Evil Mood Propagating: Our Lords Are Too Big To Jail

Volkswagen (VW), for a few months the world’s largest automaker, installed a software that enabled a car to emit much less pollution when a test was conducted than it really did when it was operated for real. Out there on the streets the cars in question were emitting 40 times more pollution. There are at least 11 million such cars (11 x 10^6).

It was not a victimless crime: the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution from fossil fuels kills seven million people a year. In France alone, the government, which has favored polluting diesel cars (after making a scientific mistake, it claims) admits that 40,000 people die, each year from pollution caused mostly by cars.

Adolf Hitler (Sitting) Created Volkswagen

Adolf Hitler (Sitting) Created Volkswagen

Logically, the boss of VW, or those responsible (if they lied to their boss) ought to go to jail, for many, many years. Letting it happen that people would be gazed in extermination camps was often punished by death after World War Two (eleven thousands Nazis were executed in Germany). On the face of it, I have a problem seeing a distinction between that, and the behavior of VW. In both cases, it’s all about killing people, deliberately, to augment one’s power.

So why did the leaders of VW sink so low?

It’s the mood of the times. If Obama sees a wedding in Yemen, and he is told that has the “SIGNATURE” of a terrorist gathering, he orders to execute the wedding crowd, with remotely piloted bombing robots. Nobody “serious” sees a problem with that. Why can’t the boSS of VW do the same?

The mood of the time is that, when a big bank launders money for drug trafficking, it is told, if caught with enough evidence, to pay a fine, and the charges will be dropped. Excuse me? There would be no drug trafficking if the money could not be transported, and laundered. In other words, no big banks, no big drug trafficking. The first drug lords to jail ought to be the big bankers who partake in the activity. The boss of VW knew this: I am sure he read the papers, occasionally. So why can’t he do the same?

Surely, to spew lethal gases in the streets of the world, is not much worse than financing terrorist Islamist  networks, as some big western banks such as HSBC more or less did not have to admit they did, once they paid a few billions of official blackmail. A few months ago.

Meanwhile some hedge fund managers made billions, in just one year, paying no tax to speak of. These billions were stolen to everybody else. Why can’t the boss of VW steal billions too? Is not his company more important?

The mood of corruption has been propagating worldwide: after all, if you spend nearly as much as the average family income in the USA, and IF (a big if) the plutocrats invite you, you can meet with the president of the USA. That’s corruption. And they call that “democracy”, piling up corruption of the soul on top of corruption of the pocket-book.

And why can’t Putin be corrupt too, and do like Hitler, and invade countries? Who is going to stop him? Corrupt plutocrats, his friends and mentors? This is exactly what made Hitler laugh, literally laugh, even using the word “plutocrat” between two bouts of laughter. It did not end up well. The plutocrats had the last laugh: playing with Hades, Pluto, Satan, one can get burned to a crisp.

(In his last few days, Hitler ordered the execution of Dr. Schacht, JP Morgan’s creature, who had done so much to put the Fuhrer in power; ironically Schacht was saved because he was going to be executed with Leon Blum, the Jewish French socialist PM: a Wehrmacht aristocratic officer berated the SS at the last moment).

Plutocrats are playing similar games nowadays. The West is supporting the Saudis plutocrats, who, at best, are bandits who ought to be jailed, and then judged. However Saudi princes would point out, they don’t see why they should go to jail if the big bankers don’t. Good point. We may as well  appoint the Saudi gangsters to head the panel which decides who shall be an expert for the Human Right Council at the United Nations.

So now the Saudi torturers, who allegedly decapitate more people than the so-called Islamist State, want to execute and crucify a teenager who heaped disrespect on them. Until his flesh falls off onto the ground in a rotten heap. Why not? After all, he is a Shia, a type of apostate Muslim as far as the Wahhabists are concerned. That he is the nephew of a major opponent is also as good a motive as any.

George W. Bush seems to have committed, in Iraq, a war of aggression. At least he was told some judges in European countries think so, and are ready to have him arrested. Thus Bush does not travel there.

At the Nuremberg’s trial, some Nazi leaders were condemned to hang until dead, just for having committed a war of aggression. Why can’t we keep on applying international jurisprudence?

In August 1924, the German imperial government attacked the world. The leaders were not hanged, as they should have been, in 1919. So the mood of aggression against the world was repeated in the years leading to the 1939 war declaration of the French Republic against the “guide” Hitler. What did the German leaders risk? They thought they were not personally at risk. They found otherwise in 1945.

Now, of course, the moral fiber was stronger in republics in the past. In August 1914, the French Republic welcomed, as war refugees, one and a half million foreigners (1.5 x 10^6). In two weeks.

Now we just have austerity, meaning that the have-nots are viewed as still having too much. Plenty of austerity, and no humanity: ce sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble.

