Dynamiting Reality: Nobel to Palmyra

Nobel’s family searched and discovered dynamite, suffering fatalities and making a great fortune. Nobel came to live in France for decades.  Nitroglycerin, a liquid, was a much more powerful explosive than black powder. However, it explodes readily when shaken, a trait which blew to bits many an artist of explosive arts, and made transportation of said liquid highly eventful.  Dynamite allowed to infuse brick with nitroglycerin, and thus made it very stable. “Dynamiteros” soon appeared, and the art of war became much more explosive. Once, Nobel’s death was erroneously announced. A livid Nobel read banner titles on French newspapers such as: “Le marchand de la mort est mort.” (The merchant of death is dead). Ulcerated, and having no worthy relative, Nobel decided to leave his fortune for prizes in science (not in math, as Nobel’s wife had eloped with a famous mathematician).

However good Nobel’s intentions, we may wonder if history, if the correct mood with which to consider progress, do not keep on being dynamited in the process.

History Rearranged With Dynamite : Islam & Nobel Bring You A New World, Unlike the Real World

History Rearranged With Dynamite : Islam & Nobel Bring You A New World, Unlike the Real World

The triumphal arch of Palmyra has been “pulverized” by Islamists: thus now tens of millions of Islamists drones will be able to tell you that Islam invented civilization.

The Nobel prize in medicine was attributed to a Chinese woman, Tu Youyou who brought Artemisinin up to date. Artemisinin is not a new remedy against malaria. its antimalarial action was first described, in Zhouhou Beiji Fang (“The Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies”, Chinese: 肘后备急方, in 340 BCE by Ge Hong; in that book, 43 malaria treatment methods were recorded. Ge Hong wrote that this herb should be steeped in cold water: “A handful of qinghao immersed with two litres of water, wring out the juice and drink it all.” Tu’s team of the People Liberation Army subsequently isolated a useful extract. Tu recognizes the history. Does the Nobel committee recognize it? Probably not. The Nobel guys have made a point to deny history (the prize is not given to dead people… Although one of the two, and very dead discoverer of the so-called “Higgs” particle was mentioned).

The genus name of the plant is derived from the Greek goddess Artemis. It was probably named after Queen Artemisia II of Caria, a botanist and medical researcher in the fourth century BCE (known for celebrating her husband cum brother, Mausoleus).

I am not against people getting prizes for discovering something. I am against not recognizing the processes and moods which lead to the discoveries. Or recognizing the thousands of other people, even the generations who contributed, because this masks the real nature of discovery: a vast, communal effort.

Maybe that is exactly what the Nobel committee tried to say. But it should make more of an effort, and start at least offering Nobel to more than 3 people, and posthumously too (even with no money attached).

[To Be Continued…]

Patrice Ayme’

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5 Responses to “Dynamiting Reality: Nobel to Palmyra”

  1. gmax Says:

    What a title! Yeap, Islam is showing it’s true face


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    If I had tried to second guess how this essay of yours was going to develop, I would have been wrong by miles! I had never before stopped to think of the Nobel prizes in that way.

    While the destruction of these historic sites is heartbreaking, I suspect it is far from being a new aspect of man’s warmongering characteristics.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Paul! Glad that I surprised you.

      There is a new aspect in warmongering, though: Islam has reigned over this area since 640 CE. Even the fanatics who knew Muhammad personally did not destroy any of the splendor of civilization… Until a couple of years later, when they made it to Alexandria. Thus, by that standard, Islamists have got much worse. This means that now, instead of just robbing civilization as Muhammad had advocated (paraphrasing), they are outright into “pulverizing” it. Caliphs used to marry Greek (“Roman”) princesses. Now this sounds quaint…


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