Idiocy Supreme. Remember Guantanamo?

My friend Obama gave his last State Of The Union Speech (“SOTUS”). I do not frighten easily: just, in the last three months, I engaged (“carefully”) in some pretty dangerous endeavors at sea, or in the mountains. As a mountain climber, I know that feeling, when things go wrong, and one spends hours in an epic, fighting cold, a storm, the night, survival in question. So here I was, listening to an apparent oblivious Obama, with his beautiful wife, overdoing it quite a bit, rising and frantically applauding with the audience, like trained monkeys. I could recognize the uneasy feeling in my stomach: fear. How did we get to that?

Obama was speaking, with his usual impressive gusto: clipped sentences, definitive statements, glorious perspectives. An American-born lady was watching next to me: “Can you believe that guy? What a loser! He could have done so much! What potential he had! And now look at that! Nothing! He did nothing! You can see in his face that he knows he did nothing!”

My Life Is A Success, Yours Can Go To Hell

My Life Is A Success, Yours Can Go To Hell

Nothing? Obama announced that he was going to do a lot in his last year. He will strive to close… Guantanamo.

Yes, you read that right: Obama is still closing Guantanamo. In the famous barn door image, a man closes a barn door, after the horse has bolted out. Obama is the story of the barn door which, seven years later, is still not closed.

Guantanamo depicts entirely, in one word, Obama’s presidency: the incapacity to act against the powers that be.

On day one, a normal human Commander In Chief, could have ordered the closure of Guantanamo, a piece of the military establishment. Obama could have ordered, under the Patriotic Act, the detainees to be incarcerated in Maximal Security prison, to be judged in court.

But even that obvious thing Obama could not do.

What’s his excuse? “Rancor”. Obama came to diminish the “rancor” in Washington, and he recognizes that he came short. It’s a red herring, obviously, but, after brandishing it for seven years, that red herring is the gift that keep on giving. It’s Obama’s great excuse.

Obama read his SOTU from the teleprompters. The SOTU was written before, and could be read, on the White House web site, even before Obama delivered it. How is that, for canned? But nobody seems to have noticed that a monkey endowed with speech could have made the same discourse.


Obama does not know that Lincoln and Roosevelt presided over the butchery of Americans, more than any other USA presidents, by a very long shot:

And those plutophile monkeys in the background are idiots. Obama read that he came short with solving the “rancor” problem, because:

“It’s one of the few regrets of my presidency — that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. There’s no doubt a president with the gifts of Lincoln or Roosevelt might have better bridged the divide,” Obama said.

This is symptomatic of a poorly thought-out presidency: Lincoln and Roosevelt were the two presidents under whom more than 100,000 Americans died in war, for a grand total of more than 1.4 million killed, between the two of them.

Prominent Americans were ready to kill other Americans over the “rancor” then, and they did (little known American plutocrats equipped Hitler to the point that some of the equipment they provided the Nazis with actually killed young Americans! And it was not just a question of IBM computers leased by IBM).

Obama’s choice of predecessors and contexts is revealing of the utter stupidity of his speechwriters, and his own lack of awareness. While both were renowned for their rhetorical abilities, President Lincoln or President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had not much success in persuading the public or members of Congress to put aside their differences. Roosevelt bemoaned that Congress forced him to impose sanctions on  the French Republic and Britain as if they were enemies, and while they fought Hitler to death (Fall 1939).

Lincoln was so successful about “rancor” he ended with a war of Americans against Americans which killed 3% of the population (nearly a million dead on battlefields). What has Obama been smoking lately?

Could Lincoln and Roosevelt have escaped those two butcheries? Obviously. Roosevelt, in particular, hidden behind the pretense of criticizing Hitler, actually let his plutocrats enable him, when he did not do this directly himself (say by replacing Dodd as ambassador in Berlin, or refusing to come to the help of France, fighting the Nazis, be it only with his lips).


Oblabla achievements:

So what did Obama achieve, aside from towering incapacity to think? According to Obama “nearly 18 millions are medically insured” thanks to Obama care, he asserted during SOTU. To put that in context, 30 millions are still uninsured, and the USA, the third largest population of the world, has more than 320 million residents.

Wow! Next the mountain brought a mouse forth, and Obama was struck with wonder.

There is no strong cost control in Obamacare. So one may fear that the slow rise of medical costs, in the first few years of Obamacare, was caused by near-deflation. For the last year we have numbers for, 2014, medical costs increased by 4.5%, more than twice inflation.

Obama takes credit, according to himself, for the 14 million jobs created since the bottom of the crisis, for the U2 unemployment down to 5%. He even claims that the USA has been leading on climate change (never mind that the entire Paris Conference nearly failed at the last moment from opposition by the USA, alone among 195 nations’ that requested a last minute change).

