jihadi black flagrisen atop the Egyptian obelisk at the center of St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.[5] Bosnian imam Bilal Bosnić was also quoted saying: “In time, the whole world will be an Islamic state […] Our goal is to make sure that even the Vatican will be Muslim”.[6] The same issue contained an article titled “The revival (of) slavery before the Hour”, which acknowledged the enslavement of female members of theYazidi sect after overrunning their villages in northwestern Iraq. The article outlinedreligious justifications for slavery and praised its revival.[7][8][9][10][11]

      In February 2015, the BBC reported that Dabiq “listed Christians among IS’s main enemies.”


  2. EugenR Says:

    I have seen, you brought up lots of interesting information.
    Here is my comment. I will publish it twice.

    Definitely i do agree that Nazism was not an issue of the mobs but rather the German elits, at least parts of it. My question is what brought all these people to their murderous tendencies? I believe very much in the theory of threshold crossing. Whenever you cross it, there is no way back. When Hitler started to murder ilegally innocent people, he had done it with collaborators, who crossed themselves thresholds. For them then there was no way back. So this shoud be how he enlarged the circle of co-murderers who had become part of the criminal guilt. There is no way out from such a community, just like in mafia. The same was truth for Stazi and some other this kind of organizations. So why they murdered ausgerechnet the Jews? This is always the question we Jews ask. Why us? I never found a satisfactory answer to this.


  3. pshakkottai Says:

    Dear EugenR,
    How did Jew hatred get into the Koran? You see it even in cartoons of Iranian TV for toddlers and elementary school children.


    • EugenR Says:

      My knowledge about the subject is very surfaced. What i know, in northern Saudia of today lived big Jewish communities with whom Muhammad was in contact and also learned about their religion. Then one day he brought to them the new religion and tried to persuade them to convert to Islam. But Jews as always think their religion is the only real truth religion, so they obviously refused. Muhammad’s reacted was crossing all the Jews in long sequence of politically not very correct way. All this has become part of the koran. On the other hand the Jews and Christians are considered by the koran as people of the book, what probably for illiterate Muhammed still meant something. So it is not lawful to murder or enslave them as contrary to the non believers who have no rights according the islam. I wonder what are considered the modern atheist westerners.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Unbelievers are to be killed, including “Muslims” who are now deemed not to be “Muslims” anymore… The non-discrimination against “BOOK” people is hogwash (hahaha) because Jews and Christians were submitted to all sorts of taxes, vexations, punitions and even executions (if for example they bedded a “Muslim” woman; reciprocal not true, of course…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I hope Eugen answers.
      The short of it is that Muhammad fled Mecca to Yattrib (or a name like that; now Medina, id est a city), second largest city in Arabia, held by Jews. Jews helped Muhammad, but then after Muhammad got powerful, they had a fall-out (probably due to Muhammad’s raiding, bad for business). It got into a holocaust (Muhammad annihilated a Jewish tribe). And so on…
      I have an instructive compendium of the Qur’an’s evil side:



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      From my own Muhammad Hebdo,

      …a well-known Hadith, that it is part of the Charter of Hamas. Book 041, Number 6985:

      “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

      Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim. See also from Sahih Muslim: Hadith: 41:6981, , 41:6982, 41:6983, 41:6984, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:56:791, and 4:52:177. All this is readily available on Islamist sites. Can one get clearer than that?

      Qur’an Sura 2, verse 190: “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits… Sura2, v.191: And slay them wherever ye catch them… tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter… slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.”

      The problem is the definition of “UNBELIEVERS”. That’s why Muslims kill Muslims… Just following orders…


  4. dominique deux Says:

    “the lesson is timely.”
    In cauda venenum!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, “the poison is in the tail”. We may have seen nothing yet. A nuclear free for all would be quite exciting, and full of venomous surprises…


      • EugenR Says:

        Pakistan has nuclear arms. Until now the secular army and elits somehow prevented creation of islam government, even if it seems there is majority for it. Can it hold for long? It is a country of 200 million people.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Yes, I know. I alerted Obama on that problem a decade ago, and he said nothing worried him more. The potential for a 1914 style world war is giant. Once nukes get used, and 100 millions are killed, it will be quickly habit-forming…
          (This is why I am not to tough on, say, Netanyahu… To put it rudely: Although Mr. N is a pig, he is Israel’s pig… Nukes is what may be used as both necessary and sufficient logic, all too soon…)


          • EugenR Says:

            To my opinion Nataniahu, and i really dislike him, is kind of witty fox. Somhow he manipulated the world powers to do what he thinks is a crucial interest of Israel, without to make any military act. He hopes that finally the Iranians will get what they really want, a normal government. Even the supreme leader is hopefully mortal. And corruption is the very best friend of enemies of dictatorships. And there is a lot of it in Iran, manly among the revolutionary guards. They are not revolutionary, and guard nobody except their loot. Communist dictatorship prelonged for so long time because they annihilated the major tool of corruption, money.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Please try to not nestle comments too much (open another). Mr. N has been around. Hos brother, the commander, was killed at Entebbe… freeing the hostages. All of them.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Interesting perspective on the Commies…


  5. Duviel Says:

    This is why Hitler could not believe it when the hereditary enemy, the French Republic, sent him an ultimatum on September 1, 1939 (Britain joined France, but Britain was not ready for a world war, having no significant army; France was, and was to take the brunt of the clash with the Nazis.)

