Trumped: Hillaryously Cruzing To Hell

Trumped by the hilarious Hillary Clinton, the USA may be cruising towards Ted Cruz:

Looking at the possible future presidents of the USA, one is left with nervous ticks. The only one I like is Senator Sanders. Contrarily to his reputation of wild radical, he is anything but. Long time Senator of Vermont, Sanders supports the availability of guns so Americans can shoot each other, a fundamental right, and Sanders supports the F35, the most expensive, corrupt military project ever (it’s a flying Maginot Line, except the Maginot Line worked, and the F 35 does not).

Sanders: “I want to end the international embarrassment of the United States of America being the only major country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, not a privilege.”

Clinton, second greatest recipient as a Senator behind Rick Santorum, of health care industry dollars, of course, is using weasel concept (“we have to be careful, how can we afford it?”) to sustain the health care plutocracy, one of her main supports. Fortunately, God, or Satan, whoever rules heavens, has a direct line to a much more inspired candidate:

Senator Ted Cruz Does Not Need The Message From The Messenger Muhammad, He Has God In His Head

Senator Ted Cruz Does Not Need The Message From The Messenger Muhammad, He Has God In His Head

Muhammad said he had a vision, in the desert, and a professional Christian monk, cousin from Muhammad’s very rich first wife, told him that he had encountered Archangel Gabriel. Muhammad was not going to contradict an expert. Now, in 2016, Americans will have the opportunity to elect the new Archangel Ted. It cannot be an accident that His name means “Cross”.

Now, craftily, Cruz propagandists say that Ted Cruz may never have said such a thing. Exactly. Instead he said it in bits and pieces: “Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this country… I am blessed to receive a word from God every day in receiving the scriptures and reading the scriptures. And God speaks through the Bible.” Cruz presents himself as the Christ specialist: “will simply show up and vote our values, we’ll turn this country around. We can turn our country around, but only if the body of Christ rises up.”

Divine Justice: Health Care, Ted Cruz's Style

Divine Justice: Health Care, Ted Cruz’s Style

Cruz was booed off the stage for his frantic support for Israel. He accused those who disagreed of being “consumed with hate” concluding, “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you.” I guess Cruz is not bringing back the Inquisition any time soon.

All the other candidates to the presidential election are caricatures from the Dark Side.

To recapitulate: in the 1990s, president Clinton, an ignorant, yet conniving schmoozer who used empathy as a weapon of mass domination, followed the orders he got from Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, and “deregulated” finance. Basically Clinton took all the work from President Roosevelt on finance, and flushed it down the toilet of history. Financiers were given carte blanche to do whatever they pleased.

On the other hand, Clinton “never had sex with that woman“. At least before DNA.

Now Hillary Clinton, who declared herself “broke” after the presidency (imagine: everything is paid for you, and then one gets a measly 450,000 dollar tip on top of that!), is the proud owner of at least 50 million dollars (just in case she has a problem remembering her “friends” when she becomes president). Hilarious Hillary repeated the far right talking points against single payer health insurance which both Sanders and Trump favor, attracting the furor of the health care plutocrats (apparently Obama got 350 million dollars from them in 2008).

To understand Clintonphobia, you have to understand that, in the existent fractional reserve banking system, private banks create money (through credit). Deregulation allowed banks and their financial accomplices to create as much money as they please, for their managers, stakeholders, and accomplices, and buy the world with it. Including politicians and administrators as found inside the USA and the EU (or Britain, or China, Russia…)

The maneuver was comparable to stealing candy from baby.

So now here we have the “dangerous” Trump perilously suggesting the USA needs single payer health insurance, or even, horror of horrors, “Socialized Health Care”, as in “Scotland”. Trump is really a horrible man, a mad man.

