German Aggression: Atavism Straight From Teutons?

A coalition led by Germany persists in trying to prevent Greece from having enough money to operate its economy or, even, health care. Yes, I know, there are many reasons to be teutonically furious against Jews, or Greeks. Yet, inhuman behavior is inhuman behavior. And stupid is stupid. I think it’s timely to give Germans a heads-up, about themselves, that mood they still harbors: the Greek crisis is a good occasion to reject it.

The German State did not pay either the debts it incurred in World War One, or World War Two. Germany paid only for a fraction of the damage it deliberately inflicted in World War One, and finished doing so only a few years ago. Germany did not pay any reparations for the humongous damage it caused in World War Two. Does this make Germans debt specialists?

German Aggression Is Not New: Teutons’ Attack On World, 120 BCE

German Aggression Is Not New: Teutons’ Attack On World, 120 BCE

In 1900 CE, Germany had the highest literacy rate in the world, ever. Still, for all to see, it was falling into barbarity, organizing the holocaust of the Natives in Namibia, under governor Goering, father of WWI’s war hero (who was condemned to hang at Nuremberg).

Thus encouraged by general tolerance, for this special mood, literate German barbarity, Germanofascism went further: a deliberate conspiracy of the top Germans for a surprise world war. A world war conceived to happen so fast, that it would enable a succession of quick victories.

France was to be crushed in weeks, by invading neutral Belgium. Before the vast Russian army could make a serious dent in Prussia. Then Russia was to be destroyed.

What was supposed to happen rather clear: Britain’s Royal Navy could not be defeated (as the Battle of Jutland would demonstrate). Moreover Britain enjoyed a huge empire, let alone a “special relationship” with giant USA. At best, it looked like indefinite war for Germany. And no victory.

Or am I overlooking something? Much of the British elite was pro-German, and pro-Kaiser Kaiser Wilhelm II, Victoria’s grandson, may have imagined that it could come to some agreement: the philosopher Bertrand Russell, heading a herd of cowards and traitors, advocated surrender to the Kaiser so stridently, he was put in jail for 18 months.

Similar insanity nowadays: crushing Greece will bring no victory. Throwing Greece out the Eurozone will make the situation, and the spending, only worse: Greece, like Britain, is in Europe, and won’t go away to Mars, or the South Pacific.

Still a few top Prussians ordered 121 million German speaking people, to war (against France, which had only 38 million citizens). Instead of rebelling against those revolting orders, the Germanoid robots goose stepped, in full order (even the SPD, the “socialist” party)…

Five weeks after the surprise, abominable, war-criminal attack on the world, and invasion of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Prussian violence met a greater violence. A well planned French counter-attack at the Marne demolished the German dream of taking over the world by force. Quick retreats prevented annihilation of the German armies. The armies stayed entrenched for the next 4 years (when massive French artillery, French and British tanks, and the incoming Yanks, chewed up the German lines).

How did Germany get so crazy? It’s a long story, and a complicated one. Even the Enlightenment, Rousseau, Napoleon and the French Revolution played a role (and not a simple, nor the expected one!)

In the end, one has to go all the way back more than 21 centuries, when the Ambrones, Teutoni and Cimbri decided to attack.

At the last minute, with the last Roman army, brought back from Africa, Consul Marius, ably seconded by Sylla, annihilated the three northern German tribes. To this day, the memory of these formidable battles lives around Aix en Provence, in the names of a formidable mountain, and villages.

Modern Germans claim to be obsessed by order. And it is indeed because of order, also known as fascism, that they could fancy to attack and destroy the world, in 1914, or 1939. However, all what the German obsessive fascination with order as a meta-principle, no other country in the world has caused as much of a mess since 1853 (when Prussia attacked Denmark).

It’s high time to quit the habit. Not enough money fabricated by the European Central Bank, is creating misery and a mess. It may please increasingly senile old Germans that they are the only ones with money. But they will not win that war, so they better surrender now.