Patrice Ayme’


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37 Responses to “Evil Mood Propagating: Our Lords Are Too Big To Jail”

  1. gmax Says:

    The VW CEO is supposed to get at least 28 million Euros, his retirement, plus an enormous bonus. The VW board is meeting tomorrow to discuss all this. The CEO should go to jail instead.

    Hey what about the savages in Mecca throwing stones at the devil? Hundreds died when they stampeded, like the herd animals they are

  2. Kevin Berger Says:

    Unrelated, but mentions of the works done after the last big stampede (1400+ deads IIRC) reminded me of this :

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      What else to expect from people who lapidate the devil? Once the principle of lapidating devils is interiorized as basic, fundamental to the religion, it’s just a matter of finding devils… And, indeed, Muslims do lapidate Muslims in the name of their great religion and their great god, the greatest of all lapidating dogs gods, zo zorry zorro… (zorro = renard in Espagnol…)

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Another excellent link, Kevin, thanks!
      Yes, I knew about the destruction, although Muhammad first wife’s house being turned in toilets, I did not. This is ironical, because the Wahhabist leaders themselves are destroying Islam’s history. It’s just astounding.

      • Kevin Berger Says:

        My unlearned take on that is that it stems both from their wahabism, iconoclast and literal, AND from a very deliberate (and successful) attempt at rewriting the history of Islam.
        This, because there is a lot of clues pointing out to it being a myth. Erasing traces of what would be the earlier times of Islam would prevent archeological examination and subsequent exposure (such as the battle of the trench, not sure what the name is supposed to be in English, being a physical impossibility, that left no trace visible from the sky anyway, unlike any given Roman villa from BC France and its foundations still quite discernible from an aerial search).

        To be juxtaposed with an another interesting feature of the Hadj, the seizure and destruction whenever possible of older korans from the pilgrims (I don’t have the numbers in head, but one can search for that, and it numbers in the 100’s of thousands or more a year). And, again, the plausible reason for that would be not only to spread wahabist korans, but also to destroy inconvenient proofs of diverging versions of the “in-created book, direct words of God, etc, etc…”

        But anyway, yeah, the Saudis are and always have been old-school organized crime masquerading as a theocracy, hypocrits and Tartuffes of the worst order.

  3. Kevin Berger Says:

    “Systems of Moods”, “Systems of Thoughts”, “The mood of corruption”… all too true. But, as that other guy wrote, or so I’m told, what to do? Except wallowing in learned helplessness and disaster-porn.

    As a selfish and childish aside, ignoring all the possible dirty tricks that could have been at the root of the VW scandal (against Co2 agreements, against the European car industry,…), I must say I’m a bit pleased to have Germoney’s ego being rubbed into its own filth.
    There is such an hard-coded “Northern Europe” bias into today’s globish culture, that we all carry ultimately positive stereotypes about it – more honest, more hard-working, more-efficient, more intelligent, more virile, more rational, etc, etc… in a word, *better*.

    Anything that deflates this self-serving supremacism, even just a bit, is petty schadenfreude, but schadenfreude nonetheless.

    • gmax Says:

      Know your enemy. Then kill it. Killing the enemy without knowing it? NO way, Jose

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am also both surprised and not so displeased by the VW story. German arrogance in economic matters had as “POINT” (“SPITZE”) VW itself. I long said that was silly and dangerous: what when Chinese make luxury cars? An argument about the future ARIANE 6 was that it would be mostly French, because the French, not the Germans have the solid powder rockets know-how (from ballistic nuclear missiles).

      Nothing wrong with Schadenfreude, when deserved. The “Northern Europe” madness is particularly acute in Finland and the Netherlands… precisely because they are doing so poorly. This being said the Socialists in France ought to be thrown out. The problem being that Sarko has proven, arguably, even worse…

  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Sent to The Economist, Sept 26:

    Volkswagen succumbed to the general mood of corruption in the world today.

    Everybody knows that, to be in the same room as the President of the USA, it is enough to be invited in mansions of the richest people in the world, and pay 37,500 dollars (nearly the yearly family income in the USA).

    Everybody knows that the same president kills, using robots and missiles, any gathering which has the “signature” of something secret organizations like to kill.

    Nobody got punished for the destruction of Iraq under false promises. A civilization which does not punish its greatest official criminals says to all the greatest crimes will stay unpunished.

    The biggest bankers have been able to get away with money laundering, financing terrorists. If caught, they pay a fine.

    We have seen all this before. Thus a few American companies paid a fine for trading with the Nazis. But the bulk of the thousands of American companies which fueled (Texaco), equipped (Ford, GM, Browning), organized (IBM), financed (countless Anglo-Saxon banks), got away with it… Even after doing so during the entire war. We are in a similar moral collapse. But now the whole biosphere is at stake.

