IMF: NSA Trojan Horse?

It is known the German government spied France, and her state of the art industries, on the behalf of the NSA (even the New York Times mentions it in “Germany, Too, Is Accused Of Spying On Friends“, “Another Spying Scandal In Germany…”). Gregor Gysi, a prominent German from the opposition Left party, accused Ms. Merkel of “treason.”Is Merkel’s government betraying some more? Such as deliberately sabotaging the Euro?

I am not making all of this up out of thin air, in a sudden attack of crazed conspiracy fever. Please consult that other leftist institution, the Wall Street Journal:

“What is the IMF doing in this Greek mess? Wonders Jacques Attali, Jul 1, 2015. My thesis is simple:

Sarko l'Americain & Merkel, NSA Spy, Offer IMF Trojan Horse To Greeks

Sarko l’Americain & Merkel, NSA Spy, Offer IMF Trojan Horse To Greeks

The National Security Agency American spy, Angela Merkel, and the USA obsessed Sarkozy (Sarkozy’s brother worked for the Carlyle Group, a shadowy organization specializing in satanic investment in military procurement at the time; heading the Carlyle Group is the sort of dream job Obama can only dream of, when he graduates from the drone dispatching center he heads in a White House)

Attali observes:

“The Greek situation, in all its dimensions, has become more grotesque with every passing day, and more specifically in the last year, by the very negative and preposterous role the International Monetary Fund plays in this.

An observer from Mars landing on Earth this week would ask in astonishment how Europeans had allowed three non-European economists working for an institution dominated by the US, we have no idea who appointed them, to decide the fate of the euro!?”

Jacques Attali is an important European, because of the judiciousness of his advice to many a European leader, and his heading various institutions and commissions (including one suggesting many reforms in France, few of which have been applied so far). Attali is also a classical symphonic conductor of international renown and practice. Attali was founding head of the European Investment Bank, a EU institution based in London, and close adviser to presidents Mitterrand, and Sarkozy.

Says Attali: …”the Eurogroup political leaders have allowed the IMF to creep in among the negotiators of all Greek debt… Attali notice that, whereas the Greek debt was strictly between Greece, the EU and the ECB, European leaders after a while decided they would not do anything without the IMF’s agreement.

Attali: “…when European experts came to realize that it was not by destroying the last resorts of Greek growth that their debt would be reduced, the so-called experts from the IMF, power crazy, continued to seek to impose suicidal savings on that country, without seeing that it will never be able to repay a debt that must be canceled urgently and in a formal way….

The only thing one would have hoped from the IMF, in this debacle, is that the Americans, on which it heavily depends upon, find a way to explain… the major geostrategic importance of Greek stability, and thus Greece continued participation in the eurozone. No, the Americans could not, or would not, do more than call the Greeks every day to ask them to surrender to the diktat of the IMF.

Attali thinks the IMF ought to be destroyed:

At a time when Asians are challenging the very existence of the Bretton Woods institutions, because they are not given their rightful place there, it is time for Europeans to question the sustainability of an institution that will be, if circumstances turn for the worse, really responsible for the tragedy that would follow a Greek default.

The solution, though, is simple, and the Europeans would have probably applied it a long time ago if the intellectual terrorism of the so-called IMF experts was not present: a reasonable savings plan, socially just, without requiring further assistance, but also with a reduction of the Greek debt to below 100% of GDP, through the cancellation of a significant part of public, bilateral and multilateral debts, that they all know cannot be reimbursed, and that some continue to claim, to save face. And for that, create urgently a genuinely European Monetary Fund, precursor of a Euro Treasury, and a Eurozone Ministry of Finance.”

All excellent observations, Jacques. The IMF is located less than half a mile from the White House. Christine Lagarde was already the head of one the world’s largest law firms, an American law firm, based in Chicago, long ago. She seems to be a professional figurehead, French looking, but actually simply an agent of the empire of the USA. Much of the European leadership seems to be in debt to the USA.

Consider the head of the European Central Bank: PhD MIT, vice-chairman at Goldman Sachs (as Mario Monti, an Italian PM). So what is the IMF doing inside the Eurozone governance? Making sure that individuals employed in and by Washington DC are in command. Of Europe: The empire of the USA does not have any interest in a strong and independent Europe: healthy is what it wishes, yet dependent is what it requires. Dependence means submission, a lower status, fewer riches, more work, less comfort, no control of one’s destiny. It’s about making sure structures, institutions, which favor and select for the power and wealth of the USA are in place.


Europe Is Under Plutocratic Attack, Hence The Need For Union:

Some suggest that one cannot have a monetary union without a political union. That’s not correct. The Dollar is named after a currency, the “Thaler”, or “Tolar” (it has other names). The Tolar existed for centuries over much of Central Europe, without any political union. It was so famous that the currency of the USA is named after it.

