Euroskepticism’s Awakens Not

I have said it many times before, I will say it many times again: the Europe Union was set-up to avoid war. This is what Euroskeptics who claim to love Europe should be reminded of. Especially the British.

Of course there won’t be war, or even disagreements, between the French republic, and Britain. There is not the problem. The problem is in Eastern Europe.

A popular Polish magazine published a cover portraying five leading EU politicians – led by the German chancellor, Frau Angela Merkel – in Nazi uniforms beneath the headline “These People Want to Control Poland Again”.

Nice Uniforms. Poland & Hitler Became Allies In 1934. Poland Turned to France ONLY in 1939, After Spain Fell, and So Did Britain Agree to Follow France Against Hitler, After Poland Did, In 1939. Too Late.

Nice Uniforms. Poland & Hitler Became Allies In 1934. Poland Turned to France ONLY in 1939, After Spain Fell, and So Did Britain Agree to Follow France Against Hitler, After Poland Did, In 1939. Too Late.

The image on the front of the weekly Wprost showed Merkel, the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, (Socialist, SPD) European parliament president Martin Schulz, EU commissioner Günther Oettinger, and Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian prime minister, leaning over a map, from a wartime photograph of Adolf Hitler and his generals. (By now there should be more pictures of Merkel in Nazi uniform than of Kanzler Adolf Hitler himself!)

Germany is paying vast amounts of money to support the sustained and astounding expansion of the Polish economy since 2008. Some Germans of influence are starting to grumble (and they should).

Verhofstadt, who leads the liberal Alde group in the European Parliament, called the image  “outrageous”, adding that the EU was a “community of values” and that it was “the duty of all of us – commissioners, chancellors or not, to raise our voice when a government is endangering these principles and attacking democratic institutions”.

The Germans Schulz and Oettinger, have been critical of the conservative, severely Catholic Law and Justice (PiS) party, in power since October. It strengthened government control over the constitutional court, civil service and Polish public radio and television. Other Europeans are not amused. This problem arose with Austria’s flirting with the extreme right and Hungary’s Orban before. Both became non-sequiturs (Orban took measures many other European states adopted since, so Orban is not that bad).

The Francophone Martin Schulz described the Polish government’s actions as a “dangerous Putinisation of European politics”, while Oettinger proposed that Poland should be put under rule of law supervision, a (new) legislation designed to deal with “systemic threats” to EU values.

Meanwhile the war against Islam goes on (yes, because that’s what it is, sorry to break the news…). The Islamists attacked in Istanbul, Djakarta, Ouagadougou. There, in the Burkina Fasso capital, two famous Swiss humanitarians were killed by the local subsidiary of Al Qaeda (the USA announced in the past, erroneously it turns out, that they had killed its leader, who had made an attack on an Algerian refinery… Among other things).

This shows, once again, that humanitarianism, while not being exactly nothing, is clearly minor relative to militarism: humanitarianism is possible only when an empire has been set-up. Humanitarianism is possible only when a modicum of law already rules.

The Islamist State lost 20% of its territory in Syria in a year. The Islamist State is losing ground to Kurdish forces. However the Islamist State still controls 60% of Syrian oil production.

The price of a woman on the slave market of the Islamist State was 150 Euros. Holy Islamist script sanctifies slavery, alleluia. Meanwhile, the price of oil is the lowest in 12 years.

If we want humanitarianism in Europe, we need an empire first. A republican, democratic empire. Extreme, aggressive localization, fragmentation, nationalism, closing of the borders, competitive devaluations a la Friedman-Krugman, can only lead to war.

The latest Star War movie, episode VII, “The Force Awakens” does not hit on that idea. Instead it represents a “New Order” rising to destroy “The Republic”. This was indeed the situation between the “New Order” of the Nazis and the Italian fascists, against the FRENCH REPUBLIC, in the 1930s. But, at the time, the fascists had the help of a deus ex machine, the Anglo-Saxon plutocracy. It’s only the latter, and the influence it exerted on the British and American governments, making their behaviors at best ambiguous (Britain, Belgium), if not downright treacherous (USA).

