Islam: Basic Most Important Features

All religions want to appear nice. But that does not really matter, when judging their lethality. One wants, instead, to look at their worst side. Christianism does not look good that way, considering its symbol is a human tortured to death on a cross. And what’s inside the Bible, even the New Testament, can be pretty terrible.

However, Islam learned this lesson well (Islam descends from Judeo-Christianism, plus a few desert tweaks).

Everybody should read the Qur’an, especially those who want to talk about Islam, and why it should not be feared! I am a pretty good expert on Islam…

An excellent project is to write about Islam. I hope you writers out there, are aware of my:

and the nice collection:

The Hadith goes further, and has the explicit order to kill all Jews so that God can proceed with the Last Judgment:

Hadith 41;685: …”Allah’s Messenger… : The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will FIGHT against the Jews and the Muslims would KILL them…”

The “last hour” is the Day of Judgment (as found already in the Bible).

Adolf Hitler had more than a passing familiarity with Islam, which he admired, he said. Hitler loved the fact Islam was a war religion. Hitler despised Christianism, because it considered it (erroneously) not prone enough to war.

In any case, the holocaust of the Jews is certainly an order in the Hadith, and it would be interesting to find that it directly influenced Hitler (or other pogrom leaning Christians).

Just yesterday, March 13, there were deadly attacks killing more than 50 people, by Muslim Fundamentalists in Turkey and Ivory Coast.

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Sometimes the truth is best told in a few words: it’s better to be rough, yet not far from reality, than sophisticated and irrelevant. There is a deep fundamental reason for this: all and any system of thoughts is, in first order, the system of axioms which generate it (the logic animating these axioms is secondary, because logical rules are, generally, roughly the same, and not surprising).

Patrice Ayme’

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