Brexit, A Dream For True Europeans

Brexit, An Ongoing Soap Opera

Brexit = British Exit (from the European Union, EU).

The EU is just one of dozens of important, entangled European institutions. For some (complicated psychological) reasons the UK Prime Minister decided to submit British EU membership to referendum. Thus he impaled himself on his own stupidity, because he knows how bad Brexit would be, and that enrages him.

Europe is beset with serious problems, and most have to do with the non existence of a United States of Europe. Whereas the USA’s mighty union insures the stability of its environment enough to keep serious war far from its shores, this is not the case of Europe.

And here comes an angry Prime Minister Cameron, asking for less Europe. Does that means he wants more USA?

In the last decade or so, Great Britain made it very easy to move to, and work in, Britain, and bring (often very dirty) wealth to the country, no questions asked. This made the UK much bigger, demographically and economically. It also made the British very angry, as the gain in (global) wealth was paid by a loss in (English) soul.

PM Cameron Barking About Europe, An Angry Fish Gulping For Air

PM Cameron Barking About Europe, An Angry Fish Gulping For Air

[Detailed demographic studies support this: the entire growth of the population is from immigration and first generation immigrants, bringing a feeling of dilution of the English soul. The original English population of 40 million has not grown; the entire UK is up to 63 million, thanks to recent immigration; whereas the more than 70 million holders of French passports are older French stock, mostly]

Cameron himself incarnates this anger, making entire discourses about immigration looking positively enraged.

Hundreds of thousands of French people live in London alone (as London’s freewheeling ways suck out the wealth from the more regulated rest of Europe). Some say London is France’s fourth largest city.

Great Britain spent much of the Twentieth Century, paying debts to the USA. But it is against a non-existing “United States of Europe” that it wants to contend in vain. Meanwhile the UK is getting major weapon systems from the USA: Trident nuclear missiles, and the corrupt and ineffective F35, the most expensive weapons program, ever (a massive subvention of Britain to the USA).

Europe does not need brainless cockroaches as friends. Britain, whether it realizes it, or not, is within Europe.

The much heralded English democracy started when the Duke of Normandy, at the head of a large French army, freed the slaves of England (more than 20% of the population, the French evaluated in a census). Later the French Barons imposed their own rights to the monarch: after all, they had started as an association. Still later, Simon de Monfort, from Toulouse, trying to be elected king, transported the Roman Republican ways of South France (Narbonensis) to the English Parliament, making it stronger.

So much of what is supposedly deeply English was imported (starting with Britannia herself!). Richard the Lion Hearted, proudly riding in front of Westminster, was born, married and died in France. That Frenchman spent less than three years of his life in England.

So now we hear that Britain wants to do like Switzerland, which has more than 600 treaties with the European Union. Fine. I guess, it makes sense, as Britain is used to take its orders from Washington and especially Wall Street. All what Franco-Germania needs is good soldiers used to follow orders.

Paradoxically, Brexit would reinforce Europe. Instead of taking its orders from Washington, London will have to start taking orders from the Paris-Berlin axis, as Switzerland presently does. It will finally eradicate 260 years of English interference between the two capitals.

And let me tell you what. Franco-Germania does not need friends apparently just keen to behave like angry cockroaches. If Britain did not want immigration, it should have done like France (which has very little). But accusing the EU is grotesque.

To the preceding a Euro hater in The Economist replied that the French and Germans hated each other, so Franco-German governance was not going to happen. In truth, it has long been happening. The same character pointed out that the USA was a nation.

I replied:

The USA had the worst civil war known. 3% of the population killed in combat.

Yes, that’s a surprising statement. That observation was about wars within European regimes, not some obscure war in China; or European wars which involved foreign states, of which there were many. No, the “30 year war” in Germany does not count: many foreign powers, including France and Sweden were involved. Also it was between different states. Similarly the seven religious wars in France at the end of the 16C don’t count, as Spain was bankrolling and exciting the Catholic League. The United States of America is just that: an Union. Several states had independent existence for generations, at least two were independent republics (Texas, for ten years, California).

The USA is more a World Union than really a nation, held together by a rather curious philosophy. Truly a Republic such as California is semi-independent and Washington has neither the will nor the power to impose its ways, it prefers to follow.

Surely, then, if 320 million Americans follow 40 million strong California, then 50 million something England will follow 180 million strong Franco-Germania (I reincorporated the Benelux inside Franco-Germania, of course; after all the Franks were Dutch, and the Belgiae a famous tribe of Gaul).

Switzerland follows scrupulously the orders it gets from Paris and Berlin. It has to. Power speaks.

To the preceding, again, irate commenters suggested that both Europe and the USA were on the decline.

