“State Doping” And Corruption Generalized

Corruption is a mood. When it becomes obvious at the top, for all to see, it spreads through all of society. Corruption is not just about money, or bartering of power, tit 4 tat, but also about habituating oneself 2 violate reason, emotion, decency

The historian Gibbon viewed Rome under the Antonine emperors as the eternal city’s greatest century. So doing, Gibbon made the same mistake as all Roman thinkers we know of, made at the time. Rome, in truth, was a fascist military regime drunk with corruption. Gibbon lived in a similar, yet newer and improved, regime in Great Britain. Said improvements enabled Britain to established a spectacular empire. Because of the similarities with the plutocracy he flourished in, Gibbon could only sing the praises of Second Century Rome. If he had not sung them, nobody would know the book he wrote.

Only a few people chosen by the fate of force took all the decisions in imperial, fascist Rome. Thus, unsurprisingly, those decisions were dumb. When Rome had been a Republic, many took the decisions, after huge debates. Thus they were excellent and Rome conquered the world.

Red: Up To 5 Celsius Above Average. Cold Around Antarctica Caused By Sweet Melting Glacier Water Coming To Surface

Red: Up To 5 Celsius Above Average. Cold Around Antarctica Caused By Sweet Melting Glacier Water Coming To Surface

Nowadays, if we look at the bright side of things, we are not in such a bad position: the debates on the Internet may save us. Our clueless, corrupt and greedy leaders will not. Yet, if we look at the bad side, the situation is much worse. Rome declined because she was deranged, mentally sick, senile, the property of a few, physically sick, polluted, out of resources, out of her wits, out of time, riddled with corruption. Yet, these maladies were confined to Rome. The Barbarians, taught and inspired by Rome, were doing better all the time. Now the entire planet is threatened with a heart attack.

The planet’s biosphere is teetering on the verge of NONLINEARITY.  Forget homeostasis. The weekly sea surface temperature reading, taken within the Niño 3.4 region near the equator, has risen to 2.8°C above average (that’s a rise of more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit). This ties the highest weekly departure of 2.8°C recorded in late November 1997 during the record-setting 1997-98 El Niño. Peaks five degrees Celsius above, and more, are observed (see graph above).

Radiative forcing augmented by 36% since 1990. Moreover, CO2, CH4, N2O, all mighty greenhouse gases are beating records in 2015. The rising sea catastrophe is already upon us.

In Senegal, the rivers Sine and Saloum mix, and form a delta. But the Atlantic ocean has been rising. So salt water rises occasionally higher than ever, invades, killing the African rice which feeds people, and even attacks the concrete, hence (extremely modest) houses collapse.

Meanwhile unknown chemistry  creates pollution fifty times above the UN limit in Chinese cities (China has correctly reacted by becoming the world’s first producer of solar energy)..

Since the year 2000, every year but one, was warmer than the preceding one. The World Bank, not an institution known for revolutionary tendencies, came with a report predicting an augmentation of temperature during summer, in the Mediterranean, of NINE (9) Degree Celsius, by 2100.

Why was the greenhouse problem not fixed yet? From a general mood of corruption.

It was exposed in cyclism: because the USA is the largest market, a crook, Lance Amstrong was allowed to finish first seven Tour De France, although many knew of this drug enterprise.

Soccer, of course, is pervaded by corruption. Corruption can be indirectly detected: in biking, French cyclists basically got no victory even on a single stage, for more than two decades, in the Tour de France. In France, drug controls have been very tough, for decades. Thus French athletes are at a disadvantage, because they are not doping (or, more exactly, not doping enough).

Now it turns out that the obvious has been revealed:  world athleticism is pervaded with corruption. The world athletic federation says that the London Olympics were “sabotaged” by doping. It points the finger at Russia, culprit of “State Doping”. How convenient.

Well, that was obvious all along. There are nearly 200 countries, but only a few get most medals, and Russia is a prime offender. The federation proposed to exclude Russia from the next Olympic games. That’s obvious, and should be enforced. Russia is a corrupt state. But then what of states such as Great Britain, the USA and Jamaica? Did you look at their medal counts in London?

Either those astounding countries are made out of super humans, or made out of super corruption: just like Russia’s their results in international competitions are just unbelievable, without systematic doping. The Federation did not say. Its acts are louder than words. The Federation just put Interpol and the… French Republic in charge of ferreting out this case of worldwide corruption in sports.

