Triumph of democracy in Greece against a handful of arrogant domineering baboons who have oppressed us all. Nearly two-thirds of the Greeks said no to paying more to banksters, plutocrats, kleptocrats, insufferable tyrants, many of them not even elected in any sense, somewhat demented liars, and their ubiquitous propaganda, who call their on-going thievery, “austerity“. Watch them climb in their private jets, to plot in secluded resorts: austerity for us, plutocracy for them.

The latest science shows that democracy is not just fundamental to human beings, it is fundamental to the primates we have evolved from, and into, for millions of years. Primates evolved into democracy, democracy evolved into us.

Our deepest ethology is where “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” comes from. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, the essence of democracy, is so human, it’s even simian. By rejecting it, plutocrats and their obsequious butlers are not only crushing the human condition, and the roots of humanity, but are pushing us back down to a pre-simian state.

What’s your Problem? We Have So Much In Common. Including A Serious Bite

What’s your Problem? We Have So Much In Common. Including A Serious Bite

When organized in military formation, a baboon troop fears only man. Then the alpha males’ hierarchy is crucial.

(As a child, I engaged in reciprocal stone throwing with baboon troops. That amused, and trained, both sides. Baboons throw stones from below, as they do not have the superior, tree hanging shoulders of human. Their stones don’t reach as far, and as powerfully. Moreover, they are clever enough to know it’s mock fighting. Thus, the practice is safe for human children. It was an eye-of-wisdom opener for me.)

From “Shared decision-making drives collective movement in wild baboons”:

“Conflicts of interest about where to go and what to do are a primary challenge of group living. However, it remains unclear how consensus is achieved in stable groups with stratified social relationships. Tracking wild baboons with a high-resolution global positioning system and analyzing their movements relative to one another reveals that a process of shared decision-making governs baboon movement. Rather than preferentially following dominant individuals, baboons are more likely to follow when multiple initiators agree. When conflicts arise over the direction of movement, baboons choose one direction over the other when the angle between them is large, but they compromise if it is not. These results are consistent with models of collective motion, suggesting that democratic collective action emerging from simple rules is widespread, even in complex, socially stratified societies.”

So question: if “democratic collective action emerging from simple rules is widespread, even in complex, socially stratified societies”, why is HUMAN politics organized the way it is now, in a completely inhuman way?

Democracy Follows Mathematical Rules: Thus, Plutocracy Is Illogical

Democracy Follows Mathematical Rules: Thus, Plutocracy Is Illogical

Some sing the praises of the genus Homo: how special we are! How subtle! We, humans, don’t have just culture, but culture wars! A few millions years ago, we humans evolved, and became so special, we are the crown of creation!

In truth, though, not only culture is not restricted to us, humans, but even the ability to switch among cultural regimens, is not restricted to us. Baboons, let alone chimps, do this everyday, several times a day. They switch readily from democracy to fascism, according to circumstances. (Eurocrats and other plutocrats don’t switch: they are 100% fascism, 100% of the time.)

Ethology is the study of behavior. Ethology is god-given, that is, evolutionarily given, as evolution is our creator. Morality comes from “mores” (in Latin). That means behavior as it usually occurs. It was actually a deliberate translation of the Greek “ethos”, which evolved the same way. indeed, the Greek ethos means “habitual character and disposition; moral character; habit, custom; an accustomed place,” in plural, “manners”.

Thus ethology, even etymologically, is about the stable forms evolution elected.

Timidly the review in Science argued that “signs of democracy are seen in typically authoritarian baboon society”. Well, no. What is typically authoritarian is the baboon society we have now, led by the tyranny of a few alphas.

Baboons are always on the move, looking for food, or water, which they need every day. When it’s time to travel, wild olive baboons make democratic decisions about where to go. Even though they live in highly hierarchical societies. Why? Because democracy is wiser. For taking the most important decisions.

A troop of 25 Olive Baboons (Cynocephalus, represented) was fitted with GPS, and their displacement strategies observed. “Initiators” branched out on their own. They are basically the scientists, the baboons with the most original behavior, literally speaking. Whereas the high alpha individuals are the generals.

When enough initiators branched out, the rest of the troop would follow them. If the alphas went one way, and initiators another, the troop would go in between. Game Theory suggests, though, that if the angle between alphas and initiators is too great, the troop would chose one, or the other. This is exactly what is observed (see the graph above).

