France & USA Entangled From Inception, By Common Humanity

Statement by the President of the USA on the Situation in Paris,

November 13, 2015, 5:45 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  ‘Good evening, everybody.  I just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across Paris tonight.  Once again, we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.  This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share…”We are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of ‘liberté, égalité, fraternité’ are not only values that the French people care so deeply about, but they are values that we share. And those values are going to endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening…

We stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of France need to respond.  France is our oldest ally.’

[Other statements by the White House insisted upon the fact that France was the USA’s oldest friend.]

Paris Massacre Observed All Around the World, Including Sydney, San Francisco, Warsaw...

Paris Massacre Observed All Around the World, Including Sydney, San Francisco, Warsaw…

Patrice Ayme’’s Comment: The fact, that France is the USA’s oldest ally, is not pointed out enough. It is not possible to understand France, the USA, Europe, the history of the world, and the genesis of the United Nations and the present world system, without that prominent fact.

The two republics were born completely entangled, through a process which lasted many generations, culminating in the basic constitutions of 1789 (a few weeks apart). Although the French Constitution was clearer (Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’), the gist of both constitutions was the same. As Obama pointed out, “Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite'” is as American as it is French. And it started there, in both places. The men who wrote the American and French constitutions knew each other, which is telling in times when crossing the Atlantic was a dangerous journey which took months.

France can be legitimately seen as the mother of the USA. The war of independence was partly instigated by France, through agents roaming Philadelphia, and then heavily financed to the tune of five trillion 2015 dollars. When told by advisers that he was fostering a republic, Louis XVI brushed it off. Louis himself was busily fighting plutocrats inside France, and wanted to tax them. Taxing the plutocrats in London was a logical continuation of the same effort.

The fascination which North America, the place and continent with its incredible forests and its fascinating Natives, exerted on the French was 250 years old, by the time France fought for an independent America. It’s a curious thing, as France, and especially the French Monarchy, would have profited more by not supporting the rebellion. But many a mother would have profited more, by not giving birth to the child who caused her death. Still, a good mother won’t have it another way, preferring to die for her progeny. Thus the species goes on.

After helping in the various conspiracies that led to the Revolution of 1776, France ramped up its help to the American rebels: most American ammunition was made in France (more than 90%). Later France went in all out war, and, in an unusual feat, even defeat the Royal Navy at Chesapeake Bay. The resulting hopeless siege of Cornwallis forced him to surrender his army to the French commander who politely redirected him to formally surrender to General Washington.

A full generation later, Britain and the USA would again have a war, the war of 1812, at a time when France was also at war with Britain. Then the city of Washington and the White House were burned.

It’s indeed an attack on all of humanity. It’s pretty clear, on reading the entire Qur’an, that Allah’s relationship to humanity is, at best, ambivalent. Allah will, in the end reward those who he is happy with material wealth, but the rest will suffer terrible, unending punishment.


So what to do?

The UN already has structures, especially the United Nation Security Council (UNSC), to determine what’s terrorism, what’s not, and what to do about it. It legalized the intervention in Libya. The French interventions in Mali, Niger, CAR were also legal according to the UN.

More generally, it is high time to become philosophically coherent. Attacking the Islamist State is excellent, but it leads to madness, when the Islamist State is attacked for exactly the same reasons which are in plain sight in Saudi Arabia, or Qatar. No less an authority as Bachar El Assad just pointed this out with relish. This is completely correct. One cannot feed the Saudis, in particular with weapons, while they fight Shiites in Yemen, massively, and finance Salafism, worldwide, massively.

Similarly, one cannot tolerate Salafist preaching anymore. It is a crime. Potentially the worst crime: mass murdering hate crime. An anti-Semite in the USA was just condemned to death for attacking three Jews in light of his Nazism. As he heard the verdict, he screamed: “Heil Hitler!” In human beings, hatred can know no bounds Not even the survival instinct is a bound for hatred. In the worst cases, the only solution is annihilation. Just as civilization did to Nazism (OK, still a few crumbs to clean here and there).

Nazi engineers, to force their way through the French fortifications above the Meuse river, made kamikaze attack with explosive backpacks. At the Stade de France November 13 2015,  three terrorists tried to get in the giant stadium. But security was extreme as the French president was inside, watching the first period of a friendly match France-Germany. They could not get in and had to activate their explosive vests outside the security perimeter (only one civilian died). Our lords are well protected. Yet they don’t have a clue. About the philosophical problem at hand. Not that they used to truly care. Maybe now they will have to.

