Bush-Clinton: Vive La Difference!

Those who are abused, if they have been abused long enough, cannot conceive of the world differently. They want the abuse, it has become home, sweet home. The Clintons have abused the world, thus all too many people, cannot conceive of the world, any other way. And the more downtrodden and abused, the more enthusiastic about Clintons.

And who is this Clinton?

Bush’s lover?

Vive La Difference! At Least We Killed Together More Than A million Iraqis, & They Love US For It!

Vive La Difference! At Least We Killed Together More Than A million Iraqis, & They Love US For It!

The Clintons already helped Reagan in his Iran-Contra conspiracy. It’s probably why they were chosen by the powers that be, to nominally lead the world towards oblivion, through plutocracy.

Polls recently showed Senator Sanders would defeat Donald Trump by 18%, a gigantic margin. However, for reasons I will not get into here, it’s clear to me that Trump will defeat Clinton. And this is also what the polls tend to indicate.

One factor: we have been living in Clintonia, for a quarter of a century. Another word for it: plutocracy, much of it, financial. Trade deals, here and there, to turn around local law, destruction of the Banking Act of 1933.

Overconfident “democrats” say: no problem we will call Trump a racist, and all the anti-racists will vote for Clinton. Somebody explained to me today that Trump will make Muslim wear a yellow star. (Nota Bene: It’s Islam, in the Eight Century, which introduced marks on clothing to distinguish Christians and Jews; the idea was picked up later in Occident.)

I say this: a good way to get Trump elected is to say outrageous lies about him now. As the lies are outrageous, they are easy to reveal as such. If “democrats” were crafty, they would wait August to tell big lies.

But the best way to get president Trump, is to foster Clinton and her cortege of dispiriting ugliness.

In other news some savage inspired by Islam (he said), grievously attacked to soldiers in Canada. Meanwhile a joint operation of the French and Belgian police in Brussels resulted in a shootout with Muslims, injuring at least four policemen. One of the wounded police was a French policewoman (France should annex its rogue province of Belgium, especially in light of Belgian tax-cheating for plutocratic corporations, and general lack of imperium). One Jihadist was killed in combat, two, heavily armed Jihadists, succeeded to flee, jumping from roof to roof. The killed Jihadist was a 36 year old Algerian, unlawfully in the European Union, yet unknown from security agencies (as were many of the attackers in Paris in November).

Probably all the fault of Trump, will insist simpletons. In truth, it’s the fault of a literal reading of the world’s most read hate book. Those who are not too sure about what I mean can consult:


[By the way, my compendium of quotes, Some Violence In the Holy Qur’an” consists of 8,000 words from violent verses in the Qur’an. It’s readily available from the Google Search Engine. However it’s blocked on the Bing Search Engine, because Wahhabist Fundamentalists have complained about to Microsoft about my faithful compendium of 10% of their Holy Book. So Microsoft can be viewed, in light of that fact, as an enabler of religious terrorism. This is all the more striking, because Microsoft/Al Qaeda/Islamist State, by censoring me, as if I were a terrorist, block here the Holy Qur’an itself!]

And am I against immigration? Foaming at the mouth like a caricature of Trump? Not at all. Am I even against Muslim immigration? Not all. And I think millions of immigrants have been treated abominably by European authorities.

I am for immigration, but only if it incorporates assimilation. (Some will say that’s rather ironic, as I am the less assimilable creation around; right, however there is good assimilation, and bad assimilation: I am not less, and hateful, but more, and benevolent.)

Assimilation does not mean one has nothing to bring mentally to the table: it means one brings positive new cultural elements, while one gets help to reject the bad elements one is handicapped with. Half Africanizing Europe, or America, is fine with me, as long as it lifts all mental boats.

I go even further: at some point Senegalese had French nationality. Thus I believe that, if they look half kosher, Senegalese should be given at least French residency. And thus European residency.

The case of Senegal is indeed different from, say, Cameroon; it’s not just a question of history, but mentality. The Senegalese have traded with the West for more than 25 centuries. It’s not their fault if their country has only sun, sand and fish (and now raising seas which force evacuation of villages).

Jihadists have been burning with desire to organize a Muslim Wahhabist attack in Senegal, but the strong “Sufi” Senegalese Islam has blocked them. That Senegalese Islam is 100% compatible with 100% Western civilization, thus it is 100% condemnable that it is not supported more by Europe.

When my friend Obama ran for the presidency, his main slogan was: “Change You Can Believe In!”  Indeed; no change at all. At least, in the case of Clinton, that’s clear: are we going to defeat Donald Trump with Bush’s lover? Change We Can Believe In! More of the same, and not even in a new package!

Patrice Ayme’

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15 Responses to “Bush-Clinton: Vive La Difference!”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    On a related subject, have you read the latest TomDispatch? http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/176115/tomgram%3A_gregory_foster%2C_a_case_for_demilitarizing_the_military/

    Would love to have an essay from you in this regard.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting, indeed. Curiously, the article did not mention the military-industrial complex, esp. the F35. Whether it’s Clinton or Trump, I don’t see the military ruling… Also even Obama fired general Clarke (for disrespect)…


  2. Stephane Gaudette Says:

    ‘I am for immigration, but only if it incorporates assimilation. (Some will say that’s rather ironic, as I am the less assimilable creation!’

    Stephane Gaudette: Multiculturalism is the worst shit for a country


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      If “multiculturalism” means cultural apartheid, it’s indeed the worst thing. Especially if the incoming culture is actually the ancestral enemy, 13 centuries going, whose very existence is determined by this struggle to death.


