American Racism & Slavery Originated With The Rule of Greed. This Is Just A Particular Case Of Plutocracy:

Atrocious pictures on TV: suffering infants with microcephaly in Brazil, victim of Zika. Most of their heads are missing. Below those nearly inexistent skulls, are eyes full of pain. They experience paralysis… This calamity was avoidable, with enough fundamental research, early enough. The governance of this biosphere tottering under our blows, is cruising to the apocalypse. The Zika virus was detected 2 years ago in French Polynesia, and now it’s all over. It is carried by an omnipresent mosquito which has learned to live in water-friendly human garbage. There is no vaccine. The immune system reaction often provokes paralysis (from the Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS))

The world is turning satanic. Pluto power, all over. This can be directly traced to the fact the worst are allowed to rule (directly, or through their teleprompter reading servants). The worst people (from the CIA, G. H. Bush, or KGB, V. Putin), the most glaringly corrupt (Clintons), the worst moods (the market, that is, greed, as an ubiquitous guide for what’s good), the worst lies (plutocrats are philanthropists), etc…

Some who support the plutocratic Clintons claim that electing a female will subdue an evil, sexism, which is as bad as plutocracy (Krugman). This is ill-informed, naive, unobservant, silly and erroneous in many ways. What is needed is the instructive perspective of history. First of all, there were many female rulers before. Even several “Muslim” countries elected female Prime Ministers (and those countries are still legally sexist). China, Rome, Russia, Britain, and especially France, had female rulers, at crucial points of their history.

Hatshepsut Was A Great Pharaoh. She Ruled From 1479 BCE To 1458 BCE. One Of Several Great Female Pharaohs. However, Just Being Female Does Not Make Someone Great. Some Female Rulers, From China, To France, To Yucatan, Were Nasty Civilization-Destroying Plutocrats

Hatshepsut Was A Great Pharaoh. She Ruled From 1479 BCE To 1458 BCE. One Of Several Great Female Pharaohs. However, Just Being Female Does Not Make Someone Great. Some Female Rulers, From China, To France, To Yucatan, Were Nasty Civilization-Destroying Plutocrats

[Hatshepsut, chief wife of Thutmose II, mother, when she came to rule, of one year old, Thutmose III, is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs. Hatshepsut ruled as the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Let it be said in passing that the famous Nefertiti apparently ruled on her own right. We know exactly what she looked like, as we have many detailed pictures of her.]

Egypt, the first massive civilization, had female rulers since the First Dynasty, 5,000 years ago. Queen Meryt-Neith or Merytneith or Merneith First Dynasty (~3000 BC) was listed among other, and her tomb is with the tombs of other Pharaohs. She was the wife of Djet, and the Mother of Den. Some of these queens played major roles: one founded the Fifth Dynasty.

Racism, sexism, religious intolerance are mass moods (which can be partly legislated, as in some so-called “Muslim” countries). Plutocracy is something else: a political regime. By controlling, and ruling society, plutocracy turns it into its own image: the rule of evil. Here is an example:


Take the case of slavery: the Franks made slavery unlawful in their vast empire, which comprised Gaul and most of Germany, in 655 CE. The situation was made even clearer in 800 CE: the Franks proclaimed the  “RENOVATION” (“RENOVATIO”) of the Roman Empire. And Constantinople agreed (Charlemagne, Carlus Magnus found himself sole emperor of the… Roman empire!)

How was the empire “RENOVATED”? Well, the one and only difference with the Roman Empire just prior was… SLAVERY. The Roman empire had been renovated by outlawing slavery! This is what the Franks said, and it caused a virtuous circle, as fundamental technology went where the Roman emperors had forbidden to go (Roman emperors, as good plutocrats, naturally detested change, and the Will to Knowledge which fosters it).

Four centuries later, in 1066 CE the Franks, led by the Duke of Normandy, re-conquered Britannia (England to start with), and outlawed slavery there too.

The American colons re-invented slavery in New England, starting in 1620 CE. Those colons were richer, by far, than European peasants (as evidence and letters from Pilgrims, flaunting their riches, show).The colons’ motivation in re-establishing slavery was not survival, but greed. Tobacco agriculture expanded greatly, very soon after, thanks to the import of massive numbers of slaves from Africa. Some American states were 90% African slaves.

Jesus Christ also thought that money was the root of much evil. Jesus did not mention racism as an evil (simply because the Greco-Roman empire was not racist: some emperors came from Africa, and at least one, from Arabia). In the USA racism appeared to justify slavery: it was OK to enslaves Africans, because they were just apes, or halfway there. (Sexism evolved along similar lines, thousands of years before; sexism cannot be found in small human groups, because it would make them dysfunctional.)

Paul Krugman pretends that sexism and racism are independent from plutocracy. Krugman claims sexism and racism stand on their own. It may be true in a sense, but they both originated from plutocracy, historically speaking. In a way, this is a debate about what the word “Pluto” means. “Pluto” was the new word for “Hades”, god of hell, after “Hades” got such a bad reputation, no decent Greek would dare evoke Him.

