European Dysfunctional Syndrome

Europe caused the refugee crisis, because it did not prevent bad actors from launching bad wars in their own, very bad self-interest, inside Europe’s own security area. Now hell is not just to be paid, but it is blossoming. (Europe is just going to give three billion Euros to Turkey’s Sultan, PM Erdogan, so he be nicer!)

Europe is an empire, but it acts either like Uncle Sam’s poodle, or, more frequently, as a boiled vegetable. Europe claims to be wise, human, humanist, responsible, sustainable, just, balanced, historically minded, socially advanced. Nice talk. But talking the talk is not enough. One has also to walk the walk. And for that, one needs power.

Without the will, capacity, capability and historicity of effective power application, Europe is neither of the following:

“ wise, human, humanist, responsible, sustainable, just, balanced, historically minded, socially advanced…”

In Various Colors, the European Exclusive Economic Zone (France & UK Mostly).

In Various Colors, the European Exclusive Economic Zone (France & UK Mostly).

[Europe Is The Reigning Worldwide Empire, Be It Only Philosophically: consider the Charter of the United Nations. A question about Europe’s Exclusive Economic Zone: are the USA supposed to defend it, or are Mr. Putin and Xi supposed to serve themselves?]

Denmark is often produced as the paragon of European virtues, and what Europe ought to aspire to. However, Denmark fought, at most, six hours against the Nazis in World War Two. After that it was collaboration all the way through, until warriors from other countries extinguished Nazism. So Denmark is not an example to follow. Sweden is even worse: it was outright an ENABLER of Hitler, in more way than one. Norway, though, was heroic. And even countries which lost some battles early on (especially France and Yugoslavia, let alone the USSR’s occupied areas, caused huge losses to the Nazis later, even under occupation; in France alone, the resistance was evaluated by the Nazis as having mobilized more than 25 divisions).

Even while excluding Russia, Europe is the world’s economic superpower. You would think that those who preach the supremacy of the so-called “free market” would observe this, and call Europe a superpower. But no, they don’t.

Here is The Economist in its lead, cover article: “A CONTINENT separates the blood-soaked battlefields of Syria from the reefs and shoals that litter the South China Sea. In their different ways, however, both places are witnessing the most significant shift in great-power relations since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In Syria, for the first time since the cold war, Russia has deployed its forces far from home to quell a revolution and support a client regime. In the waters between Vietnam and the Philippines, America will soon signal that it does not recognise China’s territorial claims over a host of outcrops and reefs by exercising its right to sail within the 12-mile maritime limit that a sovereign state controls.

For the past 25 years America has utterly dominated great-power politics. Increasingly, it lives in a contested world. The new game with Russia and China that is unfolding in Syria and the South China Sea is a taste of the struggle ahead.”

Absent from this analysis is Europe, the richest continent both in GDP and human capital. And not far from being the richest in arable land. One of the countries in the European Union has the world’s largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) at sea (with more than 11 million square kilometers).

So why does The Economist, and its attitude is typical among all and any major media and opinion forming outlet, ignore Europe?

Simply because the so-called free market, or even the economy, is not the master organizing principle of the world. Instead, Will To Power is. “The Economist” ought to be called “THE SUPREMACIST”.

Proof? Contemplate the following section in the article:

“Facts on the ground

As ever, that struggle is being fought partly in terms of raw power. Vladimir Putin has intervened in Syria to tamp down jihadism and to bolster his own standing at home. But he also means to show that, unlike America, Russia can be trusted to get things done in the Middle East and win friends by, for example, offering Iraq an alternative to the United States (see article). Lest anyone presume with John McCain, an American senator, that Russia is just “a gas station masquerading as a country”, Mr Putin intends to prove that Russia possesses resolve, as well as crack troops and cruise missiles.”

The Middle East is the proximal neighborhood of Europe, not of America. It would be only natural that Europe take the lead to impose peace, prosperity, or, at least, order and a modicum of civilization and respect of the United Nation Charter in its immediate neighborhood.

There around around 300 millions citizens of the USA. However, the number of citizens of the French Republic is in excess of seventy million. It is high time that the Europeans start to project military might, instead of letting others, such as Russia and the USA, do so in their backyard.

But, for acquiring control of its own backyard, the mood in Europe will have to change.

One cannot expect just one UNSUPPORTED European country (France) to project military might in active combat over more than half a dozen countries, as is presently the case (Mali, Niger, Cameroun, Nigeria, CAR, Syria, Iraq).

Europe has to stop considering the USA as its off shore security service. American security comes with a price: submission and subjugation (to American values, ideals, obsession, let alone commercial advantage). Not only it’s unhealthy for Europe, it’s unhealthy for the USA.