Oh, by the way, the soccer match between France and Germany was not stopped. The three bombs detonated in the first period, shaking the fortress like stadium. The French president and a German minister were exfiltrated, but the second period proceeded in front of the perplexed spectators and their 80,000 smart phones. France won over the world champions, and the crowd went calmly onto the field, for further instructions.  As Obama (implicitly) said, France knows war. For 13 centuries, France was at war with Islam. Peace with Islam, paradoxically happened only in the few decades at the end of the nineteenth century when it occupied Algeria, and a peace treaty had been made with Abdelkader. This is no accident, and a missed occasion, not to say a grave error, but also another story.

Patrice Ayme’




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24 Responses to “France & USA Entangled From Inception, By Common Humanity”

  1. richard reinhofer Says:

    I will be checking regularly for your insights here Patrice. Egalite, Liberte, Fraternite!

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Richard. Indeed! LEF !!!!! I already tinkered with today’s already published essay (it was rushed and had bad code in it, which cancelled part of what it was supposed to be, weirdly enough…). I have to run around, but I have another more detailed quote set coming on Salafism…

  2. Micha Says:

    Hi Patrice,

    If it’s seen as a declaration of war, any insight on how Hollande will move?

  3. EugenR Says:

    For long time i asked myself, the question what next. Western world but mainly Europe has reached a crossroad where it has to decide between two choices. The first and easy choice is to continue as if nothing happened, until the next time.
    But it has to be remembered the conflict between the fundamental Islam and the western values is deepening and the Muslim activists have chosen the road of escalating the conflict. If the September 11, by itself a very sophisticated attack was orchestrated by activists known to the western governments. President Clinton had authorized the CIA to bring bin Laden to the United States after the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Africa, it is not so anymore. Those who organized the attack in Paris are practically unknown.
    The phenomena of suicide attackers brought to the conflict a variable of completely different dimension. Not because it is much more effective than the usual approach of commando attacks of hit and run, but because of its psychological dimension. It is hard to understand the ideological and practical motives of these mass murderers, and that’s what these Islamic suicide attackers are, since they have to be indifferent to what kind of world will remain after their attack. What’s obvious, they have no limits as to the level of destruction and number of casualties they aim to inflict by their acts. In contrary if given to them a chance, they would blow up a whole city and better a big city like Paris or New York, to make a big show out of their “heroism”. It can be said, that it was a fortune they didn’t succeed to penetrate to the football stadium with tenth of thousands of spectators. You may remember the incident at 1985, when some Liverpool fans attacked the Juventus fans with beer cans and resulted death of 39 spectators. It is hard to imagine what would happen, if the attackers were successful. Probably the number of casualties would be counted by thousands. And exactly this was the aim of the Attackers.
    To those who believe in humanistic approaches i would like to say, this conflict between the western, post WWII, modern way of life and the fundamental Islam is not going to disappear by itself. It seems according to the results of free elections in the Arab countries like Egypt (not the last elections), Libya and Tunis, the fundamental Islam is deeply rooted in the hearts of majority of the Arab world population. The idea of “whole world”, Muslim Caliphate has probably many supporters in these countries.
    If you wonder what kind of life are we offered under the regime of Muslim Caliphate, all is needed is to look at the life in Saudi Arabia, but without the riches of oil there. This is the situation in most of the Arab countries, with no democracy, no civil rights, no freedom of expression, no social communities without the interference of the religious or regime authorities, no modern economy, no government run social institutions helping the old, sick, invalids, etc. Add to it the inter-gender moral codes of the Islam, the limitation it imposes on artistic expressions. I highly recommend to watch the prayers and religious interpretations TV shows in Saudi television and you can see, what a gloomy, miserable life without colors and diversity the Islam caliphate supporters have in mind. (Music and satire is forbidden).
    The other way the Western intellectuals have is to check the Muslim faith with intellectual honesty and with openness to any conclusion. There is definitely a direct connection between religious fanaticism and their deeds.
    To explain that every religion has in itself positive massage and commands enforcing humanistic approaches is self delusive. The basic principle of every faith, if sincerely followed, is accepting authority of ancient scripts, and the authority of those who claim to represent the divinity, or claim knowledge about the divine and interpret these scripts. Only this principle makes the follower of faith a person who limits the spectrum of his own thinking within a religious code framework. What worse, he automatically wants to limit the spectrum of thinking of all the others. This self imposed limitation on the thought, and the will to force upon ALL the others this limited framework of thinking is the basis of the ideological conflict between the modern world and the religious, mainly Islamic world (due to its relative success to sustain its ideological influence as contrary to Christianity).
    It is understandable that the basic tool for scientific method is openness to any kind of critique. Without it the modern science could not develop science and technologies, that enable and give chance to a sustainable life to 7 billion people on the earth. The alternative way of abounding this way of thinking, as demanded by the Islam and other monotheistic religions is not an alternative, unless the human population would reduce itself to numbers that existed in the pre modern times. This process is happening already in the failed Arab and African countries, from where the people are exported to the functioning European countries. But the act of emigration and abandonment of homeland is not accompanied by change of mind of the emigrants. Only few of them understand that their personal tragedies was self inflicted upon them. Most of them would rather continue their previous way of life and faith, believing that this time it will work. But as explained above it can’t work. From the emigrants, who stick to their traditional values, will come the next generation of youth, who will feel natural in their new homeland, and believe that their family moral code and belief system is the right and valid one. Out of them will be some individual forerunners, who will become the Muslim activists, ready to sacrifice everything to bring back to the world the life, their parents abounded in desperation a generation before.

