Love Without Wisdom: Ruin of Humanity.

Love without wisdom is only ruin of humanity? Lying, too, is the ruin of humanity, which is truth, if nothing else.

Lying about Islam will not seduce youth. Just the opposite.

If there is no love of wisdom, there is no wisdom in love.

Attack of the day, this time Al Qaeda on Bamako’s most prestigious hotel. Ten Muslim Fundamentalists versus 200 guests and 30 employees. What could go wrong? “God is great!” screamed the gun totting Radicals. Therein were airline crews from Air France, Turkish Airways, and many Members of Parliament from many countries, including France (of course), Senegal, Quebec, etc.

Human Spirit Is Indomitable

Human Spirit Is Indomitable

Well what could go wrong is that there were 40 French gendarmes from GIGN (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) plus French and U.S. Special Forces in the immediate area. The siege got resolved very quickly with only two dozens killed.

The deepest problem we are facing is philosophical. There is the Islam we have, and then there is the Islam we wish to have. The Islam we have, is the one in the Qur’an. Nobody reads the Qur’an, everybody talks about it, as if they had. Well, nobody reads it, except for the Islamist State, and other Muslim Fundamentalists, or “Radicals”

The West says:”The Islamist State is not Islam, it’s terrorism”. The Islamist State, and other Muslim Fundamentalists reply:”Just read the Qur’an”. Young, dissatisfied people (rightly dissatisfied from austerity, discrimination, inequities, etc.) then decide to make a little experience for themselves: who is right? They read the Qur’an and discover that the Muslim Fundamentalists told the truth: the Islamist State is the Qur’an, unadultarated. As long as the leadership of the West (political and intellectual) lies in a blatant way, and is easily caught lying, it will have no credit, and will only enrage youth ever more. (Maybe that’s what they want? As war serves plutocracy well?)

Islamism Is Terrorism, Wisdom Is Love

It’s as simple as that. Don’t agree? Well read the Qur’an oh you silly ones who talk about books you never read and were mostly told lies about. Before reading comprehension, one needs reading. Right, normal people prefer reading novels than reality.

In the Qur’an it is famously said that who kills someone, kills all of humanity. Never mind that Muhammad himself killed more than 1,000, including an entire tribe of Yathrib (now Medina). Yet, the Qur’an says this. However that verse is ABROGATED by tens of later verses which order all sorts of people (remember that later verses take precedence over earlier ones):

Imams bemoan “Radicalism”. But “radical” means about roots, and in the case of Islam, it means the Qur’an. Radical is the Qur’an. The Qur’an itself is a fabrication of Uthman, not Muhammad, as Aisha pointed out. Entire pieces of it were removed (notably the famous “Satanic Verses”).

So why not rewrite the Qur’an in a new version, the “Real Message of God According to Muhammad, Which Uthman And Others Hid From You”?

That will allow to remove the verses in the Qur’an which are in conflict with civilization.

Meanwhile the comedy of stupidity unchained, keeps on unfolding. I showed an educated lady from California hyper-threatening verses from the Qur’an, which should be unlawful, just because they are hate crimes. She quietly told me: ”Oh, there is the same in the Bible.” She has been a professional woman earning her keep as an engineer for decades.

So the pan is hot?’ Say who pass nowadays for smart, well-balanced people. ‘No problem, the fire is hot too.” Surely, the argument that we should be happy with the Qur’an, because it is similar to the rule book of the Inquisition belongs to those who hope keenly to bring back the Inquisition.

If there is no love of wisdom, there is no wisdom in love. It’s not enough to love God. You have to check first it’s not the Devil, as the Cathars pointed out.

The Vatican had the King of Paris (also known as “France”) annihilate the Cathars, using a Bible Fundamentalist army. One million dead. And all the Cathars’ writings.

But not, as you can see, all their ideas.

Meanwhile in Algeria, the local dictator, Bouteflika, had cartoonist Tahar Djehiche imprisoned 6 months in jail for cartoons ‘insulting the president’ -”. When the mood is around that insulting the Prophet deserves death, surely insulting the president deserves 6 months. Islam is the bed of gory dictatorship.