It goes without saying that the pseudo-left, the so-called “liberal with a conscience” are hysterical against Trump. Gee, with Obamacare, 30 million go without health insurance, and prices of drugs keep on creeping up (+ 4.5% last year). That’s all real progress, sing the likes of Krugman from the rooftops, while watching little students below pay $70,000 dollars to listen to the great masters of the dark art of economics…

While the “left” focuses its ire on Trump, it feels ready to accept anybody-but-Trump. This fostering of the mood of anybody-but-Trump fosters whom plutocracy much prefer. Not a traitor like Trump, but an obsequious servant.

Senator Ted Cruz says worse than Trump, calmly, and much more crazy, but nobody notices… Aside from the likes of Goldman Sachs. Ted has made already 4 million dollars. Having his wife work at Goldman Sachs cannot hurt.

Senator Ted Cruz makes Trump sound reasonable

Glenn Andrews: I was thinking exactly the same thing. It Trump were elected, other world leaders might detest him but they would at least understand what he was. With Cruz, they would be left scratching their heads.

So what is going on at this point? Cruz says that talking to god in one’s head is fine, and, by looking most reasonable, advocating this, he advertises the very mood which makes Literal Islam, and crazed out Christianism strong. Cruz makes jihadism honorable. Hillary Clinton, not to be undone, said that Trump was helping the Islamist State. Trump responded strongly to Clinton’s debate statements over the weekend, calling her a “liar.” “It’s just another Hillary lie. She’s a liar and everybody knows that.”

Fact checkers said there was no public evidence to support the comments Clinton made during the Democratic debate on Saturday. Hillary Clinton subsequently changed her music.

Trump says socialized medicine may be the answer.

For all these years, we have listened to Obama, who basically said nothing, as he droned on, smothered by the impotence of reasonability unchained. Now we have Cruz, a new Ayatollah Khamenei, who, likes Hitler, and unlike Ayatollah Khamenei, wants to be elected, while praising god. As Cruz does this show, common Americans are told it’s OK to be crazy with god. Trump’s message is strikingly opposed: he wants to bar those crazed with god.

Plutocracy has learned to reign with decoys. In France, Marine Le Pen calls to national thoughtfulness are derided as fascism. So one does not have to debate the fact that France needs a massive devaluation of the Euro, or that some of the points of David Cameron against the present European Union constitution may be reasonable. Properly managed, Trump becomes a decoy to free the path to the major insiders of plutocracy, Hillary and Cruz.

We are hilariously cruzing towards more the same, just worse. As time goes by, the mood that plutocracy is here to stay feels ever more reasonable. Now the future president is inhabited by god. What could go wrong?

Patrice Ayme’

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19 Responses to “Trumped: Hillaryously Cruzing To Hell”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Jesus Christ – Cruz, a potential Presidential candidate – appears to be deranged. What the US needs is a President who is a bully with the combined force lf Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone with a dose of George Patton to crush the pharma/doctor plutocracy lobby ripping the US off and restore some power to the people. No wonder Trump is popular, but I expect we will get another useless Democrat.


  2. Gloucon X Says:

    Thanks for the astute analysis of American politics which is far better than 99.9% of our own commentators. However I am surprised that you left out the fact that we recently had an Ayatollah president in G W Bush. Just search “gog and magog Bush.” The proof that Bush was a deranged end-times Christian was actually provided by the French.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thank for the great compliment, Gloucon X.
      I was thinking of W. Bush, when I wrote the essay. Somehow he fell through the cracks, in the final writing, as he better goes without mentioning. I was looking more towards the unfolding future. Reagan was also strong on God, and got that ship to sail. As we all know, W. Bush made monotheistic faith into an aircraft carrier, on which he landed, after accomplishing his mission, which was to make a mess, just to show he could, thus filling us with respect, or he thought.

      The funny thing about Bush and the French, is that the particular duo who opposed him, Chirac with his adviser, then PM, De Vilepin, was, is, conservative, and as little prone to revolution as one can find in French politics. They are also fundamentally pro-“American”.

      Yet, W. Bush was so outrageous on his attack on Iraq, without providing any thought about what it would entail (as Colin Powell put it, if you break it, you own it, or something to this effect).

