How & Why The West Causes Submission

The very wealthy people who have long dominated the world, the plutocrats, want Submission (in Arabic, “Submission” is “Islam”). They want us to be submitted to them. Oil Barons made tremendous money from their satanic deal with the Devil, Ibn Saud, where Islam (= Submission) and Wall Street were central. Ibn Saud was the head of the most successful Islamist State of the Twentieth Century. That Islamist State was successful, because it made friends with the British plutocrats, before switching to the American ones in 1945.

How is it possible that young women and men want so much to kill other people that, for them, dying in the process is just a detail? Many ask this question, and roll out many complicated explanations to avoid giving the simple answer. That simple answer is in their face, in four words: just read the Qur’an. If you believe the Qur’an, killing yourself and others will send you directly to paradise (Qur’an (3:169-170), among others). Allah is merciful and very efficient to kill enemies.

This inability to read the Qur’an in turn comes from the mood that reading the Qur’an may reveal the truth. And that mood would contradict what politicians say all over: radical Islam is a pathology of Islam (I was listening to Raffarin, an ex-Prime Minister of France, who used these exact words). So doing they are blind to their own stupidity: radical means “roots”. Saying that the “roots” of something are a pathology of that something is a contradiction: the genes cannot be a pathology of what they generate.

Thus what is being imposed here is the mood that truth is not Politically Correct. This is not the only crazy, self-destroying mood imposed: another is that love wins all (just listen to John Lennon in this matter, he was a specialist of that delirious attitude, until that moment when he was made into Swiss cheese).

And When That Does Not Work, Extermination Will. Nazis Were Not Loved To Death, But Bombed To Death. And Ike Brought to Bear the National Guard, That Is, Force, to Integrate Schools. MLK Did Not.

And When That Does Not Work, Extermination Will. Nazis Were Not Loved To Death, But Bombed To Death. And Ike Brought to Bear the National Guard, That Is, Force, to Integrate Schools. MLK Did Not.

It goes without saying that the mood that truth is immoral is most profitable to the powers that be. The superstition habit (Christianism, Islamism) is a good way to kill respect for truth, by extending instead respect for collective hallucinations, as long as they are crazy enough.

Deeper than ideas are moods. Talking about ideas is not enough, one has to talk about what underlays them, moods.

Submission is a religion more known under its Arabic name, Islam.

I exposed its nature. Normal media, censors me, in particular when I quote from Submission’s most sacred text, the Qur’an. And when I quote Voltaire about it, it’s Voltaire’s turn to be censored. What does that say about civilization when truth is viewed as a racist crime?

A reminder for all these suicide bombers: they are going straight to paradise:

Qur’an (3:169-170)“Think not of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah: And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve.”  Martyrs go directly from life to paradise, and should rejoice for them.

From the Hadith:

Muslim (20:4678)…a man said: “Messenger of Allah [Prophet Muhammad], where shall I be if I am killed?” He replied: “In Paradise.“…

So Submission (= Islam) is a problem, but the meta attitude relative to submission, even more so. That meta attitude is that, if you read Islam’s sacred texts, you are a racist. Killing and wounding 500 people in Paris because they listened to music and went to restaurants, doing what ISIS called their idolatry cannot be explained by those who have no read Islam, the set of orders from Allah, the bloody dictator supposed to rule over all Muslims’ hearts… and souls.

In Europe, for example Germany, Salafists are free to preach, and it’s a full time job. This is lawful, under the pretext of “tolerance”, “freedom of expression”, “freedom of religion”. However strict Islam, teaching the Qur’an, in full is teaching hatred, maximally (see quotes in other essays). In particular, preaching the Sharia.

All this should be unlawful, and punishments should be applied. certainly if people can go to prison for possession of illegal drugs, which only injure themselves, those who preach violence should be punished much more.

This is common sense. That this common sense was not enabled by legislators is certainly a form of complicity, just as pontificating about islam without having read the Qur’an is also a form of complicity with the madness.

The ultimate red herring to divert attention from gathering inequality in the world: focus on this Islamism we have incited to grow in your midst.