    Britain was unprepared, and they still managed to resist the Nazi armies. France had a larger army and airforce but French tactics were so poor they were still overrun easily. Even with British support. What do they teach you in Le Francia?

    Problem was that French generals thought to highly of themselves and were caught with pants down.

    France fell to the Nazi army in June 1940 (in part because Britain could not engage enough planes and tanks, in a timely manner).

    So, France was reliant on Britain and unable to defend themselves?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Duviel: Get yourself a map, and find out that Britain is an island.

      The French army held off the Nazis at Dunkirk, allowing the professional British soldiers to re-embark. Without those 300,000 men, Britain would have not just been defenseless, but without military instructors.

      War games reproducing the campaign of May 1940 never see France losing. Obviously an important factor is that the British, the French and the Nazis knew this. So the Nazis tried something completely crazy the French and British could not have expected. Meanwhile these two were TOO self assured. The French and British won their tank battles with the Nazis.

      The crucial mistake is that the French command sent the French mobile army of seven armored divisions to the Netherlands. Hitler had tortured the Netherlands, just with that hope.

      Finally the ex king Edward sent a personal note to Hitler telling him exactly where the weak point of the French defense was. Edward, a Nazi, was inspector general of the British armies, and spent a full month inspecting French fortifications.

      There were also many other factors. A pilot who saw the Nazi army piling up on one road in the forested mountains was NOT believed.

      On paper, the French army by itself could have vanquished the Nazis. And actually was first to bomb Berlin (driving the Nazis into a fury, as it was a really bad omen…).

      France did not rely on Britain but the British armored division that was supposed to be deployed by early May was not, leaving a hole in the French deployment. France was deploying more than 100 divisions, Britain less than 10. The Nazis had 150 divisions, and more force than they would have, a year later, against the USSR. To make things worse the Foreign Legion had defeated cracked Nazi divisions in Norway, and was getting ready to cut Sweden, Hitler’s ally, in two…

      God was on Hitler’s side in May 1940. But he lost 100,000 of his best men. Nazi propaganda admitted much less than that, but it is a much weakened Wehrmacht that attacked the USSR in June 1941 (after further losses in Crete against the Brits).


      • Duviel Says:

        The French did not stop the Nazi army at any point. The only reason the British army (and roughly100,000 French troops) escaped was because Germans stopped to resupply.

        The German invasion through Gelgium was not crazy it was smart. France was set in its 1918 strategy of sitting behind the Maginot line and French command lacked ability to get instructions out to troops fast enough to maneuver.

        The French and Brits had a large part of its forces in northern coast and when they slowly tried to head up coast toward Belgium were cut off from rest of France.

        France had more tanks and soldiers than Germany but French forces were overwhelmed, sorrounded and forced to capitulate all over France. France did not win a single tank (or otherwise) battle in 1940.

        No one had to tell Germany were the weak point in the French lines was. Any forward thinking commander could tell that France had all its forces pointing east across Maginot line and had its north flank open. Same mistake Saddam made in first Gulf War.

        Yes on paper France had bigger army and more tanks and airplanes but, French leadership was completely clueless.

        France may have been first to drop a couple bombs thats it. The majority of the bombing was British-American.

        Most of the fighting in Norway was done by British forces not French and they were defeated quickly.

        You make it sound (in previous writing) that France almost single handedly defeated Britain and liberated America in 1783. Although, almost all of the ground fighting was done by colonists and French contribution was almost all Naval. Without French Navy the British would not have lost at Yorktown and might have won war. I will admit that. But, also admit that France was defeated by Germany and if not for British-American liberation of France, Parisians would likely be speaking German today.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          You are really ignorant on many points: the two major tank battles of May 1940 were won by French and Brits (they each had their own).
          Nazis were not “resupplying”: they were exhausted and could not break through the French army at Dunkirk: just repeating Nazi propaganda does not make it right.

          France was attacked by German fascists, in WWI and WWII, because the latter were helped, aided, & abetted, by RACIST AMERICAN PLUTOCRATS.

          And this why there is rabid hatred and lying against France, to this day: because Americans are just servile plutophiles.


