Why Untangle World War Causalities?

First, because, if not properly untangled, those causes will escape official history. Not learning history condemns one to repeat it, learning false history, condemns one to repeat it, with a vengeance.

There is another reason, much more sophisticated, for getting more correct versions of history: sticking closer to the truth pushes logics beyond what was known before. This way, history acts exactly like the rest of science, logics, mathematics, physics, biology: it forces the mind towards more intelligence.

Many of the official lessons drawn from the two World Wars of the Twentieth Century are stupid, or then outright lies of the biggest type (claims such as pretending the USA helped as much as it could… whereas in truth the USA waited for the Nazis and Soviets to do the dirty work against European democracy, or claims such as “French sided with Hitler” often proffered by Anglo-Saxons… to hide the real maneuvers of those who established the present world order).

Ku Klux Klan Movie, The Birth Of A Nation. Notice the Prussian Helmets & Colors

Ku Klux Klan Movie, The Birth Of A Nation. Notice the Prussian Helmets & Colors

Lies proliferated even about World War One, and are even better hidden there. A favorite lie was that the war happened by accident, as it one could mobilize more than twenty million soldiers accidentally over a few days. The war did not happen by accident: less than ten very powerful men brought it on and seven were the top commanders of the so-called “Second German Empire” (the first one, having been founded by Charlemagne, a Frank, was actually a “Renovation of the Roman Empire” and included the kingdom of its founders, Frankreich). Because they were less than ten, they could make their preparations secretly, and all the powers were surprised, when they saw they faced war, on July 28, 1914.

The eight man involved in the plot, was, I claim, Colonel House from the White House, and the ninth man was President Wilson, a racist who hated the French Republic, because it was a MULTIRACIAL REPUBLIC. House and Wilson did not order the march of the hordes of the Kaiser into France, but they established the mood, and the means for the Kaiser to follow their suggestion of a grand alliance against… “racially inferior” France.

I am a philosopher who seem to know more significant, albeit shocking, history than common academic historian. This enables me to draw deeper lessons (and I love the sound of coyotes in the woods, when they artfully yelp to each others).

That Wilson was an atrocious racist  is getting known among the youth (at least in Princeton, where everything is named after Wilson). In some striking ways Wilson was an even more grotesque racist than Adolf Hitler himself. At the Versailles Treaty Convention of 1919, Wilson, presiding the relevant meeting, killed a proposal from Japan calling for the treaty to recognize the principle of racial equality. Never mind that the proposal had actually passed, 11 to 17 (guess which side was France!) Hitler allied himself with the Japanese, whom he viewed, with the Arabs, as a superior race.

Wilson Personally Promoted Birth of A Nation, At The White House. It Was The First Full Feature USA Movie.

Wilson Personally Promoted Birth of A Nation, At The White House. It Was The First Full Feature USA Movie.


Hitler’s approach to racism was more targeted to Jews, and scientifically misinformed: he believed half-breeds were inferior, thus ordered sterilized thousands of people issued from the union of (“colored”) French soldiers and German women. Even then, Hitler made thousands of Jews into “honorary Aryans“.

Wilson’s racism showed the way to Hitler; as early as 1888, Wilson offered that ‘negroes were not discriminated against because their skin were dark, but because their minds were dark’. When president of the USA, Wilson had indispensable civil servants of “color” put in cages. Hitler collaborated with some Jews, including the Marshall who headed the Nazis’ invasion of Norway. If he had been Wilson, Hitler would have put his Marshall in a cage…

But what it meant for World War One has not been drawn out yet.,

Plutocracy itself loves slavery: owning people outright, buying and selling them, chaining, whipping, raping and killing them at will is what plutocracy in its ultimate form is all about. Engaging in holocausts is the ultimate form of the Dark Side. Considering what the German Empire was doing to Africans, in plain sight of the rest of the world, could only make President Wilson hopeful. Wilson had been busy re-imposing racism in Washington, after 50 hard years without.

If only the “racially inferior” French could be disposed of… So Colonel House went to Berlin, and informed the Kaiser of American support. The Sarajevo assassination played only indirect roles: it gave the fascists and their plutocrat clients in Berlin and the USA a pretext. Mostly, the assassination killed a grim advocate of peace, the Austro-Hungarian Archiduke, closest friend of the Kaiser. The Archiduke was destined to head  a multi-civilizational, multiethnic, multireligious state, that only tolerance and understanding would make sustainable).