Whether one should fight plutocracy, or just say that just being ruled by a woman would dispel evil, is a debate about how evil works.

Anybody who knows a bit of history knows that such a debate is stupid: the last ruler of imperial China was an empress who ruled decades, and made a bad situation way worse… The mother of Louis XIV, a ruling queen, prevented, by a five-year civil war, the rise of a Parliamentary Republic in France. She was a significant malefactor of historical proportion. She also made her son all the devil he could be. She taught him, by example, that nastiness should rule (that’s another way to say “plutocracy”). Sure enough: Louis XIV threw the Protestants out of France, after mass torturing them for decades (the jerk is still respected in France, because he did a few good things, go figure this masochism in a boudoir… Naturally, Louis XIV established slavery overseas…)

“Pluto” is the god of the underground, thus Pluto is the god of hell, and fire, but also the god of gold, silver, precious stones, riches. The modern usage keeps only in mind the latter part, but Jesus disagreed (and so do I). “Pluto” has many of the characteristics we see in today’s plutocracy: for example, he could make itself invisible (like Dark Money, invisible to tax authorities and gullible voters alike).

Money it ultimately power, and ultimate money corrupts ultimately. And ultimate corruption means the affected individual becomes satanic, or, using the root of the concept of satan, plutocratic. Yes, plutocratic means satanic, it’s as simple as that.

Slavery, racism, sexism, are all consequences of plutocracy. Plutocracy is the master cause. Periodically, plutocracy runs out of control, and takes over. At best, it’s stopped by revolution (Britain, France and the USA had revolutions, and the former two, several, starting in 360 CE!) At worst, plutocracy brings annihilation of a civilization (as happened to the Mayas, or the Baghdad Caliphate, destroyed by a Mongol-Christian coalition in the Thirteenth Century).

A world is led by devils is intrinsically evil. Time to get rid of the whole idea.

Patrice Ayme’

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  1. SDM Says:

    If Hillary follows lead of her husband, then plutocracy will continue to hold sway. Not convinced she would be a blatant as he was in undoing FDR new deal further but her pluto connections are undeniable. As you have recognized, Sanders is the only outright voice against plutocracy. Although Trump makes some offhand shots at it, it is quite doubtful that he would actually do anything about it. It will be the most costly election yet for plutos- and GOP could end up fractured if Trump gets nomination. Sanders v Trump would be a spectacle – the plutos full assault will be launched.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Sanders versus Trump would be delightful, because they agree on two fundamentals: healthcare and taxing the rich, especially finance. Trump could turn into a semi FDR, and Sanders would be a full FDR. However the Plutos are going to do whatever it takes to get those two out of the way. Their real plan is Cruz… Who postures as a new help for “rising the body of Christ”. Cruz will look like plan B, but it was plan A, all along…
      As I explained in:
      So I am zero surprised by the Iowa results.
      Plan B is Rubio…
      Considering they are both in their 40s, Plutos own the future with their obsequious servants anxious to please…..

      BTW, Hillary has nothing to do in finance: the status quo is excellent: Plutos can do whatever they please, and the 99% are sweated out with increased regulations ostensibly against tax cheating, but actually only there to impoverish, and unpowering, the 99%, and give tax cheating a good name (the latter being the game only the .1% can play)…


  2. Gmax Says:

    You seem to agree with Rousseau that civilization is at fault


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Only Rousseau’s grossest intuition was correct. That the savage was “noble” was not. Primitive societies are extremely violent. The point is that, to optimize civilization, one has to curb plutocracy, as much as possible, and torque it into simple meritocracy.


  3. indravaruna Says:

    Jewis neocons hating France.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I read the article, it’s stretching things out so much, and… nobody cares. France can recognize the Palestinian State, it means nothing. Laurent Fabius, who leads that effort, is himself a Jew, part of a lame-duck administration, and personally on his way out (probably because he is not keen to stay forever on a sinking ship). The 2-states “final solution” is dead. Israelis are skiing on Mount Hermon as we write… 40 kilometers from besieged Damascus. Palestinians have it good relative to the average Syrian. They should change the nature of their resistance.


  4. Arthur John Dashwood-Quick Says:

    Enlightening reading. Plutocracy then, must be tightly knit to the illuminaty ideals?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Arthur!
      Sorry I took long to answer, but my mom is dying on another continent… Thanks for the comments. Yours should now appear without delay…
      Plutocracy is a mindset humans fall into, thanks to civilization… I don’t know anything about the “illuminati”… But plutocracy has produced secret societies in plain sight, the most obvious being the Catholic church…


  5. se51 Says:

