Conspiracy Theory

Young Americans are told vigorously, early on, that not only American Football, Hockey and other concussion sports, are excellent for their brains, but that “Conspiracy Theorists” are insane maniacs. This way, they are made gullible, and thus, defenseless. The bashed up brains (especially of the males) cannot figure it out. Whatever is going on. They may as well vote for Clinton. What could go worse?

Indeed, most of history consists in the history of conspiracies. Condemning conspiracy theory is condemning the study of most of history.

So the question that is subjacent, underground, hidden, yet fundamental: what is a conspiracy? It is a social activity. Humans are nothing, if not social (or then they are philosophers, somewhere in a cave, pondering the universe).

The Mood Is Not To Conspire To Deform Brains So Blatantly Anymore. We Found Better Ways & Means

The Mood Is Not To Conspire To Deform Brains So Blatantly Anymore. We Found Better Ways & Means

[Nazca skull, Peru, 19 centuries old.]

So a conspiracy is exactly what the word says it is: an activity where one breathes together. “Breathing Together” that’s what a conspiracy is. A conspiracy is not necessarily the making of a plan. Places such as Harvard are intrinsic conspiracies. A place where people share the same air, and thus the same mood.

What does “together breathe” imply? How can one breathe through the Internet? The Internet enables this breathing together, without breathing. Simple: yesterday’s Internet consisted in sitting next to each other. Now one can be next to each other, through internet messages, let alone live video. And what does one really share? Not air, but MOOD.

Corporations enable this breathing together, this common mood, or, as they put it correctly, “corporate culture”. And they breathe together with the governments.

Breathing together, why? Because one has to keep it secret. A conspiracy is automatically an aggression. From “the others” (who are hell, according to Sartre). To exploit others, one has to become close, make an alliance, a common mood, so one can… conspire against them

Just today the European Union found that the government of Belgium had enabled illegally 35 large corporations to pay less taxes than they owed (this has happened previously with Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands). The EU ordered those corporations to pay 700 million Euros in taxes. The Belgium government said that it was out of the question they would accept those payments due, as it would make Belgium less attractive, looking forward.

Then I was contemplating at the resume of the ambassador of the USA to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, a 46-year-old woman who had a BS from Brown University and co-founded some Jewish community (yes, she has no advanced degrees beyond college, and probably got her Microsoft job through ways which cannot be described with a straight face). She had a career at Microsoft, on and off (as she got off from being a mom, several times).

Microsoft is big, one could even say huge, in the Obama administration: Bill and Melinda are supposed to (help) organize the educational system of the USA (no less)! So now, here we are, in the country of Davos, a woman represents both the USA and Microsoft. Lower taxes for the mightiest could not be far behind.

Viewed that way, we are swimming in a universe of conspiracies, fostered by secret moods.

In the early thirties, American oil men starting to invest in Saudi Arabia, the mood towards fanatical Islam started to change, in the highest circles of raw power (it’s not just Hitler who loved Islam!) Lo and behold, in 1934, Abdulaziz Ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al Saud founded Saudi Arabia. The conspiracy became official in 1945, when the Saudi dictator spent a week with Roosevelt on the same cruiser.

Starting clearly on June 1, 1914, the USA engaged in a mood hostile to France (and thus Europe). By proposing an alliance to the Kaiser against the “racially inferior” French. World War One (oopss!) came out of it, the USA on top (sorry!)

The hostility was expressed distinctly, starting with Colonel House, and then president Roosevelt. What made it a conspiracy, was the secrecy. It went on with facts, such as the carpet bombing of French ports by the US Air Force (as if the French were Nazis, thus that statement, much repeated, that the French sided with Hitler, to justify the bombing against French ports; some French ports are coming back slowly: one of them is building the world’s largest cruise ship).

The mood of anti-French, anti-European propaganda goes on to this day, by repeating lies about the Euro, or the Second World War, or European colonialism, or slavery, or the financial system, or the dollar as world currency (it does not matter says Krugman, and his nose becomes a mile long).

Lord Keynes pro-German racism (which brought the Holocaust!), even by American “Jews” (Krugman, etc.), or Friedman’s shallow considerations on the necessity of hatred and incompatibility between France and Germany (he probably spoke neither French nor German… Whereas I speak both)….

Islamophilia, of course, was one of the greatest conspiracies. It started by calling any consideration of (what the Romans called) the Orient as “Orientalism”, and implying it was a form of racism (as if French, or German studies were intrinsically racist). It went on by defining Islamophobia, a fear, as racism. The idea, as you said, was to erect “multiculturalism” against SUPERIOR IDEAS.

