Considering Evil: Prince Charles & Lord Keynes

A plutocrat much revered, thus most evil, Lord Keynes, created in his famous pamphlet, “The Economic Consequences of Peace”, what would become one of the Nazis’ main theories, complete with outrageous racism. Keynes is viewed as the pillar of the “Neo-Liberal” economy, revered and promoted by the Main Stream Politicians of the West. Increasingly many view the “liberal” economy just a tool to increase inequality, build plutocracy. It is enlightening to realize that the main and first proponent of the Neo-Liberal economy also spawned Nazism. 

Plutocrat Prince Charles, Following Plutocrat Keynes, Rewrites History, just as well:

Prince Charles connects climate change to the Syrian conflict and terrorism. In a sense, this is obvious, and I have been saying as much, since ever: the massive change of climate enfolding will result in billions of people dying potentially, so they will not come down without fighting. Yes there was a drought, yes Syrian peasants took refuge in the cities… Yet, it should not be hereditary plutocrat Charles’ position to come to the rescue of fellow London invested hereditary plutocrat Assad. A bit of decency and decorum, please! We know who you are, don’t flaunt it!

The Egyptians had to leave the desert when it became desertic, and settled in the valleys. So it was all around the Middle East. Lush landscape, lakes and rivers, from the Mauritanian coast on the Atlantic, to the Gobi desert, through Arabia, turned into Mars (but with air and torrid temperatures).

In reaction to desiccation, civilizations became much more organized, engineered, and, thus fascist (“E Plutibus, Unum”). Or as great historian Fernand Braudel called them “hydraulic dictatorships”. Indeed hydraulics enabled agriculture, because much of the area has the good fortune to be endowed with very high, rain catching mountains (but less so the Sahara, which had to be 99.9% evacuated). The problem was to carry water from rocky mountains to fertile land (hence the first dams in Yemen, or extensive canals in Oman, Persia).

Lord The Racist Keynes Wanted Poland Occupied By Germany Indefinitely Because Poles Were An Inferior Sort & That Was Best For The Economy

Lord The Racist Keynes Wanted Poland Occupied By Germany Indefinitely Because Poles Were An Inferior Sort & That Was Best For The Economy

Hundreds of thousands of often Islam befuddled Syrian refugees are rushing to Europe, all too often not because they love Europe but because they want to survive. That’s a problem for all concerned.

Let say in passing that Europe should put in place assimilation structures which discriminate between those who want to learn to love Europe for real, and the rest, The USA has such structures in place. But the American ways of forced integration have escaped detection by naive Europeans. Right now, interviewing locals in Hawai’i, I can appreciate them anew. Locals don’t give a hoot about Barry Obama. what matters to them is the local football, or basketball star, then thriving: they have been completely de-politicized, all they love is greasy sugarized food, and sports, as imposed by Main Stream Media (thus their own islands are, or have been, stolen from them).

Those Syrian refugees who do not want to assimilate should be turned back. Violent? Yes. But turning back hostile refugees is a matter of survival, the same logic which animates the refugees themselves. In Islam, Europe used to be called, in the sacred texts, the “House of War”. Those who still think it is, should be imposed their own insult.

Dar al-Harab (Arabic: دار الحرب “house of war” is the term, in the foundation of Islam, referring to those countries where the Muslim law is not in force, in the matter of worship and the protection of the faithful and dhimmis. It is unclean by definition. The House of War, Europe, will not become clean until it is annexed to the House of Islam (Dar al-Islam, دار الإسلام‎ ) Its denizens are either to be converted, killed, or. Allah being most merciful, taxed exorbitantly if, and only if they are “People of the Book” (a matter of interpretation depending upon the Caliph, or the local Emir).

As the attacks in Paris show, a few fanatics with modern weapons can kill or injure 500 (and using biological and, or chemical weapons would kill much more: ISIS uses neurotoxic gases). But back to the congenital plutocrat, Princes Charles, heir of Great Britain.

In an interview with Sky News, red-cheeked apparent alcoholic Charles, said there was:

“Very good evidence indeed that one of the major reasons for this horror in Syria was a drought that lasted for about five or six years, which meant that huge numbers of people in the end had to leave the land because water ran out, their crops failed and so on. And increasingly they came into the cities, already full of Iraqi refugees. And this combined created a very difficult situation.”

He then called on the public to deal with climate change “because the conflict very often comes from movement of people as a result of not being able to survive”.

The hypocrisy there is colossal, the lying expert: the British elite, not to say “plutocracy”, engineered the Iraq War which destroyed Iraq, spawning ISIS, in part with debris from Saddam’s army. By ignoring this major fact, plutocrat Charles is lying. It is a LIE BY COLOSSAL OMISSION.

If Tony Blair’s government had joined France in opposing the invasion of Iraq by the USA, and the attendant destruction of the Iraqi State, the latter by itself a massive violation of the Geneva Convention, war criminal Bush would not have been able to proceed. Instead British plutocracy joined Bush to visit war crimes on Iraq. Where was rosy-cheeked Charles then?