    After we find out about the extent of the incredible corruption (most of the wealthiest pay no significant taxes), we will need to prevent it by punishing those who indulge in it. And not just a few soccer players running away with a few millions.


  5. Sikko6 Says:

    Brazil government is investigating VW for Crimes against Humanity. VW involved in torture and murder of Brazil VW factory workers under Brazil’s military regime. VW’s management will be punished. Victims have to be compensated. VW has huge financial risk. Dump VW stocks now before too late.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      All companies deliberately partaking in the holocaust of the biosphere while another course is available to them, are committing a crime against humanity.
      And they know it.
      And they don’t care.
      Thus they verse in other crimes.

      • Sikko6 Says:

        To Tyranosopher:
        They let VW survive although VW exploited holocaust victims. That was the crimes against humanity. Still VW committed such horrendous crimes in Brazil.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Many Nazi organization and individuals culprit of war crimes were allowed not just to survive, but blossom. After the war.

          One example: The USA landed on the Moon, thanks to the 100 Nazi engineers of the Von Braun team, who were all accomplices of horrendous war crimes (in the underground factories where the rockets were made). Von Braun, who knew Hitler personally, was a high level SS officer.

    • Martin Lack Says:

      Given the disappearance of 25% of the Amazonian rainfrest in the last 50 years, I think the Bazillian government ought to be investigated for crimes against humanity. They,of course, will blame the rest of the World for eating too much meat. Sadly, there is some justification for this.

      The moral of the fairy tale about the boy who cried ‘Wolf!’ is that the wolf eventually turned up. Limits to growth exist and, humanity having reached ‘Peak Resources’ on so many fronts simultaneously, it is now so hard to ignore them that even geologists are admitting it:

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I am eating more and more tofu again. GMO tofu from the Amazon, probably… The wolf is at the door. Did you see the record cooling of North Atlantic around Iceland? I mean to write about it. It’s a crucial prediction of the greenhouse…

        • Martin Lack Says:

          Yes. Because it is a genuine concern, it is a shame that the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ accelerated the effects this will cause.

  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Learning From Dogs, Sept 29, 2015.]

    It’s a question of mood: the mood has been that the masters who exploit us, among them great bankers and business leaders, and politicians, have been too big to jail. So VW thought: why not me too?

    The strategy was deliberate: initially they used Blue Tec from Mercedes (which BMW also uses). That uses a so-called exhaust fuel with urea to neutralize oxides of nitrogen, NOx. I am going to write an article on Diesel, because right now the baby is thrown with the VW bath. The NOx is caused by the higher temps of Diesel engines, which make them intrinsically more efficient, from Carnot’s theorem.

    Less CO2, more NOx (except with Blue Tec!)

    Weirdly WordPress unsubscribed from LfD. I just fixed that (again!).

  7. Martin Lack Says:

    It really does seem that some computer geek exceeded his authority and/or acted without authority: An act that mght well sink VW (i.e. if class action law suits eventually succeed).

    Did you see that Samsung may have been using the same or similar technolgy to defeat emissions tests on their flat screen TVs?

    In short, I think this kind of story has many more miles left to run, in different contexts, and on different continents.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Martin, glad to see you here again! The “computer geek” theory seems unlikely to me. VW decided first to use selective catalysis with urea (what I have on my diesel car). That transforms NOx into Nitrogen. However they thought it looked bad marketing-wise, and they reverted with tinkering with exhaust gas re-injection and over-rich fuel mixture. Both are computer controlled, indeed, but they affect mileage and performance. Besides, it still produces NOx.

      The urea trick is bulky (one needs a bigger car than a VW golf), and one needs to refill it every year.
      I myself was baffled by Golf TDI performance/mileage. Could not understand the numbers (my car has these numbers, but the explanation is clear: the urea tank was just re-filled!)

      True, other car companies may have cheated that way. I think they ought to go to jail. I hope they throw the book at VW. It deserves to go bankrupt through class action lawsuits… (Unfortunately not allowed in Europe!)

      NOx are big greenhouse gases and they kill: according to British evaluation, as much as 45,000 people a year, in UK alone (scaled to the EU, hundreds of thousands)

  8. Martin Lack Says:

    With regard to French funding of the American war of independence, Napoleon clearly compounded the error by selling the Louisiana Territory for about 3 cents per acre in 1803.

    • Kevin Berger Says:

      From the little I recall from school, the sale of Louisiana was prompted by the loss of Haiti (that IIRC Washington helped happen), and by extension, of the waning interest of the Gulf of Mexico and its fluvial access into/from the continent (the inland was hardly exploitable as it was, and couldn’t be properly drained into dry land until technology changed later in the 19th century).