I am a fanatical multicultural ELITIST (as Bowie would say). But that means I pick up superior ideas wherever they are. Not that any culture alien enough is superior. Quite the opposite.

Multiculturalism, as effected, was a plot to destroy Europe. What of the USA? The USA controls an entire continent, which is relatively full of resources and energy. As a result, and moreover, the anti-intellectual climate in the USA is much more natural. Nothing to destroy: most people in the USA are de-rooted, thus routed, they have little cultural back-up.

Moods change. Why are Jews so interested to exhibit a saucer on their heads? To show they belong, and others don’t? Very clever… For those who hate Jews. Not only does it prove that Jews have a higher opinion, flaunting superstition, of themselves, but also it makes Jews obvious targets. What is the difference with wearing a yellow star? Just asking.

The young (15 years old) hater who tried to kill a kippah wearing person, just because he wore a kippah, was confronted to the person he tried to kill. He expressed no regrets, and repeated he acted in the name of the Islamist State.

The Jewish religious authorities in Marseilles just came to the exact same conclusion: they asked Jews to not wear the Kippah. High time.

And what of these concussion sports? They are a broader, and more efficient way to create super warriors, and warring spirit. The Incas had this already: they would bandage the head of future super warriors, until modifying their brains, crushing the frontal lobes. And not just the Incas were doing this: the mood of making deformation of heads through bandages had spread throughout the Americas. Same with the feet of higher class women in China.

Cultures are also supported by moods, and articulated by conspiracies. What do they have in common? Secrecy, and what goes unsaid (“non-dits” in French). To reach enlightenment, one way only: talk about what was never talked about before. No matter what.

Patrice Ayme’

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18 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory”

  1. indravaruna Says:

    The German-Jewish banskters have been allied with the Anglo-Saxon elite since the 19th century at least, the British Aristocracy intermarried with Jewish bankers that became dominant in the City of London by the end of the 19th century, David Cameron grandfather was a Jewish banker that worked for the Rothschild.

    Trump, Clinton and Al Gore children are all married with jews.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I will be interested by serious statistics on this. It is sure, though, that the problem keeps re-surfacing for a millennium: the advantage of “Jews” (I put Jews in quotation marks, as many converted) in finance means a bipolar behavior at the highest levels. And it’s true that the Rothschild talked about it, loud and clear, besides doing it (and that’s why Jackson hated them so).

      Since Clinton, financial plutocracy got giant government help, so naturally, as more of it is “Jewish”, “Jews” are more prominent. The way out is to crack down on financial plutocracy, not just attack a non-racial race.,, Because not only that’s racist, but it’s aiming at the wrong target.


  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    The German govt enthusiastically backed for Commission President a man who has openly admitted lying about the euro and who as PM of Luxemburg arranged secret deals with large multi-national companies to avoid paying tax to the mutual benefit of Luxembourg and the multi-nationals. This loathsome creep Juncker, instead of being locked up for lying and fraud, enjoys a 300,000 euro salary with hardly any tax and vast additional benefits while Europeans stagger on with high taxation, ludicrous overregulation and corruption in Brussels.

    I really don’t understand how Merkel can be such an appalling leader and yet remain in office. She takes as few decisions as possible (certainly no difficult ones) and when she does take one it is catastrophic.

    The UK has to get out of this disaster zone as soon as possible.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, The Economist, magazine of economic integrity, is owned by a parent company which transit all its profit through Junckers’ Luxembourg, and then the British Virgin Islands… Belgium was ordered to stop illegally not collecting tax by the EC today (see my latest essay)…

      UK, being located inside the disaster zone, cannot do just up and leave, like our friend Paul Handover, and go live in Oregon… So the UK cannot get out, and mightily contribute to the disaster itself, being the biggest tax cheat around.

      Merkel did very good on education. I fault her bad on demographics alone, but the refugee thing was a way to jolt that. On Greece she was silly, until she followed the French. Mistakes were made deliberately when Greece got in the Euro, but not under her watch (and the French were as involved, anyway).

      The bottom of the crisis are the banks. The Banking Union will mitigate the problem.

      Eurocrats prerogatives are irritating, but “NON-DOMS” in Britain are way worse, and much more influential.

      If Britain gets out of the EU (alas, it won’t!) it will be in the European Council no more, where the power is. Thus Europe will be able to advance.


