Shoot Them All, God Will Recognize His Own

A (white) police officer shot in the back, eight times, a fleeing, somewhat corpulent middle age man, who was obviously not dangerous (he just had some child support payments due, on some of his 4 children).

The first shot was fired at least 5 meters away. After the victim is fatally shot, the officer screams hysterically at him: “Put your hands behind your back.” Three times. Then handcuff him. I saw the video several times. It gets more instructive, the more it is watched.

The obviously unarmed victim had served in the Coast Guard. The police officer then handcuffed the agonizing victim, and went back 50 fifty feet to plant fake evidence.

The (black) family of the victim offered with tremendous dignity that “not all policemen are bad…” Yes, but. But we are dealing with a system here. A system of institutionalized violence. Racism is just one aspect of it.

Disobey Police In The USA, Die!

Disobey Police In The USA, Die!

[Disobedient father of four Walter Scott shot like a rabbit. The police officer, in the window, up left was charged with murder. However, to parody a dim witted American philosopher’s pontification: is that Justice As Fairness? Namely the white, thus fair, officer, shots, thus administers justice?]

Police and judicial violence in the USA is pretty much in evidence, to whoever has looked at statistics, or lived in the USA. I have seen many times, in the USA, scenes that belonged straight out of a violent movie. Roughly anything, including several violent car chases with lots of sparks, collisions, etc. I have seen roughly anything, but for large explosions.

All right, with all the guns out there, the police can take no chances. All right, in that particular city, about half the population is “black”, and 80% of the police force is white (a de facto racial situation).

Yet, police brutality is not restricted to non-whites. It is a global attitude, although black tend to be more victimized. To change this global attitude is the fundamental problem.

John Michel from South Carolina replied that:

“No one wants to look at the fundamental problem. Go ahead, take a look at the foundation of modern-day human violence.”

My reply to John Mitchel:

Violence in general is one thing. However, the level of lethal and judicial violence in the USA is much higher than in any other developed nation.

What I am saying is that, although racism amplifies it, the problem is not just racial. It is about exploiting others, violently, and imposing the existing established order, violently.

And I am saying this has become a habit, and if one questions it, as I do, it has been suggested by lesser souls that I wanted to turn the USA into Libya, or Syria and Iraq, as if only violence, from police or justice, was the one and only way to hold the USA together.

I disagree.

I believe that Americans are smarter than lethally violent Islam Fundamentalists.

I also think it’s a world problem: all too many people in the USA, including among the so-called “leaders” perceive that only violence holds the country together.

In particular the violence on the rest of society which flows from very high income and wealth, and very low taxes experienced, by the .1%

That theory, usage and practice of force, is a satanic approach to society.

It is a model for, and an expectation about, the entire planet.

It is not a debate, a conversation. It is a will to extermination. Granted, the Will To Extermination is a core human characteristic. Granted, it makes the USA strong, pitiless, successful.

However, now the whole planet is watching. There is no more frontier to push. All this violence is the bad paradigm for conflict resolution. It is not just a question of justice, it is a question of prudence. Worldwide we have to teach subtlety and restraint, not madness, vengeance, and lethally efficient authority.

That’s dangerously obsolete (besides being the Islamists, and, or, Putin’s model).

Patrice Ayme’

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7 Responses to “Shoot Them All, God Will Recognize His Own”

  1. D Says:

    Thank you for the laugh Patrice. You are becoming predictable in your arguments. You also seem to be rambling more than making a well analyzed statement.

    Regardless, thank you for sharing your unique point of view.


  2. gmax Says:

    Patrice, as your site becomes ever more famous, it seems to attract its loads of creepy-crawlies…

    But I prefer the diversity of opinion here than the canned comments at the Times or Scientia Salon. What was the point that Mr.D was making?

    I am surprised you did not connect with Obama’s drones, and the violence of banks


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, well, there was a hacking event today (from the Islamist State, no less!) which delayed me nearly terminally. I had thought about mentioning it, but as Mr. D would say, no doubt, that was predictable anyway…


  3. dominique deux Says:

    Not uninteresting comment by Mr. D..

    Of course, it nicely illustrates the last resort position of the clueless: wag a schoolmarmish finger and hector about reasoning.

    But the one specific issue he has with your article, “rambling”, bears looking into.

    You do, as is your wont, touch on a number of topics in your approach of a given issue. This may be dizzying to trained adepts of clipped single-cause, single-effect reasoning. Yet complex issues can only be fully understood by a multiple approach – in PCspeak, a holistic one.

    So, next time you’re charged with rambling, and assuming you want to reward an attempt at communication with a proper feedback, you might say “I’m not rambling, I’m soaring and reporting. Is it not time for you to use your own wings, too?”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Dominique! Very well put. Yes, indeed, Mr. D’s comment was interesting. That one does not know how to reason is an old objection brandished, without details, at those with more advanced logics.

      The holistic approach cannot cover it all, by definition. What one can do, though, is to give glimpses of different perspectives, while revealing they are just that, perspectives.

      By the way, Quantum Physics pretty much works this way. The famous physicist Richard Feyman’s description of the Quantum is called (and really is) “sum over histories” or the “path integral”: it integrates, that is sums, over all possible paths…

      We shall soar. Today a philosophical site rejected comments of mine, on the theory of discovery (no less!), on the ground that they were “too advanced for a general audience”. They will appear on this site shortly…


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