Selection Of The Dirtiest

Plutocratic Circus Blossoms As Greek Tragedy

It was not supposed to happen, but a woman in Washington, who used to head one of the world’s largest law firm in Chicago, closed all banks in Greece for a week, and made it so that Greek families now live on fifty Euros a day.

Is that democracy? Who elected that woman? Nobody. More exactly, a handful of guys, talking to each other behind closed doors. But not all is lost. Look at her superiorly tailored suit, her little diamonds, her pearl necklace. She belongs to the well dressed, Wall Street style elite.

A Face Of Evil: Wall Street Fascist Devices In Control Of Europe

A Face Of Evil: Wall Street Fascist Devices In Control Of Europe

[International Monetary Fund (IMF) executive director Christine Lagarde attends a news conference at the end of a Eurogroup meeting at the European Council building in Brussels, March 25, 2013. Elegant fox presides over the hens, to mandate their future.]

A gallery of abominable crooks who give themselves airs decides how to make an example of Greece. Hey, the Porto-Rico governor just announced Porto-Rico was not that rich, and its debt could not be repaid (proportionally, it’s higher than Greece’s). Quick, let’s starve to death a few Greeks! Kindly,  Paul Krugman in “Greece Over Brink” calls the monsters who preside over us “fantasists”.

I will stick to the truth, as I have no reason to spare corrupt crooks who abuse their powers. Differently from Krugman, I don’t have to be polite with these sadistic monsters.

Some may raise an eyebrow: am I not overly critical against a particular individual? Yes, for cause: my scathing critique is directed to a particular criminal behavior. I have no problem hating particular individuals, such as Hitler and his ilk.

Condemning people for crimes they engaged in is the exact opposite from hating people for no good reason, such as where they come from.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely:

Why did the Eurozone bring the International Monetary Fund based in Washington, half a mile from the White House, into what ought to have been an internal European affair? Was it to make sure that Washington would rule the Eurozone?

Does that sound counter-intuitive? Not at all. It is something completely natural. The top European leaders are, or have been, all agents, top operators in, or completely obsessed by the American system.

It’s clear that Greece cannot pay the monumental debt it incurred when money was given to banks. And here the IMF has behaved atrociously: after the Greek government accepted all conditions last week, unbelievably the IMF came up with new orders, such as augmenting the Added Value Tax, higher up. Such an VAT strikes everybody, including the poorest of the poor. The standard rate of VAT in Greece is 23%. (Compare with California’s 10% sales tax!)

Christine Lagarde thinks the Greeks are children. But, when she was offering hundreds of millions Euros of public money to plutocrook Bernard Tapie, she did not mind to deal with a child. Why?

Probably because she is corrupt. Corrupt, some of the naive will say, smirking. Does not corruption imply giving money? Show me the money, and they cackle smugly. However, money is power, absolute money is absolute power, and it corrupts absolutely. Lagarde, an ex competitive swimmer, has enormous power, given to her by other politicians, themselves elected from, and by, money.

Actually, it’s not a probability, but a certainty: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lagarde, although the prime villain this week, is closely followed by the head of the EC, one of the world’s greatest engineers of corruption, ever, and the German finance minister (yes, someone already shot that one, that’s why he is in a wheelchair).


Financial Terror Feeds Terrorism In General:

Muslim terrorism is, first of all, an intellectual phenomenon: terrorists just read a book written by generals in a time so primitive, the Arabic language did not fully exists, in written form. However terrorism is (partly) motivated, not just by the manipulations of plutocrats, but also by a legitimate rage against plutocracy.

Plutocrats know no bounds, such is their cruel nature. They belong to the most horrendous aspects of mythology. Indeed, the victimization of Greece is a case in point. Some of the most horrendous creatures are on the front stage, pontificating, making up stories that will be remembered for centuries.

Plutocrats hated Alexis Tsipras, the new Greek PM. They had to make him fail. Just when he had agreed to violate a bit the mandate under which he had been elected (his party, Syriza, controls 156 seats in Parliament), Lagarde and her abominable muses, sprang the trap: they asked for more from the (basically) innocent people of Greece. Specifically, they wanted an even higher VAT, as if 23% were not enough.

This, from crooks who fly in private jets.