Who is Bouteflika?  A terrorist who became a general. He is one of the original principals from the FNL, a terrorist group to whom the French dictator (the one who dictated), De Gaulle, gave power in… 1962. De Gaulle, a famous racist, thought that Bouteflika was perfect for Algeria. De Gaulle thought he could keep “Muslims” or North Africans at bay, and away, by giving them to the wolves. That mood persisted, although its racism had to morph a bit. So the children of the North Africans who fled to France, or Europe, were mistreated by austerity (no schools for you, Muslims, the Qur’an is good enough, and selling drugs, too). So here we are. (Fully describing the relationship between France and North Africa deserves 1,000 pages, I am myself a byproduct; this was just an appetizer…)

If there is no love of wisdom, there is no wisdom in love. People are born from love, and thus have a capacity, and a need to love whatever, including evil. Love is not enough. Love without wisdom is only ruin of humanity.

Patrice Ayme’

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25 Responses to “Love Without Wisdom: Ruin of Humanity.”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    ‘When the mood is around that insulting the Prophet deserves death, surely insulting the president deserves 6 months.
    “Algeria Cartoonist Tahar Djehiche imprisoned 6 mths for cartoons ‘insulting the president’ -”’

    Chris Snuggs: Frankly, we need a 30 metre high wall from Lisbon all along the Mediterranean until Odessa, then the Africans and Arabs can get on with their eternal Islamic lunacy, corruption and dictatorships without infecting and infesting Europe.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Patrice Ayme They arguably have already crossed over… wink emoticon Also the demographic collapse in Europe is a factor. Sweden, and even the UK, have filled in with immigrants, many Muslims. However, Sweden just got cold feet last week. I guess, it’s winter…


  2. Gmax Says:

    Most people know nothing about Islam, except it’s racist to talk about it. So this will go on and on and on… Except if the Muslims do something so extreme, like way worse than 9/11, and people smell the coffee. I mean, smell the SARIN gas, or something.

    To think we are supposed to respect this religion which wants to kill us, just because we dance, and then politicians tell us we are racist because we fear those lunatics, we are on the fringe because we go to cafes, and have to die. And they are here in the U.S. After the Islam graffiti was put on French school, the SF police said NOT TO WORRY, because it was NOT the Islamist State, ISIL, but some other Muslim group. Are they nuts or what? How many massacres do we need to go thru?


  3. Michael Jeremy Says:

    ‘ If there is no love of wisdom, there is no wisdom in love.’

    Michael Jeremy: ‏based on the assumption that love is necessary in the first instance!


  4. EugenR Says:

    It Is hard to argument wishful thinking. We learned it through the worst possible outcome.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes. Indeed. Hannah Arendt made that point implicitly, and she was probably thinking of herself (as she slept with the most prominent Nazi Heidegger). Also the rise of Christianofascism at the end of the Eleventh Century (which led to massacres of Jews in Europe) was also not crushed, because of wishful thinking.
      That’s why Israel acts the way it does now.
      That’s also why France declared war to Hitler. etc.


      • EugenR Says:

        Heidegger…. I wonder for years, how such an intellect could be morally so wrong. I wonder, could it be, that we are wrong too. A dangerous thought in these days.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          It’s like marveling about a cow’s intellect. Nothing intelligent in Heidegger he found himself. He got much from Nietzsche. And having an ignorant professional Christian fascist, who trained to be a seminarist, pontificating about time and being while knowing zero relativity. Show me one idea of Heidegger, I will show you Nietzsche… OK, got to catch plane…


  5. EugenR Says:

    I would like to comment to all those, who believe, the West and its wars against Islam is the primary cause of the Islamic aggressiveness. The war in Iraq may be the trigger, that uncovered the ancient cultural aggressiveness of the Islam, which temporarily was lidded by despotic regimes, but not the primary cause. Take for example the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, that was suppressed and persecuted since Abdul Nasser’s in fifties until the Arab revolution. Why would all these leaders prosecute them? Because they understood they ideology, and what they wanted, a Whole World Islamic state, a Caliphat just like ISIS. And their ideology got overwhelming majority in the first and only free elections in Egypt. Don’t tell me you believe all this is the doing of Bush and the West.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The cause of Islam aggression is Islam. People should just read Islam before pontificating about Islam. Of what they know nothing, they should not talk. It’s like those who talk physics, and have not taken a course in it.
      Muslim Brotherhood, as I explained started as a companion movement to NAZISM. In the 1930s. It was then helped by the Americans, and was entangled with Nasser. This pretty team exploded in the 1950s…

      The West has long been full of people condemning the West, by which they meant WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Thus they are the dark servants of plutocracy. This critique shoots down MOST French intellectuals living, say, in the 1950s…

      So, under the guise of adulating Stalin, for example, they were truly serving American plutocrats.