Had the Archiduke lived, he would certainly have stopped the Kaiser in his march to world war. The racist Americans delivered the goods, through the Netherlands, enabling the Kaiser to break the Franco-British embargo through the “neutral” Netherlands.

The Germans depended on American materials for their explosives in 1914-1916.

American elite of the DEMOCRATIC party was essentially fascist then, as it is essentially plutocratic now. Therein a warning for today: if “democrats” vote for Clinton, against Sanders, they vote for plutocracy, more of the same.

However, from Lincoln on, in the preceding half a century, the government of the USA had been grimly antiracist. Therein another lesson: progress can be put in full reverse. Basically, thanks to Wilson, the American Civil War was exported to Europe, for another go.

The same forces, let alone institutions are in power (presidency and Congress of the USA, Federal Reserve, Plutocratic Universities, including John Hopkins, where Wilson got his PhD in politics, and Princeton University, where he presided). Those or the like. Since how they churned out evil through the Twentieth Century was not investigated, here we are.

The field of presidential candidates is pretty abysmal (but for Sanders). Clinton’s husband destroyed the Middle Class with his pro-financial plutocracy decisions. Still Clinton is “Democratic” favorite. So was Wilson, more than a century ago. Only Bernie Sanders and the ever louder Trumpetist have called to tax billionaire hedge fund managers as if they were normal people. They are intensely disliked by the MSM.

Racism does not stand on its own. Racism is actually a pretext for exploiting a population. Exploitation, some men deserving it all, and others, none, is really the call of the wild. At this point, men leave love, who nourished them when they were infants, and opt for the Dark Side, part of what made humanity what it is today. The Cult of Death, or Satan, carries them away.

The eternal return of the same? No. The same is not returning, the forces of destruction of the biosphere have been unleashed, and the apocalypse Wilson knew as a child of Confederate partisans, is nothing, relative to what’s presently brewing.

Patrice Ayme’


12 Responses to “Why Untangle World War Causalities?”

  1. Gloucon X Says:


    This is one of my favorite data points on American racism. Before 1960 virtually no white Americans thought blacks were worthy of marriage. A majority continued to think this way as late as the 1990’s. Such deeply held American beliefs obviously go way beyond any one president, and attitudes towards France or Europe play no role at all in this. Average Americans barely think about the rest of the world at all, and about France even less.

    This is why I’ve tried to impress upon those in the rest of the world who may not know of the true hopelessness of America, the need to act now, and not to wait for anything good to come out of this country. If the world is to move towards a better society, a sane society, one not intent on destruction, it won’t start here. America never has been and never will be the world’s savior.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Gloucon X: your final message is grim, but I have come to the same conclusion a while ago, to my complete dismay. . America never has been and never will be the world’s savior. The root cause? America has everything, and, thus, wants nothing.
      Things may be changing, though, as the USA has come to rest more on intellectual immigrants…

  2. Gmax Says:

    Considering the racist anti-French blast of Chris, your work is cut out for you. When victims of Hitler are accused to ‘side’ with the Nazis, that’s akin to HOLOCAUST DENIAL. I just don’t get it: how could Chris say such a thing??? He seems to have gone on an anti-German rampage. Probably something personal, like a German woman turned him down

    Sorry to get personal, but when he insults all the French, others cannot be far behind

  3. picard578 Says:

    Just a few notes:
    1) US civil war was not about negro rights or anything like it. It was about the abolition of slavery… because South, with its cheap slave workforce, threatened North’s plutocrats, and those same plutocrats / capitalists wanted the South’s work force for themselves. When the civil war was over, Afroamericans were indeed liberated from slavery, but in practical terms, their situation did not improve much.
    2) Franz Ferdinand was murdered by the elements in German and Austro-Hungarian governments who wanted the war, as he was proponent of peace (he knew Austro-Hungary wouldn’t survive the war). Further, he wanted to turn the A-H into a federation of nations, which didn’t sit well with Austrian or Hungarian governments.
    3) The entire reason why Wilson included the self-determination of nations in his “Fourteen Points” was to weaken European colonial empires, so that USA could take over their colonies.