Give Greece the money it needs. Don’t forget “aid to Greece” was actually mostly aid to French and German banks. You can read it in IMF documents published already 3 years ago. What’s your problem? Literate, but maybe you can’t read what disturbs your New Order?

Thus, please, stop, hysterical, plutophile austerians, lying like ignorant, malevolent beasts. Think, if you can, about the little Greek children.

Patrice Ayme’  

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20 Responses to “German Aggression: Atavism Straight From Teutons?”

  1. Chris SnuggsChris SNUGGS Says:

    Patrice – unfortunately there are numerous things that must be said regarding your article:

    A) Almost all the guilty for WWI & WWI are dead, many executed after Nuremburg. Hardly ANY German alive bears guilt for what happened.

    B) In all dictatorships, the masses usually have no choice but to do what they are told or risk death – there were many (now dead) guilty Germans, but there were also millions who were innocent, whose families and lives were destroyed.

    C) Germany has been a good boy post war, falling faithfully into line with every absurd demand of the self-righteous French and other political elites. Let us not forget that the official French government collaborated with the Nazis durng the war, so are the French, TOO, liable to repay some debt? Perhaps they could both pay some reparations to the UK, which stood alone against the Nazis until 1941?

    D) To give up their beloved Deutschmark, the Germans were promised they would never have to bail out the feckless south, a danger of which even then they were aware. In this respect, THEY HAVE BEEN BETRAYED.

    E) The attempt to force nation states into a superstate was always insane and quasi-fascist. The whole EU elite shares the responsibility for this shambles.

    F) It is an irrelevant argument to demand “solidarity”. The EU elite (and the French) don’t give a toss about “solidarity”, only in saving their banks and their lunatic enforced “ever-closer-union” integration project. It is interesting that the ONLY TIME the French people have been asked to support this lunacy was in the referendum on the “European Constitution”. The French said “NON”, but their parliament ignored them. Quelle surprise – the elite always knows best of course.

    G) The French should stop looking on Germany and indeed Britain as eternal Milch Cows. I see no reason why the British should subsidize French agriculture, or indeed the corrupt EU elite.

    H) The Germans have already poured billions into Greece, which has been squandered through their corruption.

    I) It is obvious that Greece should NOT be in the euro and should LEAVE IT NOW. They NEVER qualified, but were allowed in on the basis of LIES ignored by the EU elite. In any case, Greeks have blown their credit, and it is no wonder the Germans are fed up. And why on earth should the Slovakians agree to yet ANOTHER bailout when pensions in Greece average 800€ and in Slovakia 300€?

    By the way, bailouts are ILLEGAL under the various treaties of the EU, but who cares about rules when the Grand Project has to be sustained?

    J) Greece AND France need a reality check, as Mr Fillon has today pointed out.

    K) I am afraid that your post is distorted by an agressively anti-German bias.


    • tom Says:

      It’s true that WWI and WWII are long forgotten, certainly post-war Germany has no relation to the Third Reich and the people who fought each other have come together long time ago. One cannot live in the past. German taxpayers may well feel betrayed and they may well have had enough of bailouts. The same goes for greek taxpayers (and it’s amazing how myths that ‘noone pays taxes’ are advanced simultaneously with assertions that ‘Greece has too many public servants’, who along with private sector employees cannot avoid paying taxes even if they tried) who not only have to pay back money they never saw, but also get collectively described as ‘lazy, cheating and feckless’. It is true that there are many parties responsible for this shambles and the point is what to do about it. One can play the blame game, but this does not actually solve anything.
      So this is all about finding the best possible solution to a bad situation.
      Of course the simple reply is to have Greece out of the euro, which would also mean a writeoff of debts. Come to think of it it may not be a bad deal : Ditch the euro for some 300bn. For one reason or another neither side took that path. It may be bad for European integration, but one cannot say it is not a solution, albeit radical perhaps: . Instead the path taken since the first bailouts were measures that simply ensured that Greece would become even more dependent, and would never be able to repay the debts, let alone very bitter. First, all terms, including the present are designed to put even more power into the hands of the people who brought the country to this mess against the rest. I have given concrete examples in previous posts and have many more. Pretty hard to reconcile stated motives and actions. Second, there was no provision to put idle resources to work , that is produce more instead of tax more. Third, it’s pretty clear than when a country pays 10% (17bn) of the GNP in a year in mostly interest and still needs another 5bn, which it must borrow from its creditors to pay back the creditors, this is not working. A sane solution that is not a debt writeoff, that has a chance is an interest moratorium, but with measures that would ensure a surplus that would be used to pay back debt, not interest, at least until th debt has shrunk to a manageable size, but when polemics start sanity goes out the window. As it is, there is a new ‘agreements’ that:
      -for germans means that taxpayers pay so german companies profit
      -for greeks means more dependency and less ability to pay back debts and of course even more qualified people leaving and even more power to the corrupt elite,