Many Euroskeptics affect to present the meek and weak and inchoating European Union Federal structures as a “New Order” full of strength and evil. But the exact opposite is true.

When the Huns in the Fourth Century and the Mongols, a millennium later, bore onto Europe, it is the division, confusion, multiplicity and weakness of the European political structures which made their assaults possible.

Earlier the German invasions into the Roman empire (fascist, but peaceful and rich inside) had also be made possible by confusion and weakness. Especially military weakness. The latter was made possible by a lack of means consecutive to plutocratization (the hyper rich refused to pay taxes, hoping that, somehow, weaker official armies would still be able to weaken the enemy enough to make their own private armies able to control the situation…).

We are in a similar situation: a raid with a 15,000 men armored thrust by the French, and, or the Americans, would get rid of the Islamist State capital of Raqqa.

But, of course, the real problem is Riyadh, the Saudi capital. Why should the West tolerate those outrageous deviants? Because we are led by deviants ourselves. Lesser deviants, maybe, but still deviant.

So what of this Star Wars’ The Force Awakens’? Well, I did not fall asleep, thanks to the special effects, which are better than ever (as they should). But, contrarily to the rave reviews I read, the story was boring, an already swallowed, now regurgitated food, we had been served before. Contrarily to the (much decried) “prequels” it did not break any philosophical new ground. The Islamist State writes much better, much more innovative scripts, which dig much deeper in the human condition.

What should France and Germany do? Keep on unifying with each other, and forget the noise of those out to distract them from the imperial task at hand…

Patrice Ayme’



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13 Responses to “Euroskepticism’s Awakens Not”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    I am afraid that Germany’s credibility is now zero after Merkel’s insane decision to allow millions of Muslims of the evil cult Islam to enter the country. Germany was also instrumental in the quasi-fascist removal of the Greek PM Papandreou by the ECB/EU apparatchik Papademos. Germany fortunately seems to decide everything in the EU – when did we last hear an opinion from Spain, Denmark or Poland? And the East European states just get slagged off by the PC Franco-German-Brussels axis of “we know best”. Well, Merkel, YOU DO NOT KNOW BEST. You did not even consult fellow EU members about your decision to allow the migrant invasion, even though it obviously affects them. Under you, Germany has totally lost its head and the British will not submit to being ordered about by Germany and her poodle France. And it was NOT the EU that “saved Europe”; it was NATO. I don’t know the word for “humility” in German, probably because the concept is alien.

    Oh, I forgot. Germany ensured that the LYING FRAUD Juncker became Commission President.

    No wonder the British want out of this shambles, both political, economic and – now thanks to the mad woman – social.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      When states acceed to the European Union, they are forced to become more democratic, and make a number of (viewed as) progressive measures. Senior Turkish politicians, some talking perfect French or German, are advocating precisely this… for Turkey. Nothing to do with NATO, a military alliance.

      Merkel did not get the refugees inside the EU. Most came through Austria. Ultimately Bavaria screamed so loud, getting up to 25,000 refugees in one day, that the border got closed.

      The refugees can become an asset. To do this, though, literal Islam preaching should be made enough of a cause for immediate imprisonment (for legal residents) or expulsion (for refugees)/ Merkel said that non-political refugees would be kicked out. But where to deport them? Dachau? Oops, that’s already occupied by INCOMING refugees.