(That means that baboons brains are capable of mathematics so high that they were only made explicit in the 1950s: mathematicians are just baboons who talk about how they got to their conclusions.)

The discovery was a surprise, because superficial observations of baboon societies showed that large, domineering, fiercely ferocious alpha males typically get their way—pushing all in the way to get food or mates. Occasionally they have been seen inflicting lethal wounds with just one bite, even to females (dominating baboons, the golos, have enormous canines which frighten any predator).

But when choosing where to travel, a baboon’s social rank or gender is irrelevant. Displacement strategy is a science, not a military attack. Wisdom, intelligence, are more important.

“Despite their social status, it’s not necessarily the biggest alpha males that influence where groups go,” explained Margaret Crofoot, assistant professor at UC Davis, who co-authored the report.


Contrast Simian Democracy with the present authoritarian plutocratic society: plutocrats paid in June 2015 33,400 dollars to visit with the alpha male of the USA and influence him.

Knowing the baboon in chief of the USA can be highly profitable: Elon Musk, another tall guy who looks good on TV, broke when Obama got to power, made 12 billion dollars, in six years, all of them from government subsidies. (And then there are all the deals below the surface between the so-called tech companies, truly monopolies mixing tax evasion with NSA activities: you know their names; maybe in a shot across the bow, the French Republic unamused, outright incarcerated the CEOs of Uber Europe and Uber France.)

Analyses have showed there are no more democratic decisions in countries such as the USA (the plutocratic elite decides the laws it wants to be passed)

Plutocracy does not just violate human rights, but our deepest nature, our very essence. Plutocracy devours the very spirit which brought up the genius of our genus Homo.


When The Thinking Gets Tough, Democracy Decides:

The “typical authoritarian” behavior of baboons intervenes in a different regime, namely, war. War (with alien species) happens everyday, when looking for water. Culturally, baboons, just to survive, have to be able to switch from one regime of behavior, to the other.

That does not mean the two cultures are at war: instead, they are complementary. Meta-culture also exists, or the ability to find, among various cultures, the most appropriate, at that instant.

Studies on chimpanzees have shown that females are often carefully studying nature, and often devising new behaviors that way. Call that proto-science.

Culture is not new, nor are culture wars, they are tens of million years old, and thus, all the deeper.

Those who oppose democracy are inhuman. Thus, the rise of plutocracy is not just about inequality violated. It is not just about freedom and fraternity, violated. The rise of plutocracy, is about humanity, denied.

Thinking species need democracy, because democracy puts many brains in parallel, just augmenting the intelligence accordingly. Solitary brains, like Merkel’s, Obama’s, Hollande’s, Cameron’s, Xi’s, let alone Lagarde and Putin, could not even lead a baboon troop: they are not smart enough.

We need to think by ourselves, all together, as baboons do. And we need it more, because our world is much more complex. The Greek crisis (and we all have it, more or less) demonstrates that greedy lunatics are leading us by the nose. Enough. We need our collective wisdom, not their arrogant, self-obsessed, catastrophic idiocy.

Democracy is not just a question of genius, it is what made our genus possible.

Patrice Ayme’


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  1. Melody Ermachild Says:

    I am really glad the vote was not by a small margin either way. It’s clear the Greek voters understood that they were fighting the Oligarchs with their votes. What bravery, with their banks closed, their economy on the rocks. As a American, I can contrast Tsipras with Nancy Pelosi who totally fell for the terroristic threats of the Banksters in 2008 (we all did!). Even the Germans who felt they don’t want to “pay for the Greeks” will, I hope, someday understand that the Greeks today voted to try to save all of social democracy in all Europe. The same kleptocrats who don’t want Americans to have health care or pensions or maternity leave or pre-school or decent infrastructure would like to break all of Europe. They don’t like having an example that there could be a better way to live. They especially don’t like the existence of strong unions and CEOs who make only 50 times the workers instead of 500 times. (Or whatever the figures are). This isn’t the end of this story.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Melody, this is wonderful. It’s important it was not close, in spite of the (grotesque) German threats. All Germans, including socialist Martin Schultz, president of the EU Parliament, have gone off the deep end.

      The French finance minster, Mr. Sapin, thankfully made statesman like and helpful comments. Hopefully, the French will take control, and Teutonic stupidity will titanically disappear below the waves.

      92% of “aid to Greece” was aid to banks mismanaged by banksters (most of them non-Greece based).

