Peace Through Strength Only

There are arguments which are disingenuous, but traditional. One is that one should “turn the other cheek”, that one should reply to aggression with love, etc. All right, that certainly can help with friend and family, but, on the political scale, responding to aggression with love helps the less, the largest the scale of the political system concerned.

That Europe is under attack cannot be painted over: the working age population in many countries has gone down. Let me show the graph for Portugal, which is down 5%. But even the largest countries are affected; many of the best and brightest, both in France and Germany, are often found in places like the San Francisco Bay Area (and Germany’s population shrank catastrophically from 83 millions to 79, notwithstanding Merkel’s importation of more than one million Middle Easterners…)

Portugal Is Shrinking. Actually All Of Europe Is Shrinking, But NOT Great Britain, Where The Same Methods As In The USA Are Applied

Portugal Is Shrinking. Actually All Of Europe Is Shrinking, But NOT Great Britain, Where The Same Methods As In The USA Are Applied

Some say “Terrorism” (aka, Islamism) kills relatively few people: around 3,000 people get killed, each month, in the USA, by firearms. Obama correctly observes:”That’s insane”. Terrorists can hardly expect to kill as much, indeed. However…

However, “terrorism” imposes a much higher cost on everybody.

9/11 showed that unconventional mass attacks work (the French and Israelis had expected such an air attack for decades, all the more as it was tried in France in 1996, when a jumbo jet was hijacked for that purpose; no animal was injured during the rescue of the hostages). Since the 1990s, a missile defense system was set-up around civilian installation such as La Hague (where there was more dangerous nuclear material than anywhere else in the world)

So now, at least in France, water supplies are closely watched in real time, and extravagances such as watching for explosives are spreading throughout society. Not that having a camera for all and any angle is a bad idea: it will make all these who want to dress with a full veil, as suspicious as the emperor in Star Wars.

Today “plausible threats” were directed at all Los Angeles public schools. Just when children were going to study for the day, 1,200 (one thousand two hundred) schools were closed. 640,000 students (more than the population of Luxembourg) stayed home. Parents could not go to work, while they made other arrangements (child abandonment being against the law).  A similar threat in New York was ignored.

Terror causes derangement and madness, that’s how it works. In all social, economic, and political matters, psychology is the most important factor… Until a crash or a collapse or other tough encounter with reality intervenes, and a completely different psychology, war making, emerges. And psychology can get very twisted. Beyond what is usually brandished in psychology textbooks. Real psychology deployed by individuals is always ahead of what they read in, or heard about from, textbooks. Because under-standing is all about going meta (going below, or above, what is understood, by making a theory about what is known, beyond what is known.)

The European Commission has proposed a “Super Frontex” to save the Schengen (”No Borders”) Europe. The empire is counter-attacking. Indeed there were more than one million two hundred thousand official illegal entries in the Schengen space this year.

The existing “Frontex” is in charge of helping the states defend the frontiers of “Schengen” (which is the European Union  plus Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Macedonia minus Great Britain). “Frontex” has 400 agents. “Super Frontex” would have 2,500 ready to intervene nearly instantaneously… even without the authorization of the nation where there is an illegal immigration crisis.

This would be a major step in making Europe into a nation. Unsurprisingly Hungary is against it. However France and Germany are all for it.

That many problems affecting Europe can only be addressed by much more strength is becoming increasingly evident to more and more Europeans: hence the success of “far-right” parties, or increasingly “far-right” ideas (UK PM Cameron’s majority being the most obvious far-right success in 2015).

After the Paris attacks, the French Air force hit targets four times in Raqqa, the Islamist State’s capital, on some very precise, well determined targets. After that, conscious of the problem of hitting inside a city full of innocent civilians, and of the fact the islamist State creates entire cities of tunnels below the cities it seizes, the French and the Americans brought diplomatic force to bear on Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and company. It bore fruit: those countries have announced the constitution of a force to fight the Islamist State on the ground (which will be advised by Western Special Forces helping planes find targets in a timely manner, a tactic which allowed to recover several cities).

That’s nice, especially if Turkey closes its borders. In not unrelated news, the European Union announced it would reconsider favorably Turkey’s candidacy to the European Union.

