ISIS Wants 100% Qur’an Enforced

ISIS was very clear that it killed depraved sinners because they were depraved sinners, and “IDOLATERS”. Idolaters of the good life, sitting in cafe’, going to a concert. 20 foreigners were killed, by the way.

But no humanity is alien, when confronted to barbarity.

The mass killings in Paris, unfortunately confirm several of my most disagreeable theories, and did not surprise me at all. What surprised me was that I was more affected than I expected to be. A Rubicon was passed. No least, precisely, because I had seen it all before, I came to realize, considering my own history. I will come back to these more introspective and interesting questions another time.

The French president gave a discourse to the Congress in a special solemn huge room in Versailles reserved solely to this effect. He proposed to change the constitution. I think that, as the FN proposed, all known Jihadists returned from Syria should be locked up right away (in a French super-Guantanamo, but under judicial supervision). There are 1,500 of them. (And another 3,500 who did not go to Syria or Paradise, yet.)

What we have with Salafism, that is, Literal Islam, needs to be exposed. Only from the truth shall the solution springs (and that is to put in jail anyone preaching Salafism, for the same exact reason as one should put immediately in jail anyone preaching Nazism; that does not mean that remedy is sufficient: it’s not).

Pariser Platz, Berlin, November 2015. Franco-Germania At Her Best

Pariser Platz, Berlin, November 2015. Franco-Germania At Her Best

An excellent article in the Atlantic Monthly recaps some of facts I expose on Islam over the years.

[However the part on “Quiet Salafism” is idiotic, as it contradicts the following quotes in the Qur’an, and similar ones, all over. Those are, fundamentally, orders. Orders from “Allah” no less, the creature who more or less controls the universe (he has to share power with “Djinns” and Shaitan, that is Satan, Pluto, Hades, Belzebuth… but He does not like to talk about that (says He in the Qur’an, a grotesquely funny book sometimes). Fundamentally, Islam was devised as a war religion, and was highly successful that way, establishing the world’s largest empire, from the creation of the religion, within ONE GENERATION.

Islam did this because it was the ultimate war religion: die for Allah, go to Paradise (see below).

What ISIS wants is the Literal Qur’an. Here is a little recap on some of the bases of the Qur’an (hey don’t blame me, I did not write it!)


Can a follower of literal Islam (Salafist) avoid hell by killing for Allah?

Fundamental Answer:

Muslims spend time in hell for their sins.  After this punishment, some Muslims will then be allowed into paradise.

Muhammad made an exception for prophets (ie. himself) and for anyone dying in battle for the cause of Allah’s religion.

Those go directly to paradise. So much for the religion of peace. Here is the proof:

Qur’an (4:95)“Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home).  Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward.”  Allah prefers the Muslims who fight and die in Holy War.  Non-violent Muslims will not receive the same reward as the Jihadis.

Qur’an (8:15-16)“O ye who believe! when ye meet the Unbelievers in hostile array, never turn your backs to them.  If any do turn his back to them on such a day – unless it be in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own)- he draws on himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode is Hell,- an evil refuge (indeed)!”  Not only does Muhammad lay down the principle that a Muslim can serve time in Hell, but failing to kill unbelievers when directed is a sure way to bring this about.

Qur’an (9:39)“If ye go not forth He will afflict you with a painful doom…”  It isn’t enough to believe.  Muhammad is telling those who do not want to fight that they will be sent to hell if they do not join the battle.

Qur’an (3:169-170)“Think not of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah: And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve.”  Martyrs go directly from life to paradise, where they wait for those who must first go through the Day of Judgment.

From the Hadith:

Muslim (20:4678)It has been reported on the authority of Jabir that a man said: “Messenger of Allah [Prophet Muhammad], where shall I be if I am killed?” He replied: “In Paradise.“…

Muslim (20:4649)The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: ‘All the sins of a Shahid (martyr) are forgiven except debt.’

