Killing According To Qur’an In Paris Again

Salafism Is Murder

At least eight simultaneous attacks in Paris by Allah Akbar. GOD IS GREAT people. I have said it for years. Salafism is murder. What is Salafism? The literal interpretation of what is in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is literally a hate book. One does it to be known, weirdly. Let me refresh memories:

Sura 5 Verse 9:

“But when the forbidden months are past,
then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them,
and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war);
but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them:
for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

In the sacred texts of Islam, there is much worse. Some “verses” order to kill ALL Jews (in the Hadith). Only then will Allah do the Final Judgment.

Paris, 13 November 2015. The War Of Europe Against Muslim Fanaticism Is 13 Centuries Old

Paris, 13 November 2015. The War Of Europe Against Muslim Fanaticism Is 13 Centuries Old

The defenders of Islam are ordered to lie about the faith, within the faith. That is why Islamists deliberately lie by omission about Islam’s sacred texts. This lie by omission is in plain sight. The following verse is part of the “governmental” charter of Hamas, a criminal organization which rule in Palestine:

Hadith 41;685: …”Allah’s Messenger… : The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will FIGHT against the Jews and the Muslims would KILL them…”

But few with intellectual pretentions in the West, and, especially France, wanted to look at such mass hating trash. It was just not “Politically Correct” to do so.  This is how that cancer of the mind, this adoration of terror was allowed to grow. That malignancy consisted in a grotesque allegation: that not adoring “verses” threatening to mass murder innocent people was “racism”. Indeed if criticizing the preceding was “racist”, then adoring this sort of lethal mass hatred was anti-racist.

So here, cretins, villainous cretins, you have it. Jihadists did as the Qur’an prescribed. Is that anti-racist enough for you?

Who is culprit here?

The FALSE philosophers who told us, and insisted, and imposed, for years, that “Islamophobia is racism“.

Christianophobia founded The Enlightenment. Voltaire wrote a play called: “MUHAMMAD OU L”INTOLERANCE“. (Muhammad or intolerance.)

The play was played… In the Eighteenth Century. Now it is FORBIDDEN.  So what toi do with this erroneous philosophy? DESTROY it.

The Aztec religion was destroyed, because it was incompatible with civilization. What was so incompatible? The Aztecs’ religion organized human sacrifices.

The Celtic superstition also organized human sacrifices. So did Carthage’s superstition. The Romans, wisely, outlawed ALL religions which organized human sacrifices.

Literal Islam also requires human sacrifices. This is exactly what “verses” such as the one above, say. It says to kill all “pagans”. Human sacrifices “all pagans”. Islam confuses state, civilization, religion, superstition (Mahomet flew on his winged horse to Jerusalem), and mass murder. Then some ponder” what’s wrong?

Literal Islamism, just as literal Christianism has to be outlawed. This is a war. Barack Obama said “Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’” in French. He said more, very appropriately.


All schools and universities are closed from now on in France. All school trips are cancelled . A state of emergency has been decreed. Like in a vulgar banana republic.

This post will be updated later.

Patrice Ayme’





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23 Responses to “Killing According To Qur’an In Paris Again”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    You know it, I know it, so why on earth cannot our great leaders not grasp the bleedin’ obvious? The funny thing is, they accuse ME of “homophobia”, but it is actually the POLITICAL ELITE who are afraid of them, but it NEVER WORKS to appease evil people, OR evil cults.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Appeasing Nazism was tried. Did not work. Exterminating Nazism worked. Exterminating the Celtic, Carthaginian, and Aztec superstitions worked, fostering civilization. The path is zehr klar. Die Endlosung. Aber, it’s philosophical. Just outlaw the damned thing. The literal interpretation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Did you read what that crazy nut Abdalah Ndiaye was saying on your facebook page… Just today? Typical.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hollande, that little twerp, was nearly at his wits’ end. The creep has never been in great personal danger, obviously, otherwise he won’t have so much difficulty breathing, and being so feverish, The decisions he took were good. But not enough. He should have immediately say that all Salafists would be immediately detained in a concentration camp. Difference with Guantanamo? Salafism IS a potentially mass murdering crime. So just cage them.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You mean “Islamophobia”?