Patrice Ayme’

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19 Responses to ““State Doping” And Corruption Generalized”

  1. EugenR Says:

    What you are describing here is a problem of whole economic and social system and not a local particular problem.
    What are the major problems of the humanity that are out of frame of reference?
    – it seems the number one problem is the limited capacity of world resources to sustain the existing trend of world population increase together with increasing demand for ever growing consumerism, that is spreading gradually to most parts of the world. When speaking a out limited resources,  usually people tend to think about limited energy resources or other row materials. But the technological development trend tought us, that when such a problem occured, the science and technology found its way to solve this problem within reasonable period of time. So when I speak about limited recourses I mean the world itself, as a living organ, where interlocked ecological processes created a certain balance that enabled life on earth to evolve, until reaching todays point, when human consciousness and cognitive processes gave to humanity tools to thrive and farther develop toward higher level of consciousness,  that I would dare to call God like. On the other hand the same development gave to humanity tools to destroy the delicate balance on earth that enabled all this to happen.
    – the number two problem is the uneven distribution of the wealth between different reagions and cultures. The uneven distribution of the wealth is not only a problem of participation in the welfare the modern states are capable to create,  but also diversion of the population growth from the developed rich world, with developed education systems, to poor countries,  with very limited education system, or education system that opposes the modern values, of openness to diversity in cultural, ideological, and belief values.

    The understanding that the world recourses are limited are as long as the humanity. It didn’t need Maltus to formalise this understanding. Until the beginning of 19 century the global world economy growth was parallel to the population growth and not changing substantially per capita, with occasional changes due to population collaps due to plague or some significant technological change in agricultural technology. The big change came with the beginning of industrialization,  with it growth of cities and general population but even more grew the economy, and with it the per capita income.
    The population growh speed up ever since the beginning of the nineteen century,  and get additional impulse since WWII,  with introduction of antibiotics,  and worldwide vaccination programmes initiated by the world health organisations. Yet the population growth at beginning of the industrial revolution take of mainly in the new industrial countries, since WWII this has changed and the population growth was mainly in underdeveloped regions,  among poor people, with low level of public services and infrastructure. The connection between income and lower birth rate was understand by then, and the population birth rate has droped world wide, but not enough and in the last decades it was around one billion people per decade. Most of it in the underdeveloped world.
    In parallel to the population growth, a global scale economic growth started, that gradually caused accumulation of wealth, at first in the US and the developed world of Europe and Japan, and gradually it spread to additional countries. The newly accumulated wealth, that was relatively widely spread due to social policy adopted after WWII, was followed by cultural change from societies based on scarcity of the most elementary needs to societies of mass consumption.
    As I defined the problem of limited resources, I mean the need to protect the world as a living organ, where interlocked ecological processes created are in balance that enabled life on earth to evolve, and human consciousness at its existing level can thrive.
    What has to be done immediately to change the course of happenings?
    1. One currency,  supported by, US, EURO, YEN, YUAN The 4 biggest economies with GNP, 45 trillion $ exceeding 50% of the world GDP.
    2. Investment policy: global long run aims, issues as environment, education to modernity, birth control, preservation of cultural diversity, revival and preservation of spices, transformation from usage of land for agriculture to artificial food production. Transportation without environmental footage.
    3. Strict Regulation of advertisment.
    4. Support of production of quality and not quantity. 
    5. Economic research centre to check fields of investment not on profitability but environmental impact.

    Since 2008 the collapse of world economic system have risen questions about validity of economy as a scientific field that has contribution to human existance.  To my oppinion economic profession and economists did prove their skills immediately after the collapse of 2008, when as contrary to all the political ideologies connected to the president Bush, they helped to implement policy of support to the banking system,  saved the monetary system and with it prevented colapse of the fiscal economic activities, that proved to be in the past devastating socially and politically. With this policy was implemented also fiscal policy of economic enlargement by public investment initiations. This economic intervention proved to be very successful as compared to the devastating economic policy implemented at 1929, when similar economic colaps was treated very differently with policy of fiscal austerity and high interest rates. The catastrofic result of this policy is well known to all and we still live with a warning, what consequences can bring desperation of the masses. Luckily since then, several economc models were developed,  sometime competing,  sometimes cooperating, that may be used at different weight in different situation. When the deflation is on the economic horizon,  the keinsian based models seem to be more effective,  while when inflation is the problem to cope with, the Hayek based models become more fashionable.
    Yet with all this prising of the economy as a successful advisers of the macro-economic decision making process, I found that while the economst are good to find tools to make corrections in the existing economic system, to prevent catastrophic collapses, when it appears that the economic system itself has difficulties to cope with major economic, social and political problems of the present, it has no tools to find solutions that are out of the framework of reference, of the existing system.
    Here is the time to ask several question; 
    -what is the frame of reference of the economic philosophy,  that prevails after the collapse of the Communistic economic system, which obviously failed.
    -The other question is whay the alternative economic system, namely the Communistic failed. Was it as some Marxist tend to claim caused by failure of the Communistic political leaders, the political system they implemented, or was it much deeper failure on the ideological level?
    -The third question I would like to ask is, is there a way to come out with a different economic system that has tools to cope with the major economic social questions the humanity is facing at the beginning of the 21 century.

