Hawaiian Savagery & Planet Nine

New Giant Planet Around Sun? Hawaiian Savages Learned Nothing Important Yet?

After all these hard discourses, my friends, as Ludwig Van would say,  time for a little levity. Could spaceships some day fuel far out? It has long been suspected. And now indirect, computational proofs are piling up.

Science is just common sense. The edge of science is the edge of common sense, thus on the edge of the totally unfamiliar. Thus, it’s not obvious. But still, common sense should stay front and center.

For example, the dwarf planets around the orbit of Neptune and beyond, have extremely weird orbits. Pluto actually cuts the orbit of Neptune. And others do. These highly elliptical orbits always baffled me.

Or Maybe Planet Ninth Is All Frozen, Its Atmosphere All On The Ground?

Or Maybe Planet Ninth Is All Frozen, Its Atmosphere All On The Ground?

[Hypothetical lightning has been represented on Planet Nine, in this art from Caltech; this was observed with other giant planets; distant Sun is visible, but won’t warm things much; at this sort of distances, only  energy of  nuclear origin could enable colonization, except if one make work completely new sources such as my suggested vacuum energy method. See: Zero Point Energy Machine.]

Caltech’s Batygin (theorist) and Brown (experimentalist) published their work in the current issue of the Astronomical Journal: “Evidence For A Distant Giant Planet In the Solar System”. “Planet Nine” explains a number of mysterious features of the orbits of icy dwarf planets, objects and debris beyond Neptune known as the Kuiper Belt.

“Although we were initially quite skeptical that this planet could exist, as we continued to investigate its orbit and what it would mean for the outer solar system, we become increasingly convinced that it is out there,” says Batygin, an assistant professor of planetary science. “For the first time in over 150 years, there is solid evidence that the solar system’s planetary census is incomplete.”

The discovery was long anticipated: I mentioned myself many times that the weird orbits made sense only if there was a huge weird planet out there. Although a star dashing through the solar system could have brought the same effect, and there was indeed such a star!


(A red dwarf star zoomed through the Solar System 70,000 years ago, at 20% of the distance to Proxima Centauri, the (red dwarf) star closest to the Sun.)

In 2014, an ex-postdoc of Brown’s, Chad Trujillo, and a colleague, Scott Shepherd, noted just that: 13 of the most distant objects in the Kuiper Belt are similar in some orbital features. To explain that similarity, they suggested the possible presence of a small planet.

The six most distant objects from Trujillo and Shepherd’s original collection all follow elliptical orbits that point in the same direction in physical space (with a thirty degree angle off the plane of the ecliptic, the plane of planets). That is particularly surprising because the outermost points of their orbits (“perihelions”) move around the solar system, and they travel at different speeds.

“It’s almost like having six hands on a clock all moving at different rates, and when you happen to look up, they’re all in exactly the same place,” says Brown. The odds of having that happen are something like 1 in 100, he says. But on top of that, the orbits of the six objects are also all tilted in the same way — pointing about 30 degrees downward in the same direction relative to the plane of the eight known planets. The probability of that happening is about 0.007 percent. “Basically it shouldn’t happen randomly,” Brown says. “So we thought something else must be shaping these orbits.”

The researchers tried different possibilities, quite a bit as Kepler did with Mars. Whereas Kepler, using Tycho’s work, took decades, modern computers compute fast. It soon became obvious that only a massive planet explained what was observed. In particular it explains the orbits of  Sedna and 2012 VP113 which never get very close to Neptune, yet behave as if they were “kicked” by something (as Pluto and others which, coming close to Neptune, are kicked by Neptune).

The Ninth Planet would also explain the weird orbits perpendicular to the ecliptic of some objects, which were recently discovered…

Science is not over. Actually, it’s barely starting. Ironically only telescopes based in Hawai’i have enough light gathering capability to detect the hypothetical Ninth Planet, if it is close to its furthest point from the Sun. It’s ironical: these telescopes are on one of two giant volcanoes in Hawai’i (the other, just as tall, explodes periodically). Those telescopes, the largest functioning telescopes in the world, ten meters across, profits from the fact they are, atmospherically speaking, half way to space.

The savages in Hawai’i, apparently gravely offended by all this science, persuaded the Hawaiian Supreme Court to order to stop the construction of a giant Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) in Hawai’i. The TMT offends the Hawaiian gods. So Planet Nine now has a good chance to not be discovered in Hawai’i, and the savages there can keep on roasting people according to their old religion.

For those who forgot: the famous Captain Cook was captured, roasted and devoured in Hawai’i. (Hence the allusion to roasting, as this was not just culinary, but religious.) And the global mood, promoted by the powers that be is to respect all religions, especially if they are gravely offended by common sense and basic humanism. Or offended by free, unaccompanied German women in front of Cologne’s cathedral.

Hawaiians, I am afraid, learned nothing. In spite of their tragic history.

In the early Nineteenth Century, American missionaries came to Hawai’i and persuaded the authorities of that independent nation, to persecute Catholics.  That was promptly done, maybe in the hope of Hawaiian authorities to ingratiate themselves with American plutocracy. The French military intervened twice to force Hawaiian authorities to stop abusing Catholics (the first treaty was signed, but then violated, bringing the second French intervention, a decade later).

Ultimately American plutocrats and their Protestant missionaries acting as a fifth column, staged a coup against the legitimate Queen of Hawai’i. The Hawaiian Constitutional monarchy and its national assembly was then destroyed and annexed by the USA, to plant pineapple, sugar cane, and now tourists and pot. Fortunes were made. By American plutocrats. Hawai’i, for 15 centuries independent, and a civilization, not to say a culinary hot spot, became an other possession of the American empire.