How unhealthy? Why would the USA adopt European philosophical and social values, when Europe itself will not fight, or otherwise defend them?

Such is Obama’s message. The president of the USA is clearly inviting Europe, in particular France, to take the lead in North Africa and the Middle East. This is excellent.

Why France? Because the others, with the possible exception of Britain, have the consistency of wet noodles.

Media such as The Economist, should they wish to be independent of USA’s commercial interest (but they are not), have to observe what is going on, and encourage the devolution of imperial and military power from the USA (and Russia!) to Europe. Instead of just affecting to consider empire building as a form of entertainment one can only contemplate from afar, while reaping the profits.

Europe cannot just be an economic empire. One cannot “imperare”, order, if one does not have military muscle. In the symbolic of the Roman Republic, the fasces, representing the people, are bundled around the axe of justice (a picture the Franks made their own, except the Francisque is a double edged axe).

Wars on one door’s step is no good news: they are a harbinger of disaster. The eleven million refugees out there, on the borders of Europe are not just a worry, they are a warning. A warning that peace does not come from wishful thinking, but active enforcement of justice.

Patrice Ayme’

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11 Responses to “European Dysfunctional Syndrome”

  1. gmax Says:

    The imperial thing isn’t cool with Europeans: they suck on the tit, but trash it, then cry out for Uncle Sam. Hypocritical. Also makes them accomplice of the American empire


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. That’s the entire problem of the European left, post-Stalinism. Their pacifism is living off Uncle Sam’s tit.


    • Kevin Berger Says:

      “The imperial thing isn’t cool with Europeans: they suck on the tit, but trash it, then cry out for Uncle Sam. Hypocritical. Also makes them accomplice of the American empire”

      Sure. But, *which* Europeans?

      Because, what you rightfully decry is the Raj administrative class. Willing, unwilling, knowing, unknowing, doesn’t matter : a traitor class, ultimately.

      Europe as it stand is not dysfunctional, it is being just what it is meant to being, an extension of the US might, a province, waiting to be gracefully raptured and ravished through some (more) free trade treaties.
      E.G., France, what is left of that old Nation?
      It doesn’t control its budget any more; it doesn’t control its governance and laws any more, at least not on a fundamental level; it doesn’t control its money any more, its economic policies are set within a given framework, its foreign policy too; it doesn’t have any kind of viable armed forces any more (limited police actions in Africa are ok, anything more requiers both the imprimatur and the active support of a “coalition”, IE the USA), and no heavy industrial base to support them in any case; culturally, it is in the process of being, or has been, really, digested by the globish culture, its Elites are either sold, for sale, or dedainful of it, its chattering class is even worse; it is not a cohesive society any more but a set of parallel societies increasingly based on identity politics, just as any self-respecting Anglo society (but without any kind of intense if shallow Nationalism, this being reserved for others), its History is denied inside, mocked and stolen outside.

      Anyway, I may be darkening the picture a bit, but not that much, really, but as I see it, you are in a way blaming the proverbial rape victim for “being a victim”, as EugenR is all-too often in the habit of doing.
      Europeans are colonized, subjugated peoples, politically and culturally from the “top-down”, and, increasingly ethnically, from the “bottom-up”, period.

      And all this is not an happen-stance, it is deliberate; I certainly can understand Indra-varuna when he impotently rails against the joooos; he might be barking at the wrong tree, though organized Jewry is part and parcel of that grand process, and certainly its most visible “face”, and shouldn’t be excused nor forgiven in any fashion (heh, pissed off about Israelis tonight, for some trivial reason), but he is dead-on right in that there is a “problem” at the very core of our times.


  2. Kevin Berger Says:

    “Europe caused the refugee crisis,”

    As opposed to last decade Brilliant Adventures in Iraq? And its Arab springs/colour revolutions and then Syrian civil war continuation(s)?
    The huge, gaping unsaid at the heart of this early 21st Century, the complete and criminal fuck-up in the Levant, not only unpunished, but unexamined and even unacknowledged.
    The ones who were criminally wrong were rewarded, the ones who were right were punished (hell, to this very day, the smear campaign against France still bears fruits), and if there is IMHO a widespread appreciation the war was a mistake among the US public, the dominant trend is to have the USA as a victim of some sort, done in by its own goodness, stab-in-the-back and ungrateful sand-niggers. Not a whole lot about being played, about wanting some blood, any blood, about the corruption run amok, about the ineptness,… about the public at large being an accomplice to mass-murder and mass corruption.

