Julian Assange & Arbitrariness

Still enjoying the change of mood which pneumonia entails here. So I will be brief. Another disease is what affects Julian Assange. The founder of WikiLeaks has been caged for 5 years, under bogus… Bogus what? I cannot say bogus charges: Julian Assange has NOT been charged. The Swedish police wants to interview him for what is obviously a bogus rape allegation (the “victim”, officially a CIA agent, organized a party for him, and wrote elogious, flattering, enthusiastic tweets about him, two days after she was supposedly raped).

Everybody expects the USA to kidnap (legally) Assange from Sweden if he gets there. Sweden is doing with the USA what it used to do with Hitler: Fascism’s little helper. Here is what the big bad USA’s establishment does not want you to meditate:

How did we get there? Because it’s not know how much Sweden helped Hitler. It’s too delicate a subject. Sweden made the 88mm gun for Hitler. The 88mm gun was the Nazis’ most efficient weapon. The 88mm gun was used by the Nazis all over anti-tank and anti-aircraft defense. (So a Swedish gun killed thousands of Anglo-American fliers).

The USA Political Leadership Has A Pattern Of Killing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Innocents. Obama Is Trying To Cover That Up, Looking Forward, By Punishing Those Who Reveal The Horrific Truth

The USA Political Leadership Has A Pattern Of Killing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Innocents. Obama Is Trying To Cover That Up, Looking Forward, By Punishing Those Who Reveal The Horrific Truth

But the greatest help Sweden provided Hitler with was high-grade iron ore. The Nazis completely depended upon it for guns, tanks, armored vehicles, fortifications, aircraft, ships, submarines, etc. Thus in 1940, the French Republic and Great Britain decided to take over the Swedish mines. The operation, led by the French Foreign Legion, was in full swing, and highly successful, when Hitler attacked France on May 10, 1940.

So here Sweden is at it again, serving fascism, and the biggest Big Brother it can find. Happily, the United Nations just found Britain and Sweden were arbitrarily detaining Julian Assange. To understand fully why, one has to excavate history on a large-scale.

In other news pertaining to a wobbling biosphere, Brazil just cancelled the parade of Carnival, because of the Zika virus, and the USA has announced the virus was sexually transmissible, and urged citizens to embrace condoms or abstinence when visiting the affected areas…

We need ever more science, ever more truth, and hunting down those who reveal the truth, such as Assange, deserve our condemnation and scorn. It does not matter what. Around one million Americans have secret security clearances. What is the justification for that? Is the USA really that dirty that it has so much to hide? And why are war criminals from the USA not prosecuted more vigorously in the USA? Because the leadership intends to engage in more of war crimes, just as it intends to strike with terror those who reveal the truth, such as Assange? By the way, Assange is not a citizen of the USA, but of Australia. Is anybody revealing the truth about war crimes of the USA a traitor? Does the USA own the world? How did that happen? By financing Hitler in the 1920s and 1930s, and even some of the 1940s? Did those crimes, never excavated for the whole public to contemplate, consider and meditate, create a mood of impunity?

It’s interesting, and revealing, to realize that the same actors (Sweden, the USA) and the same mood (truths so awful they have to be hidden at all and any costs) are still in command.

That is what happens when history has not been examined carefully enough. Socrates said the unexamined life was not worth having. I say the unexamined civilization is not worth having.

Patrice Ayme’






3 Responses to “Julian Assange & Arbitrariness”

  1. John Rogers Says:


  2. dominique deux Says:

    Yup, and yuck.

    Back in 1939 the French Republic had it right; today it toes the line. “Sir, yes, sir!”.

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