      Giving the aid-to-Greece to banksters was, among others, Papandreou’s decision. That “socialist” is from one of Greece’s greatest plutocratic family. Same BHL, who poses for a friend of the people, aligned himself, big time, behind fellow plutocrats (he squeezed a billion out of Africa, through sheer corruption and the sort of methods democrats in the USA have made us used to).

      In a related matter, I was stunned by the huge PR campaign of NASA on the behalf of Space X, after Sunday’s explosion.

      Hmm… I have to totally run right now… More later.

  2. brodix Says:

    Baboon troops don’t number in the hundreds of millions either. With that many members, its not just politics or mathematics, its physics.
    The real problem is quite simple. Money is a contract, but we treat it as a commodity. It is essentially an enormous voucher system and if you thought about how voucher systems work, it would make no sense whatsoever to have more in circulation than are comfortably necessary, yet because we think of them as a commodity, everyone wants as many as possible and the entire system is designed to create as much of this notational “capital” as possible.
    Money and finance are the circulation system of society and the economy. So to use it to store wealth would be essentially synonymous to using the body’s circulation system to store fat.
    Not a very good idea, when you think of it in those terms, but it is a consequence of how it developed, as a service provided by private interests, when national systems were frequently bankrupted by the various intertribal European wars, with gold being used as collateral.
    Yet the current system is back by public debt, which requires lots of public debt being created, just to allow the system to function.
    Now logically, if the public is going to back the currency, than the rent from its functioning has to be returned to the public, but it has been ingrained that these notes are private property, not a public medium.
    We can understand roads as public property, but mention that finance is a very similar function and people freak out.
    There are much deeper conceptual issues at work here as well.
    One is that people are very linear thinkers, but nature is much more reciprocal and cyclical. So we think of value as going one way and any reciprocal actions as being emergent from that, rather than the other way around, that any singular action requires an opposite force. A debt to every obligation, just like every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
    Even physicists are convinced the entire universe began at a Genesis point and grew from there, even though they keep having to patch this idea with enormous invisible forces of nature. So it should be no wonder most people have very simple views of money.
    When you try telling them something that goes against their beliefs, most people will just throw stones, not question the culture. So change can only happen when the culture fails.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have seen baboon troops with hundreds of individuals… Too much money around is a problem, indeed. Inflation makes economic activity difficult. However, not enough money to operate the economy, is much worse: it prevents activity outright..

      • brodix Says:


        Which was probably the size of human tribes, for millions of years.

        Of course not enough money is also bad. That is the importance of balance and not always thinking that a little is good, so more must always be better.

        We like to project linearly, without taking into account the reaction. For instance, even physicists project gravity to infinite black holes, without taking into account that real gravitational vortices are shedding enormous amounts of radiation and whatever does falling into the middle is shot out the poles.

        Similarly everyone wants infinite amounts of money, without taking into account how creating it is destroying the environment that is the basis of any real wealth and value to living beings.

        All we are really doing is creating an enormous wave that will crash down on us.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          ONE Problem with Black Holes, as exposed by me, decades ago, to Yau, Penrose, Hawking, and many other worthies, is that enough of a gravitational field Blackholes (neologism!) the graviton itself. So gravitation shuts down itself. That made them furious, but they had nothing to say. I do.

          As I said several times, we have the deadly example of austerity: The Roman Empire proximally died from it. I gave the exact chronology. The problem of Europe is not “infinite amounts of money“, BUT ITS EXACT OPPOSITE. Thinking like idiotic Prussians is still idiotic, even if one is not Prussian. (More coming on German terminal, chronic imbecility today. Do these people ever learn?)

        • John Rogers Says:

          Gregory Bateson used to write a lot about the “more is better” fallacy. With practically anything the workable zone is in the middle, get too far off that and there’s trouble. Too little water, you die of thirst; too much you drown. Too cold, you freeze; too hot you die of heat stroke.
          I’ve got a feeling (which I haven’t been able to tease out yet) that this is something of the same sort of thing as Nassim Taleb’s Antifragility.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Too much water, and electrolyte imbalances appear… Which can stop a heart, as many a marathoner has found, to his ephemeral dismay, in recent years… I run long distance without even a backpack, as I did yesterday, so I guess the desert is my fate (then I gulped a very cool Mango Tango Odwalla at the first Whole Food I could find…)

      • brodix Says:

        Think of it as blood in the circulation system. You don’t want too little, or too much.