      • EugenR Says:

        Yes the lefties, in Israel they were annihilated after Abu Amar, called Arafat refused to any rational solution of coexistence among Israel and the Palestinians (in Camp David with Clinton and Barak). He also couldn’t,… not to follow the Islamic doctrines.


  6. EugenR Says:

    And one more, wishful thinking has very


  7. EugenR Says:

    One more thought. Wishful thinking creates very strong arguments, but unfortunately many times they are false.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, like the wishful thinking that debasing oneself for a cruel Allah, just because he is “great”, advances humanity. The point is, such a creep should be fought…
      Hmmm… I am going to add that to the essay… I have more coming in another essay which is ready, as I am condemned to fly to Hawai’i…


  8. Paul Handover Says:

    What is happening today in terms of ISIS is just another despicable example of the worst of religious beliefs. As you make very clear, something that stretches back eons of time. Humans seem to be “hard-wired” for aggression and war.

    Yet, in one’s daily life the vast majority of people that one comes into contact with, both friends and strangers, appear to be kind, compassionate individuals.

    Maybe the only answer is twofold: drastically increase the number of countries that have good governments, and move quickly towards direct democracy. I.e. direct voting, one man: one vote, for future legislation in those countries, starting with North America and European governments.


  9. Kevin Berger Says:

    “De Gaulle, gave power in… 1962. De Gaulle, a famous racist, thought that Bouteflika was perfect for Algeria. De Gaulle thought he could keep “Muslims” or North Africans at bay, and away, by giving them to the wolves. ”
    The relationship between Algeria & France is a very unhealthy one IMHO, even more so than with other former French colonies, and I’d think the successive Algerian powers are much to blame for this toxic brew.
    If one day, in an appeased future, there is an historical review of our times, I’m quasi certain that there will be a continuum found from the Algerian war to those very days and the ones ahead… that this war was an opening skirmish in a much grander collision, and that the (ultimate) winner of the war followed the retreating force to its homeland.
    Anyway, what a wasted opportunity, and what an unbearable wound to France’s psyche.

    “That mood persisted, although its racism had to morph a bit. So the children of the North Africans who fled to France, or Europe, were mistreated by austerity (no schools for you, Muslims, the Qur’an is good enough, and selling drugs, too).”
    No, sorry, that’s complete garbage, unless you are talking about the utterly shameful way the Harkis were treated (but, then again, France never has treated its suppletives well)… Billions after billions after billions wasted in the “politique de la ville”, decades after decades. If there is something to blame, it would rather be a “mood” as you would put it, a mood of “pleureuses”, d’aplatventrisme, de culture de l’excuse, de laxisme, de racisme déguisé (mais pas forcément là où on l’attend,…
    I’m sorry, but this kind of “low expectations” relativism is just false.
    To park the migrants in their own “identity” instead of assimilating them was not a failure by France, it was a *deliberate* ideological choice (hell, wasn’t the first wave of Arab teaching in France, even to migrants or son of migrants from Kabyle origins, and thus, normally not into that “arabité” thing, wasn’t it pushed by the Mitterrand gvt starting with the “rigueur” shift… after Saudi Arabia lent a few billions to the country?)… both by the French Elites, *and* by a swath large enough of said migrants.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It is obvious that the relationship between France and Algeria is super unhealthy, ever since the Vandals came in, and occupied North Africa. It got worse when the Arabs invaded, and annihilated the Roman cities of North Africa, after an alliance with savage tribes from the interior.

      Here I am , quietly sitting in luxurious surroundings in the middle of the American empire. Actually, not the middle just of the empire, but the middle of the Pacific, thoroughly feeling the might of the USA. Civilization without empire is impossible, yet, under an empire, it is difficult, for other reasons.


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