One would think that Hawaiians would have learned that blind anger, irrationality and scorn for common sense only bring their doom. But apparently, not so. Instead of contributing to the Enlightenment, Hawai’i has decided to contribute to Obscurantism, in a frantic rage against astronomy, and the discovery of worlds untold.

You would think that Barack Obama, who was born in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, Hawai’i, would have said something loud, along the preceding lines. Not so.

Abysmal. Astronomically abysmal.

Patrice Aymé


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16 Responses to “Hawaiian Savagery & Planet Nine”

  1. Gmax Says:

    So you see planet Nine like a giant Pluto? All frozen over? And what’s wrong with these Hawaiians?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      More likely as a giant Pluto.
      Hawai’ian culture has been mangled. They attacked symbolically. Easier to destroy a telescope than 1,000 luxury hotels who feed them. Therein the obscurantism: attacking what cannot defend itself.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    I seem to recall reading quite recently that this ninth planet has now been observed. Typically I can’t recall where I read it! It was part of a report supporting the theory that our present arrangement of the planets in our solar system has changed in ancient times. The discovery of this new planet confirms what mathematical models had been indicating for some time.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      What was specifically found is six orbits of dwarf planets all different, except in their weird, identical 30 degrees inclination on the ecliptic plane. The only other (far-fetched) explanation I can imagine is a rogue star passing by (as I mentioned)… I did not study what the detail of they found, and I believe them.
      Planet Nine will become real only if found. If it exists, it has a highly eccentric orbit.


  3. EugenR Says:

    If i recolect rightly capitan Cooks history, on his way to north pole,to discover northern route to Europe hs first discovered Hawaii he and his troop was warmly welcomed, especially by the attractive half naked women. But then in his returning voyage, after he failed in his mission, the locals looked at him as on an intruder and surprised him with their animosity. I am not shure about if they cooked him, but it sounds hilarious,; Capitan Cook was cooked.


    • EugenR Says:

      Idiom: never leave the Garden of Eden, if you finally reached it. This is why all the ideologies propagating final goals are conservative in their essence.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, I related this in another comment, before reading your present one. Cook goose got cooked. Some locals had stolen some equipment, and Cook decided to crack down, with a few (not enough!) marines. He got overwhelmed. Overall he had been welcomed the second time, in spite of the diseases his men had brought…


  4. dominique deux Says:

    The nudity and casual sex early European explorers found in Polynesia led them – and a great many befuddled “philosophers” – to believe they had discovered the “noble savage”, proof of man’s innate goodness.

    The sailors were less sanguine and were very cautious around said noble savages.

    They knew the preferred cooking method for “long pig” was not roasting, but coating the meat in clay and slow-cooking him (or her) over coals (or heated stones). Alive, with straws in his-her nostrils to ensure breathing.

    More generally, the political systems on the islands were uniformly brutal and tyrannical, with daily mutilations and executions.

    But of course to Europeans whose world view was very close to a modern jihadist’s, it was the bare ass nekkid ladies which counted.

    When Bougainville left Tahiti, his anchor was stuck in the corals. Having lost a great many anchors to the sharp reefs, he put the men at work hauling on the hawser, to no avail. So he called one of the many local beauties who stood in longboats watching the frigate’s departure, and had her stand naked right over the hatch where the men toiled. Eager to get a last glimpse, they pushed real hard on the capstan bars, and untangled the anchor. (he recounts this in his memoirs).

    Whether it was French or English sailors who left syphilis as a fast-spreading thank-you gift is still in dispute…


    • EugenR Says:

      Gogen died of syphilis.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In Hawai’i, in his first voyage, Captain Cook found hordes of women who wanted very much to sleep with the weird, powerful sailors, and there was no sexual disease. On a return trip, venereal disease was rampant, and Cook was full of remorse (he had tried to keep his sailors locked down on the first trip, and was thus rather unpopular with them).

      The discovery that the savages, however noble, were prone to vicious mass ambushes was made by French sailors, in the first attempted landing in Tasmania. The French were bathing in the nude, to show they had no weapons… Those sailors had read Rousseau, and had believed in the “noble savage” theory and the fact civilization spoiled all… The ambush changed everything. Including the fact that Australia was settled soon after by the Brits…


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        The ultimate fate of Tasmanians as a people, being genocided down to oblivion, through literal hunting by British colonists, makes for a great twist of irony.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Yes, if, instead of ambushing massively and viciously the naïve French Rousseau believers, they had welcomed them as graciously as possible, we now would have a Tasmania “problem” in the same sense as we are having a New Caledonia “problem”. The French have been highly successful at FAILING to exterminate the Natives. Anywhere.

          Whereas the Anglo-Saxons started with (partly) eliminating the… Brits. (The British are now genetically 1/3 Anglo-Saxon, it was announced today…


          • Kevin Berger Says:

            Well, let’s be fair, the Anglo model of exploitation, now gone global and normative, can also be very merciful :


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Yet it has been systematically committing crimes against humanity, and calling it history:

            According to Article 7(d) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which established the International Criminal Court (ICC), “deportation or forcible transfer of population” constitutes a crime against humanity if it is “committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack”. The ICC is not retroactive: alleged crimes committed before 1 July 2002 cannot be judged by the ICC.[48]

            BTW, the USA does not abide to the International Criminal Court. Only plausible explanation: a firm commitment to more crimes against humanity?


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