President “Finally” On His “Own”?

So the President Of The U.S. (“POTUS”) claims. Hope we can believe in.

Barack Obama just got his own Twitter account. Just like millions of teenagers out there! He is coming out on his “own”! Let me reproduce the exchange:

President Obama ‏@POTUS May 18

“Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account.”

Patrice Ayme ‏@Tyranosopher

@POTUS Welcome! A question: who is “they”? What else are “they” “finally giving”? In any case, nice to see you on your “own”.

Barack Obama committed a Freudian slip, on steroids. This time, and not for the first time, he admitted he is not on his own. Barack Obama, president of the USA, is even more grounded that the average American teenager.

Some will say that this is understandable: a president, like other top politicians, has to have “handlers”, people in the shadows, telling him what to do, what to say, where to go, writing his speeches, etc.

A president, some will say, has to “preside”, represent everybody, the nation itself, he, or she, cannot be just an individual, but a function, an institution.

However, who does he talk to?

When one visits Barack Obama, and pays attention to the surroundings, what is striking is the military deployment. Hundreds of superb professionals, trained to kill with heavy weapons are all around, hidden from public view. It has to be hidden, because it were not, the USA would start to look like a military dictatorship. We don’t want to feel that way, do we?

So who goes through this (peregrinating) military fortress? The best and the brightest. Access is denied to common folks. Serious scholarly studies have show that, in the matter of legislation, only the preoccupations of the elite go through.

(Since this is known, that only the elite legislates, the very knowledge of this anti-democratic horror may have change the behavior of the “Democratic Party” rank and file. Thus, I feel incline to believe, the resistance to the Trans Pacific Partnership, the TPP. That other scholarly studies, just published have shown that such “free trade” treaties are reduced quality employment in the USA, did not improve matters.)

Who is the best and brightest? The most powerful and wealthiest. Those who will feed and comfort all the critters of the present Obama administration, once that vaporizes in two years.

In other words, the president, and his collaborators, talk to the powers that be. The wealth, that is.

Barack Obama was explicitly told, before he became President, that he had to leave his friends behind. “They only cause problems.” So he was told by a plutocrat who used to be Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Erskine Bowles.

Those are the ones who control Barack Obama as if he were an unruly teenager. After six years of good behavior, those worthies are happy to let little boy Barack get his own Twitter account. Little Barack is now a big boy. A boy who served the big white masters very well. They are grateful, and impressed.

So what we see is that, having just one, or a few people in charge, cannot work: unavoidably, they will come under the spell of the pre-existing class of owners.

That was a well-known problem. So Robespierre, Saint-Just and company decided to exterminate the pre-existing owners and controllers (the famous “Terreur” of the French Revolution). Earlier in England, Cromwell, the “Lord Protector” had instituted a similar system which dissipated quickly after his death (which happened within 5 years). The Terreur lasted roughly a year, before its perpetrators got cut down to size.

However Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and the Khmers Rouges were more successful: they eradicated the pre-existing class, ruthlessly. In retrospect, everybody agrees that was a mistake (and the present “Princelings” in command in China’s “People Republic” will be the first to tell you so, thus they reconstituted an elite composed mostly of themselves!)

The solution?

Get out of the class problem entirely. How? Make an increasing number of drastic decisions subject to the vote of the People.

For example, our newly liberated boy Barack wants to get “trade authority” to negotiate the TPP (and a similar Transatlantic Treaty). Then he will talk to the adults, the very wealthy and powerful adults who control his Twitter accounts and all what he is supposed to feel and think about, and how.

Why not to submit the TPP to a referendum?

Because most of the individuals negotiating the TPP right now are employees of giant corporations? Whereas government representatives are few; the TPP will give corporations right they don’t have now, such as modifying laws, and suing states. Although that was hidden below thick layers of lies.

That the boy who could only get his Twitter account after six years wants to represent, all by his little self, nearly a billion people in the West, is surrealistic.

We used to have representatives and officials and ministers, out of necessity. In countries such as France, or, a fortiori, the USA, it would take weeks to travel across. In the Middle-Ages, only the cardinals living around Rome, no more than 20 of them, would elect the Popes. A cardinal in England, or Spain, or Germany, would not take part in these elections.

But now we have the Internet.

The root of the word “minister”, as in “Prime Minister”, is the Latin ministrare “to serve, attend, wait upon”. In the Middle-Ages, it was closely related to servitude (or ministrels, the musicians who attended to courts). We don’t need those servants anymore: they have other masters, they do not obey us anymore.

Thanks to the Internet, we can give our own opinions, and debate them. Switzerland is increasingly using these “votations”. The system works splendidly. Most controversial measures lead to fierce debates, and public opinion varies accordingly.

Debates do not have to replace democratic institutions (army, police, justice, the orders of MDs, etc.). These institutions, which are meritocratic, are the answer to Socrates’ objection to electing generals and the like (as was done in Athens).