Bukhari (52:46)I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “…Allah guarantees that He will admit the Mujahid [warrior for Allah] in His Cause into Paradise if he is killed, otherwise He will return him to his home safely with rewards and war booty.”

Abu Dawud (14:2515)I asked the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him): Who are in Paradise? He replied: “Prophets are in Paradise, martyrs are in Paradise.”

Is this clear? Not necessarily: reading comprehension has not been favored in recent decades. What is clear is this: tons of flowers in front of the French embassy in Berlin.

It Took A While To Vanquish The Plutocracy Which Oppressed Germany. But Now The Revolution Has Won For Good

It Took A While To Vanquish The Plutocracy Which Oppressed Germany. But Now The Revolution Has Won For Good

We are governed and led by idiots. Not really their fault: there is need for much more debate those fools are deprived of. The Atlantic Monthly article says what I have long said about Islam and Obama. Let me quote:

“Western officials would probably do best to refrain from weighing in on matters of Islamic theological debate altogether. Barack Obama himself drifted into takfiri waters when he claimed that the Islamic State was “not Islamic”—the irony being that he, as the non-Muslim son of a Muslim, may himself be classified as an apostate, and yet is now practicing takfir against Muslims. Non-Muslims’ practicing takfir elicits chuckles from jihadists (“Like a pig covered in feces giving hygiene advice to others,” one tweeted).

I suspect that most Muslims appreciated Obama’s sentiment: the president was standing with them against both Baghdadi and non-Muslim chauvinists trying to implicate them in crimes. But most Muslims aren’t susceptible to joining jihad. The ones who are susceptible will only have had their suspicions confirmed: the United States lies about religion to serve its purposes.

Within the narrow bounds of its theology, the Islamic State hums with energy, even creativity. Outside those bounds, it could hardly be more arid and silent: a vision of life as obedience, order, and destiny.”

If a Muslim does not believe in the Qur’an, she/he is an apostate. The Qur’an orders to “SLAY”. Surest ticket to paradise.

Many, if not most, of our esteemed intellectuals are, and have long been, complete idiots. I am thinking of individuals such as Edward Said, who professed that anyone not from the “Orient” thinking about the “Orient” was a racist.  Those stupid intellectual leaders have been adulated for their stupidity, their inability to read what they profess to admire..

They don’t just admire the Qur’an, they admire the so-called “Free Market”, in other words, plutocracy, and hide this behind obscure love of all sorts of tribalisms. Anything except the central core of humanity.

This is what we have to get rid of. Salafism will follow down the chute.

Patrice Ayme’.

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17 Responses to “ISIS Wants 100% Qur’an Enforced”

  1. SDM Says:

    The Atlantic article is just another example of how blind religious faith leads to atrocities. What madness lurks in the human mind and capacity for cruelty in human heart. Incurable in some perhaps?