      P.S. If one pays 400 euro/month for pension and another 400 is paid by the employer for 35 years and retires at 65, how much pension should one expect to have? Of course this is not Germany’s job to provide this money, but the point is that the greek government must show it honors its commitments to its creditors by dishonoring its commitments to its own citizens. Furthermore state intervening to change existing private contracts just because a foreign company has bought the company is not especially ‘honoring agreements’, nor is this a ‘reform’.
      I recall the french reaction to the Juppe measures in 1996: France never had high salaries , but always had decent benefits (this was in fyou wish the social ‘deal’). In contrast the US for instance had better salaries and much worse benefits, if any.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I have to rush right now, still travelling. Osborne, the British future PM, some say, just presented his budget (he is Chancellor of the Exchequer). Ironically, it’s going FRENCH in many ways, as The Economist remarked (not in these words).

        People die, but moods survive.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Chris!
      Thank for your long comment. My lack of answer was due to lack of Internet.
      I will answer your points later. No time now. And jet lagged too.

      You are “afraid of distortion by aggressive bias”. It is never a fear I harbor. Once, after getting nearly killed by the largest rock avalanche I ever saw, and rescued by apparently supernatural powers (of mine), all bloodied, incapable of easy retreat, I sped climb a new ascent (since I had discovered my anti-gravitational superpowers, I used them). The pillar collapsed since. So being afraid of “bias”, is among this tiny problems which just does not scare me. At all. The sort of problems which rather amuses me.

      “Theory” means a point of view. One fascist crazy with god called Eugen here “subhuman”, and I immediately banned him, for illegal bias and hate thinking. What I am doing is very different. I roll out precise points grounded in reality. If I have aggressive bias against, let’s debate on which point, exactly, I distort. I am deliberately aggressive and sometimes somewhat distorting a bit, precisely because I want the debate. Muslim theology doctors used to write to this site. I brushed aside accusation of anti-Muslim bias, and confronted them with explicit hyper lethally violent quotes of the Qur’an, Hadith, and then they just quit on me. They could not debate.

      Anyway, Merkler and the others capitulated, crushed by French logic.

      Greece does need a reality check, indeed, and is getting there: even with a primary budget SURPLUS, greedy Germans harass them to make more of a profit on the interest on the shark loans they made to Greece.

      Fillon should be deported to the desert, and exchanged against any other hostage Jihadists are holding.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Individuals die, moods survive.
      Germany was not a dictatorship inasmuch as a “total democracy” as Goebbels used to say.
      Only 7,000 (7K) Gestapo officers watched over 80 million Germans. The good news, some will say, is that there fewer Germans now (around twice more Germans died in WWII than “Jews”).

      German moods caused WWI and WWII. Some of these moods were fully in evidence recently among some prominent Germans. They will be crushed. Not because I like to crush Germans, but because Europe has to go forward, AND it means to crush these moods and ideas.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      As Partha would point out, dear Chris, you seem blissfully unaware of how money is generated. Slovaks are also ignorant that way, and that gives an excuse for their elite to do as plutocrats told them to do, through Berlin’s orders.