Is that all very twisted? Maybe, but straightforward logic is not good at manipulating people; twists are required. But, behind these twists there are laws, psycho-historical laws, immutable.

Because, indeed, this is how the Greco-Roman empire went down. A religion was imposed from the top (Christianism), just as now Islamism is imposed from the top (by calling those who fear Islamism “racist”, and by NOT applying hate crime laws against Salafists). Simultaneously schooling and the army were hugely weakened, under the guise of austerity (so that Roman plutocrats would not have to pay taxes so high that they will not be able to become ever richer).

The analogies are strict. Meanwhile Rome suffered a broad resource crisis… which only greater education could have solved. Instead the world fell in exactly the same superstition which is now called Islam. Yes, Islam existed before Islam. And in particular with the most important love of death and the apocalypse, which is the underlying deepest theme of the Qur’an.

When god is a creep, creeps are gods. Thus creeps want creepy god to be great. “God is great!” they scream, meaning: we are great! Yes, indeed, great, very great creeps

The Islamist crisis we have is very similar to the Christian crisis of the Fourth century, and the fundamental cause is the same, namely the oligarchic crisis having gone so bad, that it hated, and ate, the brains

Patrice Ayme’

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12 Responses to “How & Why The West Causes Submission”

  1. Gmax Says:

    You are on a roll! Have a good stay in Hawai’i, don’t forget to measure your CO2 during your extravagant jet set vacation.

    So, if I understand well, everything is connected, and the WAR against Islam (ist state) is just part of it. I think you made that clear for years, so Hazxan’s intervention on that was redundant


  2. EugenR Says:

    Arab spring and the following violent turmoil was inevitable, and predictable, as i have done in a small essay few month before it happened. I also predicted the emigration wave coming, viz:
    Europe enjoys a relatively calm political times, due to the corrupt Arab regimes, which has no legitimacy what so ever. Do you believe this situation is sustainable for ever? And remember, in these countries the population doubles every 20-30 years and the corrupt governments there give no chance to any natural economic, social and political development. So the question is not if but when it will all erupt, and when it will sweep Europe like a big hurricane, like it happened when the German tribes swept the Roman Empire………….

    And i did not write it then because i am some kind of prophet, but just out of very rational calculation, and understanding the most probable outcome.


  3. EugenR Says:

    And here is an other prediction of mine few month following the Arab uprising:


  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    “The very wealthy people who have long dominated the world, the plutocrats, want Submission”

    Firstly, it’s probably best not to obsess solely on islam, as the current crisis or sense of crisis would favour. It’s a bit like someone throwing venomous snakes in your garden : getting rid of the snakes is the urgency, but the one throwing them is the root of the problem.

    IMHO, fundie islam has two terrific qualities for the Masters of the Universe :
    – in muslim societies, it keeps the rubes down and enable the furher colonization/exploitation of such societies by external predators and their local accomplices/lackeys (old European powers colonized such countries because they were backward, not the other way around, so keeping them backward is the way to go);
    – in non-muslim societies, it acts as a solvant. A weaponized faith to undermine social and class cohesion, acting along other similar solvants (mass-migration along continued push for identity politics & balkanization, with consumerism as a social contract = the American Way?)

    The same effective methods that made first the UK, then the British empire, then the USA, only now applied globally for a post-National “empire”.


  5. Kevin Berger Says:

    “So the question is not if but when it will all erupt, and when it will sweep Europe like a big hurricane, like it happened when the German tribes swept the Roman Empire………….”

    And so the question is, why do you keep telling nothing can’t be done about it? It’s not you only, far from it, it is actually more of an ideological feature of our times, an inversion in which impersonal, “act of God” events are handled emotionally as if they were human-made (“psychological support” anyone?), yet human activities are handled emotionally as if they were natural events humans are powerless to act against.

    Refugees camps work. Borders work. Armed borders work. Keeping “refugees” at bay through lethal force works. It’s been done before, hell, it is being done as I type, machine-gun nests manned by indifferent and bored soldiers keeping refugees parked in camps at the Thai border for example.
    Humans work, will work (if the means follow, obviously).