    • Paul Handover Says:

      Chris, I was reflecting on our past experiences in France. Very tragic event that Patrice summarises wisely. Presumably, Chris, you still have many friends in France?


    • Gmax Says:

      Chris: the people who read this blog are smart and not afraid of PC. Our great leaders are PC and their careers depend upon NOT understanding many many many things


  2. dimvisionary Says:

    Patrice, do you live in or near Paris?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      10,000 kilometers away. I have not visited Paris for many years (I don’t even know how many!)

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      • dimvisionary Says:

        Glad you’re safe. Looking forward to your posts about how this will affect France.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thank you for your wishes, Dimvisionary, they are appreciated very much.

          When I go to France, I go to the Alps, so it’s not necessarily safer than Paris’ streets. Actually I sneered at Hollande’s case of nerves. I am used to risk quite a bit, and got near killed several times, from terror avalanches to a fascist bomb once… By fascist, I mean literally so: right wing extremists inspired by Hitler. [Since the latter event I adopted a lower profile.]

          French idiots already appeared on TV saying this was NOT expected. I actually fully expected it, and to do so just 2 weeks before COP21, the conference on climate, was a no-brainier. 80 heads of states were expected… Yes, eighty.

          Hopefully this wake-up call will force a backlash against worthless philosophy which has been all too prominent in France. In a full century, there was real very little of value in philosophy made in France… And thus in the world. A little bit of “French Theory” is positive, but not much. Sartre had a problem knowing if he preferred Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung… In all and any case, his philosophy helped the plutocracy (he does not seem to have understood this).

          Real philosophy progresses, when it sticks to reality better. Hopefully that will help. They are lucky to have only 160 or so killed.

          So, hopefully, this will affect civilization.

          Civilization cannot afford terrorism. But it can afford more philosophical ferocity

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  3. EugenR Says:

    Je suis choqué.
    Let me remind you, in Israel before the wall between Israel and Palestine territories was built, almost every day this kind of attacks happened. How much criticism was published against this wall. Never heard a lefty being shocked by these events. I remember one night about 100 attendees of a night club in Tel Aviv at their teenage were murdered. It had to happen in Paris, the birth place of Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite, to ring a wake up call. I wonder, do they teach in French schools these children of Muslim immigrants about French revolution, French history, French philosophy? Or they are freed from these courses because this is too abusive for them, just like the teachings about holocaust.


  4. dominique deux Says:

    I am alive and well, so are my family.and friends.

    On this article’s topic – the conundrum of fighting Salafism without driving the non-Salafist Muslims into the creeps’ waiting embrace will stay with us for a long time; the creeps perfectly understand its use.

    However, ISIS made IMHO a major mistake in claiming the attack. ISIS is a self-proclaimed State. It is therefore open to State-to-State retaliation. That is an entirely different kettle of fish to counter-insurgency asymetrical conflicts which have stymied the West in recent decades.

    I for one would not be adverse to targeted strikes (including tac-nuc) against ISIS oil refineries, a major source of its funding and therefore a military asset. The UN charter fully allows self-defense among States. (Iraq, rightly, denied participation in 09/11). But I’m sure other options are being considered right now.

    Don’t be too hastily dismissive of Hollande. His style is wimpy, but he is not. He is the only head of state to have carried out a largely successful land operation against the creeps – as fellow Europeans sat on their butts. And remember he saved Greece’s bacon.

    Wait and see.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Glad to see you are alive and well, Dominique. Your judicious comments have been missed.
      Keep on watching for loose terrorists when crossing the streets!
      Fighting the soldiers of Salafism without fighting their ideology, and, thus, their ideologists, is just the path of unending war, indeed.

      The other day I saw a tape of a so-called “Imam” (anybody can be an “Imam” In Islam, Salafist style), preaching to small children in the Bordeaux area the straight Qur’an, complete with describing pigs, dogs and monkeys as Jews transmogrified that way by god. Instead of being arrested, he was left alone, free to keep on teaching hatred.