  3. Chris Snuggs Says:

    There is no law that says Jews can’t be bankers. Jews can be found in all sorts of professions. They have the great plus that they do not ram their faith down other people’s throats amd do not blow them up or cut their heads off.


    • Gmax Says:

      Don’t think Patrice said that. That Jews can’t be bankers. Methinks it was the other way in the middle ages. Christians couldn’t be bankers.

      That there is a disproportionate number of Jews in finance is a bad place for Jews to be in as the exactions of finance are getting clearer every day. Thus friends of Jews should push for reforms of finance instead of making cracks at people who say as it is.

      Maybe Jews don’t cut off heads now, but I think Jewish terrorists blew up an entire hotel full of Brits once. Also Jews are rarely in position to exert power to cut off heads. Judaism is where Islam comes from, that enraged the Muslims.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The kippah is not a religious obligation in Judaism. It can easily, all too easily be interpreted as “look, we are in conspiracy, and you are not!” It invites tit for tat:” Oh, look, we are Muslims, and we belong to a conspiracy, too, which won’t be happy until the Final Judgment, which, according to the Hadith, will not happen until all Jews are dead. How do you like our conspiracy?”

      Also what was the bid deal about wearing a yellow star, then?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Nobody ever said Jews could not be bankers. Hitler himself would have declared Jews can be bankers.


  4. Kevin Berger Says:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well. What Henninger says is too simple. Both Obama, and a fortiori me, think that war is made with warriors. There are HUGE conspiracies: the USA oilmen and the Saudis is an example. That conspiracy is 85 years old. Then, in turn it led to other conspiracies, for example those of the USA against France, about Algeria (oil again; my father, an Algerian born geologist, son of another Algerian geologist, discovered that oil).

      That does not mean the FNL was directly paid, organized, etc. by the USA. But it certainly got diplomatic support, and France’s behavior was targeted by the USA. Also the CIA at the time was PAYING 50 or more of French opinion makers. And I would not be surprised if they had not approached some of famous thinkers and writers. Oh, not directly: there are set-ups, like presenting individuals as successful business people (there was a famous spy scandal recently where a Russian vixen had her own company, married a UK citizen, move to the USA, and approached people of the Obama administration… She got independently exposed, arrested, exchanged and expulsed and lost her Brit citizenship. The KGB/FSB learned these tricks from the CIA).

      Islamophilia and Islamophobia are symptomatic of a vast anti-Western plot, propelled (in appearance) by universities. But I have worked for years in some of these universities, and they are thoroughly plutocratically penetrated. They favor thinking they have been told ought to be favored. The pro-Islam stance spawned sub-conspiracies naturally, which in turn act as Henninger says (and as I long pointed out). But that does not mean the financing is direct, although, the lenient treatment banks financing some of these networks got is troubling, to say the least…


  5. Kevin Berger Says:


  6. Conspiracy Theory « Defense Issues Says:

    […] Source: Conspiracy Theory […]


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [In response to someone called “Duviel” who, trying to read the preceding essay, claimed I don’t know ‘“our American culture” and “clearly has never spent any considerable amount of time in the US yet he pretends to understand our culture and loves to write about our culture.

    If I wanna get a headache without having actually learned anything I’ll watch a bunch of Johnny Depp movies.”

    Duviel’s irritation partakes of the sort of venom practiced by those who have nothing to communicate, beyond expressing anger. The USA is only a minor part of Patrice Ayme’s considerations (as can be seen in the latest essay there, where the US is not mentioned at all). Patrice is one of these Americans who have travelled the world, right… Yet mostly lived in the US (I must confess).

    Accusing Patrice to not understanding “our” American culture is weird, yet reminiscent of those who claimed neither Obama, nor Ted Cruz, or even John McCain, were truly American! (Obama was accused of being born from a non-American father, Ted Cruz of being born in Canada, from a non-American father, and McCain, although son of a lineage of four star admirals, was indeed born in Panama. Ah, was not one of Trump’s parents Scottish?

    Allegations that people are not American enough, reminds me of Hitler accusing (in “Mein Kampf”, 1925) the Jews of not being German enough. (It did not end well.)

    Sorry for the headaches, BTW. Real sorry. But it’s only natural: Patrice’s site is not just an American philosophy site, but has the pretention to be a World philosophy site. So Patrice could be accused of using the infliction of headaches as a new weapon of US supremacy.