However, this declinist desire is not valid for the USA. The power of the USA has never been greater. Just to give you an idea, the decision was announced today to build 20,000 Megawatts of solar and wind power in Southern California public lands, in a collaboration between the USA and the California Republic. That’s the equivalent of 20 nuclear power plants. Timescale? Before 2020: five years.

Make no mistake: China is mighty. Because it’s the factory of the USA.

Brexit is a good thing, let’s have it. It’s going to be a pleasure to break the back of English-London fostered world plutocracy (remember the “Non-Doms?). First by yanking out of London so much trading that should happen in the Eurozone, rather than London.

Cameron knows this, hence his rage. But he can’t get out of it because he has neither the intelligence nor the character. So what does he do? He reduces his demands.

He may as well, because he will get no concession. And he will get no concessions because the French and the German know it is best if the people who rule in Westminster cannot interfere anymore in European decision making.

Patrice Ayme’

12 Responses to “Brexit, A Dream For True Europeans”

  1. botnot Says:

    in reply to Tyranosopher
    Nov 11th,

    Franco-Germania was the idea behind this latter-day dual monarchy in this archaic pre-democratic imperialist experiment calling itself a “union”, which is collapsing acrimoniously.

    Franco-Germania does not exist. Try working alongside French and German colleagues and you will witness a pretty poisonous apartheid, such that it takes a Brit who speaks both languages to act as a mollifying go-between.
    They are “oil and water”. A non-starter, like the EU.

    BTW how you can compare a treaty organisation like this ‘EU’ of yours with a nation, the USA?


  2. indravaruna Says:

    The US establishment wants the UK in the EU, its their mole distubing Continental Europe, keeping it divided.

    The only way to save the EU is to expel Britain and get rid of NATO, created EU exclusive Defense.

    The Zionist-Anglo-American Elite has only comtentp for Europe, they want WWIII with Russia, just look at Nuland, Kagan and their “reporters” like Anne Applebaum who is married to a Polish politician.


    • Gmax Says:

      For once, I think you are right big I! England has just been a tool to make Europe slave to American capitalists. It is bad for true middle class Americans too.


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Never underestimate the power of unanticipated consequences!


    • Steverino Says:

      Too bad that’s almost always the case. The potential consequences aren’t considered at all, or are underestimated, if they even are considered.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, the action of the Parliament in Westminster, pushed by London plutocrats, have antagonized everybody, from the Scots, to the rest of the Europeans (the UK boast of its huge GDP, but then has a rebate for indigence on its EU contribution, while profiting handsomely, starting with Prince Charles!!!)… to I guess you Paul, who left England, too, same as many intellectuals I have met in universities in the USA.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        In truth, I left England ( with Pharaoh) for the sole reason of wanting to be with Jean, not out of any distaste for my home country.

        However, despite a dislike for much of what the USA gets up to, especially overseas, there is something remarkably refreshing about being a resident. I have every intention of applying for my citizenship next Spring, when I will have been a resident for five years, and fully expect to spend the rest of my days in America.

        My view of my old country from afar is one of increasing sadness.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          You also live in Oregon, a temperate paradise:
          US State
          Oregon is a coastal U.S. state in the Pacific Northwest region known for its diverse landscape of farms, forests, mountains and beaches. Metro Portland is famous for its quirky, avant-garde culture and is home to iconic coffee shops, boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants and microbreweries. It lies in the Willamette Valley, a renowned red-wine-producing area. Snow-capped Mt. Hood, to the east, offers hiking and skiing.
          Ranked 9th
          • Total
          98,381 sq mi (255,026 km2)
          • Width 400 miles (640 km) • Length 360 miles (580 km) Lakes: 2.4%
          • Latitude 42° N to 46° 18′ N



          England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. The Irish Sea lies northwest of England and the Celtic Sea lies to the southwest. England is separated from France by a ridiculously narrow channel: the two countries are in full sight of each other.
          Population: 53.01 million (2011)
          Area: 50,346 sq miles (130,395 km²)
          GDP: $2 trillion USD (2011)

          So Oregon is around twice the area of England, and the density of population in England is around 27 times that of Oregon. Thus, indeed, a fresh state. There is no reason to be sad about England. The choices the governments have made, starting with Thatcher was to put PLUTOCRACY FIRST, in the hope it would make BRITAIN FIRST. It sort-of-worked. However, it’s now out of control, and injuring not just Europe, but the world (the branch of AIG that went down in 2008 was based in London).


  4. Gmax Says:

    It is hilarious how all enraged Cameron is, each he talks about Europe. What a clown. He says Brits are ‘natural debunkers’,but then why does not he proposes stuff that makes sense? Because England has become the lair of global bandits, oligarchs, tax evaders, etc.


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