      Agreed that Hollande is a titan of ferocity relative to the other pathetic creepy dwarves who called themselves “Europeans”. Just he was breathing shallow, on the verge of tears, not the sort of fiber one expects in a chief of war(s).

      The word “European” was used first in reporting the battle of Poitiers (732 CE) when Charles Martel’s great army of Franks defeated the gigantic invasion of the Salafists.


      • dominique deux Says:

        I do not advocate leaving alone Salafism as an ideology. Indeed, taking to its end the logic of a “state of war” which includes the rounding up of suspected enemy agents, freedom of speech or of worship should now be denied to its proponents, who should be jailed, indefinitely, nationals and aliens alike (deportation is a dead end). That was the Guantanamo logic, except it was flawed in Guantanamo, where many of the inmates had been fighting for their country. That was the logic behind the internment of US citizens of Japanese descent in WW2, except it was flawed too in being racially implemented.
        But including the bulk of Muslims in such a defensive operation would be unethical and counterproducive, let alone unfeasible. The line should clear – being a Muslim is OK; supporting Salafism in any way, including in speech or clicking on specific links, can land you in jail. The toleration of Wahabi ideology, clerics and funding has to end right now. The agreement with Morocco on the training of imams is right along that line.
        My point was that – beyond those obvious lines of domestic defense – ISIS has opened itself to the full rigours of state-to-state war, and we should take advantage.
        As for the creep who was teaching Jewish genetics to Bordeaux children. We once expelled an imam who was preaching that beating one’s wife is encouraged by God, never bothering to find out if that was the case. In this country, religious twaddle is prosecuted if contrary to law; we do not have the strange awe of religion which pervades US society. So it is a matter of applying the law as it should be.
        (as an aside: this morning on TV, former anti-terror judge Trevidic stated that “America loves fundamentalists, as long as they are pro-markets”)


        • hazxan Says:

          “this morning on TV, former anti-terror judge Trevidic stated that “America loves fundamentalists, as long as they are pro-markets”)”

          Such a brilliant quote, Dominique! So despairing that there is more than a little truth in it though. The way things are going, to not be “pro-market” will have you labelled as a radical subversive soon, in the neo liberal nations. In the UK, an army general this very week had no qualms about suggesting a military coup if centre-left Jeremy Corbyn became leader here. I


  5. hazxan Says:

    Hi Patrice, a sickening incident. If I was religious, I’d be wishing eternal hell fires on the perpetrators, their supporters and those planning further such atrocities.

    In absence of a deity to do the job, then “extermination” leaps to mind as an option. However I have several doubts around this. Firstly, the broad sweep of history is filled with attempts by states to “exterminate” their enemies. Indeed, didn’t this whole cycle of atrocities start with an unwise, badly planned knee jerk reaction attempt to exterminate all terrorists post 9/11?

    How do we define exactly who will be exterminated? Our extermination attempts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc have made the situation worse. As if people don’t like being labelled as “due for extermination” and they have a tendency to fight back.

    Also, I disagree that “exterminating Nazism” worked. Extreme right wing fascist ideas never really went away post-1945 and they are actually thriving right now.

    It is the easiest political game on planet earth, to categorise a group as “other than us” and then “it is they who cause all our problems” and then get an army of young men to go do the killing spree. Right now, the mood in the UK is such that if the government set up an “Islam extermination” campaign, tens of thousands of disaffected, ignorant young men would soon join. But that’s nothing special, it’s happened throughout history and it is ironic that Isis uses exactly the same message. As did Hitler, with the Jews as the “Other”.

    Truth is always the first casualty and we live in times with exceptional opportunity for deceit. Thinking on this terrible tragedy today, I had a momentary flash of insight, I know very few are capable of understanding or will even listen….

    Simply, in these events, everybody sees exactly what they want to see. Their own bias reflected back at them. Seriously. Already, the extreme right wingers are saying that one terrorist came via Greece so it’s all the refugees fault, just as they warned us. Others are saying that is is yet more “proof” that religion is the root of all evil and needs to be wiped out. But others are pointing out the opposite “proof”, that the men involved were not deeply religious originally, but their continual statements about attacks on Syria show that this was retaliation for western military intervention.