  3. Paul Handover Says:

    European politics are going to be interesting to watch over the coming week!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. Apparently Hollande got Varoufakis out. Are the French the real Germans?

      BTW, baboons’ real name is dog-head (“cynocephalus”)… Baboons have lots in common with dogs…

  4. gmax Says:

    Varoufakis resigned: “Minister no more!” He tweeted. Seems like Tsipras, after talking with Hollande, has decided to concede a bit…

    We need more democracy, much more.

  5. John Rogers Says:

    Good stuff Patrice! Thanks very much.

    What struck me, as I’m sure it did you, were the overarching boogeyman arguments – if Greece votes no, the world will end! Fear, fear, fear! Be very afraid!

    One of the problems with modern day conservatives (the ground troops for the plutocrats, who are actually reactionaries trying to protect or regain their power base) is their argument ALWAYS seems to be fear – of terrorists! of communists! of greedy Greek pensioners! It’s a one-note song and they never have any really new ideas to offer. Having no argument but fear may be why they always seem to be so hyper-emotional about everything.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Fear brings out the fascist instinct. Fascism is the idea of out of many bodies, one brain, thus, one creature all about ferocity, striking well organized blows. Napoleon lost at Waterloo because Grouchy’s 30,000 men army (which, by itself, was larger than the 25,000 men British army) did not present itself on the battlefield (not out of cowardice, but misleading orders and getting lost).

      Plutocracy is, at the very least, in its most innocuous base state, is economic fascism (a few brains at the top deal with the rest of society as if it were their body).

      Thus fear is essential to plutocracy, and hysteria best to induce fear.

  6. John Rogers Says:

    Uh oh, Thomas Piketty gave an interview and ripped the veil off the German Vestal Virgins of finance:

    “Germany is the country that has never repaid its debts. It has no standing to lecture other nations.”

    The interview is very much worth a read as it discusses the real history (as opposed to plutocracy propaganda). Also a fabulous 1954 photo of the Greek finance minister signing off on 50% debt relief for Germany!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks John, I am going to read it. Germany is in no position to go back to vocal fascism, as it is doing. Anyway, there is no need for them to bark, the real bosses of Europe are the French (from having won the war the French declared against teutonic, titanic infamy, September 3, 1939).

      So Merkel was convoked (in all appearance) to the Elysee, Monday evening to get her orders from Hollande.

      France is full of a plutocratic right wingers, tough on Greece (whereas the FN is more subtle). I just listened to Rachida Dati (American PC people would view her as an Arab, she is actually a Parisian lawyer cum European Deputy, cum Mayor of an arrondissement, and was Sarkozy’s Justice Minister). Dati was ferocious, and gives Greece no quarters. Whatsoever. The French right wing is sold to plutocracy… As the SPD was in 1914, and became that way again under Schroeder…

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks a zillion, John, I am going to use it, today. It avoids me to repeat myself.

  7. brodix Says:


    Like blood, money has to circulate through the whole system, not just pool at the top and trickle down. Henry Ford understood the people doing the work had to be able to afford the product, or it all freezes up, but these idiots think that if they drain every penny into their own pockets, the economy that gives the money value in the first place will continue to function, but they are delusional.

    When there was inflation in the economy in the 70’s, presumably Volcker cured it by raising interest rates, which meant buying less debt and selling some of what they were holding. Now it never really went away until 82, by which time the federal deficit was over 200 billion a year and that was real money in those days.

    So what is the difference between the Fed selling debt it is holding the Treasury issuing fresh debt? Other than the government can do some Kenysian pump priming with what they skim off.

    Which all goes to show that if there is an excess of money in the economy, the best place to look for it is with those with an excess of wealth, because they are the ones buying most of those bonds.

    So the reason the economy has continued to function for the last 35 years is because this wealth was borrowed back and circulated through the rest of the economy, but in order to do so, enormous new public debt had to be created.

    Now the consequence is analogous to clogged arteries, high blood pressure and little circulation to the extremities.

    Just like government had to be turned into a public trust, when private government/monarchy could no longer function, now we have to face the realization that money in circulation is a public utility and money can only be withdrawn from circulation in very limited amounts, so this capacity for investment has to be widely distributed, like fat cells around the body.