  8. Duviel Says:

    “Young Americans are told vigorously, early on, that not only American Football, Hockey and other concussion sports, are excellent for their brains, but that “Conspiracy Theorists” are insane maniacs. This way, they are made gullible, and thus, defenseless. The bashed up brains (especially of the males) cannot figure it out. Whatever is going on. They may as well vote for Clinton. What could go worse”

    Until sometime around 2005 the mention that certain sports effect the brain was not even a part of common culture. It is now common knowledge that Football, Boxing, MMA, etc. are harmful to the brain. Of course, the sports leagues are investing a lot of money into countering this fact but its common knowledge that its very bad for you. Some (mostly from the poorest least educated parts of society) still choose to play the sports. But, the consequences are well known.

    At no time has the mention that sports are excellent for the brain, been a part of our culture. Sports have always been looked at as good for the body from the shoulders down but not for the brain. Now it is becoming common knowledge that some full-contact sports are not good even for the body.

    Participation in sports generally is declining in America (particularly among the upper middle class and the rich). Football and Boxing are pretty much extinct nowadays outside of the poorer neighborhoods. Basketball, Baseball, and yes European Football (Soccer here) are now the sports of choice. MMA participation was growing but, now most parents (and adults) prefer Jiu-Jitsu and/or Judo.

    Just a bit of insight on American sports culture. I know there are various types of cultures within Americas large expanses. And, personal experiences vary. Regardless, Patrice I don’t know how you could have lived in US for so long? Hard to believe from reading your posts.

    Honestly Patrice that’s as far as I went in reading this last post. One paragraph was enough for me to laugh and click X. I have read some of your posts in the past and I grew tired of your glorification of the Franks and un-informed criticism of American culture. At least from my American perspective. I would tolerate the obvious and/or underhanded slights if at the same time I was learning things I valued.

    Its your opinion and you are entitled to it. But, I am also entitled to mine and have the right to choose not to read your posts.

    I disagree with Picard and many of his contributors often. But,I find his opinions to be usually well informed and I have learned much from his blog.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I will give a longer answer on sports alone. From a disagreement about the danger of say, hockey (where I had a family problem), you deduced I was… not American! Great. BTW, I love mom and apple pie, sorry to disappoint.

      Your conflation of the Franks and “American Culture” is neither here, nor there. The latter derives from the former. The Franks are much ignored in the usual study of history, but they actually “renovated” the Roman Empire (as they officially said). It’s impossible to understand where American culture and institutions come from without studying the Franks, because they transmitted, amplified and “renovated” the Roman state. The Capitol in Washington looks as it does, instead of looking like a pagoda, because of Rome, and Rome went through the Franks (including the all-important Roman and Salic laws, from which American Law descends).

      In 1066 CE, the Franks conquered England, and outlawed slavery there (20% of the population a census conducted by the Franks showed).

      Thinking is tiring, but it’s who we are…


  9. Duviel Says:

    American Football is still the most popular sport to view here. What I meant was that its not played much anymore. Only in poor (mostly African-American) neighborhoods.

    If it were not for kids being bused in from poorer areas, most high schools would not be able to field a team anymore.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Duviel: Thanks for your answer. Sorry if I was rough. I usually to not flaunt nationhood. But, as an American, I spent most of my life in the USA. I also know two young Americans very close to me (very close family) who have been induced by their parents (family) to play hockey. One of them would get up at 5 am to become hockey champion or something. Then he would go to (private) school. I saw his interest in the world in general, and me in particular, deteriorate spectacularly. He became always dazed, with far away eyes. Looked like partial lobotomy.

      Both these boys have sisters of comparable age, and I noticed they stayed smart.

      The American sport scene, especially when connected to universities is, from my point of view, extremely corrupt (I attended or taught in, three famous US universities). Too much money.

      Another thing: American authorities are not cracking down on drugs in sports (as French authorities started to do in cycling long ago). Football players’ short lifespans is not just because of concussions…

      So this is a world problem: authorities say that, in the present Australian Open in tennis roughly half the top seeded male players are (said to) have engaged in unlawful cheating connected to betting. Adidas, the main sponsor of world athleticism, is pulling its support out (too much drugs and corruption, it says).

      I do not partake in many moods and mentalities or ideas popular in the USA, true. But the same aversion extends equally to other countries. Fact is I live here, and have lived here longer than the average American.

      The mark of true democracy is that “Think Different” rules happily. “Think Deeper” is part of it.


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