Somer people will say that someone like Lagarde went from swimmer to head of the IMF on merit. There is another possibility, though: look at Heinrich Himmler. Did he get up there, at the head of the SS, on merit? Not really. Even fellow Nazis admitted he was not that bright (and joked that his brains was Reinhart Heydrich).  Himmler got up there because he was willing to do the dirtiest work.

In the end, Himmler, to advance himself in the rather difficult circumstances of the collapse and invasion of the Third Reich, had to save thousands of Jews (in cooperation with the Swedes, who were also anxious to paint themselves as the opposite of what they had been). Himmler did what it took to advance himself. Whatever it was. If it meant kissing and making up with the Jews, so be it.

So did Stalin: he used to rob banks, with maximum violence, at the head of a gang. So does Lagarde and her ilk. Such individuals will do whatever it takes to advance themselves. That’s why so many “leaders” got where everybody could look up to them. That’s why, and how, they ended, ordering tens of millions. It is the SELECTION OF THE DIRTIEST. Oligarchies all need goons to do the dirty work, just as they need janitors. The dirtiest goons take the decisions, their masters, the plutocrats, smile. The world we have.

Patrice Ayme’

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18 Responses to “Selection Of The Dirtiest”

  1. pshakkottai Says:

    I quote from
    Hi Patrice:
    Knowledge@Wharton: Of all the things that you do here, what are you most passionate about? What would you really like to make sure happens? It could be a small thing, it could be a large thing. What is it that really has your heart?

    Lagarde: That’s complicated. I think it’s this issue of relevance … that is of real concern to me. You see, this is a very fascinating institution because it’s completely counter-cyclical. When the world around the IMF goes downhill, we thrive. We become extremely active because we lend money, we earn interest and charges and all the rest of it, and the institution does well. When the world goes well and we’ve had years of growth, as was the case back in 2006 and 2007, the IMF doesn’t do so well both financially and otherwise.

    Translation: My job is to screw up the world as much as possible so that my employer, the IMF does well. How am I doing so far?


    • gmax Says:

      That Lagarde made new demands after the accord last week. She wants Greece to fail: it’s her €1.7 billion that is precipitating the crisis. Could not be clearer. Maybe her friends at some hedge funds are short Greek bonds, or something


  2. dominique deux Says:

    Lagarde’s appointment to the IMF was an egregious mistake (I ranted against it at the time).
    She’s no economist. She’s an US corporate lawyer: a shill, a mouthpiece for well-heeled wrongdoers and law evaders, with the ethics of a scavenger rather than a predator. She has been under judicial investigation, and was already when Sarkozy exfiltrated her to Washington. (to buy her silence?). Her appointment was sold to the French public as a feather in France’s (read: Sarkozy’s) hat, keeping the helm of the IMF in French hands after the DSK debacle. However, it gained France nothing but the resentment of emerging countries which rightly felt it was their turn at the helm – which is pretty much meaningless, as the shot-callers in the IMF are its main stockholders, not its members in general, and not its staff, of course.
    This being said, she’s following her usual pattern: doing what she’s told to do, and taking the heat.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: All your points are excellent. Now a confrontation is building up, acquiring a life of its own. The risk of major damage to Europe, to the idea of Europe, is increasing by the day, as the Greek population gets kicked around, for all to see.


    • John Rogers Says:

      Another corporate lawyer was Allen Dulles, CIA head, who always made it plain to anyone who listened that he was not a diplomat or something else, but a lawyer. Lawyers, of course, work for clients. The whole Bush family going back to Prescott are gophers for the plutocrats. And Sarkozy was widely rumored to be a CIA installation. So, Sarkozy brings Lagarde back . . .


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        The Dulles brothers were second knives of the lawyering type to the likes of the Bushes, themselves employees of the top plutocrats who supported all the fascists they could find after 1918, including, but not limited to, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, etc. Brown Brother Harriman is symbolic of that situation. Titans such as the Harriman brothers pulled the strings of the democratic party for decades; one of them was ambassador to Paris for decades (nice post). Those people created networks of natives to support their point of view.

        Allen Dulles was more than CIA head; he created it, and shortly before that, was head in Berlin of denazification. He was best qualified for that, having had something like 1,000 Nazi clients before 1942…


        • John Rogers Says:

          Just finished reading Hidden Agenda. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It all makes too much sense. Particularly the Duke’s love of fascism and his hyper-narcissism.