    The winning econommic system, that happens to be the so called capitalistic system, based on market economy.
    At its essential level the market economic system is based on belief that market as a place, where demand and supply meet, where the price of the items for sale and purchase fluctate in a way that it tends towards certain equilibrium point, that may change continuously as the surounding circumstances change, yet in every moment there is one equilibrium point that acts as a magnet drowing the price of the item toward it. The equilibrium point represents an absolut point of optimal utility, that can be created in a system where there is always a supplier and a purchaser. Every other price on the market is in relation to this price and relative to it.

    The other essential basis of the capitalistic market economy is the generated capital, its attributes and behaviour and influances on the economy. The basic attribute of capital that it is accumulated in two forms. In form of physical assets, as mashinery, technology, trained work force, stock, know how etc. on one side, and on form of monetary deposits on the other side. Monetary deposits are the other side of the same coin of capital. Both forms of capital exist and aim towards one goal, increased yield on investment. Yet, there is major difference between the physical and monetary capital. While the physical capital is an essential part of the production process,  that creates economically valuable items, exchangable on the market against money, the monetary form of the capital is enjoying parts of this additional economic value created by the physical capital.
    The physical capital is concentrated usually in legal entities as companies, but can be also private ownerships. These activities in the legal entities create return in form of profit out of production.
    The monetary capital on the other hand gets its share out of the increased economic value created by the physical capital in form of Interest payments or participation in profits of the producers in form of dividens.
    The production in the economy, while changing with the technological development, inproves in efficiency in production processes and eventually with work force increase, growth’s continuously in its volume and quality, and as such it needs to enlarge in parallel the demand side of the equilibrium on the market, if to prevent fenomena of economic colaps.


  2. Gmax Says:

    Global mood of global corruption. The fish rots by the head. Interesting that France was picked by the world’s anti-doping agency to lead the inquiry. Can’t trust anyone else?


  3. Chris Snuggs Says:

    ‘Since the year 2000, every year but one, was warmer than the preceding one.’

    Chris Snuggs: Yet this winter is predicted to be the coldest in Britain for decades, and we are threatened by the worst storm in 144 years. Yesterday, we were told that frying with vegetable was BAD after all, and that using LARD or BUTTER would be better, despite decades of advice to the contrary. I have got to the point of believing NOTHING from any “experts”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Transfats were INDUSTRIALLY made. “Experts” allow you to fly. The cooling of the North Atlantic was a greenhouse prediction, I used to brandish it decades ago, amking my fellow ice climbers laugh with consumate happiness. They are now dead, unfortunately, and not from old age.
      Patrice Ayme https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/…/non-linear-cold…/
      Non-Linear Cold Blob Rising Over North Atlantic


    • Paul Handover Says:

      Chris, Hi there! Trust you are well.

      There are numerous solid, trustworthy scientists who are in no doubt about what’s happening. But over and above that the evidence of the changing climate is all about us. The most reliable and plausible explanation is that it is caused by human activities.

      Fancy a catch up via Skype soon?

      Best wishes.


  4. Glenn Andrews Says:

    I think that the general inability to understand non-linear dynamical systems (meaning, of course, nearly ALL dynamical systems) is the biggest missing piece of scientific literacy in the world today…and the most dangerous.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, simply use what I call CATASTROPHY CALCULUS. Simplify the problem by computing only with the worst possibilities.
      In case of the greenhouse, this is the calculus I use. And it’s probably what’s going to happen, because there is nothing to stop it. Namely warm water goes below all ice, following all possibilities. Then WAIS, Totten/Aurora Basin, and Wilkes Basin all liquefy in short order, see level goes up 40 meters.


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, I agree with you that the only chance of bringing about the sort of changes humanity requires in the necessary timescales is through an explosion of awareness. Only our modern connected world can achieve that, and it’s not yet a done deal.


  6. Florent Boyer-Aymé Says:

    Florent Boyer-Ayme:
    pas mal, mais tu entends quoi par unkown chemistry?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      UnkNown chemistry: the Chinese are claiming they are up to 50 times above the limits fixed by WHO, because of unknown chemical reactions between the pollutants. I believe them. The same happened with the ozone layer, or rather lack thereof. (Je fais travailler ton Anglais, ;-))


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