So what is going on now? Why can’t the Eurozone survive without political union? The reason is simple: the USA’s establishment is hostile to the Euro (it’s trying its best, and succeeding, to hide its immense anger at the uppity Europeans, with their arrogant currency).

It looks like economics, but it’s all politics. Before Greece got in the European Union, Greece was controlled by colonels controlled by the USA. Many operators in the USA, those of the “Deep State”, the Wolvowitzs of the USA, would love to see Greece revert to full control of the USA. And that was probably the entire idea of putting the IMF inside the Eurozone.

Who asked for controlling Europe with the IMF? Germany, in 2010. At the same time, we learn that Germany acted like a spy on the French government, on behalf of the NSA (French and German governments are in very close, permanent contact).

So just like the NSA asked Germany to spy on France, did the NSA ask Germany to bring the IMF Trojan Horse inside Europe?

Americans have been programmed to say that “conspiracy theorists” are insane. Indeed. One has to be insane to expose the various conspiracies which insure USA dominance. USA plutocracy makes sure that it is dangerous, and not profitable.

Europe has a social model that the owners of the USA, those who pay for American universities, find unbearable. That’s why they want to destroy it.

More prosaically and cautiously, Attali concludes that:

“Europeans, solve your problems among yourselves. Rely on your own forces alone. Do not give in to pressures or ways of thinking that came from across the Atlantic or the Pacific. Give yourself a project and take action. It really is about time you did.”

As the European elite has been put in place, or in power, or made rich, by American plutocracy, independence is not so easy to implement (Africa has long known this problem, the problem of the elite controlled by greater forces, a perfect illustration of which is Barack Obama himself).

Patrice Ayme’

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12 Responses to “IMF: NSA Trojan Horse?”

  1. gmax Says:

    The pluto rats love it. They are probably short everything European


  2. Kevin Berger Says:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Interesting. However, sort of old hat. The newer news, from May 2015, is that Merkel HERSELF would be a NSA shill, spy, accomplice, whatever. From the New York Times:

      “Ms. Merkel’s critics accuse her of being the N.S.A.’s lap dog, and her intelligence services of perhaps facilitating spying on at least two European companies, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company and Eurocopter, both part of what is now the Airbus Group.
      Adding to the political pressure, emails between American and German officials have been leaked, all but confirming that a much-publicized effort in 2013 and 2014 to create rules that would halt any American snooping on German soil was largely a sham.”


  3. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Lagarde: Trojan cow

    Tsipras: Trojan hero

    Merkel: Teutonic dinosaur


  4. ⭐J⭐O⭐E⭐L⭐ ⭐C⭐A⭐B⭐R⭐E⭐R⭐A⭐ Says:

    The inexorable pull of U.S. influence is more powerful than gravity itself, it seems; all global forces bend to it in one way or another. It’s pretty overwhelming stuff, and I can see why some countries rebel against it outright (Venezuela, Argentina, Russia, etc;).


  5. John Rogers Says:

    Heads of European states as agents for US intelligence! Not just them.

    Obama’s mother and her parents were so obviously CIA when you study their work and residence histories. But they were part of the system Allen Dulles set up for his clients (cough, plutocrats) where anyone (generals, bureaucrats, Presidential assistants, anthropologists, furniture salesmen, whatever) may have a second brief (their “real” job) working on the Agency payroll. (I don’t know whether they have a secret handshake, but I’m sure all of them think of themselves as being part of a very special group.)

    All of it shielded under draconian secrecy and national security laws to hide the rot and destruction of democratic governance which is its intended purpose. And why they went batshit crazy about Snowden, Wikileaks and Julian Assange and dragged out the 1918 Alien & Sedition Act for the first time in 70 or 80 years. Which also is why there is this apparent conundrum with “good guy” Barack Obama and his enthusiasm for covert ops, crucifying whistleblowers and the rest of it. There’s no conundrum if you know his background.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The usual anti-idea here is to say that this “all conspiracy theory”. Meaning we are insane. However, we just know history. History is little more than the history of conspiracies. As it takes always at least 2 men breathing together to launch great actions.

      So how do we know for sure? What, we look at the most egregious cases. Barbie was arguably the WORST certified Nazi. Klauss Barbie tortured to death personally 5,000 persons. Including Anglo-Saxon members of the military of both genders, children. This was completely known.
      Barbie was among the most outrageous (free) agents of the CIA. The French were looking for him actively, and finally kidnapped him in Bolivia. American Secret services exfiltrated from Europe Nazi IBM directors whom the French were also looking for.

      Barbie was protected by the CIA for decades, demonstrating his value in the eyes of that agency. & what CIA was all about.

      I agree with the rest of what you say. Unfortunately. Stay away from that whistleblower lists, hahaha…

      And so on.
      Clearly Nazism was a detour on the way to USA hegemony.


  6. Moods Rules, Countries Follow | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] Morality Without Intelligence Makes As Much Sense As Will Without Mind. Intelligence Is At The Core Of Humanism. « IMF: NSA Trojan Horse? […]


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