Tribalism, Or Singularity Of Evil Guaranteed

Basic Morality Lacking:

A uncle-by-marriage is, for reasons I suspect, but will not get too much into, extolling the virtues of “the troops”. His father, a resistance hero, integrated the U.S. Army during the Second World War in the Philippines, and never left it. So he posts profusely on the Internet declarations such as the following: “How often we forget……………I met a pharmacist assistant the other day who was medically discharged while doing his 4th tour of duty in Iraq!!! God Bless Him and the rest of our men and women in uniform.”

Only two tours of duty are mandatory. Beyond that soldiers have to volunteer to go back to the exotic country and kill its natives. Volunteer to help the Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney-Neoconservative juggernaut destroy and terrorize the world.

No Matter The Cost? What About The Moral Cost? And The Civilizational Cost? And The Cost Of Supporting The Plutocratic-Feudal Order Presently Ordering The Troops Around?

No Matter The Cost? What About The Moral Cost? And The Civilizational Cost? And The Cost Of Supporting The Plutocratic-Feudal Order Presently Ordering The Troops Around?

My unhelpful comment on Facebook: Yeah, indeed, it was really good to help kill of these innocent Iraqis, and make the country into a total mess, plus allowing looting of 4,000 year old antiquities. What for? Killing a million people, what for? Don’t you think one should bless goodness, not evil? Just asking. Blessing their troops systematically, whatever war they engaged in, was what the Germans did, with the result of two evil wars which killed more than 100 million people. It’s easier to salute than to think, right… But that does not make it right. Right?

So what is morality funded on troops alone? It is, of course, the one which brought the Roman army to obey unconscionable orders such as the annihilation of Carthage in 146 CE.

Remember Carthage. 146 BCE. The (plutocratic) Roman Senate decided to destroy (delendare) newly Carthage, one of the greatest civilizations, ever.

After a week of house to house fighting, in the burning megalopolis, only the last citadel, already on fire, was holding. Scipio Aemilianus began weeping in Greek historian and philosopher) Polybius’ presence.

Scipio recited a sentence from Homer‘s Iliad, a prophecy about the destruction of Troy, that could be applied now to Carthage’s end. Scipio declared that the fate of Carthage might one day be Rome’s.

In the words of Polybius:

“Scipio, when he looked upon the city as it was utterly perishing and in the last throes of its complete destruction, is said to have shed tears and wept openly for his enemies. After being wrapped in thought for long, and realizing that all cities, nations, and authorities must, like men, meet their doom; that this happened to Ilium, once a prosperous city, to the empires of Assyria, Media, and Persia, the greatest of their time, and to Macedonia itself, the brilliance of which was so recent, either deliberately or the verses escaping him, he said:

A day will come when sacred Troy shall perish,

And Priam and his people shall be slain.

And when Polybius speaking with freedom to him, for he was his teacher, asked him what he meant by the words, they say that without any attempt at concealment he named his own country, for which he feared when he reflected on the fate of all things human. Polybius actually heard him and recalls it in his history.

The sacrifice of Carthage was the real Rubicon (a similar fate was visited on the Greek city of Corinth, and an independent Spanish city). After that, Roma, or rather its elite, was committed to the rule of evil (plutocracy). Ultimately, plutocracy killed Rome.

Thus, foreign wars can strike the soul. When the tribe agrees to fight for evil, it does not deserve to survive, as far as evolution (of the human species) is concerned. Just as we can see evolution as intelligent design, we can see it as designed by a greater good, namely survival of intelligence.

The soul, of course can be hit in other ways. Some 13-year-old Internet stars get ten million hits in short order, exposing to the world their brainless philosophy to great applause, and, soon enough, great fortunes (yes, even in France; 13-year-old philosophers there get orders of magnitude more “followers” than the more official kind; I suspect this phenomenon gets some help from the establishment…)

We are already in a singularity, a technological, psychological, philosophical singularity driven by science. It needs a correct basic morality to not become a singularity of evil. But that it will become if all the basic morality there is consists into:

“My tribe, right or wrong.” Be it the tribe of 13-year-old lemmings, or the tribe of wounded veterans (mostly wounded because they took orders from a criminal enterprise, something conducive to Post-Traumatic-Syndrome).

We are getting a new world, newer everyday. We need a new morality and its basis better be non-tribal.

Patrice Ayme’



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6 Responses to “Tribalism, Or Singularity Of Evil Guaranteed”

  1. brodix Says:

    A singularity is a vortex. It is hard to escape, once you have stepped over the line. Those with the smallest minds lead the way, as it gets ever more contracted. So to escape the intellectual compression, you have to let go of all that is physical and can be pulled in.
    Then when you are outside it and understand that even those leading it on have no control, but are simply most willing to accept it, keep stepping further back, until you start to find the larger forces directing it and where they are taking it. Maybe to find a way to steer it for the better. Maybe just to accept it as the fate of the times.
    We are all prisms through which many forces and voices flow. We can only select the ones best suited to the world in which we exist.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Mathematically, a singularity is a place where the derivatives blow up. End of the story (hahaha: dangerous to talk to arrogant mathematicians… Sorry about the pleonasm…)

      A vortex has no singularity (in practice though, I think that to introduce singularizing vortices would SOLVE the Navier-Stokes equation. This is probably the crux observation here, but I won’t get the Clay Prize).

      INTELLECTUAL FASCISM is the concept I prefer… Complete with mental dimensional shrinkage. So we do not differ in the general direction of explanation.


      • brodix Says:

        Vortices do coalesce energy into a very focused output. The assumption, both cosmologically and economically, is this results in some contained amount of mass/energy, either as a black hole, or enormous amounts of notational wealth. The reality is this energy is released, whether as quasars shooting out for billions of lightyears, or the collapse of the economy from which this wealth is being drained. If the economy was analogous to a star, this would be when it goes super nova.
        We can’t stop that, but there might be ways to harness the resulting energy.


  2. Gmax Says:

    Is the uncle still talking to you? Out of the ten richest young plutocrats, at least three are tied to facebook. CIA makes rich, I guess. Now Carson is leading all, even Clinton, you were right.
    This is a very exploitative country. Still mourning it’s failed occupation of Iraq. How can you stand it to live here? Who do you talk to? Not the uncle I guess


  3. hazxan Says:

    Well, historically Europe has been nearly always at war in the past 1,000 years. The last 70 years have been very much the exception for Europe. Far worse than the middle east, in general.

    How much of that is due to the EU in it’s guises? Something I’d only been aware of recently, the possibility that the EU has transformed the traditional inter-Europe military wars into “mere” trade wars. Germany, Greece, France England…hmm, maybe…

    Overall the level of aggression and ignorance simmering beneath the surface here disputes any attempt at calling ourselves “civilised”. Our nations are mostly ignorant herds waiting to be coralled to die for the master.

    Civilisations seem to have a natural cycle of rise and fall, and Western civilisation seems clearly in the decline now, with a new dark age ahead. The energy and vitalism has gone, replaced with pathetic squeezing of profit via surreal “financial instruments”. Mass consumerism. An individual plucked out of history from 200 years ago would out survive most of us today, we have become a sick, poor quality herd.

    On ignorant patriotism and war, you might like this article. I did!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The fundamental reason for the European Union is to join the irresistible, reborn Franco-Germania.
      The reason for Franco-Germania is that the alternative was tried, for 1,000 years, 1,000 years of war.


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