      Overall, Europe is starved of money and employment.
      The USA, through its government created 13 TRILLION (notice the T) of money, and has low unemployment. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where money is plenty, unemployment is 3%, skyscrapers mushrooming, in spite of anti-growth measures.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Germans self betrayed: they pushed for the Drachma to be converted at twice its natural worth. Following what they already had done with the East German currency. Results were pretty much the same. Devastation: soon for East Germany, later for Greece. They also accepted Goldman-Sachs as official EU controller of accounting, and so on.

      There was no “official French government” after Germans destroyed the French Third Republic (oyez, oyez!)


  2. Kevin Berger Says:

    “K) I am afraid that your post is distorted by an agressively anti-German bias.”

    OK, this was a first draft of some kind :
    Whereas yours is undistorted by your (but by no means singular among your brethen) naked Francophilia and, more broadly speaking, appreciation for all things continental. TBH, and based on my previous exposure to your comments here or on Fb, I half-expected some shrill Anglo-Saxon supremacism talking points, IE the racist bullshit at the core of the imperial mysticism the Masters Of The Universe, etc, etc,

    But, it’s 1 AM, and I should know better, but come on, fuck off. Honest, fuck off. It’s easy for me to write this instead of saying it to you face to face, but I’m tired after a shit day at my dead-end job, in my dead-end life, I’m not a teacher or a writer or anything like several of the people commenting here, you included, and you’re just coming as the worst kind of little englander the UK has to offer to the world, I mean, have you reread what you wrote? Do you see how bitter, passive aggressive you read? If you’re so sick of France, stop obsessing about it, stop reading about it, do everybody a favor, and fuck off to whatever Ukip forum you wish or fuckfrance or anything, but stop ridiculing yourself.


    • EugenR Says:

      Excellent argumentation, fuck, fuc, fuck.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      One amusing point is that the Anglo-Saxono-Anti-Europe crowd always mention that Great Britain will soon be the first power of Europe. Sometimes they even claim it already is.
      The reality is that the original British stock of 1945 is still roughly the same: around 40 millions, the population grew mostly because of tremendous immigration. The forecasts are that, by 2050, France will be the first European power, demographically, and in GDP.

      Francophobia has to do with being a partisan of the pro-plutocratic agenda, consciously, or not. Many of the little Englanders, stuck between their crushed dreams, and the success of the immigrants, are full of resentment they direct at “Europe”, and it has not escaped them that “Europe” is the French Revolution’s old dream, refurbished, and this time really invading.

      This being said, some of the things Euroskeptics say about Europe are not false, and should be corrected. As it is, Europe is insufferable, and I was intensely disappointed by Schultz (European Parliament president) and Vice-Chancellor Gabriel (they have changed their music since, and Gabriel understood SchaEuble, the finance minister, went way too far with his proposal to kick Greece out).

      He should just be kicked out (although he was Merkel’s old protector).


  3. pshakkottai Says:


    Greece should have stayed out of the eurozone. It should have remained Monetarily Sovereign, keeping full control over its own currency.

    Instead, it voluntarily surrendered the single most valuable asset it had — that Monetary Sovereignty — and allowed itself to be sucked into the maw of the euro.

    So the lives of the Greek people were left to the tender mercies of the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank, aka the “troika,” who represent only the rich, the bankers and the Germans.

    Remember: Any monetarily NON-sovereign government — be it city, county, state or nation — that cannot run an ongoing trade deficit, eventually will run out of money.

    Since many euro nations cannot run trade surpluses, they are in line to run out of euros.

    And so, Greece pays the easily foreseen penalty. It has run out of money.

    All this for the Big Lie — the mythical stability of a unified currency. Here now, is where that Lie, that “stability,” has led:

    European Leaders Reach Agreement to Resolve Greek Debt Crisis

    Greece and its European creditors announced an agreement here on Monday that aims to resolve the country’s debt crisis and keep it in the eurozone, but that will require further budgetary belt-tightening.