    The bursting of this bubble will be the opportunity for people to learn how it works.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear John: pretty good analogies. “Public debt” is a political, not really economic, decision, in the case of a SOVEREIGN. Louis XVI asked insistently, but all too politely, the nobles and church (= plutocrats) to pay. Turned out he should have just shortened a few of them (basically what Washington and company did).
      Britain did not, because it was plutocratically controlled. In the end it is where it is today, namely increasingly second rate.

      No Euro… Pean power pulls military weight now, but for France, which is fighting like crazy, all over (similar to USA). France does so by flouting the deficit limits of the Euro. If the Reichstag disagree, maybe we should send a few Rafales to buzz it… After shooting down the one or two Typhoons which can fly. Typhoon is also French made (Airbus).

      • brodix Says:


        Thank you.

        It really is a very simple and basic observation, than a nation’s currency is a public medium, much like its roads.
        This isn’t a critique against wealth, as people can certainly acquire and build economic and personal assets, businesses, factories, farms, etc, but just acknowledgement that the financial medium tying them all together has to be a form of public commons, or eventually those who owns and control this system are able to use it to fully dominate and consequently destroy the rest of the economic process, by draining value out of all other aspects. Those running this system are fully aware of its power and do everything possible to suppress how it functions from being common knowledge.
        That is why their ultimate success, to drain all possible value out of the rest of the economy and use enough of it to buy sufficient protection and support, will necessarily also be their logical undoing.
        The monarchists used to argue that “mob rule” would never work and it has taken a great deal of effort to prove them wrong. The bankers can’t even allow acknowledgement of another system, because the comparison with their own system would be far more starkly black and white, than between monarchy and democracy.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          All mental creators have to be wealthy enough to have time to pursue their work. If I washed dishes all day, I could not contribute… Monnet, the impressioniste from “Impresssion Soleil Levant” (the archtypical impressionist painting, which its name to the genre) had to have enough money to afford the hotel room from which he painted said painting… Later he was supported by a rich doctor who became a friend. And so on. Van Gogh, his brother, Gauguin his art dealer, etc.

          Ludwig Van composed the Ninth (now European anthem) on a demolished piano, in a dilapidated mansion… Still rich enough to think about the Ninth…

          So I am certainly not against wealth. I am against exponential plutocracy we have now, this is different. I have seen Plutos steal all sort of things, and orient the deepest science and math towards the abyss of stupidity…

          • brodix Says:

            All they really do with it is to compete for the same status symbols and inflate their cost.
            My daughter mentioned her old trainer sold a show horse she used to ride for a million dollars and the people who bought it recently sold it for 8 million.
            A horse is a horse and yes, these are some very nice horses and there are some race horses worth considerably more, but than they do generate cash flow through gambling, not just being bought and sold. To me, it is more a commentary on how much the money is depreciating.
            That vortex at the center is pulling all mass into it.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          At this point, Plutos and banksters behave like a mob. And think like one. All they say is beyond vicious and idiotic. It’s murderous and suicidal.

          • brodix Says:

            I don’t know that it could properly be called “thought.” More an expression of appetite as ego.
            That void at the center.

  8. brodix Says:

    Then there is the fact that there has to be some fluctuation, or everything is just a big flatline. Nature deals with this by having individual organisms born and die, as the species moves onto the next generation.
    If we go throughout most all aspects of nature, there will be that wave action, of building and receding energy and structure.
    It happens in so many ways. The linear action naturally starts to branch out, which disperses energy. Complexity builds until it becomes inefficient. Rigidness becomes brittle. Etc.
    What you have is the dichotomy of energy and form. All energy will express as form and all form is expressed by energy. The tension is that energy pushes out, as form pulls in. The energy is dynamic and conserved, while the form is static and transient.
    Which gets to the point I make about time. That what we experience as the point of the present moving from past to future is an effect of the changing configuration turning future into past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday. So the energy goes from past form to future, while the form goes future to past.
    Consider galaxies; Energy radiates out, as mass falls in. Ultimately it’s a giant convection cycle, as eventually all mass either radiates out, or what falls in the core is shot out the poles, creating some of the more complex atoms. Meanwhile I suspect we will eventually find the radiation cools off and starts coalescing back into mass. Part of this is that gravity is not so much a property of mass, as an aspect of energy coalescing back into mass, which would explain the part of the process currently ascribed to dark matter.
    So it is all thermodynamic cycles and there is only the changing state of the present. Measures of time are frequency, as measures of temperature are frequency and amplitude. The wave as the little god and the cycle as the big god.

