Transgender, Transreal, & How Pluto Profits

I am very transgender in mentality. In both directions, of course. Whatever that exactly means. I also know that gender is a matter of an hormonal landscape, in which chromosome identity (XX, XY, XXY, etc.) is only one factor. However, that does not mean I throw reality out of the window.

Humanity is steering the planet, towards oblivion. The obvious cause is that we are led by greedy, clownish “leaders” who masquerade as “elected”. In truth, they are not leading, they are just middle-men who hope to make a good “career” by pleasing the masters, like the butlers they are.

Yet the situation is worse than it looks. Consider the middle Middle Ages. The European Middle Ages, but I could adjust the same discourse to the Indian, Chinese, or Japanese Middle Ages. Europe is a clearer, better known case. It was a time of princesses, princes, and devotion to the Christian god. As Sade, Nietzsche, and various mafiosi observed, it was just the opposite: the European aristocracy was barely more than the largest organized crime operation in the world, and the wars it organized, a way to physically and mentally divided the people they subjugated into minced meat (when truly necessary).

Agnes Sorel Forced Charles VII To Make War, Or She Would Bed The English King Instead, As Eleanor Did.

Agnes Sorel Forced Charles VII To Make War, Or She Would Bed The English King Instead, As Eleanor Did.

Wedding the English king after divorcing the French king is what Eleanor, Duchesse d’Aquitaine had done earlier, and had many children. All subsequent English and French monarchs were her descendants for generations.

What was wrong with the Middle Ages?

The mood. This veneration of people such as Eleanor.

The “Christian” mood of the populace, the fake-Christian, hysterical mood of the leaders. The mood, superstitious and full of tribal anger (consider the pogroms against Jews, Cathars, Waldenses/Protestants, “witches”; and the crisscrossing of Europe by war parties and related “grandes companies” and other armies of brigands).

The superstitious mood is entangled by the celebrity mood, and both are adverse to the triumph of wisdom. The celebrity mood made people look up to princes and princesses (the word, originally used when the Roman Republic was dying, comes from “princeps”, first, and Augustus loved it).

Germaine Greer once at the edge of feminism, is now condemned as somebody so bad by a tribe so well-organized, a university she was supposed to talk at, implied that she should not be allowed to speak in public (as they will not insure her safety). The loudly “transgender” pseudo-tribe has condemned Greer. And, as usual, there is the public discourse, and the real one I suspect (below).

In Reality Greer Attacked The Celebrities Paid To Attack Reality, The Kadarshians

In Reality Greer Attacked The Celebrities Paid To Attack Reality, The Kadarshians

[In the USA, everything is bigger, compare with the “Dame de Beaute'”, the Fifteenth Century Agnes Sorel, above. And Kim Kadarshian is the specialist of reality, or so you will find, Rollingstone asserts, once you enter her real world…]

Tribalism is the way out of metaphysical loneliness. One advantage of “careers” is that they manufacture tribalism. An advantage of hostility strongly shared, let alone mass hatred, is that it creates a fake world solved by tribalism, and the tribal cement to go with.

Witness what is going on in Israel/Palestine. The best solution there is a global secular republic (or union) containing two states therein (a bit like the European Union model).

Chris Snuggs: ““philosophy” means “love of knowledge”, which has actually little to do with what philosophers do. What today is “science” was once “philosophy”. What today’s philosophy is is basically “speculation about the nonscientific” or ” speculative musing about the meaning of life and the processes of thought and its expression through language.”

Patrice: “Linguistic” philosophy has grown malignant indeed. Yet, philosophy, the philosophical method, is more needed than ever, and that is exactly why it is more dead than ever in the plutocratic system, and its universities. There, what passes for philosophy is all too often just garbage.

Watch what I said about the importance of moods. I am applying the philosophical method: telling the truth, sticking to reality. Mood calculus includes, crucially, the unsaid, and unexpressed.

