Israel & the China Man

What do Israel and the Chinaman have in common? Fundamental biases dislocating a correct vision of reality which all lemmings ardently share, thus finding themselves very smart.

Once there was an English student in Scotland, enraptured, with his friend Lyell, listening to the discoveries of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck a research professor in Paris’ Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, pertaining to the immense age of the Earth, demonstrated by the evolution of microscopic features in fossilized mollusks (the family of mollusks was defined by Lamarck’s senior competitor, research professor Georges Léopole Chrétien Frédéric Dagobert, Baron Cuvier).

Lyell’s, and other geologists’ field studies, mostly in France and Germany, showed indeed that stratigraphy and fossils confirmed Lamarck’s view. Darwin grew up, and later honorably tried to parrot in the Galapagos the work of Lamarck, with turtles and birds. However, the Galapagos are recent (maybe as little as nine million years), so speciation is weak: the birds are so little different, that there is a debate whether some of them are different species. Darwin did not have the good luck of Lamarck, studying really different, and extremely numerous mollusks.

In any case, the British Empire, in its wisdom, realized that Jesus Christ was becoming less of a bedrock of  the splendor of said empire, so it switched to Darwin, proclaiming him the creator of evolution, and thus multiplying further the aura of the British ways. It worked: the head of state of Canada is still the Queen of England.

Trudeau: My Son Will Learn From Me How To Manipulate The Stupid Out There

Trudeau: My Son Will Learn From Me How To Manipulate The Stupid Out There

In related news, China gave the “Confucius Prize” to the dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. Mugabe has reigned over the country for 35 years. This makes sense: Confucius was all for oligarchy, not to say plutocracy, as these regimes brought (apparent) peace. Confucianism as the default mode of China has been its main problem for twenty-six hundred years: the same family is in charge of Confucius for 26 centuries. Mao understood this, and that is why he used as an excuse to launch his “Cultural Revolution”.

But back to that other pillar of empire, Darwin. Darwin had decided that man came out of Africa, so that truth having been established, as Charles had replaced Jesus, it has been repeated ever since. The fact that there was no proof, it was even better, as it was an occasion to cultivate the celebrity/superstitious muscle. Celebrity and superstition go well together, as both assume that concept or creatures who cannot be observed, are up there, and to be “believed” in. Cultivating one or the other pertains to the same mood, so they reinforce each other.

It’s harder to find fossils in China. The climate tends to be much wetter than in Africa, and cycles of great heat and deep freezing, in the north, are not friendly to delicate corpses, either. However:

Teeth from China Reveal an Early Human Trek out of Africa

“Stunning” find shows that Homo sapiens reached Asia around 100,000 years ago. [Nature, October 14, 2015.]

These 47 human teeth, dated to 80,000-120,000 years ago, were found in a limestone cave system in Daoxian, China. Those teeth from a cave in south China show that Homo sapiens reached China around 100,000 years ago—a time at which most researchers had assumed that our species had not trekked far beyond Africa.

“This is stunning, it’s major league,” says Michael Petraglia, an archaeologist at the University of Oxford, UK who was not involved in the research. “It’s one of the most important finds coming out of Asia in the last decade.”

The teeth are unquestionably those of H. sapiens, says María Martinón-Torres, a palaeoanthropologist at University College London who co-led the study with colleagues Wu Liu and Xie-jie Wu at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing. Their small size, thin roots and flat crowns are typical for anatomically modern humans—H. sapiens—and the overall shape of the teeth is barely distinguishable from those of both ancient and present-day humans..

The team used calcite deposits, stratigraphy, and Uranium and Thorium datation methods.

“This demonstrates it was not a failed dispersal,” says Petraglia, who has long argued for an early expansion of modern humans through Asia on a southerly route. “This is a rock-solid case for having early humans—definitely Homo sapiens—at an early date in eastern Asia.”

Why were they Homo Sapiens Sapiens in China for 50,000 years, at least, before they appeared in Europe? Simple: stronger, smarter Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis were in the way.

That Homo would thrive in Asia is not surprising: it represents a huge amount of inhabitable warmish land. More such land than in Africa arguably. Neanderthals also occupied North Africa, so the Sapiens Sapiens would have had to sneak through. Maybe they did not sneak through, because Sapiens Sapiens is just the tropical variant of Homo, so was represented on both sides of the tropics equally. As I argued, once Neanderthals wore pants, .they may as well go tropical too, and revert to the more delicate, smaller, thus more prolific version of Sapiens.

In any case, this shows that turning scientists into gods is an insult to science: Einstein had no reason to believe in local reality, except that he had been conditioned (= fabricated) that way. The Einstein-robot just repeated mechanically what he knew by rote about reality. Fine. What’s not fine, was to make that into a religion. Same for some of Darwin’s pronouncements.

