Really New Philosophy Fights, Or Is Not

When we look back on history, considering the greatest strides which were ever made, most, if not all, originated in strife.

Take the Heliocentric system. How many people got killed for suggesting it? Many. Millions were terrorized. There is an extant dialogue, deep in the Middle-Ages when the Duke Of Normandy relentlessly questions a top religious authority and professor about why is it that the Earth is not moving.

The eminent scholar insisted that the guy who suggested this heresy to William is no scholar, but a perpetual drunkard.

Nature Is Ruled By The Physical Law Of Basic Forces

Nature Is Ruled By The Physical Law Of Basic Forces

Correct ideas threaten the establishment.

But, then, one may want to ask, why is it that the establishment so often foster idiotic ideas?

I have a spectacular answer: the establishment fosters idiotic ideas, precisely because they are idiotic.

Idiotic ideas have two main advantages:

  1. The very idea of plutocracy is idiotic. Idiotic in a major way. So, should one be in the habit of ferreting out idiocy, one would ferret out plutocracy.
  2. Conversely, if one learns to tolerate idiocy, one would be naturally led to tolerate the biggest idiocy of all, plutocracy.

By making We The People stupid, herd like, the establishment, the oligarchy, the plutocracy, can rule better.

Those who love wisdom though, view idiocy as a prey. That does not mean they eat it with delight. Wolves are often hated because they enjoy killing and maiming much more than they can eat (ask French herders: sometimes dozens of sheep are found killed or otherwise mangled by a wolf).

Why wolves do this has to do with who they have evolved to become: not just eaters of vegetarians, but guardians of ecology.

Similarly, the philosophical drive in the genus Homo may have evolved to be guardian not just of wisdom, but the terror of brute force.

Hence we can tell real good philosophy by the power of the enemies it makes.

In particular, philosophy that caresses the masses the right way, is assuredly philosophy that fit their masters just right.

One may want to consider the following assertion: in the last 4 centuries, the politics and policies of the Anglo-Saxon immigrants to America were diabolically clever. Demonstrate. In full, to make sure of acquiring lots of enmity.

In particular the exact role played by the USA in the World Wars of the Twentieth Century, I suggest, have to be carefully considered.

My thesis differs vastly from official history’s main truth. It is a sort of meta-truth, a higher way to look at what happened. A good suggestion for leads to elucidate a crime is by checking to whom the crime profits. It is not too difficult to find out that:

The Equality Liberty Fraternity Republic of France was attacked by German fascists, in WWI and WWII, at least in part, because the latter were helped, aided, & abetted, by racist American plutocrats. 

I have written many essays demonstrating this in detail. Not surprisingly conventional historians would, correctly, view such an examination as a career killer. An overall interrogation, though, is what good would it make, to demonstrate this.

An excellent good: when We The People realizes how manipulative and lethal the present, plutocratically controlled political system can be, and how good a it is at covering-up its crimes, We The People will realize how serious the situation is.

Patrice Ayme’

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15 Responses to “Really New Philosophy Fights, Or Is Not”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    I rather fancy that idiotic ideas do not become established because they are idiotic, but rather because they are seemingly attractive in some way, and once on the table, so to speak, everyone else is too lazy/stupid to challenge them. I think society is against it, because once all the sheep have agreed, a challenge to the idea is a challenge to the collective herd, and that has to be put down. Those who never have ideas are never going to admit they could have been wrong.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ian: I do agree that the mechanism you suggest is likely the order zero of idiocy. However, I should rewrite what I said to explain that the effect I mention is an aggravating factor.

      My dialogue with “Duviel” in the comments about France and the Nazis in May 1940 is illuminative that way. “Duviel” believes that “Frenchmen realize their place” is something that was demonstrated in May 1940, and it is important to abide by it. So the Nazis in May 1940, were, according to “Duviel” himself, agents of “American” superiority. However, a little inspection easily reveals what was behind the word “American” is the American established order, the one of “Duviel’s” masters, precisely (if “Duviel” was himself a master, a master plutocrat, he would not be that angry).

      Thus, there saying stupidities about WWII in May 1940 is viewed as a buttress of the plutocratic order. Today.


  2. Alexandros HoMegas Says:

    You’re really a imbecile, its easy to see how jews run cricles around the naive Europeans.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It is interesting to see that, in these times of Wahhabist Fundamentalism, good old fashion (Christian) anti-Jew hatred resurfaces, so strongly that an essay that did not have anything to do with Jews calls in the madness. Because madness it is: the Nazis kill six million Jews (or maybe a bit less), most of European Jews, and what hatred deduce is that “Jews” ran circles around naïve Europeans? Do you realize how demented that sound?