    And conspiracy theorists are having a field day, asking “how convenient that a passport was found on a terrorist that showed he came via Greece. Why would a suicide bomber carry a passport? It was clearly planted by whomever..”

    And the National Rifle Association will inevitably say that the whole problem is that French people don’t carry guns and if they were armed to the teeth like Americans, then France too, could have a society as “peaceful” as the US. Because that is what they always say. More guns.

    The Adam Smith Institute will no doubt demand the introduction of “Free Markets” throughout the Middle East – because that is their particular ideological axe to grind.

    See what I mean? It is like a magic mirror that reflects back our own biases and conditionings.

    In the days before the attack, French newspapers had leader articles on the possibility of introducing a “shoot to kill” policy for the police. That looks inevitable now – which shows what a sham our democracies are as the people will not be allowed to vote for it.

    And I see what I want to see too – cringeworthy, empty rhetoric about “attacks on all humanity” from politicians who care only about their own status. Does that “humanity” include Bolivian farmers, unemployed Detroit car workers, Taiwanese child slave workers? Not unless there’s votes in it.

    Many of us are losing patience in our leaders craven double dealing with the likes of Saudi and Indonesia. Unfortunately, with Western businesses making billions made from those countries, I cant see any change soon.


    • hazxan Says:

      As predicted, Donald Trump has just said that it would never have happened if France had the same gun laws as the US.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Depends upon the meaning of the word “it” “happen” and “never”. The killers were highly trained and at least some were shooting shot by shot, but extremely fast.
        The USA has about 3,000 people killed by firearms, each month, so one can say worse is going on in the USA.

        Thus Trump can be stood on his head: firearms in the USA is a form of chronic terrorism. I actually came across a maniac while running today, who addressed me roughly, from the other side of the street. I accelerated, on the theory a fleeing target is harder to hit, more or less hiding behind cars, and got by phone out, thinking of calling the police… When a police car, rushed just towards me and then the guy, in the grand old tradition, siren blaring, lights blazing, going 60 mph through the stops of a 10 mph zone… I guess he attacked someone else… Or someone else called.


  6. Gmax Says:

    If this is not a wake-up call, what will? After so long spent by Flore cafe philosophying in useless “French Theory” lost in smoke, now the shit of truth is hitting the fan of lies


  7. ianmillerblog Says:

    When you claim a right, such as the right to religious freedom, I think society should also impose the condition you grant everyone else the same right. Accordingly, when anyone (and anyone can be a muslim cleric) starts preaching violence to others, he should be removed, after all it is sedition that is being preached. That is not enough to stop the problem, but at least it might help. What we now have is a number of muslims have been given sanctuary, and in many cases they have behaved, but their offspring are now being seduced by these clerics. That at least has to stop.


  8. hazxan Says:

    “Accordingly, when anyone (and anyone can be a muslim cleric) starts preaching violence to others,”

    Violent preaching from on all sides, or just their side? There are a stack of people preaching violence all over the internet. Here’s a typical example I cut’n’paste from proving that you don’t have to be a Muslim to be a narrow minded empty headed violent throwback to the middle ages:

    “We don’t have the will to do what really needs to be done. Nuke them. Every single hot spot or training center. Iran and Syria need to be wiped out of human memory. Some good people will die, but It is the only way to truly end this.”

    And there is a lot of that advocation of indiscriminate violence out there. Probably from people safely tucked up in Middle England who have never seen a Muslim! Such is the way the media can whip up a frenzy with their bias and half-truths.

    Divide and rule, it is how our masters divert attention from who is really the cause of most problems, who is really destroying the planet and threatening all our lives.

    Some warned that the Syrian rebels were savage beheaders and cannibals, but were not listened to in that jingoist sabre rattling talk of ousting Assad. No, in their wisdom (well, pragmatic greed, really) our leaders supported them and tried to present them as “heroes”.

    It is tragic that ordinary people suffer all over as the result of the hubris and political machinations of the ultra-wealthy few.


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    […] as dumb as they look?  The four sacred months expired at 12pm, Mecca time, on Friday. Refer to Sura 5, verse 9: …”when the forbidden months are past, then fight and SLAY the Pagans wherever you find […]


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