Some will say that’s just science, and surely politics don’t make the same mistake. Yet a beautiful example is the case of Israel. Netanyahu dared to go outside of official script, by pointing out that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a sort of Muslim Pope, took part in the extermination of the Jews. This is factually true.

Yet as all the deepest truths of World War Two, it’s no good to proffer it, if all you want is peace, in your little world, or, more exactly, torpor.

So what of Israel? Exasperated by Jewish rebellions which turned into full blown wars which killed many legionnaires, Rome outlawed Israel, threw the Jews out, and called the place Palestina.

225 years later, the philosopher-emperor, Julian, having studied in Athens and been elected in Paris, decided that the punishment had lasted long enough, and ordered the reconstruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and the return of the Jews. However Julian got killed, and replaced by Christian fanatics even worse than the ones before.

So here we are.

The “Two-States” solution will never work (long story). The facts, on the ground, is that Israel is not just occupying, colonizing, but invading the “West Bank” (60% of it).Denying this, and that the forces at work are so colossal, they can’t be stopped, is being a partisan of the present situation, the slow eating of Palestine by the Israeli boa.

What’s the only solution which can work? The One-State solution: one state, secular, rights of all critters, respected. That is the Israeli government has to respect the human rights of minorities.

Meanwhile Ivory Coast voted for president, for the economist turned president who had been barred, after being PM, from the Ivorian citizenship (for having not all his ancestors Ivorian). Ouattara got to power, thanks to some judiciously placed French rockets which landed his all too dictatorial predecessor in jail.

Some grumbled it all reminds them of “France-Afrique”, the connection between business interests, and the military help France provides with. Yes, sure, but as with Darwin or Israel, one has to look at reality: “France-Afrique” is bad, but the alternatives,  USA Africa or Africa, Idi Amin Dada, or Mugabe style, are worse roads to plutocracy.

France cannot keep on making war on the behalf of all Europe, plus civilization, without finding a way to pay for it. And the same holds even for the much richer USA.

Canada elected heir, and hair apparent, Trudeau son of Trudeau (see above) has promised many things, including the Keystone Pipeline, something that not even Obama supports (Keystone is an attempt to make Canada even more filthy rich from filthy oil tar, while melting the permafrost up north). Weirdly, everybody is applauding, although, not satisfied with smothering the biosphere, Justin Trudeau has made many pro-Islamist utterances (the way he sees it, it just brings him votes).

Training to recognize reality can be done best in science, but what is learned has to be brought to politics. If you want progress, for real, stick to truth, for real.

Patrice Ayme’


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28 Responses to “Israel & the China Man”

  1. brodix Says:


    This post definitely falls in the category of non-linear. As I keep trying to argue, when it’s billions of people, it’s physics, not politics.
    Specifically thermodynamics. Form pushing in, as energy pushes out. Whether it’s the geology and atmosphere in which we exist, the stars and galaxies cycling mass and radiation, or social pressures pushing out, as civil structure pushes in.
    Just don’t expect to extract any narrative threads, on the theory that they will lead anywhere. Linearity is just the particular action and big picture, it’s positive feedback that gives you the future.

    • pshakkottai Says:

      “Linearity is just the particular action and big picture, it’s positive feedback that gives you the future.”

      You mean negative feedback (technically) for positive feedback is destabilizing and leads to instability and explosions! Almost nothing is linear in nature (except quantum mechanics).

      • Gmax Says:

        Hi Partha: O0K, quantum mechanics is about waves says Patrice all day long. How can adding waves be linear? Or then I don’t understand what a line is.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          That’s actually an excellent and very deep point. Everybody says QM is linear, and that means the vectors add in the Hilbert spaces at hand. So this way Partha is 100% correct. Yet, those vectors are actually WAVES. And waves to not add up linearly, as a glance at a tsunami demonstrates…

      • brodix Says:

        Too much negative feedback and you are history. Stability leads to stagnation….
        The future is what and where the energy goes, even if it is destabilizing.

  2. Gerrit Viehmann Says:

    Two weeks ago I saw a rerun of the 5 part documentation “Quand homo sapiens peupla la planète” (in German) on (It will rerun twice this november.)

    It discusses the apearances of homo sapiens 160.000 years ago in south asia and a much earlier settlement of the americas, than previusliy thought, based on fossil founds and DNA sequencing.

    It also has a short part about fossils in China.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Gerrit and welcome! A few weeks ago, I was stunned when I talked to major USA paleontologists who did not know that, in France and Germany, there is a notion of “Archaic Homo Sapiens”, namely the “Heidelberg Man” and the “Homme de la Chapelle aux Saints”. Both are viewed as ancestors to Neanderthals. They were very large.

