Wilson A Racist; Exploding Seas

A quickie today, I have to go dive with the Manta Rays:

The Architect of USA Policy In The Twentieth Century Was A Frantic Racist Disguised As An Apostle Of Peace:

A scandal is surfacing at Princeton University, as the president and founder, Wilson, is found by the student body to be a racist. The official view on Wilson is that he was a saint, an apostle of peace, and the gentleman who, to his regret, had to intervene in World War One.

My vision is the exact opposite. I  have explained that Wilson, after he became president of the USA, and because he was a racist, encouraged the Kaiser and his top generals to attack the French Republic. So doing, Wilson invented the American policy of using fascist Germany to destroy the world, and, in particular the world order imposed by democratic European power.

During World War One, American trade, with the active collaboration of the Netherlands enabled Germany to keep on fighting (otherwise the Franco-British blockade would have forced it into surrender within 18 months).

It is good to see the student body, and even some of the administration of Princeton University, is rising a piece of the veil covering up American racism, and its far-fetching consequences…


How the USA explodes seas:

One far-fetched consequence has been that, as the USA was made by oil, the fossil fuel industry has had a tight grip on American policy. Just a few weeks ago the American Secretary of State was claiming the Paris Climate Conference would not be bidding. He was rebuffed by the French president (they are friends, and speak in French together as Kerry is bilingual). If COP 21 is not binding, seas will explode beyond the comfort level…

Vast mounts have just been found in shallow seas off Siberia, some 1,000 meters across. They are probably caused by global warming, which is much more pronounced up north.

From university of Tromso:

….these newly discovered subsea pingos may be quite recent. This lends support to another hypotheses, the one that states that mechanisms that form pingos on land and mechanisms that form mounds on the ocean floor are completely different.

“The subsea-pingo like formations are significantly larger than the ones on land. Gas leakage from one of the ocean floor pingos offshore Siberia shows a specific chemical signature that indicates modern generation of methane. We suggest that the mound formed more recently, moving material physically upwards.”

Dissociation of methane ice

On land pingos are mainly formed when the water freezes into an ice core under soil, because of the chilling temperatures of permafrost. However, subsea pingos, may be formed because of the thawing of relict subsea permafrost and dissociation of methane rich gas hydrates.

Gas hydrates are ice-like solids composed of among other things methane and water. They form and remain stable under a combination of low temperature and high pressure. In permafrost the temperatures are very low and gas hydrates are stable even under the low pressure, such as on shallow Arctic seas. Thawing of permafrost leads to temperature increases, which in turn leads to melting of gas hydrates, therefore, releasing the formerly trapped gas.

“ The methane creates the necessary force that pushes the remaining frozen sediment layers upward, forming mounds.” says Serov.

Quiet explosions beneath the Arctic shallow seas

Subsea pingos can potentially blow out, without massive attention, as was the case with the highly visible Yamal craters, but with massive expulsions of methane into the ocean. For petroleum companies these areas may pose a geohazard. Drilling a hole into one of these subsea pingos, can be not only expensive but also catastrophic. During a geotechnical drilling in the close by Pechora Sea, an industry vessel unknowingly drilled a hole into one of these mounds. It triggered a massive release of gas that almost sunk the vessel.

“We don´t know if the methane expelled from the subsea pingos reaches the atmosphere, but it is crucial that we observe and understand these processes better, especially in shallow areas, where the distance between the ocean floor and the atmosphere is short.” says Serov.

Reference: “Methane release from pingo-like features across the South Kara Sea shelf, an area of thawing offshore permafrost”,  Journal of Geophysical Research.

Yes, the situation is serious. Even more serious than when American racist were supporting, enabling, instigating German racists, a century ago. Let no one say it was not clear. The racists failed, in their attempt to impose their order worldwide. However, the destruction of the biosphere, once it has gone too far, will be self-feeding. That’s what the tipping points are all about.

Patrice Ayme’

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29 Responses to “Wilson A Racist; Exploding Seas”

  1. indravaruna Says:

    Woodrow Wilson was especially chosen to be President by the Bernard Baruch and a coterie of jewish Wall Street bankers.