    Translation: Rather than the crisis being resolved, it only has just begun. That belt tightening will involve the further pillage of Greece by the troika.

    The tough terms, demanded by Germany and others, are meant to balance Greece’s demands for a loan repayment system that will not keep it mired in recession and austerity budgets, against creditors’ insistence that loans worth tens of billions of euros not be money wasted.

    Translation: There is no “balance.” The terms WILL keep Greece mired in recession and austerity budgets until there is no more Greece.

    An accord would end five months of bitter negotiations that raised concerns that Greece would be the first country to be forced out of the euro currency union — a development that proponents of European unity had sought desperately to avoid.

    Translation: The troika, representing the rich, the bankers and Germany, do not want to lose the goose that lays golden eggs until it has drained it of everything it has.

    Only when the Greek people are completely destitute, and has nothing left to give or sell, will they be released from the troika’s tentacles.

    As part of Greece’s commitments, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said, a fund will be created to use the proceeds from selling off assets owned by the Greek government to help pay down the country’s debt. That fund would be “to the tune of” €50 billion.

    Translation: All of Greece’s assets will be sold to rich buyers at bargain basement prices. (A crooked politician in Illinois, Paul Powell, who repeatedly demanded bribes, famously said, “I smell the meat a’cooking.” The troika smells the Greek meat a’cooking.)

    After all the Greek “meat” is gone, the Greek people will be completely enslaved.

    The agreement will call for Greece to raise taxes, pare pension benefits and take various other measures meant to reduce what critics see as too much bureaucracy and too many market protections that keep the Greek economy from operating efficiently.

    Translation: The agreement will be for the Greek people to pay more taxes to the troika, receive lower pensions and be fired from their government jobs.

    “We gave a tough battle for six months and fought until the end in order to achieve the best we could, a deal that would allow Greece to stand on its feet,” Primes Minister Alexis Tsipras said.

    Translation: Rather than standing on their feet, the Greek people will be forced to their knees.

    Summary: A financial merger without a political merger is a recipe for disaster — except for the rich and the bankers, whose loans to an unqualified borrower should have been punished, but instead are being rewarded.

    (It’s always the same with the bankers. Remember how this exact scenario played out in the United States. Banks made loans to unqualified borrowers. When impoverished borrowers were forced out of their homes into destitution, the banks confiscated those homes. Then the rich and the bankers were rewarded by the Obama administration with huge bonuses.)

    Germany, which failed to take Europe by force of arms, now will take Europe by force of finance.

    Greece is gone. Its people will be raped, and like many rape victims, they will be blamed by the rapists.

    Who’s next? France? Portugal? Line up, folks.

    The Germans, the rich and the bankers smell the meat a’cooking.

    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
    Monetary Sovereignty “


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Partha:
      I do not disagree with your analysis. However, I am not as pessimistic.
      The crisis is past. Serious people had a chance to say loud and clear, and be heard, that some (more) Greek debt has to be EXTINGUISHED.
      The help right now is for three years, and it’s 85 billion Euros (nearly 100 billion dollars).
      Hopefully Tsipras can make plutocrats pay.
      France just vanquished Germany.
      The coalition led by France made Germany and its poodles not just vanquished, but tiny, and even ridiculous, and the Germans started to fight each other. France had the USA on her side, besides Italy and Spain.

      The next act maybe PODEMOS going to power in Spain. Then we will have these issues even more on the table. If the German Parliament tries to block the deal, so much, the better. I have much more to say about the late Teutons…


  4. richard reinhofer Says:

    We need to call in our markers. If we let Germany to continue down this road we will have another (hot) European war.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Except Germany just got defeated… Once again, on July 13. In the end, Merkel did what Francois told her to do.
      Germany got ahead by following France in the last 70 years. I don’t see this changing. End of the story.


  5. richard reinhofer Says:

    “we can’t possibly allow an election to change anything.” German Minister of Finance Schaeuble.


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