    I’m awfully sorry to write this, and I might even need to clarify that Indra Varuna is not one of my sock-puppets, mind you, but yours is such a jewish viewpoint, that’s amazing.
    We get it, we’re going to get erased, there’s nothing we can do. The future is one big indifferentiated thing, with nomad Elites or whatever other Attali-style vapidity. It’s done, it’s demography and demography is destiny, sure.

    What positively pisses me off, though, is that this defeatist, suicidal mindset you seem to rail against, attributing it to some European malaise of the soul, one aspect of which PA sees as the “French theory”, well, in great part it is an European jewish thing. Pushing for open borders, open societies, immigration,… not solely a jewish endeavour, I’ll absolutely grant you that, but still a disproportionately jewish orientation. Andalousia 2.0, right.

    I hate that “suicide” (of the West/Europe/the Whites/…) meme. It is not a suicide, not even an assisted one, it is a murder, period, I just cannot stand blaming the victim like that. Ah, and before you go apeshit, I actually and certainly do not blame the “Jews”, not even organized Jewry, who might be hired help or useful idiots, but always are misdirection and fall guys, exactly as fundie muslims are.


  6. Kathleen Hawes Watkins Says:

    ‘When god is a creep, creeps are god. Thus creeps find god to be great.’
    Kathleen Hawes Watkins: Patrice, in the case of ISIS, apparently the Prophet trumps Allah, creepy or otherwise. After reading this excellent article on ISIS Women in Syria (…/isis-wives-and-enforcers-in…

    ), I’ve changed my view: This war is less about god/religion and far more about the threatened male ego. One of the “Morality Police” women witnessed ISIS beating an old man for cursing Allah: “Had he cursed the Prophet, he would have been killed”. Here I’m inferring/positing that Mohammed is ISIS’ proxy for Muslim male respect/supremacy. Yes, ultimately this cultural grudge-match is about demographics and joblessness intersecting with Muslim humiliation, about the (expendable) male ego not being given its proper due.

    ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and…|By Azadeh Moaveni


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Patrice Ayme: Well, I agree with you. But it’s not new. Islam was long about woman-as-property. Muhammad said, forcefully, that men, instead of killing women so readily, or keeping them as virgin slaves, should have SEX with them. This had the positive effect that f…See More

      A good way to address the female issue in the Middle East, is to publicize the fact that some of the French and American combat pilots are female.


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:


    The Women Who Left ISIS

    The three Syrian women interviewed for this article, all former members of the Islamic

    State morality police who escaped to Turkey this year, met with a reporter in a southern Turkish city for hours of interviews, together and separately, over the course of two multiday visits.
    The names Aws, Dua and Asma are pseudonyms used for their protection, but they fully identified themselves and their family connections.

    Their accounts of working for the Islamic State, of their lives and of events in Raqqa, Syria, in recent years were consistent with one another and with interviews and accounts of other former and current residents of Raqqa.
    The women also shared cellphone images of locations in Raqqa, and of their lives there, that were independently confirmed.

    In the short time since she had joined the Khansaa Brigade in her hometown, Raqqa, in northern Syria, the morality force had grown more harsh. Mandatory abayas and niqabs were still new for many women in the weeks after the jihadists of the Islamic State had purged

    the city of competing militants and taken over. At first, the brigade was told to give the community a chance to adapt, and clothing offenses brought small fines.

    After too many young women became repeat offenders, however, paying the fines without changing their behavior, the soft approach was out. Now it was whipping — and now it was her friends being punished.

    The mother and daughter came to Dua’s parents’ house afterward, furious with her and venting their anger at the Islamic State.

    “They said they hated it and wished it had never come to Raqqa,” Dua said. She pleaded with them, explaining that as a young and new member of the Khansaa Brigade, there was nothing she could have done.

    But a lifelong friendship, with shared holiday gatherings and birthday parties, was suddenly broken. “After that day, they hated me, too,” she said. “They never came to our house again.”