  2. EugenR Says:

    It is time to ask the question, what motivates young human beings in their twenties, that were brought up in France or Belgium to commit such a ultimate act as suicide, while they did have the choice to live a meaningful life as normal citizens in their country. The popular story that they the reward of 77 virgins is their major motif, sounds very naive and improbable. After all we are not speaking about teenager, whose unfulfilled sexual desires can drive them crazy. Often the suicide attacker is a married man with children and even sometime woman, who for sure will not be mystified by virginity.
    More serious claims about their motives than the virgin story are the economic and social motives. Many of the Muslim Youth may feel frustrated by the surrounding society and their position towards them. If this would be the reason why they commit these extreme acts, and obviously they have no fear of the consequences their acts will cause to them, i would expect them to become ordinary criminals, who bridge with no problem the law and costumes of their housing countries, that they doesn’t identify with. This would be a perfectly rational act, to achieve the goal of improving their social status and economic achievements within their communities. And in fact many of them do turn to this solution, as the high criminality in the immigrant districts shows us.
    But here we have a completely different phenomenon. A young man or woman, sometime even well educated, decides to end his life, as to his view fighting certain evil or injustice, that can’t be even by him defined as an absolute injustice, that endangers his and/or his family’s life or his tribe’s existence. If to compare their situation to that of Jews under the Nazis, whose aim was physical annihilation of all the Jews, i could understand a Jewish suicide bomber who would kill a German Nazi to protect his family or tribe (what unfortunately very rarely happened), but the situation of the Young Muslim in Europe is entirely different. Today no one in European political establishment ever implemented or declared a political view of annihilation or extermination of Muslims because of them being Muslims. So the suicidal attackers can’t claim, they act out of self-defense, as it could have been against the German Nazis. It is obvious according to the claims published through the web, the intention of the Muslim extremists are aggressive and not defensive. To try to establish a caliphate in Europe, which is a primitive form of imperialism is an obvious aggressive act. If looking to the level of evil that the Muslim “resistance” to the West brings, any apologetic explanation to the Muslim extremism, looking for some injustice caused by the Europeans to the Muslims in the past, like the Crusaders, Colonialism, American Imperialism or Zionism doesn’t makes any sense .
    So if the suicide acts of the Muslim extremists are not acts of self-defense, not childish desire to be rewarded by 77 virgins, and are not caused by economic-social frustration, what can be the driving force behind it?
    What we can hear from those extremists, when asked what motivates them, they come up with a story, partly derived from the Quran text and other Islamic texts. So can be the identification with the massage of these text or their interpretation be the real reason behind the acts of the Muslim extremists? This explanation stands also on shaky ground. How could be with such an explanation explained the suicidal acts of the Jihadists in the Muslim countries, many times against the same sect they claim to represent.
    To try to come with some explanation, i would like to bring some thought about the subject. There are two different kinds of suicide attackers. The first are the recruited ones. A recruited Muslim suicidal extremists goes through several stages of recruitment. The first stage is the act of recruitment of the potential suicide attacker into ordinary military ranks. This is the stage, where the recruiter comes in the first contact with the future suicide attacker. Then it my be, that the recruiter will have strong inclination acting violently due to his past life experience, or due to his innate aggressive character, which can fulfill him with feeling of heroism, commitment to mission, or probably combination of all these. When the first stage of recruitment was done, the act of suicide becomes a military act, not very often but still used in the past not only by the Muslims. The most famous example is the Japanese kamikaze, but there were many others, like the Tamil suicide bombers for example, who were probably the first since WWII to introduce this tactics.
    But even more interesting and less explainable is the self recruiting suicide attacker, and there are examples of this kind of suicide attackers. It is hard to imagine what kind of psychological process brings a perfectly normal human being to go through a process that at the end of the line will bring him to commit suicide, hoping that with his death will be killed as many other fellow human beings as just it is possible. What kind of blind hatred has to feel the suicidal attacker toward other people to be able to act like that, without any social or psychological support. Hardly it can be explained by simple reasoning, like religious faith, faith in Islamic texts and Quran and the specific text out of it, that instructs every Muslim to be intolerant to any other human being except of the fellow Muslim. To try to find all the explanation to the Muslim suicide attackers just on the level of religious faith and its murderous ideology will leave many holes in the understanding of the phenomenon.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “It is time to ask the question, what motivates young human beings in their twenties, that were brought up in France or Belgium to commit such a ultimate act as suicide, while they did have the choice to live a meaningful life as normal citizens in their country.”

      SIMPLE: They REALLY believe that stuff. They really believe the Islamist Superstition, and that this truth stands above the world (SUPER-stare). They really do. Or they think they can afford to.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “But here we have a completely different phenomenon. A young man or woman, sometime even well educated, decides to end his life, as to his view fighting certain evil or injustice, that can’t be even by him defined as an absolute injustice, that endangers his and/or his family’s life or his tribe’s existence.”