      Besides, apart from France being in dire straits at the time (thanks for not repaying your debts, US of A!), the intrinsic and ultimately determining fact of French possessions in North America was the low population.
      Lots of land, very little people, and men, mostly (as opposed to the overcrowded British isles, which needed to make some room for more profitable sheep-raising, and sent away the surplus rural population as oversea indentured workforce). Demography is destiny, supposedly, and it certainly was destiny in the New World.
      Once you see this sale as a fire sale, only to recoup losses, it makes more sense.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        No, well, it made no sense.
        Napoleon, with a 40,000 men army tried to conquer the entire Middle East. He failed at Saint Jean D’Arc. Could not seize the fortress, which had, according to him gigantic quantities of ammunition. In all this, Nelson’s domination of the seas, all the seas, was the basic problem. Was it because the Brits had hanged an admiral earlier “to motivate the others” as Voltaire put it?
        Although there was an elaborate plan, the Grande Armee could not cross the channel. After nearly 2 years, it headed to Austerlitz, to crush Russians and Austrians. Coincident with Trafalgar (a few days earlier).

        • Kevin Berger Says:

          Re Napoléon, I’ve got nothing better than DD – he was a needed response, in a given time, with all his warts and ugly sides, personal as well as the ones from his era; if not him, then there probably would have been someone similar.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I disagree 100%: The Marquis De Sade, the Revolution’s greatest instigator, with Louis XVI himself, had clearly explained, in 1792, that it was crucial to not expand the Revolution by force, but only in defense. Napoleon himself was viewed as an incredible fool, during his own rise, by co-revolutionaries who knew him well. He was sent to Egypt to get rid of him. He himself admitted he should have made peace with Toussaint (about Haiti). At least Gallo claims Napoleon did. Indeed, what was that abject treachery about?

            Instead of going to Egypt, he should have been sent to America. Then Nazism and Sovietism, or Prussianism would not have happened. And half a billion people would speak French now, in some of the world’s richest places…

            Napoleon was actually from the Corsican plutocracy (he was no plebian). His family was actually recognized as noble by Louis XVI…

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Martin, indeed. Napoleon supposedly evoked the fact he could not hope to hold Louisiana against both the USA and the UK. So he preferred to sell it.
      History would have been completely different if, instead of heading to Egypt, Napoleon had headed towards Louisiana, and made peace with Haiti’s Toussaint Louverture.
      It is a testimony to French official stupidity that Napoleon is viewed as a great man, to this day. Whereas, in truth, he buried France.

  9. Kevin Berger Says:

    “Whereas, in truth, he buried France.”
    When I feel cheeky, I like to think that, as his defeat marked the ascendency and triump of Anglo-Saxonia, still ongoing and now globalized and one with modernity, Napoléon buried human civilization as well. As the climatic catastrophy you see on the near horizon is the daughter of his failure, by means of the last 200 years.
    Possibly, we would be at the exact same point still, had he been successful, but, we’ll never know, will we?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Napoleon was France’s greatest enemy. Him and Madame de Pompadour, Voltaire, Louis XV, Louis XIV…
      I don’t hate all leaders by principle.
      However, by sheer masochism, the French love love love some of humanity’s worst monsters, who happened to be French, and sank France. Saint Bernard (second crusade, fighting Abelar), Philipe August (million dead crusade against Cathars, Toulouse), Saint Louis (hatred against Jews, Pagans, non-Christians, crusade fever), Joan of Arc (re-launching the “””100″”” year war), are example.

      I think Louis XIV and Napoleon ought to be judged (by contumacy, since they are dead)… for crimes against humanity (the Pitts PMs in Britain ought to be too, for war of aggression)

      • Kevin Berger Says:

        Pour en finir avec le HS, je dirais simplement que je ne suis pas d’accord du tout avec vôtre position, et que cela ne m’empêchera pas de trouver beaucoup d’intérêt à lire vôtre blog. Si la “Révolution est un bloc”, alors l’Histoire de France l’est tout autant, le meilleur comme le pire; on peut regretter ce qui n’a pas été fait, ou aurait dû/pu l’être, mais pas ce qui été fait.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The French catastrophe can be traced back all the way to the death of Henry V of France and England, from diarrhea.
      Then there was the idiot, Joan of Arc, propelled by the Queen of the 4 kingdoms. France has still not recovered, as monster-saints such as Saint Louis, and Sainte Jeanne, are still celebrated to this day.
      Jeanne the Idiot from god insured that Gallia and Britannia would be enemies. So here we are, with Anglo-Saxonia.

      Louis XIV, XV, Pompadour, Voltaire, and Napoleon made things WAY worse.
      And now civilization does not have much of a head, does it?

      All “famous” French intellectuals living today are very reduced in their mental capability. Except for Houellebecq, the misanthrope with dog, all of them are unknown outside Paris.

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