However Socrates did not object to Athens National Assembly, which often necessitated a quorum of 6,000. That meant that farmers of Attica, if they wanted to vote, had to leave their farms for many days. Nowadays, with the Internet, they could vote while having breakfast.

Debates allow good ideas to exterminate bad ideas. That’s what we need.

We don’t need to be led by people who need six years of good behavior to be authorized to have their own account.

Patrice Ayme’

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10 Responses to “President “Finally” On His “Own”?”

  1. brodix Says:


    Think how all these lives, nations, movements, etc. resemble waves moving through a complex medium. Consider water; even today we don’t fully appreciate its properties, as a recent article( examined.
    Yet this complex medium is acted on by the most elemental form in nature, the wave.
    It is not the crest of the wave which really matters anymore than any other part, but in human society, we are fixated on those bodies perched on the crest of whatever wave of energy is currently passing through, forming our culture.
    What powers a wave is energy and this fixation on the crest is a form of energy that serves to multiply the upward power, driving that crest even higher.
    What if we were to have an education system that truly started with the basics, such as how waves express so much of the reality in which we exist. Then when movements come along, the average person might be able to get some sense of their trajectory and motivating impulses and not get as swept up in the common hysteria surrounding and propelling such actions?
    I think that before we really worry about what details of public life that people vote for, we have to educate them as to how all these details fit in some larger picture. Then they will instinctively try to connect all the dots and not be herded around like sheep.
    Make the people an true network and not just atomized individuals feeding off whatever stories and currencies they are given.


    • gmax Says:

      And I waddled through a wavy wave washing vaguely whimsically whatnot, whatever, whomever, a wave, within a wave, cresting without a crest..


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Waves of ideas, but here, differently from wave in the high seas, the crests matter. Ideas at the top lead.

      Wave mechanics is so very primitive at this point, that it does not really help with highly non-linear phenomena such as mass thinking. Wave mechanics, in physics and math, with very rare exceptions (KdV soliton, Non Linear Cubic Schrodinger, etc…) is LINEAR. Most human stuff is NON linear.


      • brodix Says:

        Patrice, gmax,
        All very true. The point being to try to create that simple model that can be used to encapsulate these complex processes. As I said, education. We are not talking just ideas in inculcate average adults, but average children. Then they can develop more complex views as they grow, but still being able to have that elemental framework of nature and not have every new detail seem to loom out of the fog of an education otherwise structured around a particular group narrative, or belief system, where one’s religion, tribe, or nation is viewed as the center of the universe.


  2. gmax Says:

    Wealthy white masters love obsequious little black boys to serve them. An old tradition, especially in Kenya. I wonder if Obama’s CIA (? What else? Did you look at their careers and lives?

    Straight out of an Hollywood movie plot: the “leftist” mother who marries a multimillionaire frontman for American Big Oil, immediately after a pro-American coup killed like one million “communists”, the father, a Harvard black Bond who wants power, children, wives, all over the world, and dies in an “accident”


    • John Rogers Says:

      CIA? It might explain why Obama has been so curiously comfortable with and accommodating to the various manifestations of the national security state. That doesn’t really fit with his projected populist persona. But he loves him some drones, covert ops and all the rest of it. And maybe the “boys” (and they are boys) know he’s OK because he’s family.

      Bush pere was definitely CIA (no accident they named the home office after him) probably going back to Daddy Prescott’s connections via Brown Brothers Harriman with the 1930’s intelligence community which later resulted in the OSS and the CIA.

      The malodorous relationship between the CIA and Wall Street has always been there (“Wild Bill” Donovan, Allen Dulles, Bill Casey, etc.). So maybe Obama’s pushing the TPP makes sense in more ways than one. After all the CIA’s mission is to look out for American interests (read “capital”) abroad. Ask any Latin American country.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear John: With all due respect to GMax, I floated the idea first (and I have seen it grow and multiply). The idea above that is (as a personal friend, I am not going to lay it too thick…)

        It is a fact that intelligence agencies of the USA, and their predecessors, were basically created by American plutocrats immediately after the German defeat of World War One. That crucial junction, around 1919, 1920, see the USA’s plutocrats intervening massively in German politics and high finance. The attack was double-pronged, as it meant fighting the French Republic, which was not amused by Germanoid fascist Nazism (This is not an anachronism: Nazism truly started when Nietzsche condemned it, well before Hitler’s birth).

        That is why the relationship with France degraded seriously, starting in 1933: in the subconscious of French leaders, it was clear that the plutocrats of the USA were hand in hand with the Nazis (the USA, as far as the French were concerned, made exactly the same policy as Hitler, including defaulting on debt, and devaluating currency: French leaders went to see FDR, got nowhere, and after that FDR’s detestation of the French opened in full). The Donovans (OSS), Dulles (Nazi companies, then OSS, then creating CIA, and maybe facilitating the passage of the Kennedys, those uppity Irishmen, etc.)


    • brodix Says:


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