          • Duviel Says:

            The French or British did not win a single battle in 1940. The best they did at times was stalemate the Germans (Hannut, Gembloux Gap) but were unable to capitalize on anything. France fell in less than two months not because it was winning any battles but because of its incompetent fighting.

            I give you the two following recorded statements as proof:

            French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud telephoned the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill and said “We have been defeated. We are beaten; we have lost the battle.” Churchill, attempting to offer some comfort to Reynaud, reminded the Prime Minister of all the times the Germans had broken through the Allied lines in World War I only to be stopped. Reynaud was, however, inconsolable.

            Weygand had little sense of urgency. He claimed his first mission as Commander-in-Chief would be to get a good night’s sleep. Weygand was guilty of wasting valuable time, time which was needed to form a quick and powerful counter-attack. He cancelled Gamelin’s planned offensive, then wasted several days making courtesy visits to dignitaries in Paris.

            Also read this analysis of poor command:

            The disorder that had begun at Sedan spread down the French lines. At 19:00 on 13 May, the 295th regiment of 55th Infantry Division, holding the last prepared defensive line at the Bulson ridge 10 km (6.2 mi) behind the river, was panicked by the false rumour that German tanks were already behind its positions. It fled, creating a gap in the French defences, before even a single German tank had crossed the river. This “Panic of Bulson” also involved the divisional artillery. The Germans had not attacked their position, and would not do so until 12 hours later.

            All you can do is attack Americans with dumb headed accusations.

            Half of what you do in this useless blog of yours is talk about your delusional beleif in the greatness of France and throw jeolous hatred at America.

            That is the problem with many Frenchman they dont realize their place. America is the greater nation today in every aspect and the French can’t accept that.

            I don’t know why I waste my time reading your crap. I don’t think I will make the mistake any longer.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            You are the one who has a supremacy bias. You say: “Frenchmen don’t realize their place. America is the greater nation today in every aspect…”
            First the USA is not “America”. Bad semantics. Second, just for fun, replace “America” by “Third Reich” in your statement, and you are quoting Hitler. Does that mean you are Hitler?
            Probably not: you probably don’t speak German (I do).

            Your supremacy bias shows up in the biased bits of history you quote. The panic west of Sedan did happen, but that was after suicidal charges by Nazi engineers, and throwing the entire Luftwaffe on a very small sector of the front.

            Why France lost the battle in May 1940 is interesting. Very interesting. But one needs the broad picture, from the biggest facts.

            However one wants to paint it, around 200,000 soldiers died in that battle, the bloodiest of the Western Front in WWII. Without counting tens of thousands of Belgian and French civilians. Respect.

            While USA plutocrats were making bigger business with Adolf Hitler than ever. Hey, if one thinks and talks like him, one may as well be in business together.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The Battle Of Gembloux saw French forces block two Panzer Divisions (the Third and Fourth). Because of USA induced Belgian “neutrality”, the French army had to move inside Belgium all the way, hence cover more ground than Nazi armor, in their attempt to protect Belgium from the latter.

            239 French tanks opposed 674 Nazi tanks. The Nazis, thanks to fuel from the USA ,and anti-knock compound from the Ethyl Corporation of America, and other USA corporation help, had huge aviation support. However (and the quote below is from a USA, axis history, thus anti-French site) http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=89148 :

            “During the battle, the advancing German tanks were very often attacked on the flanks and the rear by the French tanks. Each counter-attack launched by a small formation of Somua S35 tanks is seen as critical but the French tanks fired also many times from static positions, using hull down emplacements at medium/long range to engage more numerous German tanks and meticulously fired at them from a safe position. The good armor and the powerful 47mm L/32 SA35 of the Somua S35 tank coupled to a 4x gunsight makes it able to engage safely every German tank at 800m. At this range it is roughly impossible for a German tank to destroy the Somua S35. The reports from the Panzerbrigade 3 indicate even that the 3.7cm gun is inefficient beyond 200m. Many Somua S35 tanks come back with 20-40 hits without any damage. The Somua S35 tanks will have to be neutralized by the Panzer III, Panzer IV and AT guns at close range and by the 8.8cm FlaK or 10.5cm leFH in direct fire at longer range.

            During 2 days the 3e DLM (and the 2e DLM) managed to stop 2 Panzerdivisionen and to inflict them heavy losses. In fact the losses are heavy on both sides and the result of the battle is rather a draw. The French lost 105 tanks (75 Hotchkiss H35/H39 and 30 Somua S35 tanks) mainly in the 3e DLM and the Germans about 164 tanks…


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            You may want to ask yourself why you are so full of hatred, ;-)…
            Oh, BTW, I have no delusional belief at thinking a country such as France is as great as the USA, an empire that is 20 times larger… And can behave in some ways worse than the Third Reich for all to see (“signature strikes” by drones), and nobody dares to say anything, lest they would be viewed as definitively bad and not to be associated with…


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