The deepest questions at the edge of science, from Lamarckism to what it means when galaxies recess faster than light, or whether high energy physicists know what they are talking about, involve state of the art philosophy.

However, indeed, Chris, what’s often taught in philosophy departments is abysmal, indeed. This has to do with the fact that it takes (say) a decade to study all of science at high enough a level beyond high school, to have a fair idea of the scientific landscape.

Society, let alone universities, do not view this sort of global knowledge as valuable. Plato required the equivalent of a graduate level knowledge of mathematics. Nearly all “philosophers” now don’t know anymore calculus than Trudeau, Cameron, Hollande, Putin, Xi, Roussef, or Obama.

But of the degeneracy of philosophy has to do with the rise of “analytic philosophy” in Anglo-Saxon countries. Russell, its founder found it had become thoroughly unworthy. On the continent, the derangement was due to the rise of fascism (Soviet or Mussolini style).

What did the veteran feminist, Ms Greer say, which supposedly infuriated some transgender fanatics?

“I just don’t think that surgery turns a man into a woman. A perfectly permissable view. I mean, an un-man is not necessarily a woman. We don’t really know what women are and I think that a lot of women are female impersonators, because our notion of who we are is not authentic, and so I am not surprised men are better at impersonating women than women are. Not a surprise, but it’s not something I welcome.”

Surgery, as practiced today, is little different from what the best prehistoric doctors did successfully: amputation. OK, in the future, we will grow organs. It is studied. It is the future. But not yet a fact.

Kim Kadarshian seems to believe that reality, or rather, learning how to rape reality, is her business model. Said she, talking about her transgender, surgery challenged step-father, now a pseudo-woman:

“He lives his life the way he wants, a really authentic life, and he was like, ‘If you can’t be authentic and you can’t live your life, what do you have?’”

You want authenticity? Ask the Kadarshians, they know all about it. They accept plastic, any day.

Germaine Greer has accused TV star Caitlyn Jenner of emulating the limelight of other (female) members of the Kadarshians family.

The Australian-born feminist courted controversy by asserting that “misogyny played a big part” in the rumors that Glamour magazine would give Jenner its woman of the year award.

Jenner, who was born Bruce, and got many Olympic medals as a male, was married to Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, until they filed for divorce early last year, and cannot get enough of his celebrity status, apparently.

Greer says that so-called transgender women, who, admittedly, began life as males, before undergoing surgery and hormone treatments to “become women”, are “not women”. Greer says that they do not “look like, sound like or behave like women”. Instead they behave as males who want to steal everything from women, including femininity. So they trample not just on reality, but on justice too.

Clearly those transgender creatures, not to say creations, are not females (that requires XX chromosomes). But to pretend that they are females, because some people just said so, is the effect the owners of the Main Stream Media, all very rich men, are after: namely destroy any common sense, and make a religion out of that destruction.

Not to say that attack against reality are only the work of transgender crazies. Giving the Nobel Prize to drone crazy Obama was not just funny, but unreal. And not that this was started yesterday. Among the pious, ever since Viceroy Lord Mountbatten said so, Gandhi has been viewed as a paragon of pacifism. Never mind that pacifist Gandhi, praying like an Hindu, helped to bring colossal, multi-generational, religious strife, 15 million refugees, & millions dead. (No wonder he got depressed.)

Christianism to is a religion of peace and love, especially regarding Cathars (exterminated), Jews (pogromized), Muslims (roasting their children a must when hungry, see the First Crusade), or any sort of intellectuals or printers (burned alive). And Joan of Arc, the one of the same king as Agnes Sorel, of course saved France, or so pseudo-French fanatics, by re-igniting a war with London which lasted another four centuries with real guns, and which France is still busy losing, to this day…

Reality is a hard mistress, and the one which always wins. Yet, we control it, to a great extent now, because we are the nonlinear species, ready, even mandated, for immortality. Not that we have a choice.  Humanity is the “why” species. Also the “no” species. Yes, no and why, for the God(s), incarnated, for real. And the problem the gods have is whether they want to aspire to grab Kim’s fake reality, or stick to exercising our reality muscles.

