Debate Is Human, Tyranny Is Not


“Tyranny” means the rule of one.

For example Obama decided not to intervene in Syria. All alone. He thought it was smart. Now hundreds of thousands more civilians died there. The point is that he decided that all alone, which a herd of sycophants bleating around. He is The One. An Augustus for our time.

The world is decided by a few. That’s the so-called “Representative Democracy”.

For example, British MPs decided to deprive PM Cameron of the authorization of intervening in Syria. That in turn, undermined the confidence of The One who leads the USA from-behind. Who made these few so knowledgeable? Right, they were elected. So were many kings and emperors, and the members of the Roman Senate. Hitler was elected, and won plebiscite.

Maybe We Should Elect Artists To Lead Us? Oops. Tried Before

Maybe We Should Elect Artists To Lead Us? Oops. Tried Before

The king of Bavaria, who refused to participate in the grandiose German militarization to finish the French Republic (and then master Russia), diverted spending of his state towards the construction of immensely expensive, fabulous castles, such as glorious Neuschwanstein above. But look at this painting better: it’s actually signed.

Most of those few who decide everything are remarkably ignorant. That comes with the function: how can one who spends most of his/her time telling artful lies to be elected, have artistic capability for anything else?

Adolf Hitler thought he did: “I am an artist and not a politician. Once the Polish question is settled, I want to end my life as an artist.” (A lie said to a British diplomat in 1939) Hitler’s painting (above) of Neuschwanstein sold for more than $100,000 in 2015. One day soon, it will be worth millions (don’t tell me it’s worse than what passes for most of modern “art”, for once I agree with The Guide).

Five years ago, the nuclear plant at Fukushima was hit by a thirty meter wave, towering menacingly over the security cameras. The reactors resisted successfully (they had already SCRAMed during the 9.1 Richter quake), but the electricity feeding the cooling pumps was out. There should have been mobile energy generators, but they were in Florida (!) In the absence of circulating coolant, the reactors overheated and melted down in the next few hours or days.

The blowing up and melting of the reactors at Fukushima was a completely, easily avoidable accident. A national, popular, even international debate would have avoided it. Secrecy enabled it. TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power COmpany) had hidden all it was doing:

  1. Putting at sea level (by destroying a cliff), nuclear reactors.
  2. Not having an emergency mobile electric generating system
  3. Ignoring the similar tsunami which had happened 12 centuries earlier (and that was written all over, including on warning monuments inside the forest).
  4. In the last two centuries, Japan enjoyed many tsunamis. The largest one was more than 100 meters tall, the second largest, 85 meters. Nearly all Japanese nuclear reactors are located in places where tsunamis will be maximal (weird… but it makes sense!)

The preceding points should (have been) debated. Point 4) is understandable (cooling by sea, access by road, long debate; but, once understood, countermeasures should be devised). Points 1), 2) and 3) have no excuses.

The less nuclear power, the higher the sea. Pseudo-ecologists will probably get that, when Miami has been transformed into an aquatic park.

As we wait for president Trump to be the Trump card trumping all, it is good to ponder that the very principle of representative politics is not representative of humanity.

Whether greedy Clinton and her cortege of professionally greedy vampires is better than greedy Donald with a similar cortege of exploiters is besides the point.

“Politics” is about the city: “polis”. Politics should not be about just one greedy persona and his/her second rate philosophy. Being all about one guy, that’s called “TYRANNY”. Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, Renzi, Abe, Trudeau, are basically tyrants: the systems they lead are similar, and are actually perfectly well oiled versions of The Roman Imperial System set-up by emperor Augustus. One man at the top, a small oligarchy below (the Roman Senate had more than 600 members, and they were elected…)

Meanwhile “The Atlantic” produced “The Obama Doctrine”.

Obama believes that G. W. Bush invaded Iraq because he was stupid, surrouded and advised by stupid people who blundered into invading Iraq. “The Iraq invasion, Obama believed, should have taught Democratic interventionists like Clinton, who had voted for its authorization, the dangers of doing stupid shit.”

Obama is naive: he thinks human behavior is all about smarts. (Amusingly, I know a classmate of his, much smarter than he is, who believes exactly the opposite.) But, the reason for the invasion of Iraq was not avoiding “the dangers of doing stupid shit”.

It was the exact opposite.

The invasion of Iraq was doing stupid shit, knowing full well everybody in the know knew it was stupid shit. And it’s rather stupid of Obama not to have figured that out.