      Refugees cannot be sent back to Syria: there is not enough imperial forces at the ready to do so. (It may also remind one of what happened to the Jews in 1939-1940…)

      Overall, there is a need for much more force. The force, France has it, and so do the USA. Even then, French and American special forces, which are second to none, could not prevent the attack in Ouagadougou: at least half of the attackers registered as guests, and spent the night at the hotel…

      Britain’s HUGE immigration in the last two or three decades was a deliberate plot of Thatcher. It worked splendidly: the original population of Britain is still there, 40 million through its descendants. The other 23 million are first or second generation migrants. This had an excellent effect on British GDP. Problem: if too many of these immigrants subscribe to Islam. That’s why it’s curious Cameron is mostly fighting off EU immigrants (at least with its lips)…


      • EugenR Says:

        The young refugees should be recruited to create and army who will be re-educted to western secular values. Then will be sent to fight against all the evils and ignorance the social and political system in their homeland created. This is the only way something good can come out from this immigration wave. The problem is that Europe after WWII lost its confidence in its own secular moral and intellectual values it believed in, and brought such a great success to the humanity. Yes, there is a need for European secular fundamentalism. You wrote the Chinese are Romans ( meaning Europeans). I fully agree, you don’t find today in whole China people wearing uncut hair and women banding their foot. Not so in the Muslim world where they stick to hijab and jalabiya. I am for cultural diversity, unless it comes with animosity to all the other ways of life. The ideology of World Wide Muslim Caliphate is as totalitarian ideology endangering the humanity as Nazism and Communism did. Islam does have in its core the belief in united world under Islam. Without this belief widely accepted in the muslim world ISIS would not have been possible. The Muslim faith includes the idea that peace will come to earth when the whole world will be Muslim. The practice shows differently. Most of the today’s wars are among the Muslims themselves. But who cares about the evidence when you have belief in Allah and his messenger. The secularisation and cultural change is the only way out from this mess of religious wars, the Muslim world imposed on the world. And secularism has it’s persuasive power when openly introduced into education. Why atheism can be illegal in the Muslim world, even if it is pacified and Islam even if militaristic and oppressive is allowed in Europe?


      • EugenR Says:

        verse in the Koran: “If God had willed, he could surely have made you all one single community, but he willed otherwise in order to test you….


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Yes, I know that one. I like these meta-arguments in the Qur’an. There are quite a few. The best is when God ponders those who may dare wonder about his relationship with the Djinns and Shaitan.
          The Qur’an, like the Bible, is a treasure on human nature.
          Even Mein Kampf, although much less thrilling and interesting, by orders of magnitude, has its moments…


  2. EugenR Says:

    Let me quote myself, better a sluggish confused EU, than a strong corrupt dictatorship. The EU anti corruption legislation is the reason why the Ukrainians revolted Putinizm. Yet, as history has taught us, liberal democracy has its weaknesses against evil despotism. The national feelings of Polish people, who were for centuries abused by German an Russian imperialism, can’t be erased within one generation. If EU wants to save the Western civilization it has to unite its forces and not seperate them. Ukrain, Moldavia, Georgia and Armenia should be excepted immediately as members to EU, without counting the short term economic price it takes. Even Putin is not for ever, and with him will go also the Putinizm. Then Russia could be integrated to EU too. And with todays oil prices it may be sooner than later. Country larger than France, with more than 50 million highly educated people to western rational thought will very soon be felt positively. Their needs foir investmnent with potentialy high yield will bring very soon dividens for whole Europe.
    Lets face it, Islamic way of life, and not just fundamental Islam is a real threat to the liberal humanistic political values, just recently implemented in whole Europe. The sexistic mass abuse in Koln and Hamburg, is not an accident. Young men, some of them not very educated, who lack humanistic velues of pluralism and mutual respect, deprived from any free expression of sexual and emotional desire in their societies, are confronted by freely behaving females, full of self confidence, who expose not only their faces and hair, but even their legs, arms and God forbid part of their bosom. These man have to be overwhelmed by sexual lust. All their “innate” values are about respecting a rigid form of medieval chastity and no respect at all for educated, self-aware, freely behaving women. Their women, who grew up in the same value system, who are afraid of competition with much more educated and independent European women, obviously are the main stronghold of support for this social and sexual values. It is less than 100 years since women in the Western world achieved their independent equal status in the society. This achievement is rather fragile.
    And the last but not tge least, until the Muslim world insists to keep thier women locked under the spell of ignorance, illiteracy, and false chastity, (false because it is applied only on the women), the political and social disaster that emerged in the lands and communities they live is inavitable. What’s even worse, their disaster is disaster of the whole world.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wait a minute… Putin, in his most nutty phase, suggested he could drive his tanks to Kiev in 2 weeks. He was rendered mad by the prospect of Ukraine acceding to the EU. Finally an accord of association was signed, but immediately suspended, to appease the crazed out Czar. The same a fortiori holds for say Georgia. Actually Russia occupies part of Georgia, so the EU would then be at war with Russia.
      Moldova makes no mystery that it wants in the EU. But there again, there is Putin, who occupies part of it (no less).