Patrice Ayme’


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28 Responses to “Transgender, Transreal, & How Pluto Profits”

  1. brodix Says:

    Reality is binary in so many different ways, but people will always be asking “why?” of everything.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Interestingly, Quantum Physics, ultimate reality, computes continuously, with the Quantum Wave.

      Humanity is the “why” species.

      • brodix Says:

        Wave/expansion/energy, versus particle/contraction/mass.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Except the wave, as energy, is endowed with mass. Remember Poincare’ great discovery: E = MCC.

          I will even suggest most mass, including gravitational mass is under wave form (see the quark model: most energy therein the nucleon, hence mass, is as kinetic energy)

          • brodix Says:


            I do get the impression what we think of as mass/particles, are positive and negative waves interacting, but that would be a deeper level of binary.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            “Negative waves”? That reminds me of Dirac negative energy sea (we graduated out of that since). Anyway, it’s impossible to explain physics without a modicum of mathematics, or activity equivalent to that (but then it takes a huge amount of time, as I observe with my just 6 year old daughter)

          • brodix Says:

            Here is a possible link for that idea;

            “Now it’s true that if you take a proton and you put it together with an electron, you get something that we call a hydrogen atom. But what that is, in fact, is a self-consistent solution of the two waves interacting with each other. They want to be close together because one’s positive and the other is negative, and when they get closer that makes the energy lower. But if they get too close they wiggle too much and that makes the energy higher. So there’s a place where they are just right, and that’s what determines the size of the hydrogen atom. And that optimum is a self-consistent solution of the Schrodinger equation.”

            ” The quantum world is a world of waves, not particles. So we have to think of electron waves and proton waves and so on. Matter is “incoherent” when all its waves have a different wavelength, implying a different momentum. On the other hand, if you take a pure quantum system–the electrons in a superconducting magnet, or the atoms in a laser–they are all in phase with one another, and they demonstrate the wave nature of matter on a large scale. Then you can see quite visibly what matter is down at its heart.”

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Thanks for the link, I hyper sped thru it, seems OK. Will come back to it if I have time. Never heard of Mead before. I am NOT an applied physicist, but a (very) theoretical one. The quotes above are OK with me. I said equivalent things in “Quantum Wave”…

          • brodix Says:

            Thanks. For several years, there was a lively conversation on the FQXI site and there seemed to be a fair number of people from the more applied areas, information processing, electrical and mechanical engineering, etc, who had interesting views on where the theorists and mathematicians were taking the field.
            As I came at these issues from a more sociological point of view, in trying to understand the patterns and principles running through humanity as well, it provided an interesting contrast between those up on the heights and those down in the trenches.

          • brodix Says:

            Here is another interesting essay from someone on the technical side of the issue:

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Thanks for finding this. Too bad it’s from 2007. I have suspected modern cosmologists’ certainties for decades. For so long that I actually told Richard Feynman my objections, in light of Quantum Physics. He was very interested, but died shortly thereafter. Recent developments have only accentuated my doubts. In particular the accelerating expansion shoots down the main reasoning of conventional cosmology:

      • brodix Says:


        I’ll reply in this thread;
        I do agree trying to fit the age of the universe into 14 billion years is similar to explaining the earth only being 6000 years old, as examinations of dates in the bible propose.
        I think though, that it is ageless, which also goes back to my point about time itself being an effect, not cause of activity. Basically our measure of mass falling into galaxies is balanced by our measures of the radiation expanding between them, resulting in the apparent flat space, as observed by COBE and WMAP.
        The entire premise seems built on the notion that light travels as point particle/photons and the only way for it to redshift is recession. Yet while it is absorbed and thus measured at a point, reasonably it travels as a wave.
        Given the effect is identical in all directions, it creates the impression we are at the center of this expansion, so they revised the original idea to say space itself expands, but that overlooks the fact that a stable speed of intergalactic light is still being used as the denominator. Ie, the light has to take longer to cross this space, to be redshifted and therefore isn’t Constant!
        Now we are the center of our view and an optical effect would explain that quite nicely.
        Here is an interesting paper explaining how our views on redshift are only based on tests of single spectrum light, but over distance, multiple spectrum light would be redshifted;