Patrice Ayme’

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9 Responses to “Debate Is Human, Tyranny Is Not”

  1. John Rogers Says:

    I seem to also recall some of the Fukushima emergency generators were installed in a basement level where of course they were flooded out when they were needed. Also news article today, the reactor is still so hot nothing can get in – robots “die”. Let’s see – half-life of U238 is something over 4 billion years, but the sun will have destroyed all life by about 2.5 billion, so no problem! With the stupidity model we’re using now, we may all have to grow gills long before that anyway.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. They just needed mobile diesel generators and cables to connect them.
      Naturally occurring U235/U235 mix is not very radioactive: I have held some in my hand, a very dense lump. (It was not pure, I suppose, but already metallic.) I heard the “robots die” thing. Not clear why. CPUs are not made to take high heat. And radiation can cause them to skip computations.
      More of a problem is highly radioactive radionuclides.
      The real problem is Plutonium, because it’s made by plutocrats and they are the worst, in their efforts to be loved by Pluto. Plutonium has a half life of 25,000 years. An invisible piece can cause lung cancer.

      Plutonium is ideal as an explosive material (once one has mastered implosion). That’s why the nuclear industry was developed, and launched by the French in January 1938: to make nuclear bombs to add a few more lakes to fascist Berlin’s topography. now, of course, Germany is the sister Republic to France, France’s daughter, and Germany needs to understand better that the problem of refugees will best be solved with tanks (Panzer). Just as the problem of Hitler could only be solved with Panzer, after a while.

      Rubio is supported by Miami’s mayor who believes that Miami is going to drown because of the man induced greenhouse. It was fun to see Rubio try different gymnastics out of that one in the last Republican debate. In the end, Rubio accused India and China of wanting to drown Miami…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      THORIUM energy has different radionuclides. Whereas the present generates usable Plutonium, and usable Uranium, the THORIUM energy, which is more complicated, creates nuclides with at most a half life of 3 centuries. Moreover the isotopes used cannot be militarized (too unstable).
      Thorium was not developed, PRECISELY because it’s not militarizable.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, having read your latest essay twice now I’m still unclear about your core message. Are you saying representative democracy is failing nations and the world? Are you arguing for direct democracy? What’s your solution for smart government? Because, for sure, we are overdue for that solution – dangerously overdue!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Paul! I was off the Internet for more than 18 hours (Internet withdrawal syndrome). I revisited the essay (because I was told there was a typo… and there was). I also modified the end. There will be (I hope) at least 2 more essays along these lines. With more on what I meant especially in explicit comparison with SPQR (ROM). But first I have to write today’s essay.

      Obama is trying to justify his GROTESQUE presidency. But it’s too late. The last thing he can do now is to make it so that France gets the means to intervene fully in Libya. Obama did not have the guts to go all out and destroy the Islamist State. The French says it will take a 15,000 men armored thrust (but France is at war in more than six countries already, and handicapped by EURO rules she has already busted by 50%).

      The bottom line is that I know Obama. He does not know much, and the people around him are among the most corrupt in human history (be it just because they have the most power). I object to having a handful of idiots nominally “leading” us. I could take all of Obama’s cabinet, plus Clinton, and give them a thorough mental trashing for their lies, greed, illusions, ineffectiveness. I mean we could do that, for days, and televise it. Once fully informed We The People would side with me, not them.

      This is the essence, and success of the Sanders, Trump and Cruz candidacies (Cruz talks that way, although he is the establishment Trojan virus).

      OK, well the essay is a bit clearer now (at beginning and end). More later


    • Gmax Says:

      Patrice always say that the solution for good governance is fair debate with direct democracy, and strong punishment for liars. This post was a different angle, but with same message


  3. SDM Says:

    Obama knows invading Iraq was stupid shit-so why say he is naive? As for tyrants, the world has yet to be run by the disparate masses. Whether they are elected or not, that decisions are made by national leaders is a fact of life. Some have much influence on these leaders, and some force their hands, but to think that the general population is somehow less ignorant and more capable than the typical tyrant seems unrealistic. And in the US, the electorate participates erratically and questionably. Politics of personality and tribalism appear quite popular yet ugly.


  4. SDM Says:

    Human behavior is all about the lack of smarts? That suggests a certain perspective that may explain much of what goes on in the world.


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