      The EU has a tax base problem which weakens militarily France (nobody else is willing to go to war, big time). The worst offender here is Britain and its imitators. This has to stop. The EC just ordered 35 companies to pay back taxes to Belgium (which does NOT want the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!). So now the EC has to order those companies, AND the country of Belgium (where the EC sits!)

      Literal Islam has to be outlawed, it’s as simple as that. And the punishments for breaking the law should be extensive. Nazi apologists and deniers get punished, it’s time to extend the same courtesy to Islam LITERALISTS.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Before WAHHABISM, Literal Islam, took over, I was in African countries were “MUSLIM” women exposed everything above wait level, including often spectacular mammaries from which our order, the MAMMALIA, is derived, for blatant reasons, including pervasive jiggling and roiling…

      The Saudi LITERAL Islam is what should be outlawed. Original West African Islam centered on Senegal is EVEN MORE compatible with civilization than modern Christianism.


  3. Partha Shakkottai Says:

    Muslims in India have not integrated into mainstream Indian civilization in the last thousand years. They are used to having their own way by multiculturalism propaganda and cooked-up history, it is highly unlikely they will change their ways. Only France can do it by major force.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Partha. France can do it, because it’s a land of philosophers, at the crossroads, steeped deep into quasi-existential wars for more than 3,000 years.

      Major PHILOSOPHICAL FORCE will have to be used. The fact is ISLAMOPHILIA is antinomic to civilization. It’s easy to show to anybody who knows how to read, AND has comprehension. Hadiths asking to kill all the Jews are many, and unambiguous. Just one example.

      The incapacity of (pseudo) “intellectuals” to understand that Literal Islam is adverse to civilization is itself a symptom of the worst disease, total mental failure.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      A war religion is supported by the most apt caste at supporting anything: warriors determined to die to have their way.
      For various descriptions of the invasive holocausts of Islam in India:


  4. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Life is not always complicated. Islam is very bad and there will be no peace until it is wiped out. End of. So much was obvious a long time ago to anyone sane.


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Poltico]
    If the Commander In Chief does not have authority, who will? The answer is simple: if the president is weak, if all he thinks is not having sex with that woman, and following the orders of Goldman Sachs transmitted by Robert Rubin, to deregulate all the financial industry and make the taxes of hedge funds managers lower than that of janitors, in other words, if the president is Clinton, or Obama, then the plutocrats are in command.

    (I did not mention Bush, as he was a plutocrat in command!).

    For 8 years, the president has been like one of these Kenyan boys serving the big white masters (no offense meant, observation made). All Obama got out of it, is that there was “rancor”. And that was so sad. Was he going to cry?

    So the establishment is scared, and observe that Sanders and Trump have similar positions on health care, hedge funds managers, banks, etc. And they are both authoritative, not to say authoritarian… It would be so much nicer having just another weakling as “president”, doing exactly what plutocrats want, like another 8 years of Obama-Non-Care, instead of the dreaded Medicare For All, whom Sanders and Turmp evoke, which make health plutocrats sick, just thinking about it.

    If the president has no authority, who does? The plutocrats. And that’s why they fear Trump, one of them, so much:

    The Roosevelts, Teddy and FDR, from a plutocratic family, caused enormous damage to American plutocracy, by fighting monopolies, banks, etc


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