      I was really stunned by this lack of knowledge. Because it means that major scientists in the field are unaware that (“Archaic”) Sapiens were all over the place (namely, Eurasia). So the “Out of Africa” theory is just silly. (Wealth of DNA in Africa has an obvious cause, which has nothing to do with that.)

  3. indravaruna Says:

    Its a lie the Roman expulsion of jews from Palestine, there was a Judean Lobby already active in 1st century BC Rome, they transported Gold from the Roman Provinces to Jerusalem without opposition, even Roman politicans like Flaccus and Cicero were intmidated by them, the Geographer Strabo remarked that there was jews all over the Roman Empire by the 1st century BC.

    The Jerusalem Temple was the wealthiest temple of the Near East and probably from the whole Empire, when the Romans finally destroyed they found so much wealth that it financed the construction of the Colosseum.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for trying, Indravaruna. However, please study Roman history in even more details. Getting the details right in history allows to ride the Devil, as needed. The Colosseum was built three generations before the destruction of the Temple. You got the two Judean wars mixed up. It’s true that, at some point, about 10% of the empire was Jewish. But being a Jew is not/was not necessarily a racial thing (contrarily to what Nazis claim to believe, while not really believing it). So many Jews were re-absorbed, so to speak, especially in the “Pars Occidentalis”.

      In the mixed up Western Europe, few are those without (some) probable Jewish ancestry (see, tellingly enough, Hitler, Adolf). In France, where records are best, it’s more than 50%…. In any case, Christian religion was created by a mythical rabbi… So Christian religion is just still another variant of Judaism… Christians are Jews, and that’s exactly why Hitler did not like them (he preferred Muslims, see Grand Mufti…)

  4. tom Says:

    To have people live in harmony as one requires not only CONTINUOUS great leadership, but also a certain level of maturity, education and convergence to some common values. South Africa is an example, in spite of Mandela (and noone lives forever). Certainly Palestinians are not there yet. Blood does not build confidence, but at the same time it should be clear that the worst attrocities against the Palestinians were not carried out by the evil israelis, but by their own arab brothers: Black September when King Hussein of Jordan massacred some 20K palestinians after guest Arafat tried to overthrow him; Sabra&Sattila by the arab Falangists who had a beef with Fatah members behaving not as guests, but as the bosses in Lebanon; Hamas vs Fatah when dead bodies of Fatah members were carried out by jubiliant Hamas members. In a perfect world we could all live as one; sadly, at least in the Middle East we are very far from such a convergence.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Tom, indeed. And I think this is directly traceable to the mood Islam imparted to the region. Especially hard line, Salafist, literal, Wahhabist Islam. The Qur’an contains what I called the “Fascist Principle”, a very precise verse which enjoys to follow any leader as if he were Muhammad himself. Assad, Hussein, the Saudis, and all the other dictators have ruled using that principle, and this is why, ever since Islam appeared, Islamist regimes, all regimes Islam has reigned over, all of them, have not known anything resembling democracy, even representative democracy.

      It makes, BTW, Israel, a representative democracy both undefeatable, and a science-fiction spaceship among the savages… And why I don’t condemn Israel too much… (Although Orthodox Jews ought to be kept in check! And also ethically challenged American Jews, all too inclined to view the Natives as if they were Indians…)

      • brodix Says:

        Possibly it is not entirely co-incidental that democracy originated in poly/pantheistic societies, Greek and Roman.
        Have a religion based on lots of intertwined and competing gods would seem to be a logical basis for a society founded on the principle of democracy. As opposed to one dominated by a supreme being, which translated, politically, as the “divine right of kings.”

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Indeed. The Abrahamist God is a fascist, mass murdering, hyper jealous, super cruel abomination. The emperor is in its image. I have explained that from all angles hundreds of essays ago….

    • Kevin Berger Says:

      As an obvious aside to the point of this entry.

      “To have people live in harmony as one requires not only CONTINUOUS great leadership, but also a certain level of maturity, education and convergence to some common values. South Africa is an example, in spite of Mandela (and noone lives forever).”
      Not quite getting where you going there; if I do understand, with the following comparison with the Palestinians, and unless you do have a more balanced view of the South African situation than me (a local possibly?), then, isn’t you view rather all-too optimistic?
      Looking at it from a very distant, not really interested, and very intermittent (South Africa is not ‘in’ to report about any more) pov, all I can see is a country marred by rampant street violence, by ethnic-based nepotism, devolving back to magical thought culture (charming when coupled with what appears to be a rather peculiar and violent sexism), its civil governance hugely corrupt and inefficient, its infrastructure crumbling while its educated Elites steadily leave ship… apparently, it even appears to now being a formidable rear base for European, US and Israeli organized crime, as well as for Muslim fundies.
      In other words, not the ‘success story’ that has been sold, with the feel-good Truth & Reconciliation and all that ‘Rainbow Nation’ idiocy, but instead a quasi run-of-the-mill decolonization disaster, only a few decades after the rest of them.
      Which I guess explains why it is not ‘in’ any longer.