    Btw, if really there is going to be forced population shift in Europe, I’d be very glad if some of the lesser culprits were made to carry their share of the burden.
    By any means, if there’s going to be millions upon millions of middle-eastern settlers and colonizers, let Poland, the Baltic statelets, Georgia, all those whoring sell-outs, have a nice serving of that.
    And if this makes them squeal, all the better! Can’t say I’ve been really enamoured of online Pols or Estonians lately, feeling their oats about being the “best” Europe, still cycling the anti-French talking points,… have them reap a bit of what the sowed.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Lest this gets mis-interpreted, Europe’s decay was, first of all, caused by Europe. and, first of all, the European civil wars, whose causes are distributed. England favored the ascent of Prussia and Russia, but, before that, it was La Pompadour/Louis XV’s fault.
      But surely the decay of France got launched big time by Louis XIV (revocation edit de Nantes, and ensuing wars France lost).

      Well before that, the ascent of Spain at the end of the 15C cost the French their possessions in south Italy, and started interminable wars in Italy, let alone the rise of the Inquisition all over the world. Maybe that can be all tracked to Joan of Arc’s defeat of Henry VI’s Franco-Britannia.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My basic, order zero explanation of the North Africa/Levant mess is simple, I have said it many times:

      1) The USA used Islamism/”Anti-colonialism” as a a weapon of de-Europeanization of the immediate neighborhood of Europe.

      2) In the guise of “freeing” the people (that is, put them at the mercy of Wall Street/London supported dictators, from Morocco to Pakistan), European pseudo-intellectuals (Sartre, De Beauvoir and other collaborators, etc.) betrayed Europe and supported the USA scheme (hiding their true purpose below Marxist-Leninism mumbo-jumbo).

      3) This has been, ultimately very bad not just for the Levant/Africa, but even for the USA, as it favored the rise of EVIL RULE (Pluto Cracy) there.

      4) Europeans are directly responsible, because, aside from yours truly, I have seen nobody bring forth this thesis. Can’t fight what one does not understand what it is, whatsoever.

      I agree many countries in Eastern Europe are racist, and that this is a moment of education for them. We should not hesitate to use force, starting with verbal force to make them understand that it’s high time to cut the racist crap. If they want to persist, help to the offenders (may Orban’s Hungary) ought to be suspended.

      There is probably at least ten million people in France, or the French diaspora, of recent total, or part African/Levant origin. Most, including yours truly are perfectly integrated, and often more French than even an old racist like the Catholic fanatic, De Gaulle (tolerance is French; De Gaulle’s racism and bigotry was not French).


  3. neroburningrom Says:

    neroburningrom to Tyranosopher:
    Europe is too left wing, too spineless, and a living museum.

    America really did their job well in castrating the states of Europe.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Tyranosopher in reply to neroburningrom
      Left wing deserves quotation marks. For example in the USA, more specifically California, the state is the water owner and distributor.

      Yet, in “”socialist”” France three big PRIVATE companies hold water rights (with the occasional local exception, say the city of Grenoble, of which a grandfather of mine was the water manager long time ago). They make huge profits. In California, water is basically free.

      And so on.

      The USA’s arranged Europe as a garden in which it plays, and sells stuff. Europeans define this as freedom, especially freedom from the will which affects Americans.


  4. Sirmoose Says:

    Sirmoose to Tyranosopher
    So, what do you do with the refugees that come from more war? The problem is that Europe is already trying to be even MORE passifist because of this refugee crisys, not less. The only reason concervatives like Harper and Cameron are even elected now-a-days is because of their traditionalist beliefs to this matter; otherwise the spread of liberalism is evident especially in the young generation and proportion of less well off due to wealth gap. Eventually they’ll get elected and let all the refugees.
    THAT’s when the real chaos happens, perhaps subjugation to other’s beliefs. What you are saying is just promoting the same thing America has been doing ALL ALONG, which is just stupid. Europe needs to set itself straight in it’s beliefs and only something bad is gonna make that happen. On the current course, things are heading worse than you described for the West’s people, but certainly not the rich, the rich or the relatively such as myself can afford to seperate ourselves from these troubles through travel, friends accross countries and so on


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t see where we disagree.
      Europe has no more strongly defended core belief, except it’s unwise to have European beliefs, and defend them. Europe has lost military and philosophical control of its neighborhood. This was greatly the work of the USA, but this pernicious influence is now waning, offering an opportunity Europe ought to learn to seize.

      Global plutocracy is really the world government.


  5. Sikaniska Says:

    Finland stood in WW2 practically alone against a crushingly superior by numbers 1M strong Red Army assault and kept it from occupying the country. Still today Finland has the largest well-trained military reserve of 1M, largest tank force, and largest field artillery in EU, large and highly mobile Stinger, RBS70, NLAW-enabled high-readiness guerrilla “Jaeger” troops both active and reserve, and a fairly sizable Air Force and air defense equipped with cruise missiles etc., to keep Putin at bay. How is this for European dysfunction?


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