          Another interesting little factoid about Wallis and the Duke. They had the servants take scissors and cut the toilet paper into squares so they would have a little pile of toilet paper leaves to wipe their arses, Wonderful people really.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Thanks, John! If you have more tidbits like that, fork them over! I did not read the book (too busy!) Just fired another torpedo against the IMF, as Attali (who is as establishment as possible) just fired one… Roughly supporting what I was saying…


  3. pshakkottai Says:

    The missing reference is
    I quote From.


  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    A drive-by comment, semi-related to this post only (as well as to this tidbit about “Nuland being part of the real gvt of the USA) :

    Some issues with the source, though, even if it is part of my broadly-defined “Tells Me What To Think” (because I wouldn’t want to try and think all by myself, now, would I?)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Unconventional sources are crucial: historically, it’s rare that revolutionary knowledge came from previously considered to be authoritative sources. And even then, when previously authoritative (Archimedes, Abelard, Rabelais, Galileo, Mozart, Beethoven, Nietzsche, Boltzmann, De Broglie), they become VERY controversial when doing their major work. The archetype here is BURIDAN, the First Law of Newton and heliocentric hero, who was demolished, a century after his death, by the church.

      For example all and any source, book, report, connecting Nazism and USA plutocracy is carefully deconsidered by those who are paid to do so. It’s better, safer, more profitable, to accuse the SNCF to be a Nazi organization…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t have the time to read the whole thing at this point. But many of the… points made are entirely valid. I have myself witnessed the “Deep State” or, as some of my plutocratic contacts call it, the “Real State”. Some of my observation were made inches from the ultimate powers that be, and I did not really understood what I saw initially: the MSM does not talk about it.

      It’s obvious someone like Lagarde has antennas to detect what the Deep State wants. And act accordingly, like taking a much harder line a week ago with Tsipras… Now Mr. Sapin, the French finance minister argues they were just “negotiating”. Well, when one negotiates, one does not change one’s demands after the other side has accepted them…. Except, well, if one just got new orders from the… Deep State (those who own private jets companies, for example, among a tiny possession, by their standards…)


  5. Kevin Berger Says:

    And still from the “Tells Me What To Think” dpt, a copy & paste job (not that the following hasn’t been mentioned and covered extensively here before, as per DII’s comment above, for example) :

    – Christine Lagarde est mise en examen dans l’affaire de l’arbitrage favorable rendu à Bernard Tapie (403 millions d’€) : elle était alors ministre de l’économie.

    – Jean-Claude Junker a été premier ministre du Luxembourg, favorisant l’évasion fiscale massive vers son pays au détriment de ses partenaires européens.

    – Mario Draghi était vice-président Europe de Goldman Sachs lorsque la banque privée a aidé le gouvernement grec de l’époque à maquiller son déficit avec des produits dérivés.

    Voici les visages de la Troïka qui donne des leçons à Alexis Tsipras et qui appelle à voter Oui-Oui et à accélérer l’austérité en Grèce !


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have a bit more along the same lines coming within an hour. Dominique Deux too (that makes three of us at least) believes Lagarde got marching orders (to demolish the EU? To make Cameron’s hand in saving London plutocracy stronger?).


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent as comment to Jacques Attali’s Post.]

    Excellent observations. The IMF is located less than half a mile from the White House. Christine Lagarde was already the head of one the world’s largest law firms, based in Chicago, long ago. She seems to be a professional figure head, French looking, but actually simply an agent of the empire of the USA. Much of the European leadership seems to be in debt to the USA. Take the head of the European Central Bank: PhD MIT, vice-chairman at Goldman Sachs (as Mario Monti, an Italian PM).

    So what is the IMF doing inside the Eurozone governance? Making sure that individuals employed in and by Washington DC are in command. Of Europe:

    The empire of the USA does not have any interest in a strong and independent Europe: healthy, yet dependent is what it wishes. Dependence means submission, a lower status, fewer riches, more work, less comfort, no control of one’s destiny.


  7. IMF: NSA Trojan Horse? | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] excellent observations, Jacques. The IMF is located less than half a mile from the White House. Christine Lagarde was already the head of one the world’s largest law firms, based in Chicago, long ago. She seems to be a […]


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