  4. Lovell Says:

    Hi Patrice,

    If it was seen as a declaration of war, how is France going to deal with a stateless enemy?

    • dominique deux Says:

      ISIS declares itself a State and therefore opens itself to State-to-State warfare.
      Whether France will act on that is still unknown and may remain so for the time being. Remember the months of waiting after 11/9.
      The UN charter does not require UN approval for military force used in self-defense.

      • Lovell Says:

        ISIS hasn’t overtaken Assad’s gov’t yet and assume the function of a formal gov’t. The rest of the international community, to my knowledge, hasn’t formally recognized ISIS as a state either.

        Will France work with Assad to, I don’t know, drive them out of their territory? Will France replicate what the US did to the Taliban and OBL in Afghanistan?

  5. Paul Handover Says:

    Just read out aloud your latest to Jean. We both feel that there is little to argue with you in your analysis. Religions are such a curse on humanity. Have you read John Zande’s latest essay?

    • Paul Handover Says:

      Here’s the link to Zande’s latest essay:

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I sent this comment [I don’t know if it will be published, as my comment is “moderated”]:

        With all due respect, the argument does not seem new to me: it was the central thesis of the Cathars. The Catholic Church did not like it, and proclaimed a crusade against the huge County of Toulouse and surrounding areas. A million died, and the Cathars were exterminated to the last, and so were all their books.

        Fiction and sophistry in guise of logic is easy, reality is harder… But much more instructive.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Paul.
      Religions can be innocuous.
      For example some variants of Buddhism, and most of today’s variants of Christianity (including the more or less rotten Vatican).
      A Republic, well done, is a religion.
      The fundamental religion.
      Zande throws the baby with the bath.
      His malevolent creator is, in many ways, somewhat similar to Allah in the Qur’an.

      France and the USA made a massive raid on Raqqa on the night of the 15 November, using French intelligence. Just an appetizer.

      The Interior Ministry of France talks of closing down some mosque.
      AT LAST.
      There are thousands of mosque in France, and the hatred is preached in caves and sport rooms. A good, direct to paradise Muslim is a Jihadist (tomorrow essay will detail this a bit).

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      France and Britain are the only nations in Europe which use their secret services to ELIMINATE particularly difficult enemies. Real 007s in “service action”.

  6. dominique deux Says:

    Mere speculation, but: there are indications that ISIS’ brass, including its self-designated Caliph, Al-bagdadi, are former high-ranking officers in Saddam Hussein’s army – who were kicked out as part of Bremer’s braindead “de-Baathification” policy.
    Officers reaching that rank (colonels, generals) were not likely to be Islamic fanatics, whom Saddam held in deep contempt and hatred. They were uniformed thugs with a cynical approach to power.
    So maybe these worthies went through an epiphany and all saw the light of Allah. Not very likely IMHO. Or they saw that embracing radical Wahabism would bring them Saudi funding and abundant recruits from the world’s large reserves of lowbrow youth. Which is what happened.
    So – maybe they ARE fanatics pursuing a war of religion. OR they are opportunistic gangsters using religion as a front while they pad their foreign banking accounts and keep getaway identities ready, while enjoying the perks of Jihadist warlords – sex slaves, wholesale slaughter and so on. Escalating attacks on the West because so far, they have enjoyed impunity and it keeps their clueless followers happy.
    Food for thought.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      ISIS entered Mosul, and had an Air Force of attack helicopters within an hour (they wasted the Iraqi Army). These were obviously competent parts of Saddam’s army.