      As you hinted, W. Grand Ayatollah W. Bush attacked Iraq, because Saddam Hussein’s government was fundamentally secular, and that was the most intolerable thing to plutocrat-in-chief W. Bush, who knew all too well, that plutocracy survives best, when the rabble believes the fascist god is just. Iraq’s secularism had to come down, said W. Bush, and he made it so, insuring religious war there, for decades to come.


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        If I understood correctly what I read and listened to, I’ve got to disagree, re GWB. His ostentatious religiosity was pure engineered PR, the “drunk turned methodist”, “I was blind, but now I can see”, born-again story that is such a sure seller to a certain segment of the US electorate. Little boots might have been a coke head and a fratboy, but apparently and according to his unauthorized biographies and the unauthorized stories of the Bush family, he was and is a spook and a generational insider (of a much lesser calibre than his father, admittedly)… not a “good old boy”, nor a repentant drunkard, nor the guy-next-door, nor a nice, likeable bumbling fool, all those are props, just as his Crawford ranch bought shortly before his presidential run. And he’s certainly not an evangelical fundie, though he advised his father to embrace this movement. GHB never did, GWB had no qualms.

        Ditto for Reagan, he was a New Age devotee, a Manly P. Hall student IIRC, who had his people schedule meetings and speech according to astrological charts.
        That he embraced Falwell’s “Moral Majority” was pure politics AFAICT, I have no idea what his beliefs were, if any, but he certainly wasn’t much of a Christian.

        Then again, the US Right’s embrace of the Evangelical Right is a cynical display of the quote about “Religion being true for the people, false for the philosophers, andnuselful for the masters”, far removed from any religious consideration, cf. the Moral Majority love affair with the Moonies all through the 80’s.
        This Evangelical Right itself is a byproduct of a purely political movement using “religious” issues such as abortion to further other goals, having notably started as an anti-racial integration campaign; the use of “God” in US politics by reactionary forces is not new though, and tightly follows anti-labor and anti-desegregation organized campaigns.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          G W Bush was certainly a manipulator. He never went as far as saying nothing could be done, until the body of Christ rises again, for sure. Cruz is significantly worse on the theocratic index than any preceding pseudo Christian with USA presidential aspirations… Check my Franks and Friedman essay, the latest. no holds barred…


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth. It might be said that the first casualty of a Presidential election is an objective assessment, and reporting, of what each potential candidate stands for! Crazy times!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have rarely seen such a panel of poor potential president (Hillary is under suspicion mostly because of Bill). Sanders would be good, but he won’t make it. Cruz is really the number one threat.


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        The US right has created something of a monster, in that by using fundamentalist protestantism as a weapon, it has created a milieu enabling self-sustaining deviancies such as dominionism, quiverful-ism, tea party-ism, led by people who actually believe, and will follow through.
        Cruz and Rubio are not playing the rubes for fools like, say, the Bush, the Paul, the Palin, they are like Michelle Bachmann or those hick TP congress people. They were born and raised into that, and will act upon their beliefs.


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        FWIW, Hillary might (might, I certainly can see her going down in flame) amusingly be the only “real” Christian US president since at least Carter. As far as I’m concerned, Reagan was a pagan/New Age idiot, the two Bush were maybe wallpaper Methodist, but are Skull & Bones and all that kind of German pseudo-masonry, Bill Clinton was who-knows-what?, and BHO is most likely a quiet atheist/agnostic who gives lip service to religion out of sheer professionalism, like much of the US politics.
        No matter how much Hillary was painted as a witch, wicca, whatever, putting “condoms” or “satanic symbols” on the WH Christmas tree and such BS, she has a long-standing close-knit association with the “Family” organization, a dominionist evangelical pressure group, an association that seems to be genuine and kept on the down-low.
        Ironically, she might be much more of an actual Christian fundamentalist than the cynical and ostentatious GWB.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          This is another astute set of observation. Except Hillary is too smart to be a real Christian. The French were able to persuade her to consider favorably attacking the Qaddafi dictatorship in Libya (and then the French attacked unilaterally as they should have). That was so exciting: some philosopher decided one should attack Libya, the Pluto-philosopher BHL jumped on the idea bandwagon, and, thanks to his enormous aura in French political circles, was able to persuade Sarkozy, who then lobbied Obama (who was also lobbied directly by the former character).