      FFS, World cup aside, the last few times I have heard in passing about South Africa in MSM (leaving aside the farm invasions, torture-murders, rapes,… of Whites that were kind of a staple of Right-wing news sites when I bothered with them) was mostly glancing coverage of its anti-immigrant pogroms.
      Two flare-ups that I am aware of, in maybe 5 years?.
      (Black) Local paupers going on a rampage against (Black) immigrant paupers, trashing everything, and burning alive perhaps dozen of them – the press pictures are chilling, amusingly enough, because it’s all so casual and well-oiled…
      All this out of (probably justified, but, still…) anger, over job competition, sheer xenophobia, and disgust at criminals violent even by local standards, this probably a gift from Mob world champ Nigeria.

      Not exactly a rosy picture. If THIS is the best example we have, then, we’re pretty screwed, at least IMHO and from what I know.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I second Kevin’s opinion. Mandela was a completely exceptional human being. He knew law, boxing, learned Afrikaner (to seduce the opposition), he was Enlightened, but he also knew, and use the DARK SIDE. Mandela was no Baotou (like the Zulus), but from the original inhabitants, and the aristocracy. In the USA there is a massive amount of white more or less ex South Africans (a species that used to be very racist!) and now rich investors (or advisers to the likes of Obama).
        South Africa itself is not doing well, I agree.
        Lots of Africa need lots of cleaning (Gambia an example)

        • tom Says:

          Sorry my post was misinterpreted. When I wrote” IN SPITE OF MANDELA” I thought it was pretty clear that I do not consider South Africa a successful example. The “noone lives forever” was in my mind an even clearer hint that what came after Mandela was much worse.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            We agree. Sorry I gave the impression you saw (pretty pathetic) South Africa as a successful example. Senegal is a much better example (although not well known at all).

  5. brodix Says:


    It’s not an issue you will solve with anger and invective.

    It seems an easy step to make to go from the oneness of connectivity, the network, to one, the singular set, defined by what is inside, versus everything else. Even our current cosmology is based on this idea of the entire universe as singular, but even they cannot escape the network and now it is multiverses to fill the gaps, connections and infinity.
    So don’t waste time butting heads with absolutists, who insist their own ideals are supreme. Examine the context and lay bare the assumptions on which their beliefs are based. Time will eventually take its toll.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Anger and invective? And which issue? The phobia of “anger and invective” often stays in the way of proper analysis. I have no fear of fear, sorry.

      • brodix Says:

        Well, people have been cursing the gods for awhile now. I’m just trying to point out that;
        1) Ideals are not absolutes, as monotheism assumes, because a universal state/absolute would have no distinction or form and an ideal is a perfect form. Those who assume their cultural ideals are absolute are, by definition, extremist.
        2)The idea of a universal god necessarily arises from the intuition that everything is connected, but that is different from assuming it is therefore a single entity.

        Heat and light are somewhat similar, but certainly not identical.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Universal god arose from universal fascism. OK, here it explicitly for those who missed the double entendre: Universal, in Greek is “Catholikos”. The initial for Christianity outside of Armenia. BTW, I have been doing just what you recommend, since ever and ever. That’s why even Nazis can post here…

          • brodix Says:

            Monsters make interesting opponents.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Monsters make the best sparring partners, and that’s why even Islamists are welcome here, not just Nazis and Putin’s robots.

          • brodix Says:

            Isn’t sparring essentially a game, in which rules are followed, while monsters are those who follow no rules?
            Thus making them wily adversaries, yet due to the lack of structure, limited in resources to draw on.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            On structuralism: One word can structure.

          • brodix Says:

            One word is a node in a network.
            Even though the structure of a sentence is seemingly linear, it is all the connections and connotations built into every word and which different people might give different emphases, going off in every direction, that gives it meaning enough to fit into the sentence.
            Because what is as important is the quantity of information contained in the word, is the quality, the conciseness and editing implicit in every word, applied in the most potent manner.
            Like bricks in a wall, every one has to matter.

  6. Raymond Lee Teoh Says:

    Chinese are pigs.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I let it pass this (first) time (as it is explained in the Qur’an that many Jews have transformed into pigs by the Qur’an). However, sheer insults are just mean to hurt, and do not promote debate. Thus my comment policy is to censor them (albeit I let some pass to show the hatred out there, and not sweep it under the rug). I learned some Chinese, and I have great respect for that civilizational center, arguably the greatest, with the Indo-European assembly.

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