    The Treaty of Versailles was a jewish conferency, a Daily Telegraph reporter who was there and wrote in his book: “The Inside Story of the Peace Conference,” (1920): Many delegates deduced that “henceforth the world will be governed by the Anglo-Saxon people, who in turn are swayed by their Jewish elements…” (i.e. the central bankers and their factotums) p 497. – See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/001936.html#sthash.Pnb1GC6b.dpuf


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The link you gave is not as insane as most people will think it is. It has many outrageous, many will think, elements which, I know, are true.
      Versailles was mostly a clash between the French and the Anglo-Saxon racist clique which had in great part facilitated World War One, as I have explained in many essay.

      1) The French, led by Clemenceau, got the liberation of Eastern Europe. Racist supremacist Lord Keynes (THE Keynes Krugman was having wet dreams about every night when he was young) was against it, as he thought the Poles were an inferior race (as he wrote in his book)

      2) The French did not get the permanent occupation of left bank of the Rhine, nor a mandate for the SDN. Now there is a mandate for the UN, which enables France to bring force to bear legally, from Mali to Afghanistan.

      Instead of invoking sects I know little about, I invoke the plutocratic principle. Plutocrats naturally help each other exploit the rabble. That’s why Pluto Jews like the Warburgs supported Hitler (or the Judenraten did, too). That’s why Philippe Auguste of France (major plutocrat) collaborated with the Pope (satanic pluto from Rome) to organize a crusade in Southern France, which killed a million, and made the associates of Philippe Auguste and himself, immensely richer…

      The billionaire bankers Warburgs controlled world media and justice. A book denouncing what they were doing with Hitler, instigated by French Secret Services, was ordered destroyed, worldwide, by a judge in the Netherlands. Only one specimen survived, hidden in Switzerland…


  2. Kevin Berger Says:

    I may well be mistaken, and this is a “quickie” too, but wasn’t W. Wilson already well-known to have been a KKK member, during that incarnation of the org that totalled several millions of members and held a spectacular and widely attended rallye on Washington DC? I may be confusing with an another immediate pre-WWI/WWI US president, though.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wilson was a total racist. He had a colored civil servant with unique skills, been put in a CAGE (to do his work without contaminating the “whites”). He was indeed associated to the KKK (I don’t remember if he was a member or not). He was an enraging mix of Southern Gentleman and Political Correctness, in appearance, while a grotesque racist. Whenever talking of him the word “RACIST” should be attached. His name should be removed everywhere (like that of “Watson” at IBM).

      The worst damage was in the support of murderously racist Germany, something which ended no earlier than 1945 (25 years, or so, after Wilson croaked). However then the USA employed all sorts of Nazis, from the SS Von Braun, to Von Manstein… who should have been executed for invading France in 1940, since systematic war crimes then happened under its command. Instead, Von Manstein was de facto boSS of the Bundeswher for decades, subjugating the officers who had opposed Hitler!


  3. ianmillerblog Says:

    I have seen a number of proposals to drill into the clathrates to extract methane, and I must confess I find most of these disturbing. Drilling raises local temperatures, through friction, which tends to disrupt the clathrate. The problem then is the local volume will decrease, which lowers local pressure, which, if the temperatures are right, causes more clathrate to decompose, and this takes off geometrically. Even worse is if some idiot upstairs is smoking.


    • gmax Says:

      When they drilled in it, the ship nearly sank, so many bubbles, it was not supported. Anyway they say there are hundreds ot thousands times more of these methane-water ice than fossil fuels. So exploiting the methane ice won’t make a dent.

      But it can make tsunamis, and it will. Some say Bermuda triangle is about methane ice


  4. Gmax Says:

    Can’t believe nobody is getting hysterical about these undersea explosions. But I guess, as they revered Wilson as a great progressive and lover of men, they may as well revere the Gods of the exploding deas


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    Can’t add anything useful to this interesting post other than a feeling of great sadness.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      THANKS Paul! The mood, the passion, the emotion, is more important than the ideas. I am sure you agree with this, one of the most important characteristics of dogs. Thus, having the CORRECT mood, emotion, passion, such as “great sadness”, when appropriate, is more important than a deluge of slick ideas resting on the WRONG MOODS, emotions, passions, etc.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        Ideas without passion are useless!