    • brodix Says:

      Society and biology push out, as culture and civil structures push in.
      Germany leans more toward civil structure, but with that vortex at the center, while France is more energy radiating out and carrying the structure along…

  9. Chris Snuggs Says:

    “Too much money around is a problem, indeed. However, not enough money to operate the economy, is much worse: it prevents activity outright.”

    Chris Snuggs: Barter is much more honest and almost impossible to abuse. I’ll fix your plumbing if you repair my car. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      100% reserve banking IS barter.

      Fractional reserve, public-private, as we have it now is pure corruption. And as everybody should have deduced since 2008.

      • brodix Says:

        Not if it assumed to be fully public utility and you own those bills in the same way you own the section of road you are driving on. Like the road, it is all fungible.
        The bankers thought it was a brilliant idea to make money backed by public debt, but it will prove to be the first step in making the financial medium a public commons, just like that other medium of roads.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Well, the IMF and the like wanted to privatize roads. I would like to see the FREEway system being privatized in that well known Communist country, the USA. See how We The People like that. Even going towards treating the water as in Hyper Capitalist France is making lots of apparently Communist Californians furious, and even anxious…

          • brodix Says:

            It is a bit like a house. Some of the rooms are public, some are private and some are both. Balance.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Nope. Most empires and states kept to themselves the monopoly of money creation. Rightly so. No more reason to have public backed money creation. It’s like Space X: diverting public property (from taxes) to an oligarchy.

  10. Sladjana Josic Says:

    I wonder if the Russian president and his company are involved in this crisis in Greece?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Putin obviously would like to. He has been causing trouble in Moldavia and Hungary (by exciting ultra minorities, Hitler style). Tsipras has been taunting the EU by treating Putin, as if Putin were normal. But it did not go further than that. Yet. However, if the ECB keeps mistreating Greece, anything is possible.

      • tom Says:

        I would not say taunting. The point is simple: There is a war in Ukraine, but not a russian invasion. Sure, Putin may be helping with moral and perhaps material support, even with volunteers, but there is no invasion, at least not yet. But let’s assume this is so unacceptable that sanctions are a must. Many countries, Greece included already lost as a result of these sanctions, when agricultural sales to Russia were voided by Putin’s counter-sanctions. Even in times where money from exports is a dire need, let’s say one says no to that income as a matter of principle. However, you cannot apply principles selectively. For instance Turkey has invaded,colonized and effectively annexed Cyprus and has no sanctions. Why moral support merits sanctions and a full scale invasion, colonization and effective annexation not is hard to explain. So it would be good to have some guidelines on who is , not necessarily normal, but a normal trading partner. If Putin is a normal trading partner, then there is no issue. If he is not, then why is only Putin abnormal?

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Crimea was invaded by the Rus led by Vladimir I from Ukraine in the Tenth Century. The situation in Crimea was complicated, as it had been a Greek colony for 15 centuries, but partly invaded by savages.
          Vladimir I converted to (Greek Orthodox) Christianism in Crimea.

          Vladimir from the KGB invaded Crimea. It’s a bit as if the USA invaded Greece on the ground the USA was the true Greece. There is some merit to the thesis… As to all good lies.
          What KGB Vlad wants is oil and gas (below the sea). Exploration was within weeks of starting.

          KGB Vlad is abnormal, because he controls already more than 17 million square kilometers, 70% larger than any other country. Then he creates problems in the Baltic republics, and all the way WEST of Ukraine. Of course he cannot do any of this without tyranny. So he imposes tyranny over Russia. Then he has started big time, cold war style rearmament. The more he mobilizes his giant empire for war and repression, the less it develops economically, the more he represses… The more anxious his neighbors get. Even Sweden is rearming…

          Pushed to the extreme, this means global war. We have seen it before.

  11. brodix Says:

    “It’s like Space X: diverting public property (from taxes) to an oligarchy.”
    That’s exactly my point. We need to recognize that a publicly backed currency must remain public property. That means the oligarchs can’t claim enormous piles as their own. Anymore than they could claim they deserve more road than anyone else.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      a publicly backed currency must remain public property.” FDR found a way in between: he tightly regulated banking. Under Clinton all this was dismantled… After great Communist Leaders R. Reagan and G. Bush had nationalized more than 2,000 banks…

      In particular the financial derivative system, 800 trillion dollar strong ought to be mostly demolished, with sharp distinction between commercial operators and speculators.

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