In other, but related, news, Marine Le Pen, who was accused criminally to have stoked ethnic hatred for comparing hordes of kneeling Muslims blocking the streets of France to pray their abusive god, to the Nazi occupation of said France, was found not guilty. OK, she has no said, to my knowledge, “abusive”, about the Muslim God, but I will do whatever it takes to not be accused to be a follower of Marine, so I will not hesitate to forge ahead, in the philosophically correct way.

Abusive? Abusive behavior brought to bear upon the female spouse is ordered by God in the Qur’an:

Qur’an, Sura 4: Verse 34 “… As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds,  and beat them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great.” All male chauvinist pig abusers should swear allegiance to the Islamist State, that would be a smart move. (Hurry up while it lasts!)

Pushed by the U.S. army, 7,500 Peshmerga, the fighters of Kurdistan, took the (mostly Kurdish) city of Sinjar. The Islamist State’s fighters were led by fanatical Afghan and Chechen commanders. American bombing helped to destroy their hold on the city (which is nearly completely destroyed). Most Jihadists were able to flee. The USA speaks of hundreds of Jihadists killed. The Kurds found Yazidis corpses in fields around the city: older women, who had been persuaded first to drop their weapons, were then eliminated by the Islamist State. Younger women were then used sexually. until they died (a few escaped).

Why was the Islamist State’s main road not cut earlier? Surely, France and the USA had the means to cut that road, in the last two years. But they did not, because of the “turn the other cheek“, “Islam is peace, and we are too” philosophy embraced by the befuddled populations and governments in the USA and France (among others). Or, let’s say, so was the excuse.

Strength is not just that of security services, and the army. It’s also legislative strength, propped by the correct philosophy. “Political Correctness” has been a weakness, because it was mostly sustained by the all-too Christian “turn-the-other-cheek” philosophy.

Turn the other cheek” is what tyrannical Roman emperors and their cliques wanted common people to do: it is easier to slap again those who turn the other cheek. Persuading the Commons that turning the other cheek was in their best interest, was always a tactic to turn the rabble into an obedient, sheep-like mob (an image Christianism used ad nauseam!) As Nietzsche pointed out, the philosophy of the aristocracy was rather that of the “blonde beast“:

Coat of Arms of England: 3 Blonde Beasts

Coat of Arms of England: 3 Blonde Beasts

The Plantagenet Dukes of Normandy, Starting With their founder, the Viking Rollo (made vassal of the King of France in 911 CE) used initially only two lions… Benjamin Franklin, deliberately blind to the preceding philosophy, that peace can be attained, and preserved, through strength only, wanted to use the eminently edible turkey as symbol of the USA (maybe Franklin was trying to persuade the King of England that he, Franklin, was only as stupid and harmless as a turkey?). Common sense prevailed, and a suitably predatory eagle was chosen.

Ultimately, humanity is all about the smartest, and greatest strength. Whatever vegans try to mumble through those naivety orgasms they indulge in. Civilization is a one parameter group of transformation from the Absolute Worth Energy (AWE) at the disposal of each person. In other words, energy being at the core of human living, thus humanism, proper and optimal violence management has always been at the core of the most human humanity.

Patrice Ayme’

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4 Responses to “Peace Through Strength Only”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Nothing to say, but this, OK. Nothing to do. But write to you. Just kidding, another great, and greatly informative essay.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Funny how this is all slipping out of control: 1,500 schools controlled in Los Angeles yesterday. Not that the threat is not real… Terrorist attacks against schools were simply unimaginable in the past. Yesterday’s people would have been stunned to hear this sort of horrors was back…


  2. Alexi Helligar Says:

    Alexi Helligar: Yes you must collect your essays into a book.

    Thanks for the references. I will have a look. My sense is that the Church’s influence was very destructive, but it is interesting that now they want to claim that they saved western culture!

    Interesting article:
    Miami Underwater: As sea levels rise and streets begin to flood, South Florida confronts a bleak future.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes to the book, yes to the rising waters, but, as the soon to become amphibians Floridians will find out, ocean rise will accelerate soon: all indicators point that way, including the mysterious factor NASA’s work published in 2015 implies. Problem with book, is that it takes time, and time I have not.

      As far as the Christian Church was concerned, there was no library it did not want to burn after 363 CE, so the claim of Christian fanatics that they saved civilization is beyond ludicrous. Christianism was not only as useless as Islamism, it was worse, as it invented the latter (literally).


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