      The annihilation of Saddam Army by W. Bush and company was no accident: it was disbanded, salaries not paid. That was part of the W. Bush’s program of destroying Iraq, and then siphoning the oil. At some point it dawned on them that their oil plan could not work: it violated too much the Geneva Convention, even for them (sounds idiotic, and that’s normal, as they are idiots). So they dropped Iraq all together.

      ISIS’ edge is form some of the elements in Saddam’s army, obviously.

      The correct way in Iraq was to leave in place Saddam’s state, after telling it how it improve its way. It’s so correct, it’s actually what the GENEVA CONVENTION ORDERS TO DO. that, of course opens a possibility of negotiations: give them a Suni state in the West of Iraq, east of Syria. Sort of like what the Kurds have, but less so. Then they will be motivated to leave the fanatics to them own instruments.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have long supported the idea that ISIS works from Saddam’s army. Therein the key to exterminate ISIS.

  7. indravaruna Says:

    France has surrendered again to the Zionist-Anglo-American Empire.

    You Government s funding the ISIS guys in Syria and Iraq, only Russia is fighting them.

    • dominique deux Says:

      Ca vous prend souvent? Heel, boy.

      • Kevin Berger Says:

        I actually more than agree with the general detestation of Anglo imperialism, all of its flavours and tribes and sub-churches and founding myths and all…

        One thing I cannot get myself to understand is this unhealthy fascination for Russia, for the supposed manly virtues of Eastern Europeans, for the spiritual meaning of Russia’s stance,…
        Such an hard-on for Russia from large swath of the “anti-system” folks, for the 10-feet tall “bear”… this cannot be only propaganda. Maybe a further symptom of a more generalized political/cultural dysfunction, I don’t know.

        It brings to mind the quip that the PCF was a patriotic party, only that its fatherland was the USSR.
        Maybe Hollande should start to build himself as a bigger-than-life man of action? If this could be done with Putin, and very successfully so, I cannot see why it couldn’t be done with Hollande.

        As for France’s officialdom funding Daesh, if it does so, it is clearly doing it wrong, since the same officialdom has been bombing Daesh first in Iraq and then in Syria (starting with two unstated targeted killings of French jihadis, IMHO, dropping 20+ bombs on one sleepy training camp for example), since September 2014 IIRC. Hell, even before tonight’s bombing run, the French airforce was the first one to bomb Raqqa (the Russians did it the following day I think).

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The story of Russia is complex, and goes through heavy psycho drama.
          The Russian never forgave the Franks for letting them being invaded by the Mongols.
          They have got a point there.
          Instead the Teutonic Knights tried to invade whatever was left of free Russia,
          Russia has another point there.
          To reconquer their freedom and lives, the Russians had to adopt many ways of the Tatars. And the Church was the ultimate secret society.
          Putin is trying to make amends.
          As I already said for a few weeks, he should be given another chance.
          This is exactly what Obama is doing, as he talked to Putin and Obama is right.
          France should also stop obsessing about Assad. At least in public. At least at this point. Nobody said Assad could not have a fortunate accident. What is 007 good for?

          • Kevin Berger Says:

            Well, I was referring more to the (by now very expected, but still perplexing to me) fascination about Putin/Russia/Russians among the “anti-Empire” crowd, from parts of the left to a good swath of the Natios & sovereignty types. I mean, this is kind of weird, and rather unhealthy too, at least in that it carries lots of unrealistic expectations, if not some downright delusions.
            Heh, I wonder how that audience will react to the news bits about the Russian fleet in the Med going to interract with the CdG “as allies”, or the very interesting details that the last couple French bombing runs on Syria have not bothered with air-to-air missiles (which would imply that even symbolically, there is no need to worry anymore with a “confrontation” with the RuAF)?

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Alliance with Russia, at this point, is a good thing. Putin has backed off his madness.
            Rafales always carry air to air missiles on their wingtips. Moreover, they can avoid pretty much all and any missiles, once they drop their bombs (from maneuvers and SPECTRA). They simply do not bring the 50 g Mach 4 Infra Red MICA, I guess.
            However raid reports say more planes were involved than drop their bombs so I guess they still brought fully armed cover along.
            A Rafale, and especially its pilot, would be an expensive thing to lose…

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      500 casualties in Paris, and you call that surrender to your obsession? You are a deluded maniac, who should get out of your burrow more often to breathe fresh air.
      ISIS is indeed partly funded by Dark Operators (who buy their oil, the oil of ISIS). Some of those particularly Dark Plutocrats seem to be, indeed, in the West. But that’s not in the official circles. I believe special services should track down, and interfere with their existence, but that’s just me.

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