        By the way, my book is now published in both paperback and ebook formats. Would love you to read it and, even better, to review it!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Reminds me of a comment I put on Ianmiller Blog. Days having only 24 hours…. But, well, I could make an effort… So much to do, I will probably quit my one giant essay a day frenzy in the next 4 days.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Ideas without emotions don’t move neurons, let alone mountains.


          • picard578 Says:

            I’d say that without emotions there are no ideas… human mind is too limited, and human knowledge is too limited, to create ideas based on reason and “facts” alone. Wether we are aware of it or not, most reasoning is nothing but justification for decisions already made on an emotional level.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            And the reason being that the emotional system builds the dendrites of the neuronal (logical) system. See my latest essay on Artificial Intelligence.

            In other words we have now the physiological explanation for Blaise Pascal’s “Le Coeur a ses raisons que la raison n’a point
            It’s important because it explains how the META function functions. It’s also important because it shows how to become more intelligent and devised more intelligent systems.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            In other news, Islamist attacks in Ankara (car bomb, the third in 6 months) and the top resort in Ivory Coast, today March 13, 2016, where three beach front hotels were attacked. Ivorian and French troops killed at least 6 assailants (there are more than 12 victims).


          • picard578 Says:

            More Islamic Insanity*TM. Anyway, I am writing an article about Islam right now. I had to read Qur’an first, though… let’s say that, ever since I did read it, I started classifying Islam as a nutcase terrorist ideology. I think that Islam should be forbidden, similar to Nazism, because it *is* similar to Nazism. Good thing is that many Muslims abandon Islam as soon as they read Qur’an for the first time.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Great! Comment answered in independent comment (because too NESTLED, unreadable! ;-))


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Adolf Hitler had more than a passing familiarity with Islam, which he admired, he said. Hitler loved the fact Islam was a war religion. Hitler despised Christianism, because it considered it (erroneously) not prone enough to war.

            In any case, the holocaust of the Jews is certainly an order in the Hadith, and it would be interesting to find that it directly influenced Hitler (or other pogrom leaning Christians).


          • picard578 Says:

            “Adolf Hitler had more than a passing familiarity with Islam, which he admired, he said. Hitler loved the fact Islam was a war religion. Hitler despised Christianism, because it considered it (erroneously) not prone enough to war.”

            Doesn’t surprise me in the least. I always knew he had good relations with Muslim leaders, and in fact it was on his orders that Waffen SS formed a Muslim division – 13th SS Mountain Division, known also as a Handžar division. This division was formed from “Bosniaks” – Bosniaks are actually descendents from Vlahs and Croats who were converted to Islam during the Ottoman rule (just as Serbs in Croatia are actually Vlahs who became Serbs in deal with Vienna – in exchange for privileges, they helped Austrians seed discord in South-Slavic opposition). As a consequence, they hate Croats with passion – you know that traitors are always the most dangerous enemies.

            And it is true that modern Christianism is not prone to war. Early Christianism was not prone to war either but due to different reasons – much like Muslims in Europe today, they were underdogs, so they could not afford open conflict. In fact, Jesus’ “turn the other cheek” command is specifically meant to encourage passive resistance to authorities – much like Ghandi and his movement. Of course, once Christians gained power…


  6. Why Untangle World War Causalities? | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] man involved in the plot, was, I claim, Colonel House from the White House, and the ninth man was President Wilson, a racist who hated the French Republic, because it was a MULTIRACIAL REPUBLIC. House and Wilson […]


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Dear Picard:
    Everybody should read the Qur’an! I am a pretty good expert on it…

    Excellent project you have, to write about Islam, and keep me inform when you publish it (I am “following” you, but WordPress is known to drop these “follow” stealthily). I hope you are aware of my:


    and the nice collection:

    The Hadith goes further, and has the explicit order to kill all Jews so that God can proceed with the Last Judgment:

    Hadith 41;685: …”Allah’s Messenger… : The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will FIGHT against the Jews and the Muslims would KILL them…”

    The “last hour” is the Day of Judgment (as found already in the Bible).


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