The Iraq War is still enfolding. The greatest enemy of George W. Bush and his lackeys’ aggression with that idiotic war was the French Republic which singlehandedly prevented the USA to get a resolution of the United Nations authorizing war.

The USA, with the help of many in its plutocracy (including Hilarious Clinton, then a war mongering senator from New York) proceeded nevertheless, while organizing a French hating campaign. However, opposed France WAS, the situation has degenerated so much that France has now been dragged in the war she opposed (and so is Obama, who opposed the Iraq War then, albeit with much less power than Clinton had).

War is complex. Differently from the crazed psychopath Qaddafi, busy raping teenage girls, one could negotiate with Saddam who pointed out correctly that he could not understand why the USA and Britain attacked, since “we had good laws”. (Similarly, one can negotiate with the son of Qaddafi. who is much smarter, and less psycho than his dad.).

When talking about war, violence, conflict, aggression, the primitives cannot handle the complexity, and their discourses bring nothing to guide action. War is, arguably, humanity’s most complex activity.

Thus wars deserve complex descriptions (even wars such as invasions by Attila, the Avars or Genghis Khan were very complex, as the Mongols themselves were first to recognize, hence their successes in the latter case).


Lord Keynes’ Racist Complaint Against The Versailles Treaty, & How It Spawned Nazism:

All and any biased, partial description of war brings further conflicts. A very good example is the abject way the Anglo-Saxons and their lackeys describe the Versailles Treaty, following closely the atrocious racist, Lord Keynes, an Anglo-Saxon imperial icon.

Nazi Keynes described the Poles in the abominably racist ways that the soon to be formed Nazis were going to adopt. So it is correct to view Keynes as Hitler’s mentor, and always a big thrill when self-absorbed “Jews” such as Paul Krugman, adulate Keynes, Auschwitz’s grandfather.

Lord Keynes’ big economic trip was that as the Poles were hopeless lazy cretins with immoral habits congenital to their race. Europe, now deprived of its grandiose German imperial leadership, insisted Lord The Racist Keynes, would sink economically. Lord the Racist Keynes called that “The Economic Consequences of Peace”. American plutocrats and their universities cannot laud enough that piece of trash propaganda in learned guise. As Lord The Racist Keynes is anti-French, in learned, hypocritical guise, it is a bonus: one is never careful enough with these Sans-Culottes, Marseillaise singing types.

The meta teaching of Lord The Racist Keynes is that, if one sounds detached enough, one can make the credulous swallow whatever concepts are crucial to foster plutocracy. This is exactly what the future Owner of Britain insisted on: climate change caused the war in Syria, the support of the British elite for plutocrat Assad and his immensely rich family, or the invasion, and destruction, of Iraq, has nothing to do with it.

Let little people gobble this, from Australia to British Columbia, London to Singapore, South Africa to Wall Street, and Dog save the Queen (she is going to need it!) Ultimately, this sort of fables, repeated ad nauseam, become the official truth (as Hitler explained in detail).

Thus it comes to be asserted, that the Versailles Treaty, Anglo-Saxons insist, now followed by quite a few French anxious to please their Anglo-Saxon masters, caused Nazism. An abject lie, useful to plutocrats in so many ways, they are nearly intoxicated on it, it sucks all the bandwidth, they have been repeating it ever since. And one of the ways that enormous lie caused Nazism was, and is, precisely by killing the spirit of inquiry: it’s so obviously clear that the Versailles Treaty caused Nazism, as Lord the Racist Keynes said, and the plutos and their helpers confirm, that the subject is not worth studying: this is common wisdom among the educated, doctorate equipped elite, and those noble parrots go around repeating Nazi lies invented by Keynes, self-congratulating about how wise they are.

Thus it is that little minds learn to NOT even to ponder complex issues. (In that case not that complex: the submission of many nations of Eastern Europe to imperial Germany should be considered now as something as revolting as slavery, because it’s all what it was.)


I must admit that Paul Krugman has made efforts to exhibit how knowing better the history of the Twentieth Century enlightens the present fatal systems of thoughts ruling economics.

My own Mom is exasperated by my enthusiastic brandishment of the word “plutocrat”. She looks down on explaining so many phenomena with the notion (which even the mythical Jesus used, without naming it). There is something to it, in the sense that we need variety in life. I know some of the individuals around Obama, saw them transformed as they got a whiff of power. They were too stupid, or too moral to exploit it, so they came short on the satanic side of things (small “Pluto” factor). Yet, they were clearly intoxicated, as everybody around the White House is, by power. Fortunately my fertile imagination comes to the rescue to qualify those herds of slaves who serve, or aspire, and thus valorize power: CRATS.

“Crats” has the correct etymology: that of those obsessed by grabbing power, smelling power, basking in power (Greek “kratos” for power). It also reminds one of “rats”, animals so obsessed with cheese they would die for it, and the insult the French used to throw at fascist Germans of yore: Krauts. Let there be crats, those whom power obsesses, as they already exist, in all but name. We need to name what ails us.