So what’s reality? The economic gains in the USA are real, but it’s the same old, same old: cheap energy getting cheaper. Obama did help a bit by finally ordering, or letting, the EPA (Nixon’s EPA!) crackdown on coal burning pollution.


USA supremacy: from cheap energy:

Obama attributed the superiority of the USA to its optimism and the superiority of its culture and citizens. That’s why the USA “should lead”. That’s a slippery, not to say oily, slope. The basic truth is far removed.

Once the Natives were disposed of, the USA was built on cheap oil, the supreme energy source of the Twentieth Century. It is still the case, thanks to fracking. The god whom Obama orders all the time to bless America, has blessed America, indeed. Nowhere else in the world has fracking worked as it does in America.


Economy Nearly Rhymes With Energy: Plenty Of Energy, Plenty Of Economy, & Reciprocally:

The first thing an economy does, is to provide energy. The USA has a powerful economy, to start with, mostly because it has a powerful energy system, with plenty of water, and a mild climate.

Take a country such as Senegal: it has basically no energy. No mountains, so no hydro (differently from Costa Rica, with towering mountains making a dorsal Sierra; Costa Rica could have 100% sustainable energy). Senegal has no significant oil, and no uranium. It does not even have tidal energy, and wind, although constant most of the year, is extremely weak, so no wind power (although it kicks up Saharan dust, which is unfriendly to solar photovoltaics).

Senegal does not have much water, either, and the climate is too hot. So what is Senegal going to do? It has to sell enough goods, to buy energy (namely American oil).

Which goods? 25 centuries ago, Senegal sold salted fish to Carthage. And it could trade some goods, like a bit of oil. No wonder it sold later people… Some of them ancestors to the likes of Michelle Obama.

Some then whine it’s scandalous. Yes. But what did they want authorities, in countries such as Senegal, to do?

When and if, energy becomes quasi free (say through PhotoVoltaics combined to Hydrogen), countries such as Senegal will have the fundamental element to insure a level playing field.

Top 400 wealthiest paid 20% less tax, after 4 years Obama, than under G. W. Bush, according to New York Times. Nothing 2 make faithful think

God bless America!” The last three words of the godly Obama’s SOTUS. Even the head of the church of England, Queen Elizabeth, in her recent message to her subjects, where she claimed her great grandparents invented Christmas, did not behave as if she were as blatantly connected to god. OK, maybe the head of the Islamist State feels he is as connected to god as Obama. In any case, it’s the same mood: me, Obama I, orders god around: “Bless America, god, I order you to do so!” I guess, since Lincoln is the very example of triumph over rancor, in Obama’s enfeebled mind, anything goes.

Patrice Ayme’

7 Responses to “Idiocy Supreme. Remember Guantanamo?”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    I find his speeches glib and patronising, and his intonation mannered and unconvincing. If someone made a robot politician, it might look like him.


    • Gmax Says:

      I think THEY MADE a robot and it looks like him.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, the enormities in the speech, for example 2 as Gloucon X pointed out in 2 sentences, are indicative that he knows nothing, just saying what he has been told to say (as per the observations of somebody who knows him better than his wife in important ways)


  2. Gloucon X Says:

    “According to Obama “nearly 18 millions are medically insured” thanks to Obama care, he asserted during SOTU. To put that in context, 30 millions are still uninsured, and the USA”

    Yabut in the American context that represents a blindingly fast rate of progress. If that pace could be kept up their would be no uninsured in a mere 16 years, and if many of them would only die for lack of care, perhaps even sooner!

    “It’s one of the few regrets of my presidency — that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better.”

    This part of the quote was stupid too. I want a presindent who will increase rancor against the other party when that party declared war against average people in defence of plutocracy. That’s what has happened, and that’s what happened under FDR, only FDR vigorously attacked them while Obama has been meek.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The problem with the “nearly 18 million” insured is that it may very well NOT get to 20 million. I actually know and talked to some people on Obamacare, they are considering dropping off. Not everything is bad about Obamacare: the outlawing of refusing to insure because of pre-existing conditions is excellent. Anyway the whole thing has already failed and is just a failed piece of a larger failure.


  3. Gmax Says:

    The rancor trick of Obama is exactly a red herring. That’s so true. You could see how insincere he was. Sad day for America


  4. Gloucon X Says:

    I had an injury at work and had my treatment delayed by more than a month to please the needs of the for-profit gangster insurance company in charge of my health. Imagine if this had happened to a baby or child. I’m sure that it happens all the time and American parents simply accept it as they accept that the sun rises and sets. This is why I continue to implore those outside of America to never expect anything good to come out of a country with such a stupidly self-enslaved populace. The world should consider everything that comes out of such a culture to be the most deadly toxic waste, and should especially do the opposite of what any American leader says.


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