      Some of the suicide killers in Belgium, just now, were from near wealthy families. Same in London a few years back. As I said, they are NOT well educated. One can get a diploma in something, and be a total cretin in roughly anything else. I have many many such in math and physics, in the best universities and research centers. Cretinism/Autism can actually help


  3. Tom Mallan Says:

    Thanks for this. I confirms what I suspected. I have just begun reading a translated version of the Koran, in an effort to understand, well, as much as I can. I am most interested in learning about why, or if, many Muslims do not practice pure Salafism.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Tom, and welcome. It is an excellent idea to read the Qur’an. Only then can people know the truth about Islam. Most Muslims have NOT read the Qur’an. They read only heavily censored, distorted partial versions. The Qur’an is actually a great book to read. Some the translations varies wildly, as some propagandists (say the Saudis) try to hide the truth very efficiently.

      My own “Violence In The Holy Qur’an” is a good synopsis of the deadly part of that cobra. You can google it by just adding my name.

      Most Muslims do not practice pure Salafism, because if they did, they would have a non functioning society. In the great age of “Islam”, Persia around 12 to 8 centuries ago, Islam was totally violated.

      See my own:

      Your comments should now go through directly (except if with many links)


  4. dominique deux Says:

    It may be assumed that the primary aim of a young man or woman as she joins the tinfoil Jihad in Rakka is not to end up in gory smithereens. They could do it perfectly well in their native suburbs.
    The flurry of recruitment posters on Jihadi sites must have been pondered by analysts and psychologists throughout the intelligence community, their content sifted at nauseam. From what I hear, the promise of a better life and self-esteem is foremost. ISIS even promises new, free homes (not difficult when the owners have been killed).
    Of course, once the recruit enters the brainwashing system, the issue of personal choice is no longer relevant (especially for women, a few of whom have come back with appalling stories). People who came because they felt they were seen as refuse in their native countries are still seen as refuse by their new owners, and assigned roles in consequence.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      They are also proposed, or were, when they were gaining ground, “BATTLEFIELD BRIDES”, a concept of the Qur’an, where, after the battle, any female is good for the taking, it’s a religious duty to rape her. Yazidi women were ganged raped according to the Qur’an, as much as they could take, and still being usable for more, days on end. Some escaped, many died.
      Many Muslioms say Yazidis are devil worshippers, but, from what we observe, Quran practitioners are evil doers. And clearly, that’s in the text they IDOLATRE (neologism in English, BTW).

      Islam’s sacred texts want to obsessively kill idolaters, probably because Islam is a vast idolatry, complete with homosexual obsession with Muhammad .


  5. hazxan Says:

    Not that I really disagree with what you write, and I know of that article in the Atlantic. However, the Medieval Islam angle is only one piece of the puzzle. And a piece that you and several other commentators study in obsessive detail, while totally missing the other pieces! And I don’t believe any of is know the picture on the whole puzzle.

    What you and the Atlantic write about is true of the leaders of ISIS and the more fanatical clerics. Yet I highly doubt that the idea of an 8th century medieval state is what is attracting the young people. Listen to what the young recruits say often, that it is the attacks on civilians, the torture in Abu Ghraib that stirred them up. The religious side comes later, once they are in the hands of those clerics.

    You analyse words in the Koran again and again and yet again. Yet the terrorists on Friday, typical of the “home grown” variety said and I quote from a heroic Batacan hostage: “They gave us their sermon, their speech, the why they were there. They explained to us that the bombs being dropped on Syria were the reason why they were there. They said they were doing to us westerners what we were doing to them over there.”

    Not one word of the Koran in the sermon. I would guess, Patrice, you know more about the Koran and Islamic theology than many of those young Isis recruits! They could quote Rap, but not religion.

    Again, this is not to say that ultimately Isis isn’t about creating an Islamic theocracy. It is. But that doesn’t exclude many other factors. Even factors that actually *are* in our control – well, our leaders control. We should stop torture now, for example. Torture is inhumane, it divides us, is not a liberal value and is ultimately drives disaffected young to Isis.

