Ahura Mazda, ENLIGHTENMENT, Details, DARK Side

We are all, not just Greco-Romans, but Mesopotamians. (Just in case you wonder why we have, not just a right, but a duty to re-establish the Pax Romana there!)

We are genetically Mesopotamians: long ago, more than 7,000 years ago, farmers from the Fertile Crescent travelled West, bringing not just their know-how, and their domesticated plants, but themselves. Apparently the migrant habit has a prestigious past.

Millennia after this first genetico-cultural invasion, another followed, starting 5,000 years ago. Sumer, Egypt and associated civilizations, invented an entire cultural panoply we use today, from the alphabet, to representative regimes, to mathematics and irrigation.

Enlightenment Philosophy & Monotheism Come From Ahura Mazda

Enlightenment Philosophy & Monotheism Come From Ahura Mazda

Four thousands years ago, Sumer and its fellow cities having been eradicated by colossal desiccation, salinization, flooding, and other man-made disasters, the more enlightened Babylon, and Iran, propped by Sumerian refugees, rose to the north. Mesopotamia and Iran, abstracted their truth-heavy metaphysics with Ahura Mazda (the chronology is the object of wild debates, and the proposed dates differ, widely, by a millennium; I am on the side of the early dates, 1750 BCE, and not the late ones, 600 BCE, for linguistics reasons, while suspecting Judeo-Christians lean towards late dates to diminish the debt they owe to older mythologies).

Mesopotamian metaphysics is a fundamental part of our cultural inheritance, and it is much older, and much more important than its famous celebrity descendants, uppity Judeo-Christianism and its fellow desert mutant, Islamism.

Ahura Mazda was not the only god in the universe, not the sole creator of the world. Ahura Mazda was the father of two twin spirits, Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu. The former is the holy spirit, the latter, the destructive deity, or spirit, and is also called Ahriman.

Later Ahura Mazda came to be identified with Spenta Mainyu, and the old duality turned into monotheism.

Mesopotamian-Iranian religion, later known as Zoroastrianism, had it that the cosmos was a war between light and dark. Truth and lie. Arbitrated by man. Light was good, and Enlightenment, even better. Nearly three thousand years later, European philosophers hijacked the notion (in their struggle against the obscurantism of Christianism).

But is not the Devil in the details too?


You see with enough details people cannot follow, reality becomes obscure, dark, controlled by uncomprehended forces. Conspirations can rule, and, hidden by thick clouds of details, their existence is not even suspected. Darkness is not just the friend, but the primary tool of oligarchies and plutocracy.

Mastering the details does not guarantee that one will see through, but it is a necessary condition for higher morality.

Thus the moral question is always: did you think of that? Did you know about this?

And the correct moral attitude is: are you sure you brought all the inputs in? Do you have the global picture? Did you take all emotions into consideration?

This is, by the way, why Political Correctness is not Moral Correctness: political correctness confuses, and reduces, morality to politics. In the USA, it means that PC politicians who, coincidence of coincidences, made immense fortunes while politicking, define morality.

Now, even better, Vladimir Putin defines morality at the United Nations, and, for him, it means one ought to support dictators (such as Assad).

But let’s backtrack: what are the “details”? Where do they come from? Am I asking everybody to learn mathematics and physics? The Will to Knowledge does not just come from details. It also come from the will to find out about the details. Hence the necessity to come equipped, or, rather, to want oneself to be equipped with an excruciating exquisite Will to Knowledge. To develop that proclivity means, first of all, to view with suspicion any will to find pleasure as herds animals do, by all emoting, feeling, thinking and acquiescing to the same.

To exert the mental muscle, one has to exert the emotional muscle as a free spirit. Only then can Enlightenment appear.

Patrice Ayme’

3 Responses to “Ahura Mazda, ENLIGHTENMENT, Details, DARK Side”

  1. gmax Says:

    Because only then will the will fetch the details?


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    I would be very interested to read your response to my blog post being published at midnight PDT. It’s my review of John Zande’s book and there are connections, both mentally and emotionally, with the theme of your post.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have thought, and written, on evil for decades…
      There is no God but Evolution, and Evil is the Master’s stroke.

      The author, Zande, seems to embrace the ancient Cathar theory that the creator of the world is obviously evil. The problem with this, is that love is even more important to human beings than evil (that’s easy to demonstrate). So, if one believes the occurrence of evil is absolute proof of an evil creator, the occurrence of love is absolute proof of a benevolent creator, by the same metalogic. So what’s the way out?
      Coincidentally, I am in the process of writing an essay on this (not exactly for the very first time).


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