    • Gmax Says:

      Great interpretations, I think Patrice will agree with you. She made no mystery that the ‘American Century’, the American empire rested upon stealing from the Europeans and replacing their rule by American rule.

      The next step was fabricating the Nazis, as was done by Wall Street in the 1920s

  4. indravaruna Says:

    Woodrow Wilson was just a puppet of the Jewish Wall Street banksters, especially Bernard Baruch who guided the White House in both World Wars.

    A Daily Telegraph journalist that was present in the Treaty of Versailles said that was understood that the Anglo-Saxons would rule the world but in turn they would obey their Jewish elites.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      And what would be the reason why the masters of Anglo-Saxonia would submit to Jewish overlords? Masochism?

      That Jews dominate(d) banking and finance had some grain of truth, but was vastly amplified towards 1900.

      However many American titans of plutocracy (including JP Morgan) were not German-Jews but “Yankees”. Some of powerful German-Jew families played a very bad role during the rise of Nazism (they helped Hitler, something even Hannah Arendt did not dare sy to my knowledge… but I am not a specialist).

      And the hatred of Wilson for “colored” would have incorporated Jews who were brown enough…

      • indravaruna Says:

        JP Morgan was a Rotshchild agent in the US, for some reason the Rotschild didn’t established a official family branch in the US and used people like Morgan, Warburgs and Jacob Schiff to do their binding.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          President Jackson was extremely opposed to the bankers in general, banking, and the Rothschilds in particular. Not my opinion, but his: he left plenty of explicit discourses to this effect.
          Then the dollar got created during, and for “CIVIL” war reasons…

          I am no specialist, but the German-Jew bankers (Warburgs most notorious would come to help Hitler) were supposed to be opposed to the “YANKEE” bankers…

          • indravaruna Says:

            The German-Jewish banskters have been allied with the Anglo-Saxon elite since the 19th century at least, the British Aristocracy intermarried with Jewish bankers that became dominant in the City of London by the end of the 19th century.

            Trump, Clinto and Al Gore children are married with jews.

  5. hazxan Says:

    Interesting article, Patrice. I was unaware of much of those pre-WW1 details. However it is increasingly clear that global elites play power games with the masses as unwitting dupes.

    At the start you wrote:

    “This way, history acts exactly like the rest of science, logics, mathematics, physics, biology:”

    History has always been used (well, ‘misused’) for propaganda purposes. To bypass reason and tap into the emotional part of the mind that dominates most humans.

    Unfortunately, your statement is now reversed. All of the other sciences have become corrupted to use as propaganda just as history is. Research as published now is mostly to further the aims of those with the power. Statistics are easy to distort, there are plenty of books that describe this. Yet the media are too stupid and too corrupt to critically analyse whatever spurious “science” headlines they’re spoon fed to regurgitate to the herd.

    Some have written that science has slowed down in the past 30 – 40 years. It is arguable and they are only a minority. But we are nowhere near the world we’d be in if science had progressed in the past 50 years at the rate of the previous 200. Now it is only there to server the wealthy, anything other will not get funded, published and if it does, will be pilloried by those in power.

    We have the best history and science that money can buy.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You are very right, Hazxan! In biology, for example, most published results are said to be false, irreproducible, or incapable to lead to cures, even when they apparently open these perspectives. It’s not me who says this, but companies such as Amgen.

      In physics, the insanity of the “Multiverse”, arising from primitivism in the interpretation of Quantum Physics, has been circling around. (As I said, the engineering to the Quantum Computer may lead to a revolution here. In any case, normal computers are now being built at the Quantum Scale, between 7 and 10 nanometers, so I do not despair of reason prevailing…)

      The slow down in science I was fully involved in. I actually proposed very simple experiments which had not been made. I was told that worrying about the foundations “only cause headache”… By several famous physicists. However, Penrose did not turn down my suggestions on the Quantum and Mind. Neither on the Quantum and Collapse… Even then, those experiments could not find money for decades… Except in France, Austria, and only because of the tenure system there (teaching assistants, thus young people can get tenure there, before their PhD, so could take risks: example, Alain Aspect and his EPR style experiment, which developed new technology, BTW….)

      In history departments as in Harvard, the loudest are mostly rabid conservatives teach, or should I say, preach….

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