Should The Most Violent Society Lead?

“International” authorities keep pressuring Greece to conform to “austerity“. But what does “international” mean? It means the domineering socio-economic order, inspired by? Inspired by violence. As I will show.

The basic story of the present Greek tragedy is the following: (some) plutocrats stole (gigantic amounts of) money from their accomplices the banksters. States and institutions (IMF, ECB, Fed, etc.) then stepped in, and replenished the banks which their own management, banksters, and plutocrats had just stolen. No attempt was made to recover the money from the plutocrats who had stolen the, now apparently, but not really, ruined, plutocrats (pulling the strings from behind).

Then the governments and said “international” institutions turned around and asked the Greek Public to compensate for all the money those worthies had given to the banks. The same request was made everywhere, thus all sorts of budgets, from social services, to defense, to fundamental research, were slashed (even in the USA; the big exception is… China, where bankers toe the line fixed by the state more carefully).

This replenishment of the banksters by the Public was, and is, the world’s greatest fraud, ever perpetrated. It’s closely related to the following. Where did the money go?

70 trillion dollars (70,000 billion dollars) of stolen money rest in Tax Havens (source: Alain Bauer, a renowned world criminologist). Not even counting the hidden money in the world’s two largest tax havens, Britain (Great or not), and the USA.

The worthies, our great leaders,  having bought their own elections, know the ropes… Or know enough about the ropes, not to ask too many questions. Clearly this situation, overall, this gigantic conspiracy, this cover-up, is, all together, an act of the greatest violence.

Could it be related to the enormous violence of the country which leads this show? Here are some international comparisons; the USA leads in violence:

USA Violence Is Not Just About Guns. Jail, God, & Paying For Everything Is Also Part of It.

USA Violence Is Not Just About Guns. Jail, God, & Paying For Everything Is Also Part of It.

[Homicide by guns is just one metric of violence in the USA; there are worse ones, such as having to fork out 100K for a university education with the elite. Interestingly, there are no national statistics, in the USA, on police violence; judicial violence can be measured, by the millions which “justice” processes… violently; no such luck with those police processes… Or should we say, dispatches?]

Violence is both cause and consequence, feeding on itself. Violence is not just about killing people. Incarcerating them is also violent. Even The Economist recently observed that the USA was “Jail Nation”. Having a violent God, accepting money rules all, including elections, is also part of the violence.

No less than 8 million citizens of the USA are either in jail, or under suspended sentences, probation, etc. In a society with that much legal (and thus, police) violence it is only natural that it spills all over.

My point? Who controls, who has built, most of the world’s institutions? The USA (observe the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and where the IMF and the World Bank sit: not even half a mile from the White House). So, if the ideology and practice of the USA is impregnated with violence, it’s an ideology of violence which controls everything, and especially economic theory.

Even Academia is hyper violent in the USA; to attend Harvard what you need is beaucoup bucks. Harvard and the like cost around 100,000 dollars a year. That’s why I call them “plutocratic universities“.

Obama himself pointed out last week that the homicidal rate in the USA is 49 times that of France. That’s satanic. I know many Americans are bad, but do they deserve to be eliminated at 50 times the rate of Frenchmen?

Homicides, guns and violence are related markers, and marks of society. There is a relationship with the Human Development Index. Notice, in all these comparisons, that small countries don’t really matter. Comparing republics such as France and the USA has meaning: both are republics, both have independent defense systems, and worldwide empires (France controls nearly 11 million square kilometers, the USA nearly double this).

However, a small poodle such as Sweden will follow the orders Washington gives, and Luxembourg, with less than 1% of the population of France, and no industry, but for corruption, follow the wishes of all and any plutocrat.

The Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI)[9] is a “measure of the average level of human development of people in a society once inequality is taken into account.”

Note: The green arrows (Increase), red arrows (Decrease), and blue dashes (Steady) represent changes in rank. The changes in rank are not relative to the HDI list above, but are according to the source (p. 168) calculated with the exclusion of countries which are missing IHDI data.

  1.  Norway 0.891 (Steady)
  2.  Australia 0.860 (Steady)
  3.  Netherlands 0.854 (Increase 1)
  4.   Switzerland 0.847 (Increase 3)
  5.  Germany 0.846 (Steady)
  6.  Iceland 0.843 (Increase 2)
  7.  Sweden 0.840 (Decrease 4)
  8.  Denmark 0.838 (Increase 1)
  9.  Canada 0.833 (Increase 4)
  10.  Ireland 0.832 (Decrease 4)
  11.  Finland 0.830 (Steady)
  12.  Slovenia 0.824 (Decrease 2)
  13.  Austria 0.818 (Decrease 1)
  14.  Luxembourg 0.814 (Increase 3)
  15.  Czech Republic 0.813 (Decrease 1)
  16.  United Kingdom 0.812 (Increase 3)
  17.  Belgium 0.806 (Decrease 2)
  18.  France 0.804 (Steady)
  19.  Japan 0.799 (New)
  20.  Israel 0.793 (Increase 1)
  21.  Slovakia 0.778 (Increase 1)
  22.  Spain 0.775 (Decrease 2)
  23.  Italy 0.768 (Increase 1)
  24.  Estonia 0.767 (Increase 1)
  25.  Greece 0.762 (Increase 2)
  26.  Malta 0.760 (Decrease 3)
  27.  Hungary 0.757 (Decrease 1)
  28.  United States 0.755 (Decrease 12)
  29.  Poland 0.751 (Increase 1)
  30.  Cyprus 0.752 (Decrease 1)
  31.  Lithuania 0.746 (Increase 2)
  32.  Portugal 0.739 (Steady)
  33.  South Korea 0.736 (Decrease 5)
  34.  Latvia 0.725 (Increase 1)
  35.  Croatia 0.721 (Increase 4)
  36.  Argentina 0.680 (Increase 7)
  37.  Chile 0.661 (Increase 4)