  3. EugenR Says:

    Obama’s strategy with the Arab world was based on his believe, that by killing the leadership of the military Islamists, he will pacify the tendency in the Muslim world to violence. But the extreme opposition of majority of the people in the Arab world and places like Afganistan to everything US and the West represents is in the basics of their culture. It is contrary to the situation in the previousely Communistic World, where despotism was imposed on the people from above, and by removing the communistic leadership, the people, who were after all educated to rational way of thinking, happily embraced the liberal, democratic political system. In the Arab World this obviously didn’t happen. The despotism and suppression of the other, (woman, minorities, free thinking intellectuals without preconceived faith in the one truth, etc.) is in the vey heart of their culture. To give up these forms of thought, means to give up your self, to give up your way of life, your world view and perspective. Killing self-imposed leaders can’t change this.

    I tend to believe that only a total cultural collapse of all the preconceptions, as it happened in the 17 century European religious wars can bring such a change.

    Yet, do we have 30 years to wait, until a new generation of enlightened leaders will take over the Arab-Muslim countries, and bring some rationality into the Muslim way of thinking and behaving and excepting the liberal way of thinking as the only way to secure decent civil way of life? Lets not forget that during the 30 years war, 20% of Germany’s population was killed and the “Holy Roman Empire” became dispersed to thousands of mini principalities. This was the price to pay, to open the road to the 18 century enlightenment.

    A similar process of mass murdering and dispersion can be observed in the Arab world. The very first buds of a cultural change in the Muslim world can be observed in Iran, where the new generation of young people try to oppose the old corrupt leadership, blinded by religious fanaticism, that lost long time ago its political legitimacy and tries to stick to the grail of political power by provocative military acts of subversion and violence against it’s own people.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: Excellent remarks. Obama’s apparent BELIEF (he belieVEs in his belieF, to correct your spelling a bit) has indeed been that killing the leadership is all it took. Obama is a naïve guy: he believes the world is all about great leaders such as himself. When he got launched with that great belief, he did not even understand he was just a remotely guided drone.

      He also believes the world is all about the “leaders” because, in his world, at least to start with “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t count (since then he has changed his music, and used “WE THE PEOPLE” plenty in last year SOTUS address. But that’s just noise.

      The problem with the Arabs is quadruple: 1) Degeneracy of the environment, which has been severe for 5,000 years, due to human induced greenhouse (some will point out that’s better than encroaching glaciation… yes, but not for the upper, northern desert belt)

      2) Resulting hydraulic dictatorship ideologies.

      3) Islam, a Judeo-Christian-Desert Nomadic ideology of institutionalized war (“Jihad”)

      4) Manipulation of the preceding by Western, mostly US based plutocrats, since 1930.

      Point 4) was rendered possible by the weakening of European democracies due in part to US based manipulations, and in part to the delirious fascism which took over central and eastern Europe (including Germany, Italy, Russia)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      One thing: there is no more time. The seas are going to rise fast, very soon, while climate “change” accelerates (the drought in Syria had noticeable effects…).
      So we are out of time. The Israeli leadership knows this, and the Israeli population guesses this, that’s why they vote for Benjamin… And rocket shields everywhere.
      I am neither approving, nor disapproving. Now Israel wants 4 billion dollars in direct aid from the USA (it’s mainly closed circuit military aid… But it provides with competent systems, see Iron Dome…)


  4. EugenR Says:

    You are right, the world has global problems and no time to waste it on local problems. The Syrian revolution was partly caused by water shortage, (partly result of Atta Turk dam built by Turkey https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atatürk_Dam). It dried Syria agriculture and to peasants had to move to the overcrowded cities, without proper infrastructure, no new job opportunities etc. The Asad regime probably was not even informed about the problem, even if i heard a gloomy prediction about what will happen to Syria already 10 years ago. Instead building water purification systems, Bashir tried to build atom bomb with the help of the North Koreans.
    No modern economy can be built without civil society free to express its opinion. Even the Russians had to admit it, well, partly.
    By the way, Egypt and Jordan and probably also Iraque are also in a critical water situation. If they don’t introduce birth control and modern liberal economy, they will follow Syria.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Maybe Assad was informed, but he thought the gathering crisis would allow him to make a great cleaning, a holocaust. Now it’s on, and Assad is duly elected.
      As Putin has sort of pulled back, the war will go on and on… BTW Putin, in my opinion had to pull back because of purely military reasons: he was not going to engage massive troops to take Aleppo or Raqqa. The latter will be left to a joint Trump-Frank-Kurd assault..
      As the war will go on, so will the holocaust, which is fine for Assad, his Alawites… and the Israelis, or anybody who feels there are too many people in the Middle East.

      Many countries in the worst state went quickly from a few million to 100 million (Egypt went from like 18 million to the latter number, or maybe that was Ethiopia…) It’s true that such countries are inviting holocausts: wait for the great Egypto-Ethiopian war… About the Renaissance Dam… Can’t just collapse population out of the blue either (except by using nukes…)


  5. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    Democrats have nothing better than Clinton? Or are they all brainwashed? Brains washed by Bill? Bill seduced women, to abuse them, and people, to abuse them?


  6. indravaruna Says:

    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dial one if you know a Jew dating an Arab’: Shocking Israeli campaign group set up ‘hotline’ to inform on ‘traitors diluting the Jewish race’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3492183/Dial-1-know-Jew-going-Arab-Shocking-campaign-group-Israel-sets-hotline-attack-mixed-marriages.html#ixzz43CbcHLn1
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, that’s not exactly a new problem… However, it’s getting worse. I knew a couple, she Israeli Jew, he Israeli Arab, both born there, and they had to leave Israel after they married. They were not exactly in love with Israel…
      As long as Arab Palestinians go in all-out war with Israel, they feed the Great Israel drive (I’m just observing, not condemning any involved… ;-))


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