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          John: You seem to believe those Nobel prizes are real idiots…

          “so they revised the original idea to say space itself expands, but that overlooks the fact that a stable speed of intergalactic light is still being used as the denominator. Ie, the light has to take longer to cross this space, to be redshifted and therefore isn’t Constant!”

          I don’t understand what you mean about whatever you are trying to say. “The original idea was Einstein’s creation of a static universe. Lemaitre pointed out that a dynamic universe was more natural, and that happened to fit what astronomers (capped by Hubble) were in the process of demonstrating. This was nearly a century ago, BTW…

          The question of whether light travels as particle (as you rightly observe “they” assume) or wave (as it has to) is, indeed, the crux.

          With me, in my theory, light periodically (sort of; I should say frequently) singularize (after interacting with space debris of some sort; I mean space as in “spacetime”). If the wave is too spread out, energy is lost, and contributes to the 3K Cosmic Background Radiation. So the 3K CBR is not the glow of the Big Bang, but a QUANTUM effect.

          The cosmic expansion is then caused completely by Dark Energy, and got generated more than 100 billion years ago…

          Use a completely new thread if you answer…

  2. indravaruna Says:

    You’re just a French fag Patrice, go kiss some jewish-american butt.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I: You are courting censorship with your insults. I will let that one through, as it shows you are the one with hysteria. The essay was not about me whatsoever, it was as I explained to Paul. I don’t really know what a “fag” is. Mick Jagger observed he was a “fag in LA”:

      When the Whip Comes Down” was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, although Jagger handled the song’s lyrics. Quite unusual, even for the late 1970s, the lyrics deal openly with the perspective of a gay man:

      “ Yeah, mama and papa told me I was crazy to stay/I was gay in New York, I was a faggot in L.A./So I saved my money and I took the plane/Wherever I go, they just treat me the same. ”

      In a 1978 interview with Rolling Stone magazine to mark the release of Some Girls, Jagger responded to questions regarding the song’s lyrics: “…There is one song that’s a straight gay song – “When the Whip Comes Down” – but I have no idea why I wrote it. It’s strange – the Rolling Stones have always attracted a lot of men… I don’t know why I wrote it. Maybe I came out of the closet {laughs}. It’s about an imaginary person who comes from L.A. to New York City and becomes a garbage collector… I sure hope the radio stations will play [it].” The lyrics could be taken to imply that the singer becomes a male prostitute,

      “ Yeah I go to 53rd Street and they spit in my face/But I’m learning the ropes, yeah, I’m learning a trade/The East River truckers is churning with trash/I’ve got so much money but I spend it so fast. ”

      “ Yeah, some call me garbage when I’m sweeping up the street/But I never roll and I never cheat/And I’m filling a need, yeah, I’m plugging a hole/My mama’s so glad I ain’t on the dole. ”

      “When the Whip Comes Down” was recorded at the Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris, France, between the months of October and December 1977. It was another of the famed Some Girls songs

      BTW, I don’t think that pondering hysterically Jagger gender/sex is a thoroughly silly activity. See:

      Anyway could luck with your national/gender/Jewish obsession. Kissing won’t save you.

  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, that was a most interesting essay. However, for me, combining the topics of philosophy and gender lessened my concentration. Each topic could so easily have stood on its own.