    Dua’s second cousin Aws also worked for the brigade. Not long after Dua’s friends were whipped, Aws saw fighters brutally lashing a man in Muhammad Square. The man, about 70,

    frail and with white hair, had been heard cursing God. As a crowd gathered, the fighters dragged him into the public square and whipped him after he fell to his knees.

    “He cried the whole time,” Aws said. “It was lucky for him that he had cursed Allah, because Allah shows mercy. If he’d cursed the Prophet, they would have killed him.”

    Today, Aws, 25, and Dua, 20, are living in a small city in southern Turkey after fleeing Raqqa and its jihadist rulers. They met up here with Asma, 22, another defector from the Khansaa Brigade, and found shelter in the city’s large community of Syrian refugees.
    [To be continued…]


  8. hazxan Says:

    “If you believe the Qur’an, killing yourself and others will send you directly to paradise ”

    Presumably you managed to read it without having an urge to reach paradise by killing yourself? So logically, the book has no objective power.

    Amidst the zillions of words written in the media on this crises, I’ve yet to see any by a psychologist. Yet psychology 101, even advertising 101, knows a basic truth which is that people readily accept any half baked idea that fits their already existing prejudices. And we reject perfectly logical, fact based, logical arguments that disagree with out personal bias.

    That is the point of the scientific method, to overcome our inbuilt bias. Although this is mostly forgotten and it seems most science now is just an arm of advertising. Although in truth “Expert Opinion” is the lowest form of evidence, these days most people believe it to be the highest..the hi-tech world is so complex, we need “Experts” to decipher it for us. Of course these experts only say what they are paid to say…climate change deniers being one example.

    Anyway, my point is that it is something in the psyche of the individual that determines how they interpret words in a book. There is no book yet known that has the same effect on all it’s readers.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Hazxan: The book in my head was imprinted long ago, and powerfully so. By the time I made my first life-long memories, in Ghardaia, a remarkable oasis in the middle of the desert, I hade been exposed to at least three distinct civilizations. So I was not just culturally imprinted, but meta-culturally imprinted.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In the West, an erroneous system of thought came to reign, full of grave errors:
      1) Assimilation is racism.
      2) A superstition, Islam, is a civilization.
      3) Advanced people don’t make civilizations clash, they respect all equally.

      This was all BS. It’s similar to segregationists saying racial segregation is to protect the colored. Behind closed doors, they say how they hate them. The left has been very much culprit of this all over the world (starting with Woodrow Wilson, prez USA, 1913). But then it allowed to:

      1) Save money by forsaking education and police to the colored.
      2) Keep them away and apart, as they don’t even talk the language

      Then, if one takes an uneducated “Muslim” who is told is his “civilization” is both superior, and de facto, segregated, he becomes angry and reads the Qur’an where he is told he goes to paradise direct if if he just goes out there, killing “unbelievers”, “pagans”, “idolaters”, “apostates”, and especially if he dies in the process (becoming a “martyr”). As Kevin said, it’s not really “suicide”. OK, it’s suicide, formally, but, in fact, they really don’t believe they will die.

      Those uneducated, extremely stupid and accultural individuals really believe what is said in the Qur’an: it’s a collective hallucination, which defines “believers”. So they do, as said in the Qur’an.

      By the time I heard of the Qur’an, and saw it written, I was around 8, and had been exposed to half a dozen cultures, including “animist” Africa (in Ivory Coast). I knew both of Bible and Quran, in my zeroes, and knew both could not be right. But people who say they kill you if you insult their prophet, are just ignorant brutes. To help them, the first thing to do is to put them in jail systematically for death threats incompatible with the Republic. Once you have done that to 10,000 of them, the word will gat around that it’s not kosher, and not kosher is against the law, if you will forget my dreadful analogy.

      As I explained, crimes against truth and the mind, if they entail murder, should be punished as if they caused the murders they entailed. Because they do.

      What they do believe,


  9. ianmillerblog Says:

    In my view, the right to free speech does not include the right to incite or encourage criminal activity. Once upon a time, the Salafist approach would have led to a rather rapid and painful demise. I see little merit in the painful part, but otherwise the approach has merit.


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