Patrice Ayme’

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14 Responses to “Considering Evil: Prince Charles & Lord Keynes”

  1. indravaruna Says:

    Poland is today basically a Neocon/American colony in Europe, maybe Keynes was right, small countries only create problems and work as bases for American(jewish) interests.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Poland is less an American colony than two decades ago. Some of the discourses from out there are very NON-American in mood. The USA is very pro-immigration. Just, it’s highly selective. Poland is NOT a small country. It has a long and prestigious history. It’s its own civilization. To heap spite on it, and hatred, as Lord The Racist Keynes, say that it should not exist, is beyond the pale. I remind you Germany was created in 1871, whereas Poland existed already four centuries earlier.

      Moreover, Lord the Racist Keynes’ THOUGHT CRIME and incitation to murder, brought the death of 6 million Poles about 15% of the population and nearly as much in GERMANY.


      • indravaruna Says:

        Poles and other Eastern bloc shitholes are the most racist countries on earth!

        Poland has no prestigious History, is basically another shithole that works for jewish interests.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          “Jewish interests?” Can you point to a particular incident?
          Yes, Poland was long a great power. Certainly longer than Prussia was. Actually Poland put an end to the predecessor state of Prussia, that of the Teutonic Knights. I learn history by studying history books, not by listening to Zionist propaganda where the Jews are everything, and their “interests” are viewed as controlling the universe (as seems to be the case with you)… 😉 where I spent my youth, the concept of “Jews” did not even exist, and my youth spanned several very different cultures….


    • Gmax Says:

      Keynes said Poland without German ownership was an economic basket case. But Poland has grown much ore than Germany in the last 20 years


  2. brodix Says:

    Stuck between Russia and Germany and they get chastised for being reticent.

    Isn’t the energy which motivates us, passion, a form and source of power? So isn’t the issue the vision guiding it?


  3. Gmax Says:

    That Keynes is an ABOMINABLE RACIST is obvious if one reads his trash booklet. But it’s like the Koran: everybody talks about it, nobody read it.


  4. dominique deux Says:

    “Krauts” (cabbage) was not used by the French. The most frequent expletive was “Boche” (origin unknown), then “Schleuhs” (the name of a Moroccan tribe which gave heaps of trouble to the French Army pre-WWII). Kraut or Hun were in use in Anglo-Saxon armies.

    … and I am afraid the reality of Keynes and the Versailles Treaty will never make it through the heaps of lying muck erected by the usual suspects. It’s all the fault of the Frogs, the by default answer to everything.


  5. dominique deux Says:

    About Wilson – I duly researched his record and was appalled. He WAS a racist pig, even for his times, which is saying a lot. And contrary to most, he was not reduced to making uneducated, hate-filled quips, he was in a position to act, and he did: mainly by RE-introducing segregation in the Federal administration, but also – at the 1919 Versailles talks under his chairmanship – disregarding a majority vote in favor of a Japanese draft declaration for racial equality

    This puts the openings by Col. House to the Kaiser in a quite telling light: such a man HAD to entertain the idea of a world dominated by Christian (read, Protestant) gentlemen (read, Anglo-Saxon whites), with inferior races (French, Russians, Italians and of course the great unwashed coloured) in subjugate positions forever.

    So it is poetic justice that:
    1 – the UN, heir to the Society of Nations he set up, is a strong force against racial inequality;
    2 – the segregated Army he sent to Europe came back with its black components deeply affected by the (somewhat idealized) memories of a color-blind society where they had been treated as the next man, including by the girls, and officers demanding segregation in watering points had been kicked out by astonished and outraged owners. Black soldiers had been kept out of the fighting units, as cooks and stevedores; General Foch promptly asked General Pershing to lend him his black enlisted men, who proceeded, under the French uniform, to fight remarkably well and brought home a lot of Croix de Guerre. (Pershing was called “Black Pershing” for his agreement to this developoment). The consequences were deep for the nascent civil rights movement: a free society was possible, they had seen it and they now wanted to see it at home

    A racist pig hoist by his own petard. How pleasant.


    • Gmax Says:

      Keynes said Poland without German ownership was an economic basket case. But Poland has grown much ore than Germany in the last 20 years


  6. Gmax Says:

    First, and only time, until a few weeks ago I read that Wilson’s racism was a factor in world War one was reading Patrice, years ago.

    To my amazement it was entirely correct. Also Wilson was PC: he readily accused people of a bad tone of voice and improper manners, to avoid talking about race.

    Everybody knows Hitler refused to shake the hand of the black American Owens, who got 4 gold medals. But Wilson was WORSE. Nazis imitated American racism at every turn


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    […] Czechoslovakia had been subjugated by German-speaking people for a while. In 1919, the Germanophones were forced, by France (mostly) to let the eastern European nations go free, something the vicious, racist Lord Keynes of Britain bemoaned. […]


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