          Obama is about as Christian as me, meaning not much beyond having a good life. It’s true he fakes Christianism out of “professionalism”, but I think that’s immoral and ill advised. Clinton is his own god, he does not need to look any further than his boxers, briefs, or shorts (a question that kept coming up in presidential press conferences then.)


          • Chris Snuggs Says:

            It is very PC to rubbish Reagan, but he faced down and destroyed the USSR and helped bring about the reunification of Germany and the liberation of Eastern Europe. In addition, I believe (without having had time to check fully) that he kept debt under control and that the economy was generally sound under his Presidency.


          • Kevin Berger Says:

            “that he kept debt under control”

            Without checking it myself, I seem to recall that Reagan kept the US debt in check… by multiplying it by 3.
            Then, came GHB, who multiplied again it by almost 2 (at the end of the 12 years of Reagan-GHB, the US debt was over 5x what Carter had left. Only GWB did better…).
            Fiscal conservatism at its finest.

            To be fair, the debt explosion under Reagan was most likely voluntary – “starve the beast”, IE, make the gvt “small enough that you can finally drawn it in a bathtub” by mismanaging and bankrupting it. The train drivers meant to wreck it, they’re being paid off to do so.

            As the economy generally sound, Big Oil stopped its war against the Carter re-election bid, so no more queueing at gas stations and all, so there’s that.

            Not to mention that all through Reagan 2, and *most* likely, all through Reagan 1 as well (at least from the attempted assassination/reminder of who was really the boss, and who was the mouthpiece), the decisions were not made by Reagan, but by GHB (with his infamous “task forces” acting as parallal power structures within the WH), Casey & co.
            Anyway, and it is now generally admitted, from about 1983 onward, Reagan was simply too affected by that mean German fellow who kept hiding his keys, Al-something, to do much more than fall asleep during meetings, with other participants going on among themselves and letting him sleep it off, or to need cue cards to remember the names of his guests.

            So, it might be very PC to rubbish him, but ultimately, the whole Reagan worship is hollow at the core, there is such a disconnect between what the “real” Reagan was, and the political personae, that one might just as well worship one of his cinema roles.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            So unfair to you to remind us Reagan, an old alcoholic, had Alzheimer during the later part of his 8 years presidency.

            Reagan, as governor of California introduced TUITION at the university of California, something EXPLICITLY AGAINST the conception of its founders. Now it cost a fortune to go there, even for elite Californian children, and the uppers find normal to spend 100,000 dollars A YEAR on room and board for one of their children to go to the university… That’s around TWICE THE MEDIAN FAMILY INCOME. Progress, of the plutocratic sort.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Reagan through pink colored glasses. People like me knows the USSR was rotten. It collapsed by itself, although Gorby and his haters helped along. Reagan has little to do with it.

            Reagan was actually the beginning of the end of representative democracy. For example, he closed down the mental asylums, to save money (telling, BTW). The nuts went into the streets. They are still there. This being said, Reagan was on the left of Obama (that can be seen in the treatment of banks: Reagan nationalized thousands). G H Bush was a better president, thus he was not re-elected, and, instead, creepy Clinton was.


  4. Revolution Needed, Vote Sanders | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] Trumped: Hillaryously Cruzing To Hell […]


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Ianmiller blog.]
    At this point, please take everything with a grain, or, rather, a truck, of salt… In particular, Mr. Trump’s declarations are often taken out of context. Trump wants financiers to pay the same taxes as everybody else (differently from Hillary Goldman Sachs Clinton…) The wall with Mexico is a joke, as it already exists, like the emperor’s old clothes… Etc.


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