    Not a criticism, far from it, just my sense from having just read it.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Good point, Paul, but I did not get it started. Germaine Greer was a very famous feminist, for decades. One could argue that men have started a new frontline, striking conventional feminist from behind, basically.
      BTW, sex, gender, love, identity have been entangled with philosophy since ever… But indeed, readily unsettling… Before you wanted to take a wide berth from politics, but now you tackle this. What I am saying is that the main axis here is neither sex nor love, it’s the identification of the real…

  4. Alexi Says:

    Once again, Chris Snuggs is wrong. Philosophy does NOT mean “love of knowledge”. It means “love of wisdom”. Being wise is a very different way of being than being knowledgeable. For example, we *know* how to extract much fossilized CO2 from the Earth, but is extracting so much fossilized CO2 and pumping it into the atmosphere wise? I think not.

    Behind Chris’ error in describing philosophy lay many many other errors.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Alexi, happy to see you here. You are right, indeed. However, as I contemplated Chris’ error, I was wondering how wisdom and knowledge differ. “Knowledge” is generally, IMPLICITLY, viewed as something pertaining to FACTS.

      My take? Wisdom is the most general form of knowledge. Wisdom pertains to even, and especially, the KNOWLEDGE of METAtheories about the future, including the future of love, error, and other emotions. What do you think?

      • Alexi Says:

        Hi Patrice, I agree with your description of wisdom. It is compatible with my emerging idea that scimus ‎(“to split, to dissect”) from which we derive the word “science” is a subset of sophia (“high knowledge”: “learning”, “wisdom”). The love of sophia (philosophy) encompasses along with science, the emotional, the intuitive, the imaginary, and even the irrational. The most intelligent rely on conscious integration of not only scimus, which is helpful but very limited, but mostly on sophia as means to ends.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Hi Alexi, thanks for commenting. And commenting so judiciously. Yes, indeed science is about SAWING. Science and also wisdom, then, is intrinsically violent, the application of force, the moral strength to separate, to make disjoint what was confused. This dislocation is pre-reason, so, indeed, as you point out, wisdom encompass the irrational always. The ends is successful manipulation of the world (the concept is more or less in Heidegger, I remember you esteem Heidegger…)

  5. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Pacifist Gandhi, praying like an Hindu, helped to bring religious strife, 15 million refugees, & millions dead. No wonder he got depressed.

    Chris Snuggs: Sex should be kept to the bedroom and religion to a small shed in the garden. These are my solutions for a better, more civilised and peaceful world. Remember, I thought of it first ……..

  6. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Alexi Helligar: Patrice Ayme it looks like you have somehow gotten through to Krugman. He seems to adopted your ideas as his own!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I know. Thanks for noticing.

      [It’s the story of my life; I created a scandal at Stanford long ago by telling the top Black Hole guys (Penrose, Hawking, Yau, Suskind, etc.) that the BLACK HOLE theory was full of Quantum holes. I thus provoked a conflict, and found myself hated. However these ideas are now admitted by all, or nearly so… Same story for several other things, from no infinity in math to nuclear reactors at the center of Earth, etc.]

      • Alexi Says:

        Perhaps your reward will be in heaven 😉

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks, Alexi, you encourage me. However, I can wait for heaven a bit later… The lack of wisdom is impacting us everyday. I suffered materially from my Obama (mis)adventure, for example. Considerably investing in someone anxious to give his imprimatur to the Bush system (although, below the radar, recently, all too recently, the Obama administration has been squeezing the banks).

  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to:

    The author uses the “sum over histories” argument I used in the past on that issue.]
    Indeed. Reality is a sum over histories. (Feynman famously formulated Quantum Physics that way.) Penis wearers, whatever they become, did not start their histories endowed as true women are.

    This is just a matter of looking reality square in the eye. Admittedly, looking at reality the way it is is not what the powers that be want to happen. Thus transgender derangement syndrome is much favored by the wealthiest people who control the world, and, in particular, the media. That was a hulk of a man, who got many gold medals as a hulk of a man, now claim he is a woman, and everybody agrees, because he is so well connected, and his picture is everywhere.

    Transgender fanatics are also transreal fanatics. They went from real reality, to make belief reality as if it were real. Thus, they are a debacle of reason. Exactly what their masters want. Even “Star Wars” did not have villains that twisted and villainous.

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