Countries in the top quartile of HDI (“very high human development” group) with a missing IHDI: New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Brunei, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Cuba, and Kuwait

The most violent country ought not to lead: it’s as if one chose the local violent drunkard as the leader. However, it’s precisely because they are stupid and violent that bullies lead. Thus a paradox: the worst, are most esteemed.

Just after five Islamist attack in five countries around the old Roman Imperium, killed more than 70 people in 24 hours, including more than 40 in Tunisia, it may feel strange that I focus  on the USA. However, Americanism and Islamism are directly related, these days.

Islamism was quasi-inexistent in, say, 1948. It is the implementation of the Great Bitter Lake Conspiracy, a plot elaborated in Washington, and more exactly from the “democratic” advisers around president Roosevelt,  which fabricated the rule of Islamism (though the good works and financing of the Saudi plutocrats).

The mentality imposed by lords of the USA brought us Islamism, and the sort of tricks played on Greece. And they belong to a class. This so-called “Deep State” was animated, already a century ago, by individuals such as the Harriman brothers. (The Wikipedia link gives none of the savory details, where countries such as France, Nazi Germany, and the USSR figure prominently.)

There is a war against democracy, but its ways are subtle enough to escape the understanding of the baffled masses.

Patrice Ayme’

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9 Responses to “Should The Most Violent Society Lead?”

  1. gmax Says:

    I am highly suspicious of the HDI. Probably partly propaganda to tell us how great the good old USA are. How come it collapsed recently under great leader Obama?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I was pondering the same. Probably because the inequality augmented: Obama saved the banksters, and replenished them with Public money. Obamacare is feeding the health care plutocracy, etc… The case of Musk is blatant; penniless when Obama arrived, he is now, personally, 12 billion dollar rich, thanks to all the government subsidies.


    • dominique deux Says:

      There is ample reason to be suspicious of a so-called Human Development Index which ranks highly a plutophile, slaving, racist, sexist country like Qatar.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Indeed. It’s one of these many indexes to tell us Great Britain and the USA are the best, in the most human ways. They are mainly directed to so-called “democrats”, “liberals” and other American patriots: they tell them the USA is the best, so don’t protest too much.

        Actually don’t protest at all, focus on singing the praises of Obama and the SCOTUS (Supreme Court), and the LGT (Lesbian Gays Transexuals) whatever… (whom I call hilariously, although inappropriately, of course, the LOBGYN… for LargeObeseFemales, a joke on OBGYN, for obstetrics and gynecology).


  2. Eric Gross Says:

    “It’s precisely because they are stupid & violent that bullies lead. Thus a paradox: the worst, are most esteemed. The paradox of leadership.”

    Eric Gross: might makes right


  3. hazxan Says:

    Sometimes I think it’s a Pathocracy as much as a Plutocracy. Probably a large overlap as they are not mutually exclusive.

    Hasn’t it always been so though? Has there been a lasting civilisation where the wise, rather than ruthless ruled?

    In the long run, I don’t think our species can survive like this, it will end in extinction, with barely a fossil remaining of our brief 2 million year burst. Yet I don’t think we are entirely fatally flawed. There are many examples of the best, as well as the worst. The man who took bullets to shield his wife in the Tunisian atrocity, for example. It’s our socio-economic systems that seem flawed.

    Also, I speculate on the completely disproportionate amount of cruelty inflicted by a very small minority of psychopaths without empathy. I’m getting increasingly convinced that the majority needs to wake up and see the damage. If we were rational, we’d devote full effort to finding and eliminating the psychopath genes.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Civilization are more or less wise. Egypt was very wise, for very long. In the end though, perhaps because of the destruction of its partner, Crete, it fell asleep, ending conquered by… Libya. (That enlightens Egypt’s present irritation with Libya…)

      Roman fascist exploitation was a lasting blow to Egypt, but the first nail in the coffin was Christian terror around 400 CE. The final nail was Omar, the Second Caliph, perfidious invasion…

      Early Homo Sapiens Sapiens from Europe turns out, so far, to have left no descendants. There was always churning.

      I do not believe psychopaths are a minority. I believe only a minority of them get the opportunity to express themselves.

      Thus those who want to avoid psychopathy ought to work towards circumstances less friendly to psychopathy. (Less guns in the USA a tiny step… But far from the whole story.)


  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    “(Less guns in the USA a tiny step… But far from the whole story.)”
    Available for 19 hours, Mark Ames on a few of his topics of choice, libertarian ideology, and gun nuts ; FWIW.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting, Kevin. The author seems to say, with much more details, and different semantics (he does not use the word “plutocracy”, but describes it), what I have long said, namely that plutocracy uses guns to keep people divided, and, mostly DISTRACTED. As long as people believe guns hold the power, they won’t believe in taxes on the wealthiest, monopolies the wealthiest enjoy, that money buys elections and that elections matter… Among other things.


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