      Same statement for the “Americans” (whatever those are) could be held, and is certainly true about American plutocrats, and the (dynamic) class they generated. But “Jews”? OK, agreed American Jews are a bit thick on the ground around Wall Street. However those chaps were not to nice for their “fellow” Jews when Hitler came around. So they were selfish plutocrat first, and Jews not at all… then (the USA let only extremely rich or famous (Einstein) Jews; France found herself with hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from central Europe… many of whom got caught later by the Nazis, and exterminated, including babies…)

      What’s lower than killing babies? Nazis…


  3. gmax Says:

    Wow, lots of Nazis coming out of the woods. Just like Hitler some hate the French, some hate the Jews..
    Good to read a site were haters are allowed to barf on the world. We can see what creeps there are out there


    • EugenR Says:



    • Alexandros HoMegas Says:

      The jews in NYC who make the American Foreign Policy hate the French with passion, they who created a bunch of anti-French memes that you must be familiar.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Well, I do agree to the fact that some Jews in the USA, and not just NYC, are part of greater tribe of radical French haters, and that this has to do with the plutocratic effect, but not just that.

        Another problem influential American Jews have is that they did not lift a finger to help “fellow” Jews in the 1930s and 40s, when they got exterminated by Hitler… Whereas the French Republic was Hitler’s one and only determined enemy, who ended dragging Britain (whining, self-biting, and convulsing) into declaring war to the Nazi monster. Thus France is the Jews best friend, and American Jews others Jews worst pseudo-fellow. That infuriates American Jews, so they react with unbounded rage to France. (Israel knows, deep down who is her best friend… Those who gave her the capability of a thermonuclear shield.)

        Some American Jews went as far (Warburgs) as to collaborate with Hitler in the most important way, opening all doors to who is who in the USA. This opened floodgates to make Nazis privileged business partners for the USA. The Dulles brothers, in particular, would represent something like 1,000 Nazi companies, and then operated a Nazi like USA foreign and “intelligence” policy for more than 30 years after the passing of Hitler (which may, or may not, have included facilitating the passing away of JFK).


        • EugenR Says:

          Then there is a difference between the Nazis acts before Kristallnacht at November 1938 and their acts after it. To my understanding Warburgs fled to USA at 1938. But even then many Jews wrongly tried to appease the Nazis, hoping it will pacify them (Stockholm syndrome).


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Maybe there was a difference in their acts (not clear). But Hitler’s way of talking, way early was very clear: he hinted at the final solution. The crack-down on Jews abated when the Olympic Games were approaching (say in 1935). Some Jews even came BACK in 1936!

            The problem with the Jews in the 1930s is pretty much in evidence today (not with Netanyahu, though…. Ha ha ha). The Warburgs belongs to a special hell.


          • Alexandros HoMegas Says:

            Judea declares was on Germany – 1933

            The jews pushed for War in Europe like the jews are now pushing for War with Russia and Iran.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Alexandros: Wait a minute. This was AFTER Hitler came to power, and declared total war on all sorts of “foreigners” deemed inferior, such as Eastern and Southern Europeans… And the Germans who happened to be of Jewish ancestry…

            I know the history of the Third Reich extremely well, and could write hundreds of pages on this, non-stop. Nazism was extremely pro-“German”, and hated, and despised all the rest in the beginning (paradoxically this changed later, as Nazis came to depend upon other Nazi-like volunteers in other nations, be it only to find alluring specimens to man the one million strong Waffen SS!).

            Unfortunately for the Jews, instead of declaring war to Nazism, they rather collaborated (as Jewish Prussian, later American, Hannah Arendt explained… And got hated for it, by both surviving Jews and surviving Nazis). This collaboration explains why France stood basically alone early in May 1940 (British armor never got deployed where the Nazis pierced, but was expected to; it was late).

            Israel is certainly not pushing for a war with Russia, or, more exactly, Putin. The question of Iran is different, and the obstacle right now is Fabius (of Jewish descent, ha ha ha), the French FM, and ex-PM, who is rightly suspicious of the fascist theocrats in Iran. It’s not just a question of Iran, as I explained: one wants an accord which allows for spontaneous inspections anywhere. That could be duplicated later to other countries. Otherwise, nuclear proliferation will not stop.

            Anyway, did you read Hitler’s Mein Kampf?


        • EugenR Says:

          Dear Patrice, i thing you should visit Alexandros HoMagos’s site and then ask yourself if it is appropriate to respond to this primitive Neo-nazi’s comment.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I did not visit his site, did not know he had one, and have lots to do. I like to answer hard cases. Take Duviel and his anti-French derangement… I replied, he shut up…


      • gmax Says:

        Alexandros: If you have anger against some particular people 4 particular reasons, that’s OK. But then accuse those particular people, not a race, or people who happen to be from a religion in general. What some filthy rich pigs in NYC do is not what little Jewish children do


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