    Same with Saudi arms deals.The trouble is that our leaders are more terrified of upsetting business than they are the people. Saudi Arabia brings a lot of money to the UK economy for sure. Cutting trade will mean thousands of job losses and none of our plutocratic politicians will accept such a vote loser. No, random bombing keeps the lucrative arms trade ticking over., Business as usual.

    We are more divided between the “haves” “have nots” and the handful of “have lots” than over 100 years ago, Margaret Thatcher openly wanted us back to Victorian age. In other words, attacks on liberal values are from within, too. Turning us into a police states so accept, nay demand, the loss of hard won freedoms is a documented part of the Isis leaders plan. And I suspect the Isis leaders know this and may well be smarter than our western hubris leads us to believe. They know that in the West, neo liberalism has splintered our societies.

    And another piece of the puzzle. Climate change. There is a credible theory that climate change led to the 4 year drought in Syria – apparently their worse in recorded history – that caused so much upheaval it led to the revolt against Assad…and eventually to where we are now.

    All the experts predict that climate change will cause conflict. Perhaps it already has played a part. Extreme circumstances lead people to extreme behaviour, if climate change continues, this is only the start as life gets tougher and tougher for more people.

    FInally, globalization. There’s a ton of stuff out there about how stable, peaceful communities all over the world have been shattered in the past 30 – 40 years with the arrival of “free market neo liberalism”. How religions that lived side by side for centuries with no conflict (it does happen, don’t fall for the propaganda!) are now at war with each other thanks to the power of “destructive capitalism”, relentless competition and the race to the bottom


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Hazxan:
      I know very well that I know very much about Islam, much more than many a preacher of Islam (I have actually met with some, and overwhelmed them with my Islamology! ;-)!) Not only that but my first memories in life where from Gardhaia, which, before that, was not open to those not of (the local type of) Islam (my dad, from Algeria, was a geologist searching for oil, and local Muslim authorities thought it was in their interest to have his team do so).

      Thus I know very well that “Islam” does not have to be SALAFISM, version LITERAL QUR’AN. (Because even Salafism has a quiet…yet apostate version).

      I also have said for decades that plutocracy would lead where we are at.

      Republican public schools have failed, because plutocrats have decided not to fund them, because they are afraid that the Republic will put an end to them, plutocrats, as it indeed should, and will. Plutocrats wanted civil war, they are progressing that way.

      So we are dealing with lots of entanglements here.

      My demolition of Fundamental Islam because it’s a religion of mass hatred and extermination does not stand in contradiction with my anti-plutocratic posture. Far from it: it’s part of it.

      More dissection of Islamology, always more refined is coming: Fundamental Islam’s logic is both very simple, and very complex, with hyper entanglements between meta and basic structures


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Another thing: I write very complex essays, often branching all over. At this point I am trying to focus on the fact that Islamophobia is not racism, but survivalism, just as Christianophobia is not racism, but survivalism. I explain why. I did carpet bombing of rabid Christianism earlier, say in:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Sorry about the delayed answer, busy here: ““They gave us their sermon, their speech, the why they were there. They explained to us that the bombs being dropped on Syria were the reason why they were there. They said they were doing to us westerners what we were doing to them over there.”

      Yes, they also planted a refugee passport (maybe). One should not necessarily believe what the terrorists say.
      The primary fact is that these people die for God because they believe in that madness of hatred turned into a religion of death and killing. Did you notice the Qur’an says to kill all sorts of people but never to spare the children? That is rather striking to me.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I mentioned climate change in the Middle East as a worsening problem, for many years.
      Desiccation started 7,000 years ago. That’s why the Egyptians left what’s now the desert…
      Worsening climate brings philosophy for the worst.
      But its the Islamist mood, all too favorable to dictators, who made Assad unwilling to quit power.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I covered most of these subjects you talk about Haxzan, for many years in thousands of pages. However, at this point I am focusing around the murderous idolatry all too admired, for all too long, by intellectual lightweights of the opportunistic category (and that includes Sartre).


  6. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    Thanks for exposing Islam’s maniacal streak so well.


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