From Nasty Moods, Nasty Wars

Who Is In Charge? A Calculus Of Nasty Moods?

Under the tables, tensions keep on rising. Long encouraged by the tolerance of the USA, China is engaged in a dangerous game on the South China Sea. China ought to pay more attention to the weather: foul weather and a tornado on the Yang Tze sank a luxury boat in minutes, killing more than 620. Accidents happen. Meanwhile, the Korean dictator piles up nukes, and so to the Islamists, in Pakistan. And Putin chuckles a lot.

Under The Mongols, China Went All The Way To Indonesia. Back Into That Mood?

Under The Mongols, China Went All The Way To Indonesia. Back Into That Mood?


What The USA Calls Corruption Overseas, It Calls Business, in the USA:

In the USA, a few billion dollars for the selection

Of the “Commander-In-Chief”

Is business as usual, and no mischief

One calls it a presidential election

In the USA, when from the wealthiest, universities receive

Billions, plutocrats in your face do not deceive

In the USA the public buys plutocrats stadiums

This is no corruption, but the proper medium

Yet when under some tables, circulate a few millions

Learn! Only the USA decides who needs the billions

For its own banksters and greedy minions

To incite some countries to build soccer stadiums

A crime it is, for the USA, FBI, IRS, no tedium

Anything else against Washington Empire a crime

It is, and back deep into the grime

You of the whole world belong

Serving our USA plutocracy you should, all along

If you want a fortune in millions

American politics serve, Bushes and all Clintons


A Mood Of Nasty Outrageous Force Growing:

Of course the Russians see these methods being used. They see it works, they see it worked: Switzerland used to be number one in money management for wealth. USA law enforcement indicted Swiss High Finance, and now the USA High Finance is again number one, as it should.

So Putin decides 88 persons cannot enter Russia, including the French philosopher BHL, and European MPs. He just does not like the way they think. Never mind that BHL had an invitation for a debate on Russian TV.

Of course the Chinese plutocrats see these methods, and think: why not us? Why don’t we do something similar? Use our force, and the outrage we can muster. So they build outrageous islands in the South China Sea (“Reclamation”), and claim they own it.

The Philippine president, visiting Japan, compare China’s expansionism to Nazi Germany’s.

Fundamentally, Nazi Germany was doing what it thought the USA wanted it, or enabled, or allowed it to do (the Nazis were financed, fueled, and diplomatically supported by American plutocrats).

At this point, the People Republic of China has pretty much got a green light from the USA too. And the FIFA, or Swiss sort of prosecution have only showed China that the proper way is the outrageous usage of force and mass hypocrisy.

On the face of it, politics, in the USA is as corrupt as possible: it is actually legal to spend billions to elect officials, all the way up to the president… So called “representatives”, “Senators”, etc.

Tens of times, very officially the president went to sleep at plutocrats home, and people paid hundreds of thousands, if not millions, a day, to be in the presence.

But that’s not corruption, just American style politics.


If You Want War, Prepare A Mood, Say A Mood Which Rewards Aggression:

The Romans said: if you want peace, prepare for war. History says: if you want war, prepare a vast mood, conducive to it. Thucydides concluded his history of (part of) the tragic Peloponnesian War by said it originated from a mood. Similarly, the First World War, and the Second World War were driven by a mood reigning in Germany at the time. And guess what? Both in the First and Second World War, it was egged on by the USA.

By not bringing the spirit of the laws to bear on its banksters, but on the game the rest of the world plays, the USA is playing a dangerous ball game. And that may just be what many officials of the USA, maybe egged on by the plutocrats they talk to, are financed by, dine, play, and sleep with, are exactly doing at this point. Between two rounds of golf, they go FIFA hunting, while civilization is smoldering. Not that they can smell anything funny. Evil is best operated by the clueless.

From nasty moods, nasty wars and naughty profits, chuckle the plutocrats. Yes, sometimes. And sometimes not.

Patrice Ayme’


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One Response to “From Nasty Moods, Nasty Wars”

  1. gmax Says:

    Obama administration’s FIFA madness gets worse everyday.

    Remind me: is not Obama the guy who gave billions to Elon Mush, sorry, Musk, and whose first chief of staff, barely 40 years old, got out of the Obama White House to get a job at a bank, Citygroup, where he got more money than all the alleged FIFA corruption?


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