    Hi Patrice, I was curious if you still believe what you said in 2016, “Sanders versus Trump would be delightful, because they agree on two fundamentals: healthcare and taxing the rich”… Trump says many lofty things, but his actions seem to favor plutocrats, imho… no need to reply, doesnt really matter much, the rich control the propaganda machines, and devolution is baked into the cards. you mention Jesus, and said you agreed… did you know he preached a communist doctrine? cannot serve 2 masters, both God and Money, but only one can have dominion over the other… Paul predicted the end result in 2ndThess 2, “because they refused to love the truth and so be saved”… that is why christianity is hopelessly hypocritical since the beginning, because money rules, and owns what the truth is. truth is NOT a matter of opinion, but of facts and evidence. this is a fact: Jesus was a creationist, so liberal christianity is a heresy, whereas fundamentalist christianity is a fraud based on mythology… this is why America is seemingly doomed, because democrats are dominated by liberal christianity (heresy), and republicans are dominated by fundamentalist christianity (anti-science, anti-truth, in fact!)… reverence for truth, based on facts and real observable evidence is our only hope, but what chance has that got? we are a nation based on bullshit and propaganda, and the American Dream!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Se51, sorry for the approval delay. I am posting an essay on the BBC claim the king of England wanted to convert to Islam, then I have to deconfine myself a bit… I am very disappointed in Sanders. And Warren. They could have defeated Biden easily… They did their best NOT to.
      Meanwhile, after Biden accused M4A to have caused the COVID disaster in Italy, and Trump has instituted COVID FOR ALL. Trump was very complimentary to Sanders today, saying they had the same position on trade, which is the case…. And Trump’s was older (1980s).

      More later…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      As I have documented, Christianism was captured and elevated (to the throne) by Constantine

      As far as Trump is concerned, my position is quite a bit: I approve of the attacks of the enemy of my immensely powerful enemy, especially when they are just those I would like to conduct. There is plutocracy and plutocracy. The exterior sort is worst. Watch NBC rage against Trump. Know NBC’s parent, Comcast is building a giant theme park in Beijing.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Trump is the enemy of international plutocracy, the latter an enemy so mighty one couldn’t imagine who could defeat it.
      The sheeple, full of hatred they learned on NBC, rage when they see these words. Those lunatics don’t know that Comcast, owner of NBC, is building a giant theme park in Beijing. Let them enjoy the Chinese virus!


  6. se51 Says:

    and sorry about your mom, I hope she might recover, or that you might be able to see or help her, but suspect the corona virus business won’t let that happen… 😦 may you find comfort and peace


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My mom is unfortunately deceased. I miss talking with her everyday. And a lot. It’s as if part of me disappeared. She died in conditions similar to COVID, so did my dad…
      Thank you for your condolences, I appreciate them very much…


      • se51 Says:

        Thanks for the updates and comments. Both my parents are deceased, and I especially miss my mother as well. As for politics and religion, I am sad to say that we seem to be in completely different realities and thus seem to be unable to comprehend what each other is attempting to communicate. I am going to unsubscribe from this thread. Best wishes. Thanks again for the responses, but they make little sense to me. I see Trump as a deceitful, dishonest, narcissist pretender who hates liberality and wisdom, and is likely to destroy our feeble democracy and bring terror and collapse. Not that Obama was so wise or liberal either. Both were driven and controlled by love of money, not truth and wisdom.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Thanks for your reply, and I am sorry you are so angry. I do agree that Obama and Trump are strongly driven by love of money. I fail to see what you are so angry about. This is a philosophical site, it’s not a pro-Trump site, it’s PRO TRUTH, NOT PRO TRUMP. Unfortunately, nowadays people think tribally. The question is not where the truth is, but where the tribe is.

          You of course understand that a statement like “I am going to unsubscribe from this thread. Best wishes.” is extremely offensive, it’s like”I am going to cut off your head, best wishes.” I fail to see, even if one feels that way, what is the interest to communicate such feeling to someone else… except for sheer cruelty. I put a huge amount of energy and mental effort in my writings. To be told I am worse than worseless, but actually deserves to be told my head should be cut off… and that’s the best wishes I deserve… It’s just sheer cruelty…

          Not that I disapprove of it… cruelty is progressive, when the cruelty is motivated by proper arguments, which foster truth. Instead you tell me you disapprove of me, but you don’t tell me in what sense. It’s all:”I hate you, get your head cut off, best wishes!” Basically you seem to have great hatred for Trump, and if the interlocutor doesn’t share in that hatred, the head should be cut. Sheer tribal hatred. The funny thing is that I am a personal friend of Obama from decades ago… And I felt very betrayed, when he switched to the money-power drive…
          It’s pretty clear to me you decided what my politics and religions are, and they probably have nothing to do with my reality, WHATSOEVER.

          In particular you say:
          “reverence for truth, based on facts and real observable evidence is our only hope, but what chance has that got? we are a nation based on bullshit and propaganda, and the American Dream!”
          I have written exactly this for decades… But then you accuse me of the opposite? Of course you have not read me, of course you think I gave Trump a neck massage as I did Obama… But you know who I am, and my head needs to be cut off, and that’s scary… because it